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My mother worked as the manager in our family business since she was young. When it was sold, the only places that would call her back despite her decades of experience were fast food restaurants. She went to work as a baker at Tim Horton's.

She was paid minimum wage to wake up at 3 AM and reheat frozen balls of dough. Her hours were capped due to "low sales" (this location is in a busy intersection between two high schools on a major road in and out of town). Her supervisors were verbally abusive, and she was reprimanded for errors caused by other employees, for questioning the sanitation of the store, and for allowing a delivery person to use the restroom.

She was promoted to day supervisor and allowed to keep a normal schedule. They increased her pay a whole quarter. She couldn't take time off to upgrade her computer skills or to get the surgery she needs on her legs so she can continue working.

She called me yesterday to tell me the house she'd purchased nine years ago was being foreclosed because she'd lost 40% of her income since starting at Tim Horton's one year ago and couldn't pay her mortgage. My mother does not live outside of her means. Minimum wage may be acceptable for part time employees still in high school, but an adult with extensive industry experience, who works 60 hours a week?

Before someone jumps on me, no, this is not exclusively Tim Horton's fault. That someone, let alone an enormous corporation, consider not paying full time employees a living wage is sad. All businesses that think it's fair to treat their people like this should be boycott. The food we purchase at restaurants can be made quicker, cheaper, faster, healthier, and better at home. Get these thieves out of our towns so more family homes won't be lost.


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      Aug 11, 2009

    Oh wow, this sounds like the Tim Horton's I used to work at! Some are good, some are bad but the fact remains: they will get people to work for minimum wage. I have several years supervisory experience but when I walk into a store for a job, I still get minimum wage. It sucks.

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      Jul 21, 2010


    I agree with you. Tim Horton's should have a process in place to reprimand the store management as they treat their employess very poorly. I know because my wife works at a tim Horton's and from the past 2 years, the customer's love her and go back just to see her as she has a bubbly outgoing personality but the store manager and a few other employees are envious of her and make working there " a living hell". The manager sides with the other employees and makes my wife to be the scapegoat for other people's mistakes. He even verbally abuses her and harasses her. I would love to meet with the employees and management and give them a lesson or two on proper management skills but again I don't work there. I am so furious here but don't know what to do.

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  •   Jul 25, 2010

    I never understood why Tim Horton's is so popular. Their coffee tastes like [censor], donuts are nasty (not like before when they were made fresh at the store), and they treat their employees like rubbish.

    I recall hearing about one store here in a mall where one girl had been there for 7 years, (this would have been in 2003) and was making 9.75 an hour. - Min wage back then was 6.85!

    It's too bad more Tim Horton stores won't unionize, I know of one that is union here in London(Oxford & Talbot), or at least it was several years ago.

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      Aug 12, 2014

    I'm typing this letter to complain about the manager at the Smithville Tim Hortons. She is rude to the customers she's rude to her staff. She rushes customers out of drive thru. She favors certain employees. She yells at her staff in front of customers. She's just a rude person all together!!

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      Nov 30, 2017

    @Avatar24 Same thing with No 3 Road richmond bc cambie Location

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      Nov 30, 2017

    @Vincent Lam Never go there, Especially Her name is Maryan Mayo Always yelling, Shouting, and still got the job

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      Oct 19, 2017

    I work for Tim Hortons and as far as I am concerned it's the Canadian version of the child labour factories abroad. They should not be allowed to be the basis of our children's introduction to the work force, the double standards, the treatment of employees is shameful and uncalled for, the way they cover up serving expired food, the false paper work which is completed, the non training of employees, owners completing tests and food safe for their employees that can't speak or write English, I could go on and on, it's a disgrace that this company calls themselves Canadian, and I am embarrassed to say I work for them. Please work else were and allow your kids to have a positive work environment, so they don't build a resentment to working for a living, and don't fall into depression and hate the idea of going to work.

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      Nov 12, 2017

    I agree with all above posts! I am extremely angry, disappointed, and sickened by the way my son has been treated at Tim Hortons (Michigan) this is his first job after high school, and going to college as well. They work him 9 hours each time, with "no break! None! He has a bad ankle from playing soccer (they know this) he wears a brace for support. He has recently come home with blisters around the front of the ankle! They have also told him he has to come back for a midnight shift after working too! All of this is unethical and illegal is illegal not to give your employees at least two 15 minutes in a 9 hour shift!!! He's taken advantage of by management and other employees. He needs the money, but doesn't want to lose the job because he made a complaint. He started out of high school at 17, now he's 19 and still makes minimum wage! He only stays because it's close to home. Something needs to be done, this treatment angers me.

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      Nov 30, 2017

    @Omgosh Same situation happened to No 3 Road and cambie

    Promote own people, used the people who actually wanted to work.

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      Apr 20, 2018

    Some employees at Bovaird and McLaughlin Tim Hortons of Brampton experience unfair load work. For example, my wife, a fast worker, was given unfair work to the point that she cannot take breaks and rarely take time to eat her lunch because she has no time for eating. She worked extra time without pay every day for years, and now it reached one extra hour a day extra + brake and lunchtime = 2hrs a day to finish the unfair load she received. This is outraging to see how millionaire owners abuse the goodness of their excellent employees.

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