TJX / T.J. MaxxI m complaining about maria

I often go to the Tj maxx to plain view with my family. Yesterday i went to the store with my son and daughter, I took children clothes more than $100. My son was playing near me when my daughter was trying on clothes in the fitting room. At the same time Maria came there and started angrily telling my son why You play here. My son scared and he said come on Dad go home, I don't want to more stay in the store and we will never come to this store again. I myself was surprised when Maria scolded my Son. She had no right to scold my Son like she could even say this with love so we do not feel bad and my Son does not even say that i did not go to the store again. I request You to explain to Angry employees Like Maria How to talk to children and his parents. Thx

Oct 11, 2019

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