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telus mobility worst cell phone service

Telus Mobility has terrible cell phone connections. Connections are choppy and calls frequently drop. Telus cuts off service after admitting that their record-keeping system is inaccurate, then refuses to waive the reconnection fee, even though it is, by Telus Mobility's own admission, the fault of their system. Telus Mobility customer service representatives are unhelpful, rude and incompetant. It is little wonder that Telus has one of the worst reputations for a cell phone carrier. You may recall that there have been shootings on the Telus building in Vancouver by angry customers. You may also recall that the local Vancouver news reported that the cell phone company left business customers and residential customers without any service for months. The Telus Blackberry frequently loses network connection. In additional the blackberry fails to show call lists consistently.

Avoid Telus and Telus Mobility like the plague.

  • Sa
    Samirlapucha Nov 11, 2009

    I'm pretty sure that if there is a goos explanation about your issue they waive the reconnection fee, but if you do not pay on time they simply cut off, saving you for going over your limits, or if you are on a different plan, myabe you should consider to change that.

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  • To
    Toronto, Canada Nov 22, 2009

    Me, my siblings and most of my friends started with a telus cell. Word has it "Telus is great". Now, it's just me and Telus, everyone-else moved on. Telus was VERY good to me (us) in the beginning but over time, they started to treat me (us) bad; then they got worst, and worst, and more worst with each passing year. It appeared to me they were only concerned with new clients, getting and keeping them; but then again, maybe it was just me. At a recent company meeting, an inquiry by a personnel looking for a good cellular company took us off topic. When asked, another personnel replied, "I don't know what to tell you. I've been with Telus for so long that they treat me bad now!" Roars of laughter bellowed, myself included, for a very long time. It turned out more than half the room was with Telus and everyone felt the same. It felt good to laugh, even better to learn that I wasn't alone. I’m thinking about changing service provider now too…word has it, Fido is good?

    Anyway, for the rest of the Telus customers out there, remember, you're not alone...many, many, many others feel the same you!! Just remember...
    (Telus should adopt this phrase as their new motto...would make a great commercial, at least an accurate one.) LOL

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  • Bo
    BONITO May 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    get out of Telus . don't ever go paper less .they will screw you over. I learned my lesson after 8 years and several calls that's why I was over charged, they return my money and explained to me that it was at glitch on the system. Now i got over charged because i was over my minutes. I said i got incoming calls free . loyalty customer gave me free incoming . Well guess what, I got charged for incoming calls and they told me I do not have incoming and I have only 29 days to dispute a bill. So I had it i finally switched to Fido and i got better plan + they will deal with Telus so i can keep my number + they will take care of my contract with Telus so please do not wait, switch now .loyalty customer support from Telus they tell you that you get this free. At the end you don't get anything free its just for a few months than you find out the hard way when your bill come so good bye Telus, hello Fido. ;) no access fee, free Fido $, better plans. Trust me I know from my experience so please, switch now and you wont regret it!!!

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national priority placement

Please contact us if you have been or are in the process of being ripped off by their Internet marketing promises ridiculous charges, and non performance.

We were promised and gauranteed by the sales rep that we would receive a certain number of inquiries and we did not receive them.

We are currently in a major dispute as the contract we entered referred to clicks not inquiries and therefore we need other people to share their experiences.


droppin calls like to drops balls

I have been a customer with telus for 5 years and dropped calls have always been an issue where i live. my first phone died while i was in the middle of my contract and was forced to buy another phone and extend the contract. Since then dropped calls have become so frequent at home it has been affecting my personal and business affairs. I understand frequent dropped calls is a valid arguement for cancelling my cell phone contract without paying an insanely high fee. The fact of the matter is i am paying for a service that i am not receiving and I believe this is an unethical business practice.

My attempt for resolution with the company has resulted in phone swapping to 45 minute conversations with technical support and rebooting the phone. Also my calls have been dropped during these resolution sessions with telus which means I had to call back and explain my situation again from the beginning hoping that i can get through the conversation without it being dropped. Finally I was told by technical support it was the foundation in my house that was the cause of my dropped calls. After i explained to him my wife and my friends who are with different cell phone companies never experience dropped calls, he admitted that their signal is not as strong where I am and that it was not their problem. At this point I asked to be released from my contract where I was told there a $560 fee have to be paid. Its my understanding that there is a ceiling when it comes to a buy out fee of $400. I brought this to his attention and he disagreed. Im not sure if this ceiling exists. I've heard rumours but couldn't confirm it due to my lack of a law degree.

The bottom line is I want out of my contract with Telus. This is a breach of contract on their part. Im doing my part by paying for their service yet Telus has failed to perform their duties of providing me with a service. Im sure they provide service to others that have no problem with their network. Unfortunately I am not one of those people and I should not be penalized for wanting out of this contract. I just want to have a conversation without my calls being dropped, thats all. This has been a negative effect on my personal and business life and have produced many stressful moments. I just want out.

  • Te
    Telus Sucks Bad Apr 21, 2010

    I'm in the same boat Telus is SH*T in my area. They tell me that they have fine print in their contract that says they don't guarantee service in all areas, yet their coverage map ad puts me in a covered area. I've been wasting time with them on a weekly basis. I've also heard the updates are fake and don't resolve any issue, they just delay the inevitable and get an extra months fees out of you. What they need are new towers to improve coverage. They also won't upgrade me to the new network without my paying another $400 + for yet another new phone which this time they promise will fix the problem. I don't believe the ###. The last incident they took my phone for service and are now quoting $200 to fix claiming the screen is damaged. It was fine when I took it in the Kelcom store and now it's damaged????? There was nothing wrong with the phone... other than the constant dropped calls, lack of service, and SSSSLLLLLLOOOOWWWWW internet access. AVOID TELUS at all costs and AVOID the BLACKBERRY STORM at all costs.
    Call me I'll tell you all about their lousy service... if we can hear each other...
    519 990 9186

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text messaging fraud

Telus Mobility is my phone provider. I have been receiving text messages at the rate of 2 per day and $1.25 per text message. These messages are coming in from a website ca.millionairesecrets.com #55222. I cannot stop these messages by phone or on the web and Telus continues to charge me and take payment from this fraudulant company. The only suggested fix from Telus is for me to change my phone number, which I have had for more than 10 years, but they will continue to do business with these unsavory businesses.

  • Sw
    sweet.sexy.smart Sep 28, 2009


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  • De
    Derek B Nov 03, 2009

    I am sure anyone at a Telus store could show you how to block this, or any other # from your phone.

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  • Lu
    Lud0 Dec 10, 2009

    Get help from a text savvy person. Any teenager will do. Send a Stop message, also try Stop all and quit.

    Be careful where you give out your cell # and don't use it online.
    As to your complaint, contact your elected representative. Big telecoms tried suing to block these scams, but the great Canadian law permits them to operate.
    Don't worry neither Fido, nor telus makes any money on these scams.

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  • Ha
    hatethiefts Apr 08, 2011

    There's your best tip to become a millionnaire. Start a short code company and rip honest people off!

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  • 11
    11ron May 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I lost 30-40 dollars on this scam. Telus agreed to give me 10.00. Real big of them (5-6 years doing business with them)

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bad service

Telus is a terrible company. Our internet was supposed to be connected last week and doesn't work so we had to call Telus tech "support" what a joke! These people had no idea what they were talking about. They kept my roommate on the phone for over 1 and a half hours he talked to 5 different people who just made him repeat all the same information over again. Then my roommate said "Hows the weather in Manila(phillipines)?" and the guy said its been rainy lately. So basically they would rather pay 4 people $1 an hour to keep you talking in the chance they might help you than pay a tech to come out and figure out the problem

  • Mo
    Mohammed Feb 15, 2009

    I have ordered for Telus internet service on 31st of Jan 2009. I was told I will receive the modem after 5 working days, but I receive the same on 12th of Feb 2009. From that I have been continuosly calling for atleast 2 hours a day and speaking to agents at Telus. Every time they say within 24 hours your service will start. But today on 15-Feb 2009 when I again called, the agent told me they will send a technician on 18-Feb that is 3 more days for me to be without internet and phone. I am very much frustrated and am waiting for an interview call. I requested telus from more than 5 days but they said our manager don't have time to talk to you.

    I have wasted my 15 days calling Telus. Please file a complain again Telus

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poor service

Today is September 10, 2009. I last had access to my email on August 15, 2009. While I was out of the country...

doa phones - lemon law

I made the mistake of getting a new Samsung Instinct from Telus in mid June and I've been having problems with Telus ever since. The phone had all sorts of issues and Telus deemed it DOA so they gave me another one. The second one has more issues than the first one and when I called customer service, they put me through to tech support. By the time they had completely their "investigation" the 30 day defective policy had expired. What was funny about their "investigation" was that they never contacted me. Hmmm... I made them aware repeatedly that time was running out. Apparently they didn't care at all.

The phone has now been shipped away for servicing and will take 8 to 10 weeks and if they can't fix the problem I have to pay a $45 charge. And if they can't repair it, they will give me a $150 credit to put towards a new phone at the no contract price! That won't even put me close to buying another phone of the same abilities. I don't think Telus carries any phones that cost less than $200.

Its clearly apparent that there is a problem with the Samsung Instinct and Telus just won't fess up. When I call they make me feel that the issues I'm having with the phone is just my phone and nobody else's. YA RIGHT! Then I have to remind them that I've had 2 phones in a row that haven't worked properly. Its not just a coincidence!

Isn't there a Lemon Law in Canada that doesn't just apply to cars?

telus customer service = ###s

After years of putting up with the a**holes at Telus, I finally got smart and switched to Shaw. Shaw provides stellar customer service and their internet speed compared to Telus is like a Porsche vs. a VW. No comparison. Shaw also offers excellent phone service.
The [censored]s that man the Telus call centre have, at best, a 3rd grade education, and most of the ###s can barely speak English. Telus sucks, I'll never buy a product from Telus again.

  • Ea
    eatacock Jan 25, 2010

    Your stupid. The reason that is so is because you don't need an education through actual school to know how to sell people phones. It takes training at a store to learn that, therefore your argument using numerical grade(s) is invalid, as are you.

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  • Ur
    Urbanguy Mar 10, 2010

    Wow, someone is a little hot and we sure get the fact that you do not like Telus. Was thinking about getting Telus internet but not now. I currently have Shaw Internet and you are right. Shaw is good and your are also correct that the people at Shaw are great. (stellar is a better word) The best part about Shaw Internet is their free anti virus and internet protection software, it's the best. So make sure you use Shaw Secure. I was looking at Telus Internet simply because it is a bit cheaper. What was I thinking? I will stay with the devil I know. So, thanks for your blunt and to the point post.

    As far as the other reply posted above from (eatacock) . It is obvious that you may work at a Telus phone store or call center and it's probably really good for the public that you don't work for the Post Office. I simply don't understand your reply. It reminds me of some kind of ranting nut case just before they go postal. Oh, by the way. Next time you post don't tell us what you eat for lunch, we don't care. Too funny...hope you read this...bet it strikes a nerve. Have a good day, all.

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  • Ad
    adikoni Jan 05, 2011

    1. You didn't state what the issue was with the exception of "[censor]s can barely speak English"
    2. VW owns Porsche
    3. Had TELUS for 8 years with no issues and constant speeds not like my mother with alternating speeds (she's with Telus now)
    4. Just because someone disagrees with a post it does not mean that they work for a company. Idiot, I could call both of you Shaw employees.
    5. "It reminds me of some kind of ranting nut case just before they go postal" the original post was a rant as it described nothing.

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bogus phone charges

I’ve noticed that on the bottom of my TELUS bill, a charge of $13.20 for a call to Phoenix AZ, that...

phone company that doesn't answer thier phones

I worked for Telus through Futureshop. They seemed okay at first, because I got employee benefits and didn't have to use the public customer service.

I always assumed that the public customer service was as reliable as their employee service. Regretably I once told customers that Telus was a good provider.

After I left Futureshop I realised that Telus is deceptive and in no way cares about thier clients.

My biggest complaints are Signal and Customer Service, the two main things you pay Telus for. These two attributes co-operate and together form the most hideous circle of customer frusteration ever known to mankind, or as they call it, "Client Care". Basically it's Telus' way of worming out of any and all forms of accountability.

When I called Customer Service to report my poor Signal Quality and often dropped calls, I was put on hold for over 2 hours before my call was dropped. Good thing I bought that grossly overpriced ($45.00) car charger or else this 2 hour hold would never have been possible, thanks Telus!

Brilliant. Telus uses thier poor Signal Quality to drop the clients who are determined enough to wait through the hold. Even if you are crazy enough to wait the potential 2+ hours, they may just as well accidentally hang up on you as has happened to me.

I'll mention that Telus purposly blocks the ability to customize ringtones, apply your own games, or transfer images even if the phone is technically advanced and perfectly capable of doing it. They will, sell you only thier stuff off the confusing mess of a website. But basically, why buy a Telus touch phone like I did if you can only do what the average 1980's shoe phone can do?

Also, Telus employees make ~$40 dollars ontop of thier hourly wage for signing you up to a 3 Year plan... if you were wondering...

If I could do it again, I've realised those commissions I've made are not worth the suffering I have laid upon my customers.

Sorry to you guys out there.

  • Sw
    sweet.sexy.smart Sep 28, 2009


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  • Sa
    Samirlapucha Nov 11, 2009

    Why you didn't call from your cellphone, it is free DAH... BTW why in hell you wait 2 hours on hold...

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telus lied to me

So when I got my Telus cell phone 3 years ago it came with a 3 month free radio program that had some radio stations play on my phone. I asked if when the 3 months were over that the service would stop as I did not want to pay for this useless feature. I was told that it would not be activated after the 3 month trial period had ran out. Now I was moving around a lot at the time and told Telus not to send me bills in the mail because I would just check my balance by calling the customer service line. I recently got a permanent residence and received my first paper bill in almost 3 years and to my horror I have been paying $15 per month all this time for this radio feature that I erased from my phone over 2 years ago! Of course there's nothing they will do about this so I am getting a Kudo phone. Damn these criminals to hell!

customer serivce

I had a LG chocolate spin cellular phone through telus. I bought it about a year ago and in the past week the vibrate would not work on the phone. I took it into telus and the lady working there, Colleen, starting fooling around with my phone. She 'acidentally' deleated everything from my phone! All my contacts, ring tones, pictures, videos... everything. I did not even have a phone number for my phone after she was done and I did not have service to my phone.

Telus did not offer me any compensation for thier mistake and left me with a phone that does not work. The only offer they made was that I could pay for a new phone even though they were the ones who deleated everything. Do not let anyone touch your phone without saving all of your contacts and any other information before hand. They are not technicians and clearly do not know what they are doing.

  • Dr
    DRU79 Aug 26, 2009

    I am extremely choked with TELUS. I had my phone suspended due to exceeding my credit limited of 200 dollars. When I phoned ( Wednesday Aug 26 10 am and then again at 10:10 am ) in to may an inquiry on payment arrangements, I was basically given two options and that was it. I was a given pay today and it will be 197 to reactivate your phone or on Friday which is my pay day 297. If I didn’t pay by Friday night, they would close my account and charge me 600, and end of discussion. I tried to explain that yes it was my fault for missing the payment on the 19th but the Friday I be happy to pay the outstanding balance and the new bill on its due date, and apologized. I felt I was honest and was willing to corporate in anyway I could, within the limits I could.

    I get paid on weekly bases and if someone would have listened to me, I was going to mention to pay this Friday what was overdue, and then pay the new bill the next Friday off, to bring me current. But instead the billing department once again chose’s not to hear and once again was very rude. I can’t figure out how you can Pride yourself as "TELUS the Future is Friendly" but when I comes to billing you treat them like dirt.

    Explain to me why if I paid my overdue balance off this Friday of 149. And then next Friday pay off the rest with the first payment I would Drop my credit overage to under 200 dollars. I feel cheated and ripped off here. ! And on top of that mistreated. I must say that the only positive experience I have had was from your client care reps, but your billing agents wow need to know customer service and to listen, because I feel what I was offering was a lot to ask for.

    I am not pleases and certainly passed on this experience to everyone at work which is a billion dollar company, and why would I not be surprised they all had something negative to say about TELUS.

    I will however be taken this issue up with the Canadian Consumer Affairs and my Local MLA. I do feel TELUS was not so friendly with me and really truly feel that the Consumer affair group needs to know. When I got home I again talked to a Marco (I believe at 5:15pm, Wednesday Aug 26) and was told once again there was nothing he could do. When I did ask to speak to a manager I was told no, all he could do was fill out a form, in order to complain and have a manager assist me.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Poston Oct 06, 2009

    We have had Telus for just under 6 months in Alberta and have had nothing but problems. We had pixelization on the TV as well as it cutting in and out showing nothing but a black screen. Programs would pause up to hours and a loud screech noise would happen periodically. On top of it all the telephone home line would make the TV pause and pixelize every time it was used. They had sent in some of their so called top repair men(rushman) and things only got worse each time one of them showed up. When we asked questions they tried to run us around in circles avoiding the answer. They must think people are really dumb not to pick up on that.

    We had nothing but problems so we cancelled with them at no penalty to us due to all the lousy service. We were told to send back our items(DVR, remotes, additional recievers)and that someone would call us back to give us a reference number to put on the equipement as we mailed it via Canada Post. We never recieved a call back with a reference number so we sent it anyways because if they didn't recieve it by a certain time we would be charged for it. We then called the loyalty department, once again, to give them our bill of lading for the boxes we sent, since we had no reference number, so they could track the shipment and recover it as soon as possible so that we are not charged anything. Now they said they couldn't find our account and that we are supposed to wait four months for it to work itself out. Are they serious?! After three months of not paying for bills you are sent to collections!! They are intending on doing nothing to find our equipement and hurt our credit score even with the bills of lading, our old home number with Telus and our name. You can't tell me that you can't find our account let alone the equipement with that information.

    Now we are patiently waiting, once again, for Oct 10 to come along to see if they've done anything. That is the date of our billing period. Either we will be cleared and everything will be found, or they are gonna charge us. Does that sound fair to you?!

    Never do anything with Telus. They're shifty and don't care about their customers at all and none of them are on the same page when it comes to the so called LOYALTY department. The only thing Telus is loyal to is making money at the expense and suffering of the consumer. We will be taking this matter further to a higher position then Telus if need be.

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do not upgrade your plan!

Do not upgrade your telus mobility account even for a month!
I had two shared 30 plans and was going away so I decided to upgrade my account to the shared 40 plans for a couple of months as I was going to be using airtime away from my local area.
The telus mobility people told me that it was no problem and we could just switch it back when I got back.
I came back and they discontinued the plan that I had and told me that I could switch it back to the shared 30 plans but that I would have to pay more for the same services I was receiving before I left.
It seems that the contract that I signed only goes in the favor of Telus!
There is much more inconvienence with billing and interactions with the people on the phones but this is a word of warning to all.
Telus is like the banks...hands in your pocket constantly.

scam and cheating

My problems with telus high speed internet started right from the day I signed up. First, they had to call me back because they didn't get all the information they needed. Next, they took a month to even send the gateway to me.

Everything went reasonably well until summer 2007 when I had been laid off and fell behind on payments. The line had been suspended, but when I did pay them off, it took almost a month to reconnect the line, and the agents at one point told me they may need to send a truck out to either my home or to the node to troubleshoot. This was too much.

I escalated to executive customer relations, where the agent was extremely courteous and got the connection active within a couple days and gave a free month of service to make up for the month I was disconnected and had paid for.

I later made another call, this time to retention, because I was going to be moving outside of their service area. They agreed to waive the cancellation fee, given there was no way that I would be able to take the service up when I moved anyway.

At one point the modem I had received randomly power cycle itself (So basically self-reboot). They got the new modem to me almost the very next day and I returned the one I had, no charges to the account. Same when the second went on the fritz. When the third started acting up, they sent me a fourth and I had forgotten to send the third back. They did charge for this, but I was told that the charge would be reversed if I sent it in as soon as possible. I ended up sending it and the fourth back at the same time and now about a year later, I still haven't been able to get them to reverse the charge, with people stating that they need the tracking number, a requirement that was never there when I returned the first two gateways.

I then went to the better business bureau, where telus showed me, as they had a couple times in the past that stonewalling seems to be the tactic of choice in their customer care departments, both regular and executive customer relations. Not only did they refuse to action something that should have been done nearly a year ago, they tried saying that they should add the ecf, flying in the face of the deal made with retention.

Telus has made it poignantly clear that they would rather look out for the almighty dollar than for customers repeatedly given misleading information, repeatedly stonewalled when issues arose and being told that the retention offer that was given would be revoked after the fact, showing a further disregard for customer satisfaction. On top of that, it would appear that this is universal across telus' different services.


My 3 year contract was finished Telus Mobility in Ontario in June/08, I DID NOT have to renew with said company again, but because I was a customer of theirs since 1986, I thought that loyalty was a good thing in any business transaction, unfortunately with telus Mobility it, s NOT !
So my cell phone was worn out to the point that I couldn't read the screen anymore so I decided to sighn again on another 3 yr. contract. When I went into a Telus Store to renew my contract and get another cell phone, the associate asked if he could see if my contract as it was previousely written would still serve my needs. He checked a history of billing and said he could save my some money if he custom made another plan for my CURRENT needs, he went on to suggest a FAVE5 plan because I was using the same 4 0r 5 numbers all the time which was true, because they were family & close friends.
So he made other minor changes along with adding this "FAVE 5" feature that was going to save me the biggest dollars on my monthly bill, well unfortunately I was my first experience with this new plan, and I didn't remember the Telus associate stressing the impotance of adding in the numbers I called the most right away, and because I had not, I ended up paying full price for these numbers I failed to add in.My first bill after signing the new cantract and changes to the contract went from average of $150.00 to over $400.00, so I was shocked to read this so i made numerouse calls to Telus, no one was interested in hearing me, or helping me sort this out and said sorry, you were supposed to go to a website and add them in. I know I was partly to blame and I told them that ( a total of more than 6 calls) and who knows how many minutes going through the automated phone jungle of theires, but I also said I thought their associate had a part in it also, why didn't he offer to help me add them on that website emediately while I was at the Telus store, seems it would have been soo simple since I was the only customer in the store at the time.Ok so after many more calls to Telus and many more minutes or hours waiting again, I got the same answer, sorry it was up to you to add those numbers in yourself. Great, now my second bill comes in, it, s almost $700.00 now, i call some more, I get more voices blaming me instead of listening to ALL the facts, so now i drive to the Telus store and ask this time if the associate would help me add those 5 numbers in my FAVE 5 so my billing will go down, LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO...so after his initial reluctance he ask's me for the 5 numbers and he said .. ok now, they are added in.
Finally, I think I have this thing resolved I get the 3rd. bills after sighning the new contract, now it's over $900.00, ok I call again, finally speakes to another phone rep. he says the best he can do, since he can only make adjustments on "ONE" monthes billing, he took $152.00 off. Um thanx, your too kind I said, now what about the other 2 monthes, no ajusting because he said I didn't report it right away, Humm, How many phone calls and waiting and trying to explain to these "SALES ORIENTED ONLY THINKING " phone answering associates does it take for them to actually LISTEN???
Now i, m sure you can read my frustration as I type, long story short, I tried telling them, when I went to tye Telus store to actually have the store associate add my 5 numbers, well he added them in the wrong box, he added them to a future numbers box, I waent back and asked for a copy, sure enough, he said he made a mistake, and for me to call Telus, he handed me a "customer " care..or non -care phone number., seems it was the same number i was calling all along in this going on 5 month fiasco. So, they still won't take any responsibility for their errors, and are adament that I take ALL the responsibility for the wrong that has been done, and now I tried to talk to them to make arrangements to work on paying down my bill, "or theires", because I don't have all the money to pay t off, so the last phone call to them, Mar. 31/09 they said if i can't make arrangements to pay it off in full over $(970.000), they are going to put me in collections, and I translate that to mean if i don't pay it all, they are going to ruin my credit report, now how is that going to help them?.
I guees they need to make examples of loyal customers of more than 23 years to show that no one messes with them !
I can't help but think, , , wouldn't it be easier to come to an arrangement or compramise (which is all I asked for through this whole nightmare), , , than to find and spend millions on advertising finding a "new" customer???

Very frustrated
Wayne Baillargeon

can't pay my bill cause I lost my job

My husband and I both lost our jobs due to the economy and I called Telus Mobility to let them know that I had every intention of paying my bill but I couldn't do it until either one of us started to work again. Their response was to tell me that I needed to make a payment plan with them, which is ridiculous since I can't make a promise to pay them if I haven't got the money!! I tried to reduce my monthly service plan down from $100.00 a month but they won't allow me to do that until I sart paying down the bill, but how can I do that IF I DON'T HAVE A JOB?????? I have tried 5 times now to speak with them regarding this issue and I keep getting the same crap from them and I am so frustrated and upset, they just don't care and are not willing to do anything to remedy the situation. I have been a client of theirs for over 8 years and have spent thousands of dollars with them and this is the 'cutomer support' (and I use that term loosely) I get. What can I do? I can cancel 3 of my phones with them but not until I make payments. What do I do??

  • Ho
    HonestCanadian Mar 11, 2009

    Please check out my complaint about Telus, as everyone will see soon. That certain companies are not our "Friendly Gecko" that Telus promotes.

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  • Va
    vancouver79 Mar 14, 2009

    its a very tough situation but you would have to make some kind of payment arrangement, but you can definitely change your plan to a basic plan as long your not suspended already, they got the sweat deal plans going on for 17.50$, 200 min plus 6 pm nights and free VM so that comes to 17.50$ x 2 + SAF+ tax= 56.45$ for 2 lines. maybe get a line of credit from the bank and pay off the past due first if you have any and let them know you can make a certain payment every month.if you have good credit you can get a very good rate these days. its just like any other thing, for example if you don't pay your gas or hydro bill eventually they will suspend cut you off. imagine everyone called in and said they couldn't pay!!!.

    hope this helps,

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About 2 months ago I started receiving calls from a collection agency wanting a credit card number to clear up a Telus outstanding bill. I immediately thought this to be fraudulent and told them to suck an egg. After a couple more calls from them I called Telus to find out what was up. After talking to a machine for about 20 mins., I was able to get though to someone that was going to check into it and call me back. I never got a return call, so after about a week I called again. I talked to machine for 20 mins. again and finally got through to a person who informed me that it was about a line that I had used for dail-up internet purposes. I know longer needed the line so I had it disconnected (2years ago). The bill for this line was aways paid by a preauthorized credit card. I told her I didn't know what the charges where for and I wanted to see the bill. I was told that Telus couldn't send me a copy because it cost $1.80 / sheet. They have since send a statement stating I owed them $57.62 or my other phone service would be cut off, but I still don't know what the charges are for. I placed another call and got the same answer. Pay or get cut off. They don't really care that they are about to lose a 30+ year customer(including A.G.T.) with a home service, business service (phone and internet) and 4 Telus Mobility accounts.

  • Ro
    Rogueturnip Mar 06, 2009

    I got a "local adjustment" placed on my bill which I called in about and the first time was told it would be fixed. Second month it was still there so called again. Was told it's cause I left telus (16months ago!) and THEY didn't remove the employee discount so they are now correcting that. Disputed that this was their fault and they didn't even notify me of this so why should I pay for their mistake. Probably the time on the call with the different escalations cost them more then the charge. Told them that I will be cancelling my service so hope it was worth the little extra charge to loose all my business. Was told multiple times "Sir, we have over 1 million customers, we don't care".

    Customer Service is #1, 933, 384 at telus

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  • Ah
    ahamlyn Nov 21, 2011

    Why do I have to pay to have a paper bill? I think this is the ultimate in customer scam. I only have access to a computer when I go out to friends or to the library. Why should I have to pay for a bill? When I called to ask they said "because that is the Rule". I was given a choice to either wait 24-48 hours for a manager to call me back or be switched over to a Resolutions Mediator. I chose the manager and am now waiting. I cancelled my other account with them and switched to a different service company because another problem of their own making was not resolved within 6 months of calls and "resolution".
    I strongly feel that a company should not be able to charge a customer to find out how much the customer owes them each month. Is there any recourse for a customer to get rid of the charge and get reimbursed for past charges?

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bad service

I have ordered for Telus internet service on 31st of Jan 2009. I was told I will receive the modem after 5 working days, but I reveive the same on 12th of Jan 2009. From that I have been continuosly calling for atleast 2 hours a day and speaking to agents at Telus. Every time they say within 24 hours your service will start. But today on 15-Jan 2009 when I again called, the agent told me they will send a technician on 18-jan that is 3 more days for me to be without internet and phone. I am very much frustrated and am waiting for an interview call. I requeted telus from more than 5 days but they said our manager don't have time to talk to you.

I have wasted my 15 days calling Telus. Please file a complain again Telus

  • Zl
    zlf341 Dec 29, 2009

    On Oct 11, 2009, Telus has a promotion on Telus TV. it is a good deal (I have to say).

    Before I sign the contract with telus tv service, I asked the sales several times: "I also need a Internet, but I am worry about the Telus Internet speed.",

    The sales say it is okay, he gived a month free to try the Internet service out and he said if it does not work with me, then I can cancel the Internet service any time. and he also marked it on the contract. From the contract says there is no contract on Internet service.

    now the bad things came, after I tried out on Internet service, I do not satisfied with the Internet service, the TV service is okay after several times fixes. so I decided to cancel the Internet service. I called Telus to do it.

    They said I can not cancel the Internet service and keep the TV service, if I need to cancel I have to cancel both. furthermore, I have to pay the 120 dollar for breaking Telus TV contract.

    From the contract, it says no contract on Internet, and sales said I can cancel Internet service at any time.

    Right now they denied it, they charge me 120 dollar and asked me to cancel both TV and Internet.

    They are a big lie

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  • Zl
    zlf341 Dec 29, 2009

    I have waste one month with telus, and get nothing works but being charged, ,

    Telus are very very bad

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false information misleading customer

I went into a Telus store looking for a new plan because my contract with Rogers just expired. After looking...

terrible experience

My contract was up with Telus and I ordered a new phone, over the phone, and added their Spark 15 bundle which advertised unlimited web browsing. I received my first bill since the change which had an extra $13 for browsing. I thought it was a mistake so I contacted Telus and was informed that I could only go to certain sites with the unlimited browsing and they could not tell me where I could not go.

After I found this out I asked them to switch me back to my old plan as I had no way of knowing if I would be charged for visiting a particular site. They did this and later in the day I noticed my call display was not working so I called back. I was extremely frustrated at this point and asked how much it would cost to cancel my contract and was told $680. I was not informed of their termination policy and when I asked the account manager when I was told he responded when I signed the contract which I did not do because it was all done over the phone.

This account manager was extremely rude and when I asked to speak to another rep because I could feel myself escalating he responded with 'if you would stop being snobby and obnoxious I can help you'. I could not believe he said that and when I asked him how saying that to me was going to help to de-escalate the situation he again said 'you are being snobby, rude and obnoxious'.

I was very frustrated when speaking to him, but at no time raised my voice, called him names or swore. It does not exactly give you a could feeling when you are a paying customer and call a business customer service line and get verbally abused by the staff. I am not young, but sound younger on the phone and the rep may have thought he could get away with that which is still inexcusable. I did not realize that adults called each other 'snobby' I do not even know how you would qualify that.

  • Te
    telusrock Feb 08, 2009

    So, ur not new to the cell phone, so should know there is always a penalty if u wanna break the contacts, same with every other thing that require u sign a contract. so i dont see why u think they are scamming u.

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  • Li
    lili Apr 16, 2009

    Complete agree !!! Telus' services is so terrible !!! never ever use telus !!!

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