Truworthsharassment by the security guard

Yesterday I was harassed by your security guard I was getting in you new store looking for things I may like since I have an account at you store, I was holding a plastic then I passed the security guard at your door he called like saying yey buyala yey yelling and answered asking him do you want to close my plastic then he answered hayi buyalana I continued going in n he yelled hard saying yey I said come here I want to close that plastic what do you think I want from you besides that n he took my plastic n throw it down where he was standing I went in for 2 seconds n decided to go I couldn't even continue to shop by the way I was treated by that guy . I don't know why you put your clothes those detector n those this at you door while you let your guards to treat us like that infact No that's the only truworths that I have been in that do that I was so sad n angry I almost cried the way I was treated I am never going in that store

Oct 09, 2019

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