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+44 871 246 0000 (United Kingdom)
+32 90 233 600 (Belgium)
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RyanairLack of human customer service

It is ridiculous that I cannot speak to a real human.
Please take down the option to call at your own expense just to be ignored.
It is a waste of time and money to attempt to reach someone who might be able to help. I realize COVID19 has caused numerous issues worldwide, but having people to answer and solve issues for paying clients is a priority.
I dont know how this business is still in business.
The chatbot is bogus, and there are literally robots running this company?!

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    Jul 08, 2020

    Ryanair — Say that they are not responsible to give voucher to customers unable to fly due to covid-19 canceled flights from us to europe

    We have to cancel our Reservation: O6YZ4J 01:05 We are US citizens.EU has extended the travel ban for U.S...

    Nov 21, 2019

    Ryanair — duplicated booking refund & the charge of customer hotline

    November 21, 2019 +39 [protected] [protected]@qq.com I tried many times to book a return flight from Verona to...

    Ryanaircustomer service and technical it issue

    I was flying from Venice, Marco Polo to London Stansted. Due to the Ryanair team in Venice and an error on their end, I lost many of my items and was also left feeling angry and upset.

    I paid for a check in luggage service. After waiting in the check-in line, I was surprised when I was told by the flight checker that I was priority boarding. I double checked with him, as I believed I had paid to check in baggage and he said no, I can go on the flight or pay €25 Euro's to check in my luggage. I took his word on the matter and I also asked if he was 100% sure which he assured me he was 100% absolutely was.

    When I went to departures and through security, it was only when security stopped me I realised I brought over 100ml liquids with me in my luggage, that was suppose to be checked-in in the first place.

    I was very frustrated and upset because many of the liquids were expensive and I brought them because I knew I was checking in my one piece of luggage. Security took all my liquids from me that were above 100ml, which is standard procedure and they had every right to. However, I was left frustrated, as I had wished this was the first thing that popped into my mind when I was speaking to the guy at the check in.

    I went to the gate and luckily the guy who dealt with check-in was at the gate desk. Just to reiterate, he told me initially I was "priority boarding" and "non check in". I showed him my itinerary and boarding pass "again" and he then admitted to me that there must have been a fault on the system and owned up to his mistake.

    I explained my frustration, which he listened to but wouldn't help me out. He offered to check my bag in, which is what should have been done in the first place and had the audacity to assure me at no cost. But why would it be, when it was a service I had paid for in the first place.

    I told him, it's now not fair that I now have lost about £50 worth of goods, to now go through exactly the same process that I should have gone through in the first place. I asked him to honour the priority boarding mistake and let me carry on my luggage onto the plane as a gesture of goodwill. I would have highly appreciated and let this go. The gentlemen agreed with my at the time and spoke to his colleague.

    I thought the gentleman organised the boarding situation with his colleague, but him and his colleague had other plans.
    So, when I did line up in priority boarding, his colleague asked me to leave without even looking at my boarding pass. Which suggests to me, he discussed with his colleague (the gentlemen) and they decided to kick me out of the queue and made me purposely wait. I was treated like some idiot and was made to feel absolutely humiliated. No one should be treated in such manner, no matter the circumstances or positions held. No one should be made to feel second class or not worthy of ones time.

    I asked both attendees for their names, to add to this complaint, but they would not provide me this information. I believe you would have all this information anyway based on my reservation number AZ6NUF. I also asked what their complaints procedure was, to which the gentlemen responded that this is not possible.

    I did get into an argument with them when I did board at the end of the queue, because I was so angry and upset. And the gentlemen said to me, I should have just paid the €25 at check in and that this situation is my fault, so what is my problem.

    I cannot stress the absolutely hideousness of what was a standard check in and board. Further, how appalling were the attitudes of your Venetian staff.

    I went on to write a complaint to Ryanair customer service team. The complaint was similar to this one. They as completely dismissed my complaint and sent back a general email stating their policy on checking in baggage. This was entirely irrelevant as I had paid for the service. Which tells me they didn't even bother reading my email.

    I will never fly with Ryanair again, as the stress, anxiety and anger outweighs costs.

    As such, nothing as come of my complaint. I have followed up with emails but with no response.

    customer service and technical it issue
    customer service and technical it issue
    customer service and technical it issue
    customer service and technical it issue
    customer service and technical it issue
    customer service and technical it issue

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      Swissport/Ryanairchecking in

      I should have been on Ryanair flight FR1054 from Edinburgh Airport today at 1605. I arrived at the airport at 1430. When I arrived to catch the bus from Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh to Edinburgh Airport, I discovered the seam on my brand-new small backpack was split right across the bag. There was nothing I could do about this, so I travelled on to the airport. When I got there, I checked in. I was taking my bag on board with me and it was bought as an onboard Ryanair bag ie meeting the size requirements etc.

      The Swissport staff said to put the bag on the scales. I assumed the female staff member wanted to know the weight of the bag to make sure it met requirements, so I put my bag on the scale. She asked why I didn't have a tag on the bag and I said because I was taking the bag on board with me. I only had that small bag and a handbag. I assume my boarding pass would confirm I did not have any luggage for the hold. The member of staff (who was very, very busy and dealing with several people at the same time) told me I had to go to the Luggage Point to have my bag wrapped in clingfilm as it could not go through as it was ie with the seam burst. I thought this was a strange thing to have to do and wondered how security staff would check my bag when it was wrapped in clingfilm. I paid £10.00 to have the bag wrapped up and then I returned to the same check-in point. The same member of staff put me through as having onboard luggage.

      I was stopped at security because staff would not open my bag due to the clingfilm and I had to wait to speak to a member of security staff and this needless delay made me miss my flight, my transfers and I had to pay for accommodation. I have also had to pay for another flight.

      Security staff were baffled as to why someone would tell me to wrap a bag in clingfilm and then put it through as onboard luggage, which she did. She said if you're taking it on board you shouldn't weigh it, but she told me to weigh it and I assumed she thought the backpack was too heavy or big as onboard luggage.

      Please reimburse the cost of my flight as least - although this will not compensate me for the distress this has caused me and that I missed a day of my holiday etc., etc., etc. None of the categories fit for this complaint.

      checking in
      checking in

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        • Aryan Russ Sep 27, 2019
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          the claims on reimbursement shall be presented to the air carrier along with
          - PNR or eticket number
          - exact figures (sum)
          - a good reason .

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        Ryanairillegally charged for not having web check in

        Ryan air is not cheap airline…its cheat airline
        Double check before booking with this airline...they hide many things and they loot you at the airport..pay the ransom or miss the flight
        I traveled from Athens Greece to Sophia Bulgaria by Ryan Air and due to internet issue I could not get the boarding pass. At the airport I was denied to travel and was forced to pay 55 Euros to get the boarding pass. This was a big blow and jeopardized my traveling budget too.
        I have traveled more than 35 countries with almost all the airlines, but this happened for the first time.
        This is clear cut loot and black trick to Ryan air to make money.
        It is mandatory by the airlines to provide boarding pass online of offline.
        But this was the most bizarre experience.
        I have decided not to travel by this mafia and pirate airline who squeeze money from the passengers, which is their right when they by the airline tickets.
        I have decided to raise voice on all the platforms against this unfair money squeezing dirty tricks by Ryan air.
        I request all members to help me in getting my illegally snatched money by this so called fraudulent air line and please guide me how to fight out.
        You may connect with me at: [protected]@gmail.com

        illegally charged for not having web check in

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          Ryanaircar hire

          Having spoken to your complaints staff over the telephone, they have advised me to raise a case through your online department.

          On the 26th of July 2019 me and my family arrived at Carcassonne Airport to collect our hire car that was booked through the RyanAir website. The reference number was ££££ and this included car hire with myself as the main driver and my brother in-law as 2nd driver. I also paid extra money for the extra AXA insurance damage waiver (Ref ££££).

          On approaching the counter at Firefly Car Rental I was asked for a £1500 deposit which I didn't have on my credit card. So my wife offered her credit card over and this was refused as the car was in my name. After looking at the hire agreement I informed the firefly employee that the hire agreement demanded an 860 Euro deposit which I offered to pay on my credit card. This again was refused.

          The Firefly employee then explained that this was a common error by RyanAir and that we'd have to rent a new car. Having no choice in the matter, we then paid an extra 226.30 Euro to have a lesser type of car as we hadn't budgeted for this inconvenience. What really confused me was that hiring this 2nd car, didn't need either a 860 or 1500 euro deposit.

          The information on the agreement states ‘ A deposit of EURO 860 will be held against your credit card for the duration.' This I would have been able to pay on my card but wasn't' acceptable by the hire company.

          To resolve this matter I would appreciate a full refund with regards to the car hire and the Insurance costs.

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            • Updated by complainer3600 · Aug 07, 2019

              Ryan Air have come back and basically said that it's not their problem. They have instructed me to complain to Cartrawler, which I am having difficulty emailing as I can't find an email address to complain too.

            Ryanairloss property on board aircraft


            I left a bag on a Ryanair flight FR4197 on 29/06/2019 which arrived in London Stansted at 7:30pm from Milan Bergamo. My item which was left on row 11F was a duty free handbag which contained a Barbour jacket, a Dead Sea face mask, iPhone charger and battery pack.

            I realised I had left my bag whilst I was on the transit. Once I realised I thought it would be a simple case of letting the cabin crew know since people would still be disembarking the aircraft. It had only been 5 mins since the aircraft had opened its doors. Once I got out of the transit one of the airport staff told me to get through boarder control and speak to the Ryanair desk.

            Once I got there and asked how I could get my stuff back they handed me a bit of paper and said it will be forward on to First Flight. Surely there should be a much simpler way to just contact the staff that were still onboard the aircraft with passengers still disembarking. It was a Friday evening so I was told I couldn't call until Monday from the hours of 9 till 1pm. Firstly I work and its hard for me to call them but every time I do, I spend 30 mins calling them for me to not even to speak to anyone since I get cut off before I have even got through.

            I have emailed the First Flight Forwarders, I logged the lost items the same evening and heard nothing. Even on their website you can't filter what has been found by most recent date or airport which it was found in. There are thousands maybe more of items which I cannot go through. I have spent hours searching and yet no hope.

            I reported it as soon as I found out and have not heard anything since. I tried calling many times but could not get through as I keep getting cut off. I have emailed multiple times and no response. Is this how a company should treat peoples possessions which are so important. I am not sure how anyone has got their lost property back. It is daylight robbery that the airlines and the lost property handlers take away peoples lost property and make it impossible for them to retrieve. This is a breach of human rights. Is there anyone I can speak to or is there anyone that can tell me if my property has been located?


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              May 30, 2019

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Ryanair — extra charges

              Hi, with reservation U162XP using Ryanair my credit card was charged with 224, 42 Eur. For this amount I got...

              RyanairI booked ([protected]) a fly to bucharest; they paid from my money only for a plane ticket

              they don't included my checked luggage in Madrid we have to pick up our luggages and check in again because it was it ryanair, we paid 120 $ for each luggage in Miami, and another 40 euros for the other one, but we get the tickets to Bucharest, I never fly so low and expensive like this, and for return is the same fees, you rip off people, and you don't tell exactly what they buy with you if I can I give you -5 stars and bad reviews, but you can, is nowhere to complain only here, hope the people to see it and buy their ticket some other sites, you suck

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                Ryanairbaggage fees

                Dead, Justfly

                I recently had a few frustrating and costly experiences with Ryanair. I feel I am owed compensation from your company for my expenses.

                On February 21st. 2019, my group of 15 including myself, staff and mentally disabled students were traveling from Standsted, London to Paphos, Cyprus on a school trip on a flight booked through your website. Excited and there early enough to get through check-in and relax after traveling all the way from the United States we were rudely informed that we had to pay $55 per person because we did not check in online. As you can imagine I was perplexed by this information because I had received no email stating such! Not only did we almost miss our flight, which Ryanair attendants at the flight check desk were extremely unprofessional and rude to my whole group and even threatened to make me compensate everyone on flight FR3132 if the flight delayed, but we were taken advantage of and mishandled by your company. I am asking to be reimbursed the money spent on the late check in. We never received an email from "JustFly" or "Ryanair" stating we would need to check-in online or be penalized! It is unfair and unjust! I am asking to be reimbursed the $55 spent to check in each of the 15 members flying. I use "Justfly" often and would love to continue to book flights in bulks, but will no longer book through your site and will tell everyone I know not to book through your site If this matter isn't properly handled.
                Best regards, Carissa Boston

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                  Ryanairrefusal to provide me with the rental car I had booked and paid for unless I took out the comprehensive insurance

                  I booked and paid for a rental car through Ryanair when booking a flight. The booking turned out to be with Goldcar - agreement ref [protected]. Ryanair have advised me to complain to Cartrawler as that is who they have a contract with.
                  I arrived to collect my hire car on 20/12/18 and provided all the necessary docs and my credit car. I live in France but have a UK driving license. I have applied for a French one but it can take upto a year. The Goldcar employee at Stansted - Andrew, said, because I have a UK driving license but live in France he could not generate a code to fill in some tick box and could not therefore give me the car. Eventually he said he could only give me the car if I paid £198 comprehensive insurance for the 9 day rental period in order to be sure the asset was protected. I had no choice, I needed the car and paid. I have since discovered that if I had had a French driving license there would not have been a problem ie I would not have had to pay for the comprehensive insurance. I feel like I have been ripped off.

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                    Ryanair — flaunting euro caa

                    Today 15th Dec, I should be home starting to get ready for Christmas. I booked with RYANAIR and was given the...

                    Ryanair DAC (Airline) — terms and conditions - article 10 - refunds / section 10.4

                    Tuesday 27 November 2018 - Ryanair Complaint - Appalling Customer Care I am in a similar position, my...

                    Ryanaircar hire

                    Ref DE428762830 / [protected]

                    Dear cartrawler
                    I contacted Buchbinder directly since my booking through Ryanair car hire went to them. Please see the below email trail in respect of an unfulfilled car hire and a request for a refund for the car hire.

                    Kind regards
                    Steffi Thorhauer-White


                    Dear Ms Thorhauer-White

                    Since you have paid the rental price for the booking directly to your broker Cartrawler, we would ask you to contact Cartrawler regarding the refund. Unfortunately, we can not refund you from our side.

                    Please send your demand with our letter, the train and the bus ticket to Cartrawler. They will contact us then to clarify the details.

                    Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ With best regards

                    Nicole Friedel

                    Customer Care


                    Terstappen Autovermietung GmbH

                    Theodor-Heuss-Str. 71-73
                    47167 Duisburg

                    E-Mail: [protected]@buchbinder.de

                    Web: www.buchbinder.de

                    Sitz der Gesellschaft: Duisburg, Germany, HRB 25366, Geschäftsführer: Hubert Terstappen

                    Von: Steffi Thorhauer
                    Gesendet: Mon 29 Oktober 2018 09:49
                    An: customer care ; info.berlin.schoenefeld.airport ; Steffi Thorhauer
                    Betreff: Ref DE428762830

                    Dear Sir or Madam

                    I had a booking for a car from Sunday 21.10.18 - Tuesday 23.10.18 at Berlin Schönefeld. On my arrival I was advised that no cars were available. I waited for over two hours and still no cars were available. No management was available to support staff or answer my questions /queries around a refund. I was instead given this letter - see attached. This is a standard format and didn't quite reflect the situation. I was advised that no other letter was available.

                    I am extremely disappointed by the service and am unlikely to use Buchbinder again. I would appreciate a full refund for the booking as I was never able to use a car. I instead used the train and FlixBus for my journey from and to Berlin at an additional cost of £52.24.

                    Staff on duty were appreciative of me making alternative arrangements as no doubt the long queue of unhappy customers was getting bigger. The standard letter I was provided with suggests that the cost of another car hire would be covered. However, given no other hire service had cars available, I request a full refund of the booking.

                    I would appreciate your assistance in the matter. I can be contacted on this email or on [protected].

                    Kind regards

                    Steffi Thorhauer-White

                    Sent from my Xperia XA1 on O2

                    car hire
                    car hire

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                      Ryanaircar hire

                      I recently booked carhire for Dublin airport but wen I got there man told me I disnt have car to pick up there after gettin up on email he said car was in diff country in karkow Poland I booked flight an carhire at same time . Since cudnt get through to rynair at pick up at airport my cousin cAme 4 hour drive to collect me . When I finally got home I called to complain an get refund An man on phone said there was a car in Dublin an also a car in Poland for same date 8/8/2018 . I applied via link man emailed me to get my refund an then today I re cieved another invoice for carhire for 10/08/2018 for £50 for non collection I have really been passed from puller to post an several charges just keep happening which is so frustrating wen can't get issue resolved . Then for more charges it really is a joke thank you so much

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                        Ryanair Car Hire — "victim for second time"

                        It is the second time I become the victim of deception by the crooks. The first time, two years ago I rented...

                        Ryanairleft phone on flight & still tracked!!!

                        I came across this board & in as much as I really cannot be bothered about ryanair.
                        I do care about people as a christian.
                        My phone was left unfortunately on ryanair fr 2068 from palma to dublin on sunday 3rd june 2018.
                        The flight was delayed and I had a connecting flight!.
                        Since it was tracked, was certain it was a simple reconnect.
                        My phone has travelled back and forth, voicemail changed from english to spanish.
                        I know my responsibilities towards my possession.
                        But it is a total shame & disgrace that ryanair lacks no service and would never fly with them again.
                        I have emailed with all the details, don't bother calling as you are just rushed off.
                        At least excess baggage in dublin still cared and shout out to marissa for excellent customer service, but how can they return it when it is still on the plane.
                        With all the details emailed... Conclusion today is that never leave anything on ryanair... Tracked or not.
                        Shame on ryanair.

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                          Ryanairservice whilst ill

                          After queuing in a long line, at Fuerteventura airport, to put my case in the hold..I unfortunately felt very faint..I have a long term chronic illness anyway so I told the Ryanair check in girl Rebeka...she phoned for assistance and a wheelchair. In the meantime she saw my case was over the required limit, which I accept was an oversight on my part. Whilst in the wheelchair I was taken over to the Ryanair office to pay €70, I was abandoned there for approximately 20 min as the staff didn't see Mr behind the customers being dealt with. I had not been given water and felt dehydrated. I was frightened I was going to collapse but Ryanair managed to take my money. I managed to get onto the plane where staff were pleasant but lackadaisical. They told me twice that assistance would be waiting at the other end..of course it wasn't. .I walked passed the cabin crew with a bag and not one offered to help me down the stairs to alight the plane. ..It was a very unpleasant and traumatic experience. I will never fly with them again and would recommend people fly with alternative airlines.

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                            Ryanaircar reservation

                            I have booked a car reservation in Italy via Ryanair (ref. IT838551800) and when I was going to take the car, they (GoldCar) told me that my credit card was not accepted. So I have been for 2 weeks without a car that I already paid!
                            I have to call my relatives to take me from the airport, ... very embarassing!!!
                            So I ask You for refund for a car rental that I haven't used, but I already have paid, with the credit card that has not been accepted by the car renter.

                            Pasquale Piccinno

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