Tim Hortonsemployee behavior

M Nov 25, 2019

I ordered S Regular coffee at 2330 on 24.11.19 and an employee named Manpreet yelled at me after I asked for a sleeve. The cup was burning hot, I work in hosp. and everytime I order coffee, she makes unpleasant face, and gives me a response as I should go away. She told me last time I made a fuss for not giving the sleeve. If she remembered I asked for it, why didn't she give it at first place?

I felt insulted in front of other employee and other clients. I spent money for coffee, not for disrespect and yelling. I thought to refrain from complaining couple of times before, but tonight, she made me feel insulted. I would rather stay without coffee or food, but I am pledging not to visit there now onwards.

Tim Hortons is a reputed name. I think the owner should train them for customer service, atleast how to talk to people. This is the only employee who behaved to this extreme level since I started working there 8 years ago.

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