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My elderly mother purchased a bed, including frame, box spring and mattress, at the brick. They promised her delivery of the product a week later. Subsequently, she arranged for her old bed to be picked up, leaving her without a bed. She had this timed so the old bed would be gone the same day the new bed was promised by the salesman. Makes perfect sense doesn't it? Well, two weeks later and she still has no bed. She has now been informed her bed is on back order and they have no idea when it will be delivered or even arrive in Regina. I spoke to the "General Sales Manager" and asked that they do two things. First, inform her of when the bed would arrive as soon as they knew, (basically keep her informed and pressure the Calgary warehouse to expedite). Secondly, deliver the bed the day it arrives. Now, she lives 15 minutes outside of town from the Brick, closer than if they delivered to the other side of Regina, but they only deliver "out of town" on Fridays. So even if her bed comes in on a Monday, she will still have to wait an additional week for it to be delivered.

The "Sales Manager" said he did not have a budget to deliver out of town on days other than Friday and that they were booked solid for delivery for the next week at least. We requested that they then engage a different company to do the delivery as my 70 year old mother has been sleeping on the FLOOR FOR TWO WEEKS.

This apparently is impossible for the Brick to do. They can not: A. figure out where the product is that has already been paid for, B. Deliver it as soon as it comes in, C. Understand anything about customer service.
The simple answer to our query was that they would provide timely information and ensure that the day it arrived in Regina it would be delivered. A simple request!

Instead the Sales Manager blamed my mother. "Why did she purchase a bed on back order?" "It is her fault she got rid of her old bed"...UNBELIEVABLE.

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THE BRICK. Service is atrocious, and the only thing that happens quickly is the charge on your VISA. They are no better that the worst stereotype of used car salesmen, make the sale and move on, who cares about the customer or the product!


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      Mar 02, 2015

    hi my husband has been working for the brick for the past ten year, he went to sales man, to marchin manger, and then to truck driver . when ask to do his duties had no complaints . just today he found out that his swopper was getting paid more then my husband and he has been only working there for three months, my husband is very upset and ask why this happening, because they need people from Alberta to work . now I don't understand why my husband gets treated like this when he has worked for this company ten years . this last couple years the brick where my husband works would find stupid reason to fire native people for no reason, and now because my husband is native and a very hard worker he got this set back . brown, white, yellow, black people should get treated fairly even when you put so much time and effort into this company . my husband is very upset cause he feels he worked for ten years just to be treated like this . the people that work at the brick where my husband works should be fired for what they are doing .

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