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I have been working at tim hortons for two years, and this will definately be my last. I am trying to find a job with 40hrs a week, with the shifts. Tim hortons employees do not get treated like humans.
First off, I have worked for two locations, in two different provinces.
First location I worked with, I loved most my staff and customers. I actually enjoyed my job, although there was sometimes times that made me mad; that's a job. You aren't always going to be happy with it.
Then, I moved to a different province. Because it's a different province, I had to get re-hired and went back to minimum wage. I am on drive thru window 5 days a week, 6am-3pm. I am not bragging, but I have amazing customer service. I treat every customer with respect, even when they really don't deserve it. I get two un-paid breaks during this 9hr shift (One 15minute, one 20minute) which is really all I need to get a little snack.. But when 3pm comes, and I am off.. The person to be on window for 3 is counting their till. By the time they get on the window, it's already 3:10ish. Then it is time for me to go out back, and count my til to be at the set amount we start out with. After I count that, I have to count all my money I have made that day, write out my voids (Any why they are voids), fill out a sheet saying how much we made (How many $5, $10, $20's we have, mastercard and timcard amounts, ect) and then once I am done of that, get a manager to double count everything. This process takes about 30 minutes. So, it is now 3:40, and I am schedualed to be off at 3. I really wouldn't care, but the problem is.. I stop getting paid at 3:15. I work for about half an hour for free, five days a week. Thats 2.5 hrs a week, which is 10hrs a month. If I walk out at 3:15 when they stop paying me, I get fired. Because I am on window everyday, I get [censor]ed at for not going "fast enough" when our times aren't good. Yes, we get timed of how fast we can get you through. So, when you don't have your money ready, are slow, and order more at the window.. That is why we may roll our eyes at you. Although I don't (I survive by tips basically, and need them).. It does frusterate me.
There is a lot more, but I must go to bed. Work tomorrow, then job hunting. I really need to get out of this [censored]hole.


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    Sambina Jan 08, 2011

    I have been working for Tim Horton's for 1 year and in that year I have had such a problem with my boss. He has called me a [censor] because he was barking an order at me and I was in the middle of serving a customer a Iced Coffee the syrup dripped on the floor so I asked the customer if he minded giving me a minute to quickly clean it up so no one slipped on it. He said it was ok. It took only a second. In that second my boss started asking me if I was slow and [censor]ed. Then I had to have surgery on my neck and I was given three days off to recover and was not allowed to pick anything up over 5 lbs for a week. My boss took almost all of my shifts away and I'm full time. He has me in for part time hours, and that's his way of not giving me benefits. He walks by some days and rubs my arms and of other employees, he has told many of my co-workers they are useless and tells us girls to go "F*@k ourselves" in front of customers. I would like to know how Tim Horton's can advertise that they are an exceptional place to work when the individual who owns the store can treat their workers with such disrespect and get away with it because the ones who are treated like crap are threatened their jobs if they speak. Or the number to head office is no where to be found. How can we feel safe from humiliation, embarrassment and harassment if we have no way to get help?

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  • Jo
    Jo Ann Haglund Aug 11, 2017

    @Sambina here, in the US, first off, if you work 6 hours or more, it is labor law that you have two 15 min. coffee breaks, paid and a half hour lunch, unpaid. second any employer who treats an employee this way can be brought up on charges. I'm pretty sure you have an equivalent of the labor board where you are. just write them and tell them what is going on. you do not have to give your name, just what the situation is and they will launch an investigation.

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  • Tr
    Travisss27 Nov 10, 2017

    @Jo Ann Haglund There's no satisfaction with the labour board in Ontario my wife went through hell I told her to quit I sat and watched the going ons there she wouldn't quit thought she could work through it got so bad we contacted labour board and a lawyer. Lawyer said not much to do labour board agreed with my wife's account found them guilty of mistreatment of all employees retrained Tim management kept all managers the owners never received fines no satisfaction given to employees many quit since then and those supervisors and practices are still happening there.

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  • Ma
    marjorie oliver Feb 09, 2011

    I have worked at Tims Hortons for seven years and have never miss work or any instends . Latd Friday jan 21 I fell down coming out through there door after work it was real slippery i hurt my leg and foot i was off work for ten days not only would they refouse to pay me my wages or compation the made me pay sixty c dollars for a doctors note

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  • Ti
    Tim's in Morrisburg May 05, 2011

    The women that runs Tim Horton's in Morrisburg, Ontario treats her staff like S--T! No wonder the turnaround is so high.

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  • Fl
    fleetofangels Jun 16, 2011

    TERRIBLE, long story short: this place contributed to me being hospitalized under suicide watch for 24 hours. I told my boss NUMEROUS times that I was having difficulties, and suffering from a variety of anxiety disorders, depression. They would make fun of me and treat me like crap. I worked SO HARD, and never received any positive feedback. I was usually the only person on drive thru, with a lineup of 3-10 cars while supervisors sat in the back and talked.

    Working at a different one now, and explained to my manager I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. I've worked there for about a month now, and the tills are completely different. I work as fast as I possibly can (literally, I run, never walk around the stoor) and always greet customers (smile, eye contact, "hello, what can i get for you?"). I'm as polite as I know how to be, and considering my disorder (extreme form of shyness) I don't see why I've just been told I need to be more vocal with the customers, and that I need to be a *LOT* faster. I've worked at 2 timmies now, totalling 7 years - I am not slow and have never EVER been told this before. I spent an hour right before work, writing out a list of chores, prioritizing them, brainstorming ways I could improve. Then came into work and first thing I hear is about how slow I am and not "vocal" with customers. Due to disability, this is the best I can do, and is 10-15 seconds so long to wait for a coffee? I mean from the time I greet the customer, to the time I thank them and wish them a good day. Felt suicidal all shift, wanted to go to hospital, but had no idea how to tell my boss that. So pretty much suffered through it. It is HELL every single day.

    I don't understand these places... I could go on and on, but the incidents that have occured would take up nearly an entire notebook. UGH.

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  • An
    Angelina2010 Aug 10, 2011

    I went and ordered Steep Tea Triple Triple which was very cold so not fresh. Also when I looked I saw they had buns in the showcase and I asked for a Brown Bun Toasted with Peanut Butter. So then the lady her name Genet said that their sandwich bar is closed and then I told her I can see the bread there and the toaster running so how is closed? She is like “the sandwich bar closes at 8:30 so then it was few minutes past 8:30 so then I asked the supervisor name Kannaki and I told her what was going on and she refused to serve me and threw the buns in the garbage in front of me which wasn’t professional at all. Also the Supervisor Kannaki's belt is always missing which looks bad because she is the supervisor.

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  • Ch
    chevypride98 Aug 15, 2011

    im pretty sure your tea was cold because you asked for 3 shots of cream in it, not because it wasnt fresh. idiot

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  • Je
    JesseJ45 Sep 27, 2011

    I work at a timmies in america, and i can say that they are no better accross the border. Lets start with the greedy store owners. Our air conditioning was out for 2 months durinf july and august. so it got up to 97 degrees inside the store and they had pregnent women working!! They discriminate based on disabilities, race, and gender. Basically there are no regulations to keep these owners in check. When the employees have a problem with how they are being treated, there is no one that they can go to. I had the flu and i didn't want to come to work where i would get all of our customers sick, coughing and sneezing all over the food, but if i called off i had to get a doctors note. I can't afford to go to the doctor, espechially if i know i will be peachy in a couple days if i rest. They pay us no more than minimum wage, no matter how long you have worked there or how good you are at your job. The only advancements you can get are supervisor, where you get paid like 25 cents more an hour and you do 20 times the work, or manager where you get paid salary and have to work everyday all day without getting paid for meetings or any extra time you are there. They expect you to come into work WHENEVER they call you in at the drop of a hat, even if you tell them you can't work that day. I had just gotten home from school at 10:00 at night, and they tried to call me in for an all nighter, when i was also scheduled to work the next morning at 5:30am, and when i refused, they said that i had to because its my "responsibility" or else we would have to "discuss" my job. I'm not a robot, i cant have class all day, then work from 10:30 at night until 3:00 in the afternoon, then have class agian. Everyone that i know that works for Tim Hortons is looking for a new job. The higher-ups asked us how they can motivate us to do better, and when we said "treat us better and promote us every now and then with a slight raise in pay" THEY LAUGHED!

    They treat their workers like sh-t period. i gotta get a new job.

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  • Jo
    Jo Ann Haglund Aug 11, 2017

    @JesseJ45 okay, now we're talking about stores in the states. you all haven't contacted the labor board, why? I don't get it. you get mistreated and you have a solution at your disposal, but you refuse to use it.

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  • Tr
    Travisss27 Nov 10, 2017

    @Jo Ann Haglund The solution you speak of doesn't always work the labour board gears toward retraining supervision in these types of places not the owners and they generally go back to doing the same thing. Believe me we tried labour board and lawyers. In short its a low class job and nobody cared especially Tim Hortons head office and others like them so long as profits rain in. People just have to stop applying for the jobs and unfortunately that will never happen.

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  • Ch
    charrua123 Jun 18, 2012

    The female owner of tim hortons at Creditview and Brittania is a total ### everyone hates her and she treats her staff like Garbage, she recently fired a teenager for taking care of her dying grandmother in the hospital WE ALL HATE her and hopes she gets ill reall soon

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  • Ro
    robert taggart Jul 04, 2012

    hair in my food.

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  • Bo
    Bobby Gee Aug 01, 2012

    An employee named vanessa was extremely rude this morning, she said " i don't give a ### if people wait" when i questioned her on that comment she then said "f*** you". . . And gave me the finger, i wish i was fast enough for a photo. . . Next time. . . This employee should not work in the public. . Or with food she looked and smelled rather dirty aswell

    Thank you for your time

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  • Dr
    dramageek44 Aug 23, 2012

    Three shots of cream is approximatly half the cup. This is probably why it wasn't hot.

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  • Az
    azm Sep 30, 2012

    This is regards to the Tim Hortons located in Ville Saint Pierre. They made me work 12 days straight without a break and a day off, when a day off was given, they decided to wake me up and call me in to work. It came to the point where I had to leave because by law every worker needs a day off and this was not leading towards the right direction. In the end I was not paid for my work and I'm still awaiting details. I was not surprise to discover that this has happened to 4 previous employees that worked for the same owner. So lets recap. I was given a 30min break but was unable to take it because I would not meet all the task given since it really was a lot. WORKED 12 DAYS STRAIGHT WITHOUT A DAY TO REST and of course I WAS NOT PAID BECAUSE they said I was not staying with the company.

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  • Jo
    Jo Ann Haglund Aug 11, 2017

    @azm again, labor board

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  • Bo
    Bobert Anonymous Dec 05, 2012

    they didnt give me good titbits

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  • Mi
    Michael Bronstine Jul 16, 2019

    @Bobert Anonymous Are u really that dumb to even post this

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  • lolyoulol222 Dec 25, 2012

    So what is your complaint, missy? Can you please explain it to us please? Otherwise your review is meaningless.

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  • lolyoulol222 Dec 25, 2012

    And I'm pretty sure that hair in your food is your own. You just did not realize it. WHAT A SHAME... right?

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  • Di
    Discrimination116 Feb 01, 2013

    The new Tim Hortons in DDO managed by Mike is a very stressfull place to work. Mike always yells at his staff he even does it in front of the customers. Customers are telling him to stop screeming at us, but he thinks he is doing a could job and brushes them off. He is such a bullie that makes you feel so small. I believe that you should treat your staff with respect. But there is no respect to the employees and full time hours. I applied for full time hours and i barelly get enough hours to pay my bills. Also if anything happens on shift he always blames you and again decreases your work hours to almost nothing. I though working at tim hortons was working in a teem environment, but its so not true. This boss wants us to do everything ourselves and screeems again at us if a co-worker helps us out.
    Working at tim hortons is not how i though it to be it was supposed to be an amazing job, well is very far from amazing it is a terrible job witch causes anxiety that I believe can be avoided if only the boss treated their employess with respect. One other thing this manager also does not give us our pay stubs. His people skills sucks as a manager especially with how he talks to the customers. Very disapointed with my experience working at tim hortons. Thanks

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  • Mo
    Mojo1119 Feb 20, 2013

    How about checking the machines D.Ms instead of riding us for times on pots? How about you protect us from bad owners! I almost died yesterday because of bad wiring on a coffee machine. I went to move it to clean under the machine and it went off like a bomb!!! I have about 8 burn marks up my arm because it fried. Customers came running to me telling me I should be heading my butt to the labour board. VERY UNSAFE and who gives a crap if coffees hot after that??? You want to improve you company how about improving your machines! I swear I should go to the labour board but if I do so I fear loosing my job and as a student I cannot afford that. And one more thing for the D.M's, how about you CHECK YOUR TIMES???? They are unrealistic and that is that! Tell me how to get a pinini out in 10 seconds if the press is 60 sec. Unconditional Discharge!!! You can use that statement when you go to the labour board and fight back. If you feel corned to the point you have to leave, file a Uncondidtional Discharge. Companies are NOT allowed to make your life horrid!!! They are allowed to ask you to work and I'm a firm believer "if you have time to lean you have time to clean". $10.25 is the wages we make and I'm telling you with all the stress and BS you have to put up with and being micro mangage to the point of every breath you take is not a good way to keep good employees, this will be why the people turn over is high in these stores. It truly is not worth the pain. Tim Hortons will always have bad service from time to time because of everything that others are saying and that I have said. It's time to start blaming the right people and that is head office! It is them pushing down the rules. So what you have a ton of money, it doesn't give you the right to treat Tims employees like ### so you can make more. Wanna make the world a better place? Start with your stores and make your staff happy, not the owners, the store will run just fine without them like 90% of them do daily. Im so over the micro managing. I swear someone in head office know how many breaths we take during our shifts and they want to use up everyone of them. LAY OFF or your going to find your company in ruins because staff and customers have had enough.

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  • At
    Atiqur Rahman May 24, 2013

    I'm always happy going to Tim Hortons, but now I feel that Corporate really has to improve their customer service. In particular the store at 350 Victoria St, Toronto ON, M5B 2K3 near Ryerson University.
    I always order Tea not Coffee but when I came to the library and open the cup I found it is not Tea. I have not enough time to go again that store and exchange . I have problem with Coffee. It happens not only one time but several times. One day I notice them and got reply that people can mistake. It's not customer service. Today I am feeling too much sick by taking coffee. I am vomiting several times and left the library without study although my exam is mid of June.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Harrison Jul 04, 2013

    I was at the Port Colborne Main street location yesterday, the manager Yvonne Passmore was a total B***** to this other employee I was about to suggest they take Bill 168 training. The emplyee to me had not done anything that was demanging of the treatment in front of customers. I did tip the young lady as I thought she did a great job and kept her composure to the customers. I really hope that other locations have trained the managers to be more descrete. As a customer, I felt uncomfortable at the counter. I know I should have filled out the comment card (didnt look for them) but feel they really dont get looked at.
    Anyways... you guys/gals have to take a lot of crap from managers. from what I read, the owners are no better.
    Hang in there...

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Sabatini Jul 18, 2013

    I had worked for Tim Hortons on and off for 25yrs. Still made minimum wage they like to treat you like your on a assembly line.They are not for the employee .All they want is there money .i went from being happy with my other employees To absolutely hating going there.I have since quit .I say Tim Hortons is one of the worst employers EVER. No recommendations for them. They get a zero for employee treatment.

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  • Ma
    management sucks Jul 27, 2013

    the store 1595 tim hortons(1239 Donald St Ottawa, ON K1J 8W3) management treats there stuff with disrespect . the management seriously needs some improvement most of the people involvement in management take out their persoal issue on their employee. the head office should go an actually review the store's management rather than just the store. people who r involved in management think their position as pwer and responsibility.

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  • Dick Passmore-Bites Jul 30, 2013

    OMG this past few days we had another manager, she thinks she owns us? She must have been moved from the other store here in Port Colborne. I really didnt care for our preveous manage but would honestly welcome them back. Quite the Nag we get now in the morning... everyone seems even more down. I think Tims should really look into bill 168 training before its is brough down upon them, actually that sounds kinda interesting...

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  • Ya
    Yabenty Sep 08, 2013

    I will want to file a law suit against Tim Horton. I was hired and went to my first shift the owner gave me a used and dirty uniform expecting me to wear it. That wasn't even my size. I looked at them and told him "I want new clean clothes" he said "you don't want these?" I said "no they are dirty and for my safety I don't wear clothes after others" he said "ok get out of here"

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  • Ja
    Jamie Harrison Sep 28, 2013

    Well said but will anything change?
    Yvonne Passmore will always be a b**** and her husband Dick(rick or Richard) is an idiot, they guy rarely lets her drive to work, for trust or control? Maybe she should leave him and find a guy with a strong back, that might help her relax with staff more lol.

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  • Ir
    Irene Martin Oct 08, 2013

    They have not made any Carmel Apple bagel for 5days in a row. NO_________ they did not run out, they just did not make them. Lazy, because they always have enough employees, I think they are just lazy!!!

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  • Fo
    foxygrandma Oct 08, 2013

    Can you prove that they didn't run out of the bagels or out of the ingredients needed to make those specific ones. Unless you have proof you shouldn't be accusing people of being lazy. Also they could have been there for a limited time.

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  • No
    notimmys Feb 13, 2014

    If i had to give any one advice, I would have to say: Never ever, work for this company. Tim Hortons is a terrible business. From head office to the franchises beneath them. They pay you pennies compared to the actual dollar value of what you should be paid. And most of the days you should be receiving hazard pay of some kind. Poorly maintained machines that eventually break and catch on fire. Close enough to hurt the employees. I could honestly write a novel on the amount of sh*t that has happened just at my location.
    Just take my advice, don't work there. And if you already do, QUIT.

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  • Cy
    cybilbennett Jul 20, 2014

    I've worked at Tims for about a year now. During my tenure there, I worked along lazy coworkers, a verbally abusive manager who stopped just short of screaming at me about how stupid I was in front of a long line of guests, and another manager with violent mood swings who consistently yells at her employees without cause.

    Every shift I picked up the slack and took the shouting without complaint - a model employee.

    I requested time off for the first time a few months back. I received it, however my hours were cut dramatically.

    A month ago, I suffered an injury that's preventing me from working, and by the sounds of it, I'll be losing my job shortly. Last I checked, firing someone for a physical disability was against the law.

    Good to know Timmies corporate is keeping their stores iin check.

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  • Ed
    edmonton14 Jul 25, 2014

    My first day they put me on a computer and I was told to sit there for eight hours straight which was fine because I did learn important information. My first day on the floor I got showed the till and drinks for less than 5 minutes and I was left by myself which ended very badly due to me never having any drink and till experience, after being by myself for 4 hours they moved me to the drive thru and showed me the headset and again left me to figure out everything. The one manager later came yelling at me that I was losing them business and that I was too slow, but what do you expect on my first day alone on drive thru with no training what so ever. A week or so later I had food poisoning but went into work anyway after a couple hours I felt very ill and my manager told me I could go home. A couple days later another manager called yelling that I had missed my shift even though I was told I'd get a call when they had another one for me, and they never called. The manager even went as far as to tell me I wasn't actually sick and that I was faking.. I ended up quitting after only working 4 shifts in the span of 3 weeks even though I was supposed to be full time. Very dissapointing because the owner that hired me told me that this was the best tim hortons to work at. This was in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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  • Mo
    Momma-bear Oct 03, 2014

    Tim Hortans is one of the worst places to work. In Canada you are legally supposed to get a break every 4 hours, however, Tim Hortans only gives their staff a break if you have a shift longer than 5 hours. As I am a student often times I have to go right to work from school and don't have the time to eat, then I work from 3-8 without a break and I'm starving by the time 8 roles around. As many have stated you don't get to leave right away and are unpaid for the extra time you take to stock and do dishes. The store owner of Wyoming, Petrolia, and Corunna is very intimidating. I was told she fired an employee for not smilling at her. She comes through the drive through often to get people in trouble when its busy, and makes continous useless changes within the store. Often times the moment she leaves we revert back to the way we were as its more effiicient, and we'll be yelled at if we don't make times. We get customer complaints that we rush them, and that we throw things at them out the window, but if the boss is right there and we are being told to be faster, and to get the car to move, we have no choice. I was once yelled at because a woman was looking for her change and I hadn't given her, her things and asked her to move yet. Every shift is stressful. We also get alot of complaints about managment talking when we're understaffed. They stand in groups at the side and talk/text while we have huge lines. Overall I would not reccomend Tim hortans unless your desperate

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  • Xk
    XKeyscore Jun 08, 2015

    Hi everyone. WOW! What a rush..

    I just quit my job at Tim Hortons after a year struggling with my managers to do anything about the actual issues in the store. I was kind of told to go home, but I told them that was my two week notice after she said "IVE TRIED TO TRANSFER YOU AND NOBODY IS LOOKING!" Really? The city that Tim Hortons originated, is not hiring ANY EXPERIENCED EMPLOYEES? Oh my god.. how daft!
    The constant drama, cattiness, the outright STEALING of product (oh, i'll just take a timbit here, a timbit there..oh this cookie is broken, i'll eat that..) the verbal abuse from management, the inconsistent communication between management (one manager says one thing, the other manager says "what? no, she's dumb, she doesn't know what shes talking about", meanwhile to eachothers face, they say they no issue and the store is fine) I'll try to summarize my story for all intensive purposes before I go ahead and call human resources and possibly local media about this.

    It's become more personal than just me quitting a lame, minimum wage "Tim Hortons" job and If I want to get treated better, I should go to school. But I have; and that isn't even the point anymore. This job has become personal and has victimized me time after time, Enough's enough, time to out the reason people talk **** about this place. I've been held back not only because I'm the only dude in the store; but because I am openly gay. From the beginning, everyone liked me. I don't mean to brag but customer service is MY thing. Customers love me. I get tipped loonies at a time constantly, customers come in asking for me to serve them..I'm just friendly. Human. We're all HUMAN. We pour coffee for a living; it's not hard, so a smile isn't difficult to maintain even though if I told you what i've gone through in life, you'd wonder while I'm still alive. My nickname at work is/was "Fabulous". I don't like it to be honest, but it was cute because they are just..excited to be around a gay guy i guess, which I get. Anyway..I've always been quiet, to myself, hard working, I'm the only one who literally upsold during EVERY order, upsold even the in-between screens when punching in sandwich builds that people would just ignore (Would you like to add bacon and tomato to that today?), when doing stock I was the only one who ever cleaned while stocking (the shed, big fridge, etc), never leaving a box unturned, emptying boxes that had like two things in them because I knew it would help my manager come inventory AND shipment days, people made fun of me for 'overstocking' because I'd bring in like a whole box of trays and give each drive-thru two sleeves because theres no point in leaving one sleeve of trays in a box in the shed.. That's lazy, But things started to get ugly because of all of my hard work, and fast. I would walk into conversations about me and suddenly everyone would just stop talking, as if I didn't know they were talking sh**. Week by week, they start outright making jokes about me kissing the managers ***, and I just ignored it. In an environment full of 40+ women who are seemingly bitter someone younger, stronger, and more capable has come in and is showing them up, I started to understand what was going on because nobody even wanted to hangout outside of work which was fine i guess..Anyway, the shadiness continued and got worse over time. I kept walking into conversations about me, people would outright just comment rudely and cuss me out infront of customers and id be like "the windows open..stop!" Eventually, I started reporting back to my manager when **** would go down and it started becoming a daily occurrence and she asked me to do 'homework' for her and start writing down everything on paper (this is when we started talking about needing more supervisors in the store, and she said she'd develop me because she started to notice all my hardwork..after a YEAR!! and that she didn't want to lose me because I was an asset to the company..What a joke. You mean, tell me what I want to hear to keep me around, but as long as I work hard for you, just dangle the promotion infront of me right..?). So I did, and one of the older women (who had been there for awhile) was written up after being seen harassing other employees infront of customers and acting like a bunch of highschool kids with some of the other co-workers literally huddling around and chatting, initiating drama. But she didn't stop so she was 'terminated'. The other women got wind that "I" got her fired so they literally ALL turned on me (all 11 women on day shift) and nobody spoke to me anymore. Literally. And things have spiraled out of control ever since, and today was the worst it's been because my manage was to give me my review and discuss with me a situation that occured over the weekend with a supervisor who screamed at me so much for refusing an unsafe job, that someone else had to pull her away as she was chasing me around the store.. But all she did was deny doing anything wrong, and my manager sent me home not even giving me my review or talking to me about what happened because I was literally in tears feeling attacked and humiliated infront of everyone including a slew of customers during lunch rush..

    I've had to severely condense the story but it's so much worse then what I can put into words. I feel i've babbled but my dad has advised me to potentially talk to the media about this and bring it to human resources because i've literally dealt with this kind of discrimination my whole life and it's peaked now that i've actually OUTED people and made them lose their job.. And now I can see my manager doesn't have my back either and has refused to transfer me to another store, and instead sent me home as soon as I mentioned I was going to contact human resources. She was like "Um!! Ok! Youre going home! Paula, you're sending (my name) home and i'm calling colleen right now (our stores general manager for the area)" Yeah..run away from the truth! No wonder this company is a train wreck. You have managers running stores who can't even maintain their employees, let alone RUN A BUSINESS!

    With all of these civil complaints, i'd like to put a petition together and compile everyones reports but I want to see whos still active and who would be on board with a signature! this company has been the subject of A LOT of scrutiny lately about labor laws and ethics. It's about time they faced the music.

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  • Jo
    Joanne Greenly Nov 06, 2019

    @XKeyscore I’m with you on this

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  • Rd
    rdlima Sep 06, 2015

    On 16/08/2015 between 7.22 a.m. and 7.40 a.m. I lost nearly US$, 3000/- in cash from my handbag, when we had our breakfast at your store and I forgot my handbag in the store for those few minutes and went back to the Sheraton-4 points hotel next door, where we were staying and had arrived the previous night on a tour. Although the staff (3) 2 ladies and 1 gentleman and kept my bag safe inside and handed it over to me when I rushed back with my husband, the wallet and the spare cash (2000) was missing. When the Manager, Mina Ly, showed us the CCTV footage on her cellphone, we could see ourselves having breakfast, but she did not show us the footage when the bag was taken by her staff and kept inside. The story they gave us was that someone might have taken the bag outside the restaurant, taken the cash and returned it to the table where it was left!! We find that absolutely unconvincing. We do have the original and scanned receipts of our visit to your outlet. We went back to the same restaurant that evening and spoke to the one staff who was there (Anav) and left our contact details with him. We did not have the time nor any means to go to the police.

    We are senior citizens (73 & 62), husband and wife from India, who visited Canada for the first time. It has been a traumatic experience for us and somehow, we are back in India. Since our return, I have complained many times on Tim Horton's main website, written to someone by the name Rachel Douglas with the attached copies of the receipts, but I have not received any response from anyone in Tim Horton's management.

    I would appreciate, if you could investigate this matter and respond to me at [email protected]
    Thank you.

    Roshan & Antony D'Lima
    204A Ranka Corner Apts.
    14, Cambridge Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore, India

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  • Da
    Dave Dollman Mar 19, 2016

    I worked there for only 5 days and I got zero training. I did get berated in front of customers. If I asked a question my "trainer would say you figure it out for yourself. it was pure misery working from 5 am to 1 pm. my co-workers and the manager were pleasant but the "trainer was a nightmare.

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  • Ed
    Edna Beaulieu Apr 23, 2016

    my french vanilla use to foam an great taste but now no foam no taste ; ever since all tims changed there brand i used to buy at lease 2to4 per day now i will never buy french vanilla again untill this problem is solved

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  • To
    tony period May 10, 2016

    where is training policy is at Tim Horton is really out window..there is no proper training there at all they always blame ex employees and not head office or store owner make sure is proper training l really need l am one ex employee put me on night .it worst thing they did l know l need days or afternoons get proper training l will not even used that employer as reference at all

    -1 Votes
  • Ju
    Justyn Murray May 29, 2016

    Hello, my name is justyn murray. I work at time hortons on empire road in webste new york. My concerns i am about to list have been addressed to this store location. I have been working between this location and my employed location on five mile line road and i have no complains for my employed location. I have address to both managers that i am not okay with working at 6 am due to having to walk 3 miles into work every morning and they shrug it off and pretty much tell me to suck it up. I have also been told people receive a break after having worked six hour shifts and the first time, a week ago, i was told i dont get a break because i punched in three minutes late and yesterday i was told because i only worked six hours. To my knowledge, for every six hours worked, a break is given, whether it be five minutes or thirty. Am i wrong for feeling upset by this or whats the deal? I have spoken with multiple different employees and they agree it isnt right. Because i feel if this happens again, i am terminating my work at this location.

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  • Lo
    Lorne Allison Jun 15, 2016

    I worked at the Tim Hortons in Calgary at Deerfoot Meadows located inside the Walmart.The manager of the store is very rude to most of the staff unless you are a friend of hers.She trys to blame people like myself for things not being done right.When you tell her it was not you that did it.Then she finds something else to complain about. The staff turn out there is sad she try's to make you feel very small.I really think the district manager should take a look to see why and what is happening.I did have to leave because of what she was doing and I know a few before me left for the same reason.Then she brags about getting rid of another person in the near future.NOT RIGHT

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  • Be
    betk82 Jul 18, 2016

    Lowest quality service and most disgusting management I've ever experienced! It is shocking to learn that Canadians love this brand!

    No one speaks English there, when I tried speaking French to explain my nut allergy problem, all were extremely impatient and the supervisor (an Arabian boy) would not listen at all and snubbed my complaint multiple times after I told him how bad the workers' attitude was.

    When I asked a female worker (she said I was stupid) to apologize, she shouted at me and and said her father is the owner.

    When I insisted that they apologize, the supervisor threatened that he would call 911. I sat there waiting for 20 minutes and turned out he did not call. First time being threatened by a customer service personnel...

    At Tim Horton, the food is not bad, but I'll NEVER go there again because of extremely poor quality of service.

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  • AerosmithandQueen Jul 18, 2016

    Since you went to an American branch they are not Canadians they are Americans, so they are yor problem.

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  • Br
    Brenda Godin Leblanc Oct 21, 2016

    do tims pay over time pay if you work 44 hours or more

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