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Southwest Airlines Customer Service


Southwest Airlines Co.

P.O. Box 36647-1CR
United States - 75235

Customer Support Phone Numbers

800 007 8684(Belize) 1 0
800 012 1916(Costa Rica) 2 0
1800 751 9039(Dominican Republic) 0 0
1844 670 7914(Grand Cayman) 0 0
1800 425 8130(Jamaica) 0 0
1800 083 1179(Mexico) 1 0
+1 800 435 9792(United States) 11 14
+1 800 826 6667(Spanish) 2 2
+297 588 2900(Aruba) 1 0
+1 855 202 3403(Bahamas) 1 0
+1 800 243 8372(Southwest Vacations) 1 0
+1 888 850 3958(Existing Hotel Reservations) 1 0
+1 866 938 1297(Existing Hotel Reservations (Spanish) 1 0
+1 888 792 8747(Automated Flight Information) 1 0
+1 800 445 5764(Rapid Rewards Customer Service) 1 0
+1 855 234 4654(Customer Relations After Your Trip) 3 0

Southwest Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Southwest Airlines / missed connecting flight/southwest pilot and flight attendants promised everyone would make their connecting flights

TracyJW on Mar 12, 2019

Flight # 487 out of austin to houston was delayed over and over. Everyone asked if we would make our connecting flights before we left. They promised 3 different times that everyone would make their connecting flights. Mostly everyone missed their flights. We could not take a later flight...

Southwest Airlines / cancelled flights

disgusted traveler on Mar 12, 2019

We flew southwest airlines to baltimore at the end of january, 2019 with the intention of it being a round trip flight. Return flight was cancelled three times. They did not offer to place us on another airline, provide us with a hotel for the night, etc., but only claimed that...

Southwest Airlines / flight 1999 on 2/15/2019 between punta cana and chicago midway

Stephen Babboni on Feb 19, 2019

Referring to Steve Peterson's comments, we confirm everything he said. In addition, we would like to say that since Southwest came into business, we always heard wonderful things of people's experiences. This is why saying this is such a shock to us. We feel that the passengers were totally...

Southwest Airlines / flight

Stephenie Nicole Wade on Feb 18, 2019

My email is [email protected] I paid a lot of money for my one way ticket to get back in time for an event. The day if I receive a message it's delayed taking off. Ok. Then I get to the airport and it's delayed another time. Unacceptable. I want to be recompinsated for...

Southwest Airlines / rude and unprofessional flight attendants on flight 1999

Joseph Boland on Feb 17, 2019

On February 15, 2019, We had 32 passengers in our group fly on your flight number 1999 from Punta Cana to Midway, Chicago. The flight attendants were extremely rude and unprofessional in bullying all passengers on flight 1999. On several occasions, the flight attendants rudely argued with...

Southwest Airlines / rude and very unprofessional flight attendants on flight 1999.

Steve Petersen on Feb 17, 2019

On February 15, 2019, we had 32 passengers fly on your flight number 1999 from Punta Cana to Midway, Chicago. The flight attendants were extremely rude and unprofessional in bullying passengers on flight 1999. On several occasions, the flight attendants rudely argued with several...

Southwest Airlines / 2 hour delay on feb 5th flight from pbi to isp # 253 for me and my wife.

Conrad & Vivian Tromba on Feb 9, 2019

On feb 5th 2019 flight # 253 was delayed for 2 hours due to plane problem coming from baltimore to west palm. I did not receive a text and did not know about the 2 hour delay until my wife and I were already at the airport for 2 hours. My wife and I were scheduled to be picked up at isp...

Southwest Airlines / customer service

janine3116 on Jan 29, 2019

Wow--SWA has certainly stopped caring about customer service. First, the worst customer call experience of my was with an agent, Bronzie, who was so flippant and unhelpful--it makes me question how SWA can achieve such high NPS scores. A flight was cancelled due to weather, I need a refund...

Southwest Airlines / baggage handling

rspreng on Jan 7, 2019

We departed Sunday afternoon, January 6, 2019, from SFO to DIA on Flight #4243. The flight was slightly delayed due to an extremely full plane and inclement weather. The issue was the way baggage was handled due to these two situations. Some of our luggage was transported on another...

Southwest Airlines / vuelo entre long island in west palm beach

alexandra fuchs on Jan 6, 2019

El día 2 de enero se supone que saldríamos a las 7 am desde long islan para west Pam beach lo cual no su cedió, abordamos todo hiba bien cuando nos avisaron que el avión tenía que volver a la plataforma, porque no teníamos suficiente gasolina, lo cual demoró 1y 45 minutos dentro del avión y sin...

Southwest Airlines / harassment received on my facebook business page after messaging customer service

Emily Standley on Dec 24, 2018

Hello, After messaging with a customer service rep. named 'Adrienne' I have received numerous harassing messages including personal attacks etc. not only on my personal page but on my Business profile. This is unacceptable and could hurt my business ratings. This was what I thought? was a...

Southwest Airlines / late night flight delay due to mechanical issues and missing flight crew

Boner on Nov 13, 2018

Late night Southwest Airlines flight 2343 from Chicago to Louisville, KY on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 was delayed over 2 hours due to either or both mechanical or flight crew issues. We did not get to Louisville until after 1am which made a very short night and a rough-day on Friday. Just...

Southwest Airlines / boarding

Tom Dog on Nov 8, 2018

Taking flight 614 from San Antonio to Dallas then connect to flight 2143 to Omaha. Purchased early bird option for wife since not an A list member. Flight from San Antonio delayed due to maintainence for 1.5 hr. Barely made connecting flight therefore the early bird purchase was a waste...

Southwest Airlines / canceled flight and following treatment

BeccaL on Nov 7, 2018

November 7, 2018 Southwest Public Relations To whom it may concern, My Name is Rebecca Lancaster and my SW Rapid Rewards number is: 20437309701 I am a frequent traveler who usually travels on Southwest. On Sunday, November 4th my flight, #53 from Houston to San Diego, was canceled last...

Southwest Airlines / customer desk service, logan airport

Thomas Garrison on Oct 18, 2018

18 October 2018 Southwest Airlines P.O. box 36647-1CR Dallas, TX 75235 Dear Customer Relations, On Sunday, 8/12/18 we missed our flight #6083 (Conf. UY07JP) from Boston to Kansas City. Provincetown was fogged in that morning so at 9:00 a.m. that morning Cape Air gave us a cab from...

Southwest Airlines / flight

Llbaker on Oct 18, 2018

My flight was cancelled and i called the number as instructed and was told by the customer service lady to just come to the airport as scheduled and that i would be placed on another flight also that i would recieve other updates as to what flight number and time i nwver recieved any of...

Southwest Airlines / disability treatment that was unacceptable x2

Dale Jarrell on Sep 23, 2018

On August 21 2018 I was leaving Las Vegas McCarran Airport my flight was scheduled to leave at 0800. Around 0700 I went to take my luggage to the ticket counter. I went to the handicap area of the Ticket Counter so I didn't have to stand in the main line. I have a major injury on my left...

Southwest Airlines / service

Imagegirl on Sep 21, 2018

I was flying from Providence RI to Orlando 9/21/2018. I decided to pay the $40 to upgrade my flight. The agent charged me for a complete new ticket. The agent realized what they had done and refunded it to my debit card. The problem is that was all the money I had to eat for the week and I...

Southwest Airlines / destroyed stroller

maria alayon on Sep 19, 2018

on 9/1 we took a family vacation first one with our grandson who is 7 months old we flew from ft Lauderdale to lax with a stop at dallas, flight 3845 we checked in the stroller when we arrived to Los Angeles it was completely destroyed, wheels were crushed the foam from the seat wa...

Southwest Airlines / customer relations

Barbara Joan Walker on Sep 10, 2018

I have been a customer of Southwest Airlines for many years. During that time I have always admired and been appreciative of the customer service extended to me in every aspect of their operation. It has been exceptional. Their representatives have clearly demonstrated their commitment to...