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I feel I am being ripped of by my Telus wireless USB internet stick at $95 per month for only 5 GB data compared to Telus ADSL 100 GB data for half the cost. Telus won't bring ADSL here they said. And 5 GB is Telus largest wireless stick plan. And then after 5 GB you pay about $50 for each 1 GB after the first 5 GB on their largest plan. Telus in my opinion is ripping people off charging so much.

The only other internet available where I am at in this rural area is dialup or satellite, because there are hills surrounding my subdivision. I was told that if I go over my allotted amount on Satellite service that the internet slows right down ... so I didn't want slow service if I go over either. The neighbor can't receive Telus TV due to a hill blocking his signal. I don't want Telus TV now. Just look at the article below I saw in the newspaper that I pasted below.

I think Telus is overcharging so they can make donations and take the credit for the donations so they look good. But in reality they have to be overcharging and taking extra money from people to be able to make such a large donation of $100 for each person that signs up for Telus TV by March 2, 2011. I suppose that Telus must be making donations I don't know about with its wireless internet services too, since I feel I am paying at least double what I should be paying. I would only be paying half of $95 if I was on ADSL and I would be getting 100 GB data instead of 5 GB and I would have an extra USB port and I would have a landline phone I could fax with to boot.

Here is an article I saw in the local newspaper about Telus TV $100 donation for each new subscriber of Telus TV that signs up by March 2, 2011. Notice when this article was published April 14, 2010. That is alot of money that Telus is donating to the Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

Telus Committed to communication growth in Vernon area
April 14, 2010 - Vernon Morning Star - page B18

Advanced wireline and wireless broadband services are being enhanced in Vernon thanks to Telus' $8.5 million investment in this community for 2010.

"This year, as part of our $650 million investment across British Columbia, we are focusing $8.5 million on bringing the benefits of one of the world's most advanced wireless networks, high speed internet and high definition Telus TV to our customers right here in Vernon, " said Michael Lloyd, Telus field support manager for Vernon.

Specifically, health care, environment and First Nations initiatives are benefitting from Telus' investment in B.C. Improved patient outcomes and more efficient care result when communications are made easier says Darren Enwistle, Telus president and chief executive officer.

Further, electronic document transfer decreases dependence on natural resources.
"We are also helping our clients reduce their impact on the environment by providing the latest telecommuting, conferencing and data management solutions enabling the movement of ideas and information instead of people, vehicles and paper." said Entwistle. "Advanced broadband services are also enabling new education and commerce opportunities for dozens of Aboriginal communities in British Columbia, " he said.

This year Telus will also continue to expand its wireless broadband network in Vernon, building on the November 2009 launch of the fastest and biggest wireless network in British Columbia and Canada.
"Since 2000, Telus our 33 team members and many retirees in Vernon have contributed $650, 000 to charitable and community organization in Vernon, " said Lloyd.

Telus is donating $100 for every new Telus TV client in Vernon who signs up before March 2, 2011 to the Building a Tower of Care Campaign in support of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

Tower of care campaign co-chair Joanne Kineshanko appreciates Telus' continued support. "Our success is dependant on the generosity of philanthropic companies like Telus. I would like to extend a big thank you to the Telus team for their caring support." she said.

"Through our campaign over 120, 000 residents in the North Okanagan and Columbia-Shuswap will benefit from improvement to Vernon Jubilee Hospital."

  • Cy
    Cybergal Apr 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This "blanked out" companies email below was sent to http://www.okanaganlakebc.com/ thinking that this complaint about Telus TV donations on the complaints board with a link about the complaint was a link to Telus TV who was the one being complained about. Were they ever wrong LOL. This company was incorrect in their assumption. This company says it wants to suppress this complaint on Complaints Board about Telus TV donations from the search engines for a fee. The dirty dogs. Here is what was sent to http://www.okanaganlakebc.com/ by mistake.

    This message was sent from:
    Name of sender: Ryan P.
    Email of sender: [email protected]
    ------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------


    We noticed that you have a very damaging Complaints Board listing located at:


    We found it by Searching the Complaints Board sites and Google.

    If you would like our company to suppress it deep into the Search Engines so people don't see it, let me know.

    Our Company has a fast solution for you.

    Please visit: "blanked out website url"

    We find that 98% of all of these complaints are bogus in nature, but they still hurt the Companies involved.

    Please feel free to call me anytime.

    Best Regards
    blanked out website url

    *This email is an advertisement of services by The "Blanked Out" Store. If you wish to opt out of further communications, reply to this email and place Remove in the subject line.


    In today’s online marketplace your image is everything. We here at the "Blanked Out" Store can repair your reputation at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

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horrible customer service

I called Telus to discuss a problem with my bill, not to mention how i called to suspend my service a month...

random charge on credit card

After going to a Mall in scarborough toronto, I came back to ottawa and started noticing that telus wa...

Ottawa Credit Cards

cell phone is not functional

The Motorola Milestone will not dial long distance numbers without putting a "1" in front of all number...

Pincher Creek Mobile & Cell Phones

telus damaging credit report

My name is Travis Krisher and I am submitting a complaint about how Telus mobility has damaged my credit...

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worst customer service ever

I have only been a telus customer for one year, I started having issues day 2! I had Rogers service for 7 years and only switched to Telus with the enticing offer of super fast 3G service and extended coverage area (I live by water). So day 2 of having my first phone a blackberry pearl, I try to open my browser and get the message "Your browser sucks, I think its time to upgrade", so I am confused what this means and I call telus... When I explained what was on my screen the support agent right out said "your lying, it would never say that"... I could believe he called me a liar... after we corrected that issue (the girl in the store didnt sign me up for the blackberry plan when I got my BLACKBERRY) I started to enjoy my phone.. for 20 days!!! I started to notice that my email and text msgs where not being sent and received and in some cases my emails would take 12 hours to send which I cant have for work reasons. So I called telus and after over 15 hours spent talking to them I was issued phone #2 which was another pearl... so I get the new pearl and think to myself "Yeahhhh I finally get to enjoy this super great service I was told about"... NAHHHHHHH that didnt happen... when I started having the same issues with this phone plus I noticed that my calls drop constantly no matter where I am I called telus for about the 25th time in the last 4 months I have had the service... they made the suggestion that I upgrade my phone to the curve 8330 because I can take full advantage of the 3G network they bragged about, so I did (BTW the curve isnt on the 3G network, something they forgot to mention) so with my new curve I am starting to think things are looking up but that lasted less then 3 days when the same issues started to occur... after many angry calls and multiple credits I gave up for a month and a half dealing with the fact that I still have over 2 years on my contract that would cost me hundreds to cancel... so around comes the Olympics and telus advertises their telus mobile tv so you can have to convenience of watching the Olympics anywhere... I fell again and subscribed!!! WOW.. so this program does not work EVER!!! I have called and gotten now a 4th replacement and I have tried to explain MANY times that Im not having a handset issue it is defiantly a network issue!! I work in a call center and we have telus and blackberry in my building and I have spoken with friends that work in both and we all agree but when I call I get every story in the book.. I even had a agent say "I dont want to deal with this" and hang up on me and when I called right back got the same guy that told me he just hung up on me then put me on hold for 25 min hoping I would hang up when I didn't he transferred me to customer care who insisted I talk to tech support even after I told her I just did and what happened.. she didnt sound like she cared at all... I am now about to call again tomorrow morning since the escalations dept was closed today... (apparently telus doesnt have "supervisors" in tech support I have been told this MANY times on the phone, until I mention where I work and name some supervisors then its right to escalations!!) I hope I get a solution!!! I cant afford to buy out a 2 year contract... Im not asking a lot.. just live up to some sort of standards when it comes to customer service.. I just want to be treated like a human... I hold customer service at the highest of needs in a service based business and I am shocked that Telus manages to treat people this way and we have to take it... its called empathy telus USE IT!!

  • Di
    dilini Mar 15, 2010

    THANK U.I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT CLAIM PRIZE.I HAVE RECIEVE SMS 11FEB.2010 FROM NOKIA UK PROMOTION. I WON 560, 000POUND FOR CLAUM/INFO.CALL 00447024078077OR EMAIL [email protected] TE.NO.0035799267860.MY EMAIL [email protected] you tell me how can get it?

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  • Ca
    Calgary newcomers Jul 22, 2010

    Telus's customer service is poor. It's not just only their mobile services.
    I’m Telus’s new customer and have very bad feelings about their customer service. Where to begin? Why Telus didn't tell me that I would have to pay $10/month for their digital box? There ARE too many unpleasant surprises from Telus. Why should Telus’s customers find out what fixed sums they must pay only when they get the bill? It's a total communication gap in terms of quality management. Probably they’re trying to abuse their semi-monopolistic position to such an extent that they can ignore Parasuraman Model. The paradox is that telecommunication company makes anything to ignore communication with their customers. The company’s reputation suffers greatly. I will have to inform about their tricks all my friends who come to this city and simply tell them that people from Telus don't care about customers' expectations and real experiences. Their customer service is poor, if they fail to inform customers unambiguously about fixed charges and tariffs. Why should their customers open several levels on their online interface before they see that you all their mouse-trap generosity is nothing more than simple tricks supposed to addict customers to their services without letting them know what it would cost them?
    Shame on you, guys from Telus! You are a big company built on little fraud-like tricks!

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stay away from telus

Before travelling to Spain, I recently visited a telus store to confirm that my BB Curve would work during my trip. The sales person told me it would NOT work and that I could upgrade to a BB which would operate in Europe. So I did upgrade - to a Bold - after the salesman confirmed that i could return to my current contract and Curve if I wasn't satisfied within 14 days.

The Bold did NOT work during my visit to Spain. The best phone service I received was SOS and I had absolutely NO data service - even after confirming I had the correct SIM card - AND after spending 3 hours with the telus help desk during my trip. To add much insult to injury, a colleague I was travelling with had almost flawless service (both phone & data) from an I Phone with Rogers service.

I returned from my trip and immediately attempted to return the Bold (after 11 days) and return to my previous plan as a result of the non-performance of the BB. They told me I could only exchange the BB and that I was stuck with a new contract. After spending another 2.5 hrs escalating my request (including their Loyalty & Retention department), they denied my request to return the phone stating that the BB performed OK in Ontario and that they do not guarantee any results in Europe. To be clear, the salesperson at the London Masonville Store (Scott Gordon) who sold me the Bold lied to me about the return policy. None of the people I spoke with would accept any responsibility for the performance of the phone or the false claims made by their sales man.

I am now stuck with a very expensive BB which will not perform in an area I need to do business in. I am absolutely disgusted with telus. A customer is not someone you dictate service to.

charging money when they shouldn't

Not happy with Telus Mobility. Not a happy customer! Be aware of Telus Mobilty. telus Mobilty is unfair to...

now honouring what they said!

Not happy with Telus Mobility. Not a happy customer! Be aware of Telus Mobilty. Telus Mobilty is unfair to their customers, read below!

This is the second time (first time happened in Calgary about 9 years ago)Telus Mobility has had very unorganized customer service & now they are not honouring what they said they would do for me 1 year prior. No good Telus Mobility!

Basically, Telus Mobility said they would waive any fees related to my account because I called in to cancel one year ago...they said "oh please don't cancel, just keep the phone active". I said okay but I don't want to pay anything, they said okay we will waive all fees.

Now here is my story. I have had this account for about 4 1/2 years now. I am not in an contract with them. I completed a 3 year contract. I called in to cancel the account about 1 year ago (according to their records) I said just cancel the account please. The said they would waive the fee to keep me as a client.

So I get a call today, 1 year later. Telus is telling me that the account is in suspension. I said so, I wanted to cancel it. Telus said I owe $123. I said why, Telus said, because of the $1/month & $7.95 system access fee. Just Now! Wow!... To make things worse, I have spoken to 6 people from Telus (no exageration) because they need to first take it off vacation disconnect, then another person directs me to the wrong department, then I have to go to the cancellation department. Then I have to go to client care. Then I get disconnected, that's right I just got disconnected. I'm not making this stuff up folks. Telus is unorganized.

Here is why I think this is wrong. I am not in a contract. Telus has a record that I tried to cancel the account 1 year ago. I have not even used the account since that phone call. Telus is still saying they need me to pay for the account. I have asked twice for a supervisor, Telus said they were going to get one, but another girl came on the line. No Supervisor.

Telus keeps asking, what do you want to do? I said well, you called me today so I'm returning your call. Just fix it! If you need to cancel the phone, then cancel it, but I shouldn't have to pay this unfair amount.

It would be different if I was in a contract & that I racked up the bill due to usage, but I haven't. So Telus thinks that I should still have to pay!! What do you think guys?

I will probably still end up paying the fee to avoid any credit issues (Telus making unfair reports to the credit bureaus) However, until today I was going to call them back when I wanted this account. Not now. you know bad news travels faster then good! Telus should really have people in place to fix a few customer services situations. My business does!

I will never do business with Telus again, and I advise for anyone who is thinking about it, to not do business with Telus Mobility. They are very, very unorganized. Their people don't have a way to communicate with each other.

Well, I have said my bit. Please make your own decision, now my time is worth more than $123/hour so I will likely just pay the money & have a lesson learned! Respect your time!

Very unhappy with Telus Mobility! Telus Mobility sucks! Telus Mobility is wrong! telus Mobility has company problems! telus Mobility has customer relation issues. Don`t do business with Telus Mobility! Becareful Telus Mobilty! Telus Mobility wrongful to customer!

  • Sc
    scooner Jan 19, 2010

    PLEASE NOTE: TITLE SHOULD READ...Telus Mobility NOT honouring what they said!

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I switched to Prepaid from a monthly plan with Telus. They told me I had to buy the 'prepaid kit' and could not keep my old number. After it was too late I found out they flat out lied to me in order to get commission. I could have kept my old number, but if they just do a transfer, they don't get commission, whereas if they do a new connection they do get commission. The knowledgeable woman I talked to on the Telus hotline told me this (it's called a DiRe - Disconnect/Reconnect). I think it's a sign of poor integrity when a company gives customers misinformation to benefit themselves at the expense of their own customers. Otherwise I have been happy with Telus but want to get the word out so it doesn't happen to another unsuspecting customer!

  • Co
    cordovacoq Apr 29, 2011

    Vancouver, BC
    2011. 04.28

    I signed up with Telus after a solicitation call from them. At the time Shaw offered $10 for internet and $10 for the phone (in 2010 April). Telus offered me the same deal. I elected to stay with telus as I already had an existing phone account with Telus. The Loyalty Team authorized this promotion back in May/2010. This month (April) I noticed my bill had gone up $3 because the base rate for the Internet had gone up. I called and inquired about the increased fee. Not only did Telus not honor the 12 month promotion and prices offered by their employee, Telus said it will arbitrarily cancel the current price offered ($10 for internet and $10 for phone). The reason Telus offered was that the employee offered an invalid deal. I have never heard of such absurd B.S. The Loyalty Dept. Supervisor, Dennis, said their audit department would bill me for price differences if they found out. Of course, he offered me a different deal at $24 just for the internet. This may or not maybe a good deal, but I do not like Telus business practices. The point is Telus don't stand behind their services. Who is to say that the next customer rep., I call won't say the same thing-the deal offered to you was invalid. I am going to cancel my services with Telus. I have been with them 2o plus years. I won't stand for this type of business practices.

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fraudulent billing personal information

The reality of the telecommunications game is that it is entirely stacked in favour of the corporation. The...


my wife after being signed up with a telus phone for three years heard of the telus laptop giveaway so she...

return of over payment

I over paid my phone bill. Telus would not return my money, or allow me to speak with a person authorized to repair my situation. When I attended their office for the purpose of getting a refund, I was arrested at the request of Telus, taken away by the Burnaby RCMP (police), handcuffed, finger-printed, photographed, and charged with uttering threats. Later I was accused of threatening to take hostiges, although that seems to have subsided. Read my story as attached.

If you wish to read the story, then email; [protected]@moremarine.com


sent company bill to collection agancy as a personal debt

Telus sent this company debt to a collection agnecy under a personal name, which happened to be mine.

I'm unsure how they got my SIN number, perhaps from my other accounts, which I am going to be canceling soon, but they also attached a bogus birthday, which further complicates the whole situation.

  • Mi
    mikewh Apr 07, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    About 18 months ago i decided i didn't need my cell phone right then
    because i was only using it to text my kids...upstairs..so i called to
    have my services cancelled until further notice.
    I phoned in and asked the agent what my final balance would be so i
    could pay it, he said he couldn't tell me because there might be some
    extra charges. My usual monthly payment was $68.00 or so.
    He said a bill would be processed and i would receive it in the mail.
    3 weeks later i was shocked to receive a letter from a collections company for the final $68.00.
    I promptly contacted Telus and they had NO answers for me but assured me
    if it was paid within a certain amount of time it would NOT affect my
    credit rating.
    I immediately contacted the collection agency who verified that it will be processed immediately and will not affect my rating.
    Today i contacted Telus to order a bundle package for TV, Internet and Phone as i am moving at the end of the month.
    At the end of the process they stated they require a $375.00 deposit
    before any action would be taken...i was put through to Telus
    collections and sure enough they said because Telus Mobility HAD to
    collect through a collections agency they required a deposit. Just so
    unfair and completely due to incompetence.The other thing that irked
    me is the Telus collections agent stated she couldn't tell me anything
    else because Mobility and her branch are not joined...well i said it
    seems you are from this result. Just a warning to all...i just
    experienced (through incompetence) a hard hit to my credit rating that
    was completely unjustified and...i have no recourse...no way to fix it. I
    am not alone, this same thing has happened to many people and
    regardless of whether you pay it promptly to the collections agency it
    WILL do dame like it did to me.

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unhappy customer!

As a Telus customer for almost 6months, I am very unhappy to say that my phone has consistently been giving me a lot of problems with reception, display problems, freez up and sometimes I don't even receive calls or messages. When I called Telus on Tuesday november 24 2009 for the 2nd time, I was put of hold for 20 min until I finally hung up. Later that day I called again and talked to another representative. I told her the problem that I was haveing. The rep told me if i dont like the service pay $600 penalty and cancel the service..

This cellular phone is under warranty and I am regretting having a Telus phone, I would like someone to review this complaint. As a paying client, I feel as if my concerns are not taken seriously, please get back to me with respect to this urgent matter. If I did not need the use of a cellular phone, I would not have purchased one, I am a very unhappy customer.


  • Lu
    Lud0 Dec 10, 2009

    Did you try to contact phone's manufacturer's directly? Telus does not ''make'' phones. All telecoms use same manufacturers...

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  • Sa
    SAJONES May 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It doesn't matter that Telus doesn't make the phone, they sell the phones and should stand by their name ... the crap phones are giving Telus the bad reputation. I signed up with Telus and got my expensive phone through them and in less then 3 weeks there were major issues! I went back immediately...they couldn't help me their computers were down come back later. Did just that still not working. Went back 3 days later girl was new. I went back over and over...have spoke on the phone to people but still to this day (will be one year this coming September 2010) I have a phone that doesn't function properly ... the keyboard won't even light up so you can't read texts or type back in the dark. They do nothing to help support their customers. So some of the comments here that it's not Telus fault? It is...they sell and offer up the phone but won't assist in getting repairs when under warranty? Same with billing issues...they bill you for features you don't have or use but insist billing is correct. Amounts as small as $2.50 - 20.00 adds up when you dont use this feature! People have complimenteed my phone, where did I get it...I tell each and everyone of them...phone is useless and so is the service with Telus in trying to assist me with this issue that began less than 3 weeks into the contract. They want almost $600. to cacel my contract!

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I have a contract with Telus for a Business one line with ADSL at a monthly charge of $119.90. Since day one they have been charging $200 per month, I have spent 12 hours on the phone getting cut of, told I would called back, switched to another operator who could not help and have three operators who agree that I am being overcharged. I have written to their legal dept., their corporate head office and ignored. I have now been told, well, the contract is for $119.90 but we are charging you more and we will not change it. If I terminate the contract they threaten me with witholding my number and still will bill me every month. This has to be the worst organization in the world.

  • Lo
    lonieman1 Nov 26, 2009

    I have also been charged for things I was unaware of by Telus. They can not be trusted. Wait until you cancel your service. That's when they really nail you!

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phone number

I want to purchase a new I phone and keep my old phone but asigne my old phone number to my new phone. They say they cant do this. I think they can but it takes to much time to do it and they dont want to. I am very disapointed and I am going to switch to a new servise provider. They are loosing out on my money and I think this is very poor busines desision.

poor service/rude customer service

I have been a long time loyal customer of Telus (land line, mobility, internet, and business).
After a recent move my daughter and I went from little or no cell phone coverage in our home to none at all. Other members of my family and friends receive service in my home through other carriers. As a cell phone is an integral part of my business, I contacted Telus to find out what the problem might be. Their solutions were to buy a power booster, (but there was no guarantee it was going to work), call forward my cellular to a land line (no guarantee that would work), and have my daughter communicate with her friends on our computer rather than texting on her cell. (Isn't a phone for making calls and texting??)

When I rejected these solutions and suggested I would like to terminate my contract I was informed there was nothing they could do for me and it would cost me $800 to terminate.

I talked to three different customer service representatives and a supervisor and they were unwilling to compromise in any way. When I expressed my disappointment and asked if they would like to lose all my other business, they didn't seem to care. One customer service representative in particular was very rude.

I am an ex-Telecom executive who is extremely disappointed in the treatment of loyal customers and what Telus customer service has evolved to. They are not incented to retain clients but to bring back customers to the fold after they have left. Unfortunately, the level of customer service is so bad customers do not soon forget how they are treated.

I will be moving my mobility account to Rogers as soon as possible and will also be moving all other business and personal services to another carrier. My wife has been a client of Rogers for several years and has been extremely pleased.

I could never recommend Telus to any of my colleagues or friends.

  • De
    dexter nicholas Dec 04, 2009

    Telus customer service was ok now its bad don't know where they are directing they calls but where ever and who ever they doing the customer servise is doing a terrible job, I have been with telus for yearssssss and forthe last month ts the worst service i have gotten.so bad i won'tbe with them for another month.

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pay & talk billing

Under telus mobilty pay & talk (So the promises go) I pay for services up front... Messaging 2500 gives 2500 outgoing texts at a rate of $10.95 / 30 days... After topping up the account with $25 dollars the phone no longer was texting after 2 days. I checked the account and it was depleted!?! Not a single second of airtime had been used; no, apparently telus decided it would charge whatever it felt like for each outgoing text, contrary to the messaging 2500 service I originally agreed to! Now they want me to link my account to a credit card!... Yeah, right how am I supposed to trust telus mobility with my credit card, i'd be bankrupt by the end of the month! Telus mobility pay & talk = scam!

  • Ho
    Howard Mar 13, 2009

    I have been a telus mobility customer for almost 5 years now.
    I have not had any issues with them until I added my son on a 'family plan'.

    Last summer, after escalating invoices, I contacted Telus to terminate service.
    A very nice person on the other end, looked at my 'history' and promised to
    put me on a plan that would reduce the invoices to an acceptable level.

    This Jan/Feb., the invoices again appeared ridiculous, and I made another phone call.
    The person at the other end, told me that I should have been on another plan, would adjust my bill,
    and my invoice would decrease, all after again looking at my 'history'.

    On my last invoice, with the new more cost effective plan, my invoice more than doubled.
    Another call was placed, and this time I had a borderline rude person at the other end telling me
    the person before was incorrect and I needed a higher rate plan.

    Please notice the pattern, more telephone calls about service, more costly invoices and inconsistency on what
    the customer service representatives are telling me.

    When I asked the borderline rude Telus representative to connect me with the 'escalation' team to voice a complaint about service, I was promptly disconnected.
    Subsequent phone calls to their *611 gives me nothing with the command 'complaints'.
    I phoned back many times, but could not seem to get a complaints option anywhere in their system.
    I then emailed them and asked for an explanation of their substandard service, and have yet to receive a response.

    I now realize that at TELUS,


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  • Va
    vancouver79 Mar 14, 2009

    I am very sorry to hear that Howard but based on my experience its better to look at plans at TELUS website
    first before you make any changes. Just go on to telusmobility.com look at the options and then give them a call so you get what you need . remember no one will know exactly what you need if you calling pattern changes every few months or over the course of the year, and anytime you call in to make a change your bill will be prorated and if its in the start of your billing cycle, the bill can double for next month. one other thing to consider as well, if your bill was high for a month and you call in in the middle of a month to change plan most likely your following bill will be hi too since by the time u called in, u already gone over your airtime for that month. also if you havent had a credit on your account before, you might want to call in, let them know the issue and ask for one time adjustment for your bill and get them to change plan to something you think will work for you .

    hope this helps

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overbill / no unsubscription option

Telus charged me recursively for service I did not use ("My email"), pretexting I did not cancelled my subscription to that service. If I do accept a part of the responsibility due to the fact that in the first time I did subscribe to that service, I would have like to be able to unsubscribe from the service without resorting to call the technical support as there was no "cancel my subscription" option available on the phone or on the "myTelus" website. It does not seem fair practice to charge for services you do not use if you don't have the possibility to cancel subscription for such services. Without a cancellation option, I believe it is normal for a customer to assume he will not be charged for a service that does not show up in the account details as an added service or function (the charging only appears in the "Data transmission" summary under an obscure "Java download" name.
I also was very disappointed with the customer service phoneline as their vocal menu never offers the possibility to talk to a representative, letting you browse back and forth through the menus until you blindingly dial '0'. I am still angry at the low quality service I have been through today.

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Unhappy consumers gather online at Complaintsboard.com and have already logged thousands of complaints
If you see dozens of complaints about a certain company on ComplaintsBoard, walk away.
One of the largest consumer sites online. Posting here your concerns means good exposure for your issues
A consumer site aimed at exposing unethical companies and business practices
ComplaintsBoard is a good source for product and company gripes from especially dissatisfied people
You'll definitely get some directions on how customer service can best solve your problem