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Ryanair Dublin Office, Airside Business Park, Swords
Co Dublin

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+353 152 044 4004(General Queries) 0 0
+353 818 303 030(Post booking Queries) 0 0
+44 871 500 5050(International) 10 10
+44 871 246 0000(United Kingdom) 0 1
+32 90 233 600(Belgium) 1 0
+358 60 019 055(Finland) 0 0
+49 900 210 240(France) 0 0
+49 900 116 0500(Germany) 0 0
+36 690 982 213(Hungary) 0 0
+39 895 589 5509(Italy) 0 0
+31 900 040 0860(Netherlands) 0 0
+47 82 004 002(Norway) 0 0
+48 703 303 033(Poland) 0 0
+34 902 051 292(Spain) 0 0
+46 900 100 0550(Sweden) 0 0

Ryanair Complaints & Reviews

Ryanair — duplicated booking refund & the charge of customer hotline

RyanairNovember 21, 2019 +39 [protected] [protected] I tried many times to book a return flight from Verona to Palermo...

Airlines  · Nov 21, 2019

Ryanair — customer service and technical it issue

RyanairI was flying from Venice, Marco Polo to London Stansted. Due to the Ryanair team in Venice and an error on their end, I...

Airlines  · Oct 01, 2019

Swissport/Ryanair — checking in

Swissport/RyanairI should have been on Ryanair flight FR1054 from Edinburgh Airport today at 1605. I arrived at the airport at 1430. When...

1 comments Airlines  · Sep 10, 2019

Ryanair — illegally charged for not having web check in

RyanairRyan air is not cheap airline…its cheat airline Double check before booking with this airline...they hide many things and...

Airlines  · Aug 29, 2019

Ryanair — car hire

Having spoken to your complaints staff over the telephone, they have advised me to raise a case through your online...

Airlines  · Aug 07, 2019

Ryanair — loss property on board aircraft

Hi, I left a bag on a Ryanair flight FR4197 on 29/06/2019 which arrived in London Stansted at 7:30pm from Milan Bergamo...

Airlines  · Jul 08, 2019

[Resolved] Ryanair — extra charges

RyanairHi, with reservation U162XP using Ryanair my credit card was charged with 224, 42 Eur. For this amount I got receipt...

Car Rental  · May 30, 2019

Ryanair — I booked ([protected]) a fly to bucharest; they paid from my money only for a plane ticket

they don't included my checked luggage in Madrid we have to pick up our luggages and check in again because it wa...

Airlines  · May 16, 2019

Ryanair — baggage fees

Dead, Justfly I recently had a few frustrating and costly experiences with Ryanair. I feel I am owed compensation from your...

Airlines  · Feb 22, 2019

Ryanair — refusal to provide me with the rental car I had booked and paid for unless I took out the comprehensive insurance

I booked and paid for a rental car through Ryanair when booking a flight. The booking turned out to be with Goldcar -...

Car Rental  · Dec 30, 2018

Ryanair — flaunting euro caa

Today 15th Dec, I should be home starting to get ready for Christmas. I booked with RYANAIR and was given the option of...

Airlines  · Dec 15, 2018

Ryanair DAC (Airline) — terms and conditions - article 10 - refunds / section 10.4

Tuesday 27 November 2018 - Ryanair Complaint - Appalling Customer Care I am in a similar position, my husband booked...

Airlines  · Nov 27, 2018

Ryanair — car hire

RyanairRef DE428762830 / [protected] Dear cartrawler I contacted Buchbinder directly since my booking through Ryanair car hire...

Car Rental  · Oct 31, 2018

Ryanair — car hire

I recently booked carhire for Dublin airport but wen I got there man told me I disnt have car to pick up there after...

Dublin Car Rental  · Aug 17, 2018

Ryanair Car Hire — "victim for second time"

It is the second time I become the victim of deception by the crooks. The first time, two years ago I rented a car in...

Car Rental  · Jun 23, 2018

Ryanair — left phone on flight & still tracked!!!

I came across this board & in as much as I really cannot be bothered about ryanair. I do care about people as a christian. My...

Airlines  · Jun 15, 2018

Ryanair — service whilst ill

After queuing in a long line, at Fuerteventura airport, to put my case in the hold..I unfortunately felt very faint..I...

Travel & Vacations  · Dec 24, 2017

Ryanair — car reservation

I have booked a car reservation in Italy via Ryanair (ref. IT838551800) and when I was going to take the car, they...

Car Rental  · Nov 28, 2017

Ryanair — refund amount retained on credit card

Ref: refund amount retained on credit card. Car Hire Voucher booking number ES779644400. The Damage Refund Insurance Policy...

Car Rental  · Oct 19, 2017

Ryanair — flight brussels dublin cancelled last monday the 18th september

Our clients had their brussels dublin cancelled with ryanair, they had tio buy tickets on Aer Lingus and are expecting...

Airlines  · Sep 25, 2017

Ryanair — return flight to lanzarote 4th to 18th august 2017 booking reference: rmr1fl email: [protected]

On the 7th July 2017 I made an enquiry/search for a return flight from East Midlands UK to Lanzarote from the 4th to the...

Airlines  · Aug 02, 2017

Ryanair Lost Property Service — extremely bad customer service

I left my purse on a flight from Rome on Tuesday, 2nd May. As soon as I got off the plane I went to Ryan air customer...

Airlines  · May 05, 2017

Ryanair — overcharged

I made reservations for flights with cheap air for chania crete on Ryanair. My flight from U.S. was delayed I had...

Travel & Vacations  · Mar 21, 2017

Ryanair — rude and impolite employees

I used RyanAir many times and up until now I didn't had any issues with them. But my recent RyanAir experience wa...

Airlines  · Feb 09, 2017

Ryanair — flight attendant took/stole our coat left on board

30/10/2016 - FR2829 - Tarragona to Charleroi We left our coat (silver puffa with fur collar) on board and shortly realised...

1 comments Airlines  · Dec 21, 2016

Ryanair — terrible!

I'm very disappointed with RyanAir and will never use them again! They almost ruined my flight. They said that my had...

Airlines  · Oct 20, 2016

Ryanair — lost property

Left a coat on a Ryanair flight from Dublin and realised within 5 minutes. The Ryanir staff on the checkin desks didnt...

1 comments Stansted Airlines  · Oct 10, 2016

Ryanair — glasgow prestwick to alicante 25/09/2016

I have travelled with Ryanair since they started operating and always found them ok and not had any problems, my...

Glasgow Airlines  · Sep 28, 2016

Ryanair — lost property

On the 29th of August 2016, I had lost my car keys (with a please remove before flight red label) on a Ryanair flight. I...

3 comments Airlines  · Sep 09, 2016

eDreams And Ryanair — luggage extra charge by ryanair even though I had paid for it in advance

We have been made to pay again for the luggage by Ryanair even though We had prepaid via eDreams. It costed us extra...

1 comments Airlines  · Aug 02, 2016

Ryanair — unfair charges

On Friday 04 February my flight to Berlin (fr145)from Stansted was supposed to take off at 7.50 am and expected to land...

Airlines  · Feb 10, 2016

Ryanair — lost property

Last night (5th Jan 2016) I left my new Samsung S6 phone on a flight from Pescara to Stansted. I know exactly where it...

FROME Airlines  · Jan 06, 2016

Ryanair - Airline — aftershave purchased on board flight - bottle half empty when opened.

FR3173 Saturday 12th Dec 2015 11.40am flight from Lanzarote. I purchased perfume and aftershave whilst on board the...

Airlines  · Dec 14, 2015

Ryanair — customer service

I am a frequent flyer of Ryanair. I am aware of the charges that they have, which I have always honored whenever I have...

Airlines  · Dec 13, 2015

Ryanair — very urgent complaint (request for 50% ticket price refund) ryanair: 26yld8‏

Very urgent complaint - request for 50% ticket price refund, pls. Attn: departure from london (Lgw) to...

1 comments London Airlines  · Oct 07, 2015

Ryanair — re charge on luggage/compensation

QJCEMS // XRV77H I submitted a complaint on 30th July this has now been dealt with and I am awaiting a refund, however due...

1 comments GLASGOW Airlines  · Sep 23, 2015

Ryan Air — Refund

I booked a flight using e dreams to book a flight to France using Ryan Air as the flight company, for my daughter and 2...

3 comments Airlines  · May 20, 2015

Ryanair — lost camera

I have also lost a camera on board a flights with Ryanair and phoned the first flight company to see if it has been...

1 comments London Airlines  · Mar 27, 2015

Ryanair — duty of care

Sun 05/0902014 corfu flight fr2108 this flight was delayed several times then cancelled due to bad weather that I accept...

Airlines  · Oct 09, 2014

Ryanair — wheelchair

Not getting my 80 year old mum a pre-arranged wheelchair at the airport is disgusting. We were told no notes on your...

London Airlines  · Aug 13, 2014