The Brickfurniture quality /customer service

S Jul 09, 2019

My wife and I bought two bed frames, dresser and nightstand. They are poor quality and don't function properly. The dresser drawers are loose and wobble and the bed also is not stable. We were not able to let the brick know within 2 days of delivery (a requirement) because We had them delivered to our house and then had to take them to our vacation property where th brick doesn't deliver so was outside is the 2 day window. They will do nothing for us - nothing - no store credit not even a discounted credit. We only opened two of the four items. The others are still brand new in the box. Beware thy even if you do buy something that may not look great or is poor quality they do not take it back - there is no customer satisfaction and the shopping experience is not good as advertised. We are stuck with $1800 of furniture. I pointed out to them that I was not able to view the product at the store as it said online only and was told "it's on you" because we took a chance buying it without being able to see. Why would hey care when they have no accountability? Ive been a very good customer at the brick over the years but I see that means nothing. My wife has asked to speak to someone at head office but they only have an online request and refer the store to call you and have never received a call back as requested from the manager or the clerk I spoke to at the store despite repeated attempts. There seems to be no way to reach head office. They can take your money and sell you junk and not have to worry because it's on you. Think carefully before you purchase anything at The Brick.

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