Avaya Complaints & Reviews

Avaya / Avaya voip, ipo and softphone

Mar 03, 2017

Dears, We "Orkila Holding" are a regional chemical distribution company in the Middle East and Africa. purchased Avaya VoIP in our headquarters as we were looking for a decent telephone system almost 2 years ago. The headquarters was the pilot of the project and were going to test it before...

Avaya Inc. / Avaya Messaging Service, Product Support Non Existent

Jul 13, 2016

Upon calling Avaya Support i was transferred no less than 4 times each time the department said they we not responsible for the product. I called the support line had a rep calling all these people for 2 hours and still could not find the responsible group. The Lack of training on Avaya'...

Avaya / Anas Khan – Recruiter – Talent Acquisition – Avaya

Aug 18, 2015

AvayaAnas Khan – Recruiter – Talent Acquisition – Avaya Anas Khan is, without a doubt, a terrible recruiter! If anyone ever has the misfortune of dealing with this patently inept and transparently incompetent recruiter, proceed at your peril; His recruitment and candidate selection...

Avaya / Early termination fees


After becoming the CEO of a credit union, I discovered we have been paying Avaya for 2 years for maintenance of telephone equipment we have not had. (We changed out our telephone system during the term of the previous CEO.) I attempted to cancel the contract and was told it had been...

Avaya / Terrible experience

My company has been a customer of Avaya for probably 2 decades. We have had a contract to provide maintenance to our Merlin phone system. Each year, when the contract was up for renewal, Avaya violated their own contract by failing to notify us of pending increases in the monthly rate...