The Brick Warehouse2 peyton microsuede couches


I had 2 sofas delivered a couple of days ago. The delivery guys had trouble installing the stabilizer bar in both sofas. I asked them if everything was ok, they said yes. 2 days later the bar fell off one couch and the 2nd bar was hanging off the other. A couple bolts were missing, a couple were stripped, and the remaining were only a quarter of the way in. The 2 sofas were either broken already or the delivery guys broke them while trying to install the stabilizer bars. Either way they knew the damage was there when they told me everything was good and left. When i called the brick in belleville where i purchased the sofas i didn't get a apology, compensation, or even a solution to the problem. I was told someone would call me in the next week to set up a time to come look at the sofas and see what the problem is. Who knows how long it will take for this person to call and show up. All my appliances and furniture come from the brick. Im a long time customer, and i cant believe how terrible the customer service is from both the store employee i spoke with and the delivery drivers. One of the reasons i do all my shopping at the brick is because of the good customer service. I will definatly be looking for a new place to shop.

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