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Alitalia reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 15, 2006. The latest review Outrageously Discourteous Service Representative was posted on Feb 23, 2021. The latest complaint respect was resolved on Sep 16, 2014. Alitalia has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 72 reviews. Alitalia has resolved 14 complaints.

Alitalia Customer Service Contacts

892 010 (Italy)
1800 223 5730 (United States)
1800 112 4852 (Mexico)
+39 665 649 (Italy)
+44 333 566 5544 (United Kingdom)
+61 130 055 1080 (Australia)
+32 25 511 122 (Belgium)
+45 70 142 421 (Denmark)
+31 206 764 479 (Netherlands)
+41 900 486 486 (Switzerland)
+82 222 227 890 (South Korea)
+54 114 310 9910 (Argentina)
Plaza Almerico da Schio, 3
Italy - 00054

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Alitalia Complaints & Reviews

AlitaliaOutrageously Discourteous Service Representative

Last week, I called Alitalia to settle a matter of cancelled flight and inquire about a refund. I never in my life was met with such a nasty, insulting, discourteous representative. Did he not realize that if it weren't for Alitalia customers it is unlike he would have a job. Unfortunately he refused to give me his name. I have been flying yearly (sometimes more that once a year) and faithfully with this airline for almost 25 years. I don't think I will ever again. If it is their policy to handle flyers with malicious disrespect then I don't imagine this matters to them. However, it matters to me. No one should be treated with such distain and outright disrespect.
Gina Frega

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    AlitaliaFlight cancellation

    I would like to get a simple refund for two flights that were cancelled but Alitalia refuse to honour this simple concept.

    This took place back in March, ahead of the International Rugby game between Italy and England. I have been trying to get a refund from them ever since then but they do not answer the phone in the call centre and do not replay to email or contact/complaint forms on their website.

    As they first changed and then cancelled the flight, a simple refund should be quite simple and easy but it appears they are happy to hold onto our payment without delivering any form of service whatsoever, when all the other airlines have automatically paid money back months ago.

    Flight cancellation

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      Jul 06, 2020

      Alitalia — Having been charged twice because of an error on their side I am struggling to get the refund

      I tried to book a flight on 18th March, the card was not accepted (popped out window saying that) so later I...

      AlitaliaRefund request

      I made a reservation on January 15th, but my flight was canceled due to Corona, so I cancel my trip.
      I requested a refund, but there is no reply.
      reservation code : MTNJN7
      Ticket 055-[protected]
      Ticket 055-[protected]
      reservation code : MZFLC4
      Ticket 055-[protected]
      Ticket 055-[protected]
      Please give me a refund.

      Refund request

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        • Updated by paxkil · Jun 05, 2020

          I confirmed that the plane ticket was canceled. Please let me know when I can get a refund.
          There is no reply even if I send an email. We wanted to go on a trip, but we couldn't because the airline was canceled. I demand a full refund and a penalty. Please give me a definite answer as soon as possible.
          If we don't resolve it quickly, we'll file complaints on all complaint sites and file a complaint with the International Dispute Review Board.

        AlitaliaPartial compensation processed and no update

        So after multiple attempts to follow up and two complaints lodged here, I get an email stating that the details I have provided for my refund are incomplete or incorrect. These are EXACTLY the same banking and Swift number they have paid a previous compensation amount to. Just another rubbish stalling tactic to not pay compensation for an overbooked flight, in SEPTEMBER that had been booked and paid for months before. Beware!
        Reference is [protected] and the compensation is for a flight we were bumped from between Rome and Trieste on 25 September 2019. The flight number was AZ1365.

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          AlitaliaNo compensation processed for overbooked flight

          My partner and I booked flight AZ1365 from Rome to Trieste many months prior, from Australia. When we arrived at the airport we were placed on standby and subsequently seated on a later flight, obviously this caused us some inconvenience and added expense. Alitalia offered us a choice of either a travel voucher or the sum of AUD 406 as compensation. I have twice submitted the requests for this compensation but have not had any response.

          The first submission from us to Alitalia occurred on 8 October 2019 and the second submission occurred on 11 November 2019. I have copies of all of the emails including those sent to us and our completed paperwork back to Alitalia. Our Alitalia reference number is [protected].

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            Nov 11, 2019

            Alitalia — Money “frozen” not being refunded

            Good morning, On Tuesday 5 November 2019 at 06:53am I used Alitalia's website to purchase a return flight...

            AlitaliaBaggage get totally damaged

            I am muhammed fayas (phn no: +91 [protected]) on 12th september 2019
            I travelled from malpensa to cagliari (flight number - alitalia s.P. A in a. S az 1530), when I get my baggage from elmas airport cagliari, I found my baggage get totally damaged. It looks so poor. I cant carry that bag any more. So I requestyou to refund. Please help me to solve this.

            Baggage get totally damaged

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              AlitaliaHorrific customer service

              my experience with Alitalia was the worst ever, your employee at Brussels airport was really disrespectful, I missed my flight in the morning (July /23/2019) and I was trying to pay for the next flight with Alitalia from Brussels to Amman, I didn't have enough cash with me to pay for 4 passengers so I asked Alitalia employee if I can book the flight by using my brother's visa card ( i have the card information my brother gave it to me).which wasn't with me at the airport . he said no and you can't do that. I told him can you please tell me what can I do, do you have any suggestions please( he said '' try the homeless life ''') with me was 9 years old girl and 68 old mom and 44 years old sister. furthermore when I booked online and went back to him and asked him when the check-in will be open. he said I told you not to book and aggressively said give me your name. I didn't give him my name because he asked impolitely when I was trying to thank him for the help that he didn't give to me and finally he reported me for fraud. he told Alitalia that there is a fraud attempt when he differently knows there is no way that I was trying to do anything illegal (I asked him about my brother's card, I did, if I was trying to do anything illegal I will not go to Alitalia customer care at all and I explained my issue to him about the insufficient cash and the missed flight ) he reported me when he was definitely sure that I was in trouble and I was disparately trying to get back home, he prevented me from travel that day and he makes sure that I experienced the worst day ever in my life for no reason at all, I paid for the flights I don't know why I have been treated like this from the one who should be helping me.

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                AlitaliaBaggage claim

                I was traveling to Milan, with aeroflot company (Alitalia partner) and my suitcase did not go along with the flight. After 1:30 a.m. to announce to the lost and found that I was without the suitcase, I missed the last train to downtown Milan and was obliged to take the taxi (only option on time), charged me 119.10 that I would not spend if had left the airport at the normal time - because it would go by train.
                The second point was that the next day for work I did not have my clothes. I ended up going with the clothes I was in, hoping that by the end of the day the suitcase would arrive. When I came back from work she was not at the Hotel, and I had to go buy clothes for the second day and underwear, worth 81.75 (75.80 + 5.95).
                Finally, my daily use medicine that I can not do without was in the bag (because I can not go in my carry-on) and I had to go at dawn in a 24-hour pharmacy, and negotiate without a prescription that a person sold me in value of 17, 50 euros.
                I ask you to reimburse the amounts spent because of Aeroflot not having shipped the bag next to my flight and also for having delayed the delivery of the bag by more than one day.
                Total: 218.35 euros (119.10 + 5.95 + 75.80 + 17.50).

                The company didn´t return me. Then, I opened a ticket at Alitalia Brasil with the number 68932 and also didn´t have return.

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                  AlitaliaThis is the second time I submitted my complaint but nobody responded

                  As i mentioned before, my name is imed kahlaoui, i baught a round trip ticket from tunisia to moscou via rome on the 27th of june 2019, right before the flight departure, an alitalia agent told me that i cant get on the plane saying that the fco police refused my departure which i dont get the reason however it doesnt matter anymore i just need my refund for the ticket i baught and to hell with your flight .
                  Im about to sue alitalia and whatever it takes me to get my [censored]ing money back, because this is called stealing, and trust me i will tell this story allover the web until the whole world know what you guys did if i dont get my goddamn money back .
                  Here is my number ..216-[protected]
                  my email. [protected]@gmail.Com

                  This is the second time I submitted my complaint but nobody responded

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                    AlitaliaLost my bag

                    Dear sirs

                    We were traveling on your airline today on the 5th of July 2019 we had 2 flights 1st one was to roma AZ0827 and the second was AZ 316, reservation code: FAJQYO in the name of Adelle Obayan, Georgina Obayan and Hala AlFakhoury, we were ar beirut airport around 1:45 am and we put three bags at the checkIn but when we arrived paris we noticed that only two bags was received and the third was lost so we went to make a claim at the airport but they noticed that at check in the employee gave us two codes for two bags and not three and advised us to send you an email and make a claim, so you are kindly requested to make the necessary and find our bag for any further information please contact me on number [protected]

                    Lost my bag

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                      AlitaliaMissing items from luggage

                      in relation to the flight AZ 078 from Rome to Barcelona on 28 September 2018.
                      Alitalia Reference #[protected]
                      my baggage was delayed which causes missing items from my bag laptop, phone charger, laptop charger, and jewelry which values more than 5, 000 EUR. you offered to provide compensation in the amount of 1.082, 00 EUR by way of bank transfer.
                      Regarding the delayed delivery, you offered cash compensation in the amount of 85, 35 EUR.
                      I have been complaining from October and you still didn't solve my problem which is caused by you.
                      till now the issue is not solved.

                      Missing items from luggage

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                        Jun 07, 2019

                        Alitalia — Flight 620 on june 5, 2019

                        Alitalia's 620 on June 5, 2019, was my most unpleasant experience in over 50 years of flying. Passengers in...


                        Booking of non-refundable ticket

                        Due to some medical problem, I am unable to travel. But Alitalia India is not ready to refund back my Service Tax amount which I have paid to the Airline. Total amount I paid for three for approx. INR 56, out of which INR 36. If a sales is cancelled, a company is not required to pay service tax. In this the service tax collected from customer should be returned back. But seems like India customer care is not ready to understand. Also, they are not even considering medical emergency which I have

                        Booking id no NN2269525428265

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                          Alitalia — Delayed flights arriving on saturday 8.9.18 at 2:55 am instead of friday 7.9.18 at 13:50 pm

                          My flight from Bari AZ1608 was supposed to depart at 07:25 am for Rome to connect with flight AZ806 to Tel...

                          Alitalia — My luggage is broken and alitalia desk at the airport refused to accept it

                          Dear sir and Madam, I arrived in Fiumicino airport from Tehran to Rome at 7 am on 31.08.2018 flight Nr.AZ...


                          AlitaliaPayment not received

                          I Cancel the ticket OUMOUU on August 1st.
                          I was told to wait 10 business days that Alitalia would contact my credit card company to proceed the cancellation.
                          So far Mastercard haven't received anything from Alitalia. The email I send to alitalia.brasile I don't even get an automatic response and Stefany from Customer service Brazil told me they never reply, that I need to wait.
                          No one on Alitalia's side gives me a clear picture of my request! I've tried email, facebook, telephone...It's very frustrating!

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                            Alitalia — No response

                            I have complained 4 times with no response. *Customer service and on-board service is terrible. *Food on the...

                            AlitaliaCharge for baggage

                            Good Day,

                            This is the 4th e email with no answer and sril my money are not back .
                            As a reminder I was charged for a baggage first $100 and after a very rude lady called Ilene came and charged me without asking me another $285 and she refunded the $100.
                            Without even giving me explanation or giving me a receipt.

                            I will take this email further as I can see you are very unserious and I clarify this as Stealing from your customers. This is the worst experience ever!!!

                            Roxana Goane

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                              • Complainant20091 May 23, 2018
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                The complaint is submitted 1 time. Next step - to authorities.
                                Nobody reads 4 times all the same.

                                0 Votes

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