The Brickunethical behaviour and run around to receive credit

M Aug 14, 2018

In April of 2017, I purchased a sectional from S Common. The sales person persuaded me to take the extended warranty since I had a dog that had ripped a hole in my previous couch. She advised that the warranty would cover one time any damage that happened to the couch that was not warranty work. When I went to exercise that option, I was advised that I should have read the fine print on the contract (even though you don't receive the contract until after you have paid). The person I talked with (Hayden) was very rude and refused to either give me a refund of the warranty or have the couch repaired. I filed with the BBB and was advised that the extended warranty would be refunded (not the preferred resolution, but better than nothing). I was advised that I needed to contact the store to have the credit applied to my account. I have made 3 attempts so far. The first time I phoned, they advised I needed the Desjardins account # as they didn't have it, the second I took in my statement and they advised I needed the card, the 3rd time (Sat, Aug 12) after having to unpack and find the card (I am selling my house) they could not process the credit without a supervisor override and there was no supervisor until today, Aug 14 so they took down the information on the card and said it would be applied today, I did not need to return. Then I got a call today advising that I needed to return so they could swipe the card. When I complained they called back and said they could have the credit applied with the number only by Head Office. It would take 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. That will miss the billing cycle and the term becomes due in September. I do not want to have to pay the interest on the whole purchase because I want the credit to show. And I do not want to pay the whole bill and wait again for a refund. But that leaves me no choice but to have to return to the store for a 4th attempt to have the credit applied to my DSC account.

Not only was I lied to about the purchase, I was treated very rudely and have nothing but a run around ever since. I will never purchase another item from The Brick and I will never ever recommend The Brick to anyone.

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