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Complaints & Reviews

Burdensome flight

March 16, 2020

To whom it may concern:
Today I flew SW from PIT to PDX. Because of the Corona Virus, my college was closed forcing me back to my home in Oregon. Checking in at the SW counter, it was found that my two bags were overweight. The SW attendant gave me the choice of paying $110 or buying a SW duffle bag. I chose the $25 duffle bag. Repacking, I was able to lower the weight of my two checked-in bags by taking out all of my college textbooks. For the remainder of the trip - including changing flights - I dragged around a heavy duffle bag full of books along with my carry-on and purse.

I am a frequent flyer of SW. I would have expected to have mercy in a time like this. Neither planes were full. There was plenty of room. SW took advantage of a situation where they could have made it easier.

1). The plane was NOT full.
2) SW could have NOT charged.
3)It was a heavy load carrying textbooks.
4)The attendant showed no compassion.

What should have happened
1) Gave understanding as to the situation
2) Compassion during a crisis
3)Waive the fees
4)Offer to take the extra bag

FYI, I fly a lot to and from college. I have flown Alaska Airlines as well. Both SW and Alaska Airlines have been my primary travel companies. Alaska Airlines has offered to take my extra carry-ons for free in the past. Yes, even offering. Am I to now have only one primary travel company?

Hannah Doyle

I paid for $25 but they did not have it, so I asked for credit, which they declined

Due to Corona-19 my event finished earlier, and I changed my flight to an earlier one. However, I was not put on the A-Group. The Customer Service at San Diego, advised me to call SW to get credit for $25.
When I called today, I was told, my $25 was used 36 hours ago, and I could not transfer it to new flight. SW rep Shernall was very combative, and kept stating I already used my A-Group boarding fee of $25.
During the flight change, they did not warn me that changing the flight to an hour earlier one, would invalidate my A-Group boarding fee of $25.

Baggage / Claim Department

Reference: My Boarding Pass Conf# ORS3SC; Lost Luggage Incident Number:
My name is Janis Breaux. My sister, Jennifer Guidry, and i recently traveled from Houma, La to Hawaii. (Feb 22nd through Feb 28th, 2020) This was a 7 day trip, 3 of the days would be traveling; one day to get there and two days to get back home. So, we had 4 days that were booked solid. When we got to Hawaii Saturday evening, (22nd) we found out that the 4 pieces of luggage, 2 two pieces each, did not make it there. So, we got in line to report that our luggage was lost. The Southwest employee checked and found out that our luggage was in Oakland and that it would be there in the morning. We requested that the luggage be delivered to our Hotel, and she put all of our hotel information in her system and told us it would be delivered at 1:30 pm. We were disappointed with this problem, but, were going to make the best of a bad situation. The employee told us that we each could be reimbursed up to $100.00 to purchase whatever we needed. Our makeup alone cost more than a $100.00, so, that was no help at all. We had to walk down the street to an ABC store where my sister found a MooMoo and some flipflops to wear to church and to our outing with no makeup and no hair products, but were trying to deal with it. Then around 2:00 the next afternoon, i get a message from my family in Louisiana telling me that Southwest has our luggage. This is where the communication breakdown began. We were promised that our luggage would be delivered around 1:30. Now, i'm finding out that was not the case. I'm in the middle of an event, but, I called the airlines and spoke to someone in the lost luggage and was told that we would not receive our luggage until 6:00 that evening. I told the employee that was unacceptable and that we needed our luggage delivered now. I was very angry and disappointed that they didn't do what they said they would do. I don't know if our luggage sat around until someone realized that the luggaged was lost or if someone didn't read the report to know that the luggage was supposed to be delivered to our Hotel. I will admit that I was very ugly because I couldn't get any kind of help except to tell me that the luggage is only delivered at 1:30 and 6:00. I told her that literally 10 steps from the Southwest Lost Counter where she was standing is Robert's shuttle service [protected]. I know because we used that service to bring us and our luggage to the hotel Saturday night. For two people and our luggage to be brought to our hotel was $ 33.60. The employee told me that Southwest was not affiliated with that shuttle service, WHY NOT??? We had the 1st day of our "Trip of a Lifetime" vacation spent having to worry about our luggage and with nothing decent to wear. So, I guessed I must have pissed off the employee and she was going to teach me a lesson because we did not receive our luggage until 9:00 pm Sunday night. By the time we unpacked our luggage and were each able to take a shower with clean clothes and hair products, it was around 11:00 pm. And we had to get up at 5:00 am for a 12 hour Island Circle Tour the next morning. I have been in Customer Service for 40 years with the company that I work for. And I know that sometimes there will be a problem that arises. But, I can tell you that I do everything possible to resolve a problem as quickly as possible, so, we can continue to keep happy customers. It appears to me that ya'll are lacking in this area. As soon as someone's lost luggage is located, that should be a top priority to do whatever is necessary to take care of that customer. It is not the customer's fault that the luggage was lost. Why should the customer get punished for your company's mishap.

Southwest greed to not allow longer to use tickets purchased

Southwest woud rather help spread the virus more than making simple changes to future use of tickets. I cannot risk my grandchidren with underlyng health issues going through airport on March 21 and 28, 2020. I bougt tickets n January because you have to or flights fill up. Taking 10 family members. Southwest requires tickets used one year from date purchased. It should be one year from date of ticket because sping break doesn't fall in January. I will do all I can to make sure not a dime of taxpayer money is used to help airlines who can't be more flexible right now. My request was simple, and Southwest woud not be losing a dime. But they'd rather my grandchildren's health be treatened. I have been a loyal supporter of Southwest. Never again. I will lose $10, 000 because they won't allow use a year from date of ticket so I could take family next year. Companies are bering more flexible, the one I run is. Southwest is unethical and unpatriotic to not be more flexible. Do your part Southwest, the rest of us are. I'm not reducing employee pay even though they can't be as productive or work as many hours from home. You are being hypocritical to your ad agency image you try to portray Southwest.

Phone not answered

I was placed on hold for 45 minutes when trying to speak to group sales earlier today (3/12/20) - hung up and tried the regular customer service line. After given the option for a call back in 35 minutes - AN HOUR later, I received that call back. I was told I had to call group sales for the currently ON HOLD in excess of 2 hrs + 15 min

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I was trying to board flight #1362 on Monday, 02/24/2020. I checked my baggage and told the attendant I would...

the way my daughter was treated she’s a cancer patient

On feb 1 2020 my daughter was traveling by herself she's a stage four patient I asked for a wheelchair...

flight delayed


Because of the situation I ending having extra expenses between ground transportation arrangements and the pets baby sitting an estimed more or lest around $219.00.

The first time I was traveling wit my wife and yesterday I was traveling with my daughter.

Anyway I just wonder is any way the airline could have, like a Plane ready with a crew pending to covers this unexpected problems.

Thanks for the information and please reply.


Luis O Berrios VOKW67

Maria V Berrios TOUQWL


flight delayed

Southwest Airlines


I booked a flight for my 15 year old grandson from PVD to Fll from February 17, 2020 until February 22, 2020 on my phone for round trip price of $282.96.
i put in all my information, including my Southwest rewards charge card number etc. When I got to the end of the transaction and seleced purchase I was told to go to because he was an unaccompanied minor. The prices on line were much higher than the one I tried to book so I called Southwest. The person I spoke to said the price coming from PVD to FLL was the same but the return from FLL to PVD was $480 one way and the flight was sold out. Now, I have to call my grandson and tell him he can't come down.We fly nothing but Southwest airlines where available and we have been rewards members for years. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely, Margaret Whelan

customer service

You make me go through a painful long complaint process then tell me a bunch of crap defending the "wrong" actions of your worker. Well guess what that was the way not to keep a regular 13 year flyer with you. So it's been since November and I'm flying again already down to Tampa guess who I'm not flying with for the first time in 13 years you. Good luck FYI your last plane on was dirty and old. I'm done with you and now my experience will be all over social media. Thanks!

  • Di
    Dianne Wilkowski Feb 24, 2020

    I think its ridiculous that you pay for early bird, have to cancel because of illness, and can't be refunded. What is Southwest losing out on? Nothing! A person pays $20 to board early, which doesn't cause any type of cost to Southwest, but nevertheless, we are not refunded. Of course, next time rebook again, w have to pay for it again! This is complete bullshit!!!

    0 Votes

racial slurs.

Tami is one of the gate supervisors/manager who was very aggressive when approaching me and asking my name...

payment on a pet

I'm really trying to figure out why do I have to pay $ 190.00 for a small dog that stays in his carryon bag that fits under the seat with our other bags, you charge as if we get another seat I just need you to help me understand this crazy charge it's like southwest is just trying to make extra money. Then on our way home I went to upgrade our boarding pass and I was charged 60.00 for two of us when it's usually it's 60 for two round trip the I had to 15.00 gift cards that I was not aloud to use them I sure hope you can shed me some light on these problems

delay flight

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are guests of USA.
We've a flight with Southwest airlines on 12/7/19 from Las Vegas to San Francisco at 08:35 AM, Flight number 6724, 2 person.
Actually, we take off at 9:55.
It destroyed our plans and wasted our time.
According to your policy, the delay of the flight more than 1 hour, requesting flight delay compensation.
Thank you for understanding
Alla Kanter and Solun Boris

  • Updated by Allaka2009 · Dec 08, 2019


    Airlines Southwest Airlines Customer Service Delay flight
    Southwest Airlines — flight delay

    Allaka2009 Dec 07, 2019
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are guests of USA.
    We've a flight with Southwest airlines on 12/7/19 from Las Vegas to San Francisco at 08:35 AM, Flight number 6724, 2 person.
    Actually, we take off at 9:55.
    It destroyed our plans and wasted our time.
    According to your policy, the delay of the flight more than 1 hour, requesting flight delay compensation.
    Thank you for understanding
    Alla Kanter and Solun Boris

airline flight - damaged contents in luggage

On November 31st, my daughter, Cassandra LaRose and her daughter, Adeline LaRose were traveling from St Loui...

travel funds

I had a $20 travel fund remaining and decided to book an unnecessary flight so I can at least use it. I book a flight and notice that my schedule cannot make my returning flight. I call back to see if I can change it to fly back (return flight) a week later and the agent that is helping me tells me that I cannot do that due to the travel funds expiring 2 days beforehand. Now my complain is why do you guys tie my extra money spent with the $20 travel funds and rob me of my money? Ex: If my flight was $120 and I had to spend extra $100 for that flight, I now cannot use that whole $120 because the expiration date cannot let me fly back a week later. You guys are outright robbing your customers of their money and travel funds should be used just like cash back money on a credit card. Applied and not applied when refunding. This is robbery and you guys need to be ashamed of it.

waiting for luggage and theft

Southwest Airlines flight 4682 on October 26, 2019 - Sea-Tac to Denver. We left Sea-Tac at least 90 minutes late due to plane maintenance issues, so we did not make our connection on flight 3185 to Atlanta. Southwest staff booked us on a flight to Atlanta four hours later. When we arrived in Atlanta our luggage was not there.

When we asked why our luggage wasn't there the SW staff said, in a not so pleasant tone, was that they had to balance the plane, so the luggage had to match the amount of the people. Unfortunately what this staff person didn't realize is that my very observant husband noticed that they were loading mail like packages into the plane from Denver to Atlanta before they loaded any luggage. So really our bags got left in Denver so that they could take a pay load of packages. Our bags should have been loaded on the plane first since we where there four hours earlier. Hmmmm!

So the same SW staff told us that they would have our baggages delivered to us the next day. My husbands medication and medical equipment was in one of our bags. The next day other staff tried to tell us that they couldn't deliver the bags for three days. My husband politely explained to them that he needed his medication so they finally agreed to deliver the day they originally told us.

When the bags arrived on the 27th, we noticed that the outside zippers on our luggage where open. My husband mentioned it to the delivery person, who immediately said that he didn't open them. When we opened our bags we noticed small items were missing. They were:

Husband's Birthday card
Paperback book
Three pairs of socks
Envelope of security paperwork

Yes, this isn't a major theft but it is really the principle of this whole situation. We entrusted our items to Southwest and things were missing. I have never had this on any other airline I have flown.

Also, since I didn't have the cloths that I had packed, I had to spend another $30 buying cloths to wear the next day.

Southwest used to have great reputation for customer service and security. Not once during this situation were we asked what we thought should be done. The explanations and consideration for our situation where lame and unprofessional.

I don't really need compensation as it wouldn't be worth the time (money) for your company to write the check. However I do want you to understand that who ever you are having handle our bags that is stealing from us, is really hurting Southwest's reputation and makes us not want to fly with your company again. Maybe your company should fix this situation now before it affects your bottom line.

Heather Martin

boarding procedures

South West
I was on another flight with Southwest. I have watched several people "hold" seats for others who don't exist. Then enjoy a open seat next to them for the flight.

This last trip from Ft Lauderdale to Providence. It happened and effected me. My gal pal and I wanted a couple of seats near the front. I got up twenty four hours before to make sure I got a good boarding group. I got a A group boarding pass. When I boarded.

This lady said she was holding the middle seat and window seat for friends. When we went farther back in the aircraft to sit. I was able to watch as no such friends boarded.

I did not confront her. I have watched this behavior three times on Southwest flights.
No seats should be allowed to be held with southwest. They are taking advantage.

You should hand out vouchers for familys who are seperated and only let those folks be able to hold seats. Make the individual show the voucher. Whats the sense of trying to check in early if you can't have 1st choice as you board.

I have booked my next flight with American. Enough of this BS.


cancellation of flight without notification

My return reservation on Southwest airlines from Charleston, SC to Portland, OR on Monday October 14th, 2019 at 4:40 pm was cancelled without notification. My preferences are to have a text msg sent to me should any issues arise. I had been in town with family & friends that had flown in for a wedding. I checked my flight Sunday morning, everything looked good. The check-in button appeared, I clicked, I was checked in. I thought this odd but had no time to call Southwest as we were packing up families and cleaning a house we rented. Check out time was 10:00 am. I forgot to call Southwest, headed out with family for the day. Late that afternoon I checked into a hotel, called SW as I noticed my flight had been changed with a depart time of 6:00 am the following morning! This flight was not going to work for me. CSR Monica said Southwest had scheduled my flight on the Boeing 737-Max & this plane is grounded. I told her I was aware of this. In fact, there is a notification on the SW website stating the plane is not in use. Monica stated Southwest has been lax in notifying hundreds of people of flight cancellations. I had to pay for another night at the hotel. I have requested reimbursement from Southwest but received a letter stating this is not their policy, was provided a $50.00 voucher instead. This is not acceptable to me. I have flown Southwest for years but will not do so in the future free bags or not. I will bring an oversized carry on like other individuals do and fly another airlines. Deb, Portland Or.

flight issues

On 10/18/19 i boarded a plane to San Antonio Texas flight 314. First off it was horribly booked to capacity...

gate attendant

On 6 Oct 2019 while waiting in line to board flight 2780 from MDW - STL I witnessed the rudest most condescending gate agent in my 25 years of travel. Annette made announcements for the boarding groups and when a mother and her daughter attempted to board in A, she became very upset and made a scene with the lady and her daughter. The lady explained her daughter was not old enough to board alone and she was A list preferred. She said no it was not allowed. Next a husband was going through with 2 roll on bags for he and his wife who was a few places behind him in line and she said no it was not allowed. Last my situation, I am active duty military and come to Chicago about once a month on temporary duty. When boarding in civilian clothes after A group she explained it was SWA policy to be in uniform. I explained to her this is my uniform... civilian clothes due to my job. She said you cannot board I said why not she said because I was not in uniform and threatened to call the cops if I continued boarding. She then called her supervisor Art who reiterated the same thing. SWA should allow for active duty to board regardless of uniform status. Due to the unfamiliarity of gate agents with military they should be charged with reviewing ID cards only. I have boarded without incident for the last 3 years until now. DOD gives a lot of business to SWA, the least expected is for our military to be able to bird minus uniform like other airlines have implemented. Thanks for your consideration.

Felica young

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