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why telus cable box in front of my store?

I'm the owner of Zhong Qiao Hair Salon located at 4889 Clarendon Street crossed by Kingsway in Vancouver(Post Code: V5R 3J3) and I am the hair stylist as well.
In front of my Hair Salon which is my private property, there're two big TELUS Cable Boxes installed which greatly prevents the daylight. There is not efficiency light even I turn the lights on. My eyes are getting much tired when I'm working. Furthermore, it affects my business, especially people from the West and North can't see my hair salon.
(Please see the attached picture)
As you can see from the picture, the width of two pieces of glass windows on the one side of the door is 135 inch, the width of the two TELUS cable boxes is 110 inch. The height of two pieces of glass windows is 96inch, the height of the two TELUS cable boxes is 70 inch.

Wake up Telus

why telus cable box in front of my store?
why telus cable box in front of my store?

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    adikoni Jan 05, 2011

    1. Sidewalk is not a private property. It belongs to the City
    2. You are a tenant in a strip mall. Not your property
    3. That sucks!
    4. Your landlord must have given them an OK

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  • Zh
    zhoujackji Jan 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's not a strip mall. It's a high rise condo. And I own the property. I know sidewalk is city property, but please think about it and take close look at the picture to see how close apart from my store windows to the stupid boxes.

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bad customer service

I have been a Telus cusotmer for the last 17 years. My account has always been paid by credit card, so we've never had any late fees. This summer my husband credit card was stolen and this was the card on file to pay Telus. We got a phone call asking for us to call them, so I did, I was going to give them my credit card number to use to pay our bill and to keep on file to use from now onwards. I was not allowed to do this because I didn't have the Telus account number, I was calling from home which is the phone number I was tring to pay off. I was not allowed, they would not take my money because I didn't have the account number. OK, So I'm tring to pay my bill and I'm not allowed, I needed the account number, I didn't have a paper bill to look it up. I ask them to send me another bill in the mail, they said we can't and that was that. And all I wanted to do was pay my bill. Telus sucks! What happened to the customer is always right, all I wanted was to have my bill mailed to my address, the same address that they have on file so I can pay my bill!!!

  • Valerie Nov 07, 2008

    I was scheduled to have new TV and Internet installed on Monday the 3rd. I took a half day off from work as I was told my appointment was scheduled in the morning. I waited until Noon, and then phoned the customer service. Without notice, they changed the schedule and claimed my appointment was a whole day schedule. By 3:30 I phoned them again and this time i was placed on hold for 45 minutes just to get the answer "Sorry, the technician is behind the schedule, he is not going to make it." They promised to give me a call the next day (Nov 4) and to make my installation a priority. I was at home around Noon on the 4th, and I saw a Telus truck in the building so I phoned customer service again to see why I had not yet received the promised phone call, and I was placed on hold for another 20 minute wait. Then I was told that "they" would phone me by the end of today to get the rescheduling done. Yet again, I did not receive the promised phone call. I called customer service again around 5 pm. They claimed that they were not able to make changes to the scheduling system, and that I'd have to wait for someone to fix it the next day (the 5th), and they tentatively claimed that I would receive a phone call on the 5th for rescheduling. Again, I had not received the any phone call to resolve the issue on the 5th. I phoned again around 1:30 pm on the 5th and this time the rep said "There is nothing you or me can do but to wait. If you wish, I can cancel your service".

    I don't understand where there is such a problem with scheduling. I was scheduled on the 3rd, and then stood up while losing a days pay sitting at home frustrated all day without access to the TV or Internet. I did not receive compensation from your company for that, but instead receive one frustration after another and even have to put up with lousy attitude of the service rep who suggested to simply cancel the service. I am wondering with the scale of Telus' business, why the scheduling system and customer service seems ridiculously unreliable. At the end of the day, it is really like living in the stone age without Internet and TV at home simply because a large multi-billion dollar company cannot manage their scheduling system correctly.

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  • Se
    service standard Nov 09, 2010

    This client is right in their disappointment. Corporate structures of certain companies are so rigid they openly discourage common sense independent thinking by their workforce. In my view, this is enough to leave Telus. As most telecom technology throughout Canada's providers are quite similar, as well as price packages, customer service becomes a good reason to remain loyal or not.

    Leave Telus

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  • Fi
    Fiona - A Nov 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    OK, So here's an update. My husband called Telus to pay this bill, he stopped at the automated instruction before you even get to speak to someone. The option was to pay your bill, so he said OK and just like that without the account number or the amount that he was paying, without speaking to anyone whom could ask him if he was whom he says he was, he paid the bill in full with a credit card number. So the trick is, if you don't have your account number just pay your bill without speaking to any human. I called Telus again asking to have my bill mailed to the address on the account so I will have this information for the next time *god forbid* I have to talk to a Telus employee and was told that they changed their billing system, so alot of customers never received their Telus bill. I asked for mine to be sent to me again and they said it will take up to 3 weeks, where are they mailing it from, China????

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telus rips off ontario prepaid customers

This is a unanswered email from telus

Attention ontario prepaid customers
If you are having a issue with sending and receiving text and picture message call them and complain it is known to them but they are still selling the broken service to ontario customers

Hello darren or anyone who receives this..

I am writing to you in hopes to get some things changed. First off I have to say you have the worst customer support I have ever seen and being in the customer service field for 20 years I can say that the service level is at about 1 of 10,

I have been buying text250 for my phone since feb 2010 and it hasn't been working we are trying to run a small business and have lost customers due to lack of communication due to the failure of the text message service. I have made many calls and and have been lied to several times by customer support and technical support all giving my different lies to what the problem was. I cannot send a text more then 109 characters and if I try it fails and I have to write the whole message again. So this has me sending multiple texts wasting my time and money. Also when someone sends me one more then 109 characters it comes in as mms and tells me to go to telusmobility.com/snap to retrieve the message with no option to download to my phone forcing me to go to a internet connection and download the message really this is unacceptable. Last week I had workers on a job site sending me pics of a important work related issue the bloody thing again came in as a picture message and had to be downloaded so being on the road at the time I had to go to a internet cafe pay more money for something I already paid for and download the picture and would also like the mention the page was down couldn't login to the telus site for 20 mins.

Reasons ontario wide outage (Why sell service that doesn't work agent replied I don't know), I may have dropped my phone, rolling hot pockets in downtown ottawa, my phone model has issues (Why sell phone that doesn't work)

Resolution wait till its fixed we do not guarantee any of our services so we will not be compensating you for anything. I was told to shut up and be quiet and promised call backs twice and no reply this happened during calls to customer conflict team really they are the most ignorant people I spoke to even the front line agents weren't as rude.

I want to be compensated for this... I cant believe your company treats people like this I have monthly plan with bell and never had problems I went to telus for the pricing biggest mistake of my life I am looking for another phone right now for my daughters birthday was going to go with telus but not now I will buy her rogers phone better plans better service...

My question is why are you selling a service that you know isn't working, I have been told the service doesn't work right in ontario it is a known issue and they are working on it so if it known why sell it ontario people are getting ripped off...

Darcy petersen
Web designer / owner
[protected]@2nerds. Ca

scam me

I am starting negtive pr campain aganist telus mobility celluer. I am a sells person I meet an agarge 10-15 people a day, so this is an ice breaker to start conversation with people, my slogn is (If you want to kill your health and wallet joine with telus).
My problem started with telus after a year and a half of being royal coustmer paying bills, ond day I called to reduce my bill I allways used to get around $68-$70 a month untill I called coustomer care and we agreed to certinc ghanges, so next bill came to $170 outrages I called, they sorry the girl made a mistake we credit u $36
Then the next bill came to $265 dollers I called they say in called blood notlhing we can do for u. So I told them I want to cancle my services they no problem they didnt evern try to keep me like othe compines do.
I think tell is too rich scaming coustomers so they dont even care if you stay or leave.
The good side for me is their lost is my gaing becuse I am telling this story every day to 15-20 people as a punch start for my sale.
P. S
Be smart dont joine or renew your contract with telus

  • Be
    BE REALISTIC Oct 29, 2010


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  • A1
    a1allstar Oct 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maybe you should learn how to spell, write and speak proper English first!! I can't see you selling much to these 10-15 or is 15-20 people a day, lol. Telus was probably glad to let you go cause they probably couldn't understand a thing that you were saying to them.

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false advertising

I switched to telus optik tv and internet from shaw cable. Telus told me it would be fiber optic line all the way to the house. As it states on there web page there new fiber optik network. It is not fiber optik all the way to the house. They are doing false advertising and there tech support sucks cause now I have a slower internet than before. I was also promised 25mb for my package well thats false to they only offer that to large buildings. I think telus should be sued for there false advertising. I will tell everyone I now about this

  • Ad
    adikoni Jan 05, 2011

    It doesn't say fiber optic anywhere!

    it's called Optik!

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  • Jo
    johndeere Jan 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It sure does say fiber optic network maybe you should read more on there website. They even told me on the phone there waas fiber optic going to my house

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contract cancel

Bought new milestone android phone from telus three year contract, did not have good three G sevice, and I lost phone within first 2 weeks of contract.
I tried to resolve problem with them.
I wanted to cancel my whole contract with them since I was not happy with there service, and I did not want to buy a new phone for 600$.
What they did was chrge me for the three years of cancelation charges, I was ready to pay the cost of the phone, but being charged over 700$ was not fair in my view.
Just letting anyone know that I am having a class action started against TELUS, and if anyone wants to join in please contact this Lawyer:
Nom Bourgoin
Prénom David
Titre Avocat
Cabinet Woods
Domaines de pratique Litige
Recours collectifs
Ville Québec
Téléphone [protected]

internet contract

I phoned telus internet services to switch providers after my three year contract was finished in June, My computer is on its last legs and so I saved up money to get a new computer and wanted to sign on with shaw .I explained my reasons and the representative I spoke to convinced me to go with telus for another three years and for my loyalty I would recieve a new lap top within a month, It is now the end of september and after numerous phone calls and complaints made by me and promises from various telus employees that its on its way I still have not recieved the lap top. This is some of the WORST business practice I have ever seen and I will be closing down any service I have with telus if I have not recieved this computer by October 1st.

  • Fs
    fsjfor Nov 02, 2010

    I have the exact same problem with the telus laptop promotion. I waited 7 weeks (the representative told me I would have it in 4-6 weeks). I have called telus 4 times, and each time they tell me they have no record of me getting the laptop deal. The sales rep made it sound so easy on the phone. Now they tell me there is an "approval" process and I might not qualify. This is after I agreed to buy some new services from them. Unbelievable!

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Being billed for direct dialed calls as collect calls

In October of 2009 my daughter was down in Mexico at a Hotel there. Before going I phoned Telu...

outrageous charge for us roaming

I just received a telus mobility charge of $731.72 on my latest bill. We made a trip acccross Canada and used the telus stick for internet when we were traveling.

We decided to come home through the US and I used the computer and telus stick a few time downoaded 243 mb and was charged $731.72. $3.00/mb.

This is hiway robbery even if it is in small print on my contract. How can they possibly charge sucha high fee.

  • Mw
    MWF4 May 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are obviously not very bright. Of course it's going to be expensive if you burn up 243 mb while roaming in the U.S.

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very poor customer service

Telus phone/internet provider gave me a discounted package price for 1 yr. After 1 yr when they increased the internet fee there was an unexplainable $20 fee which they said they would credit back. I also chose at that time to downgrade my internet service to the slower high speed. The next bill came with no credits and no downgrade. When I phoned in again they would not give me the credit that I was promised before and had no explination why I wasn't downgraded as I had requested. When I demanded to talk to a supervisor/manager to complain about the poor service, she wouldn't let me. I phoned back again and was told a manager would phone back within 4 hrs. I waited 4 hours and but could not get through again after 45minutes on hold. Later that night I managed to contact them and was told a manager called within 5 minutes (when I was phoning other service providers) of my first requesting to speak with supervisor when I was told I couldn't hold for one but had to wait for a return call. I never did get to speak with manager as they never tried calling again (call display proves it).

So I decided to go with a new internet/phone provider. The day that they contacted Telus to inform them of the cancellation, Telus, without any explainable reason, cancelled the free Telus Security Services for my internet. When I phoned Telus tech services, they tried to tell me that I never signed up for this feature and that I could only get it the day after my service was cancelled. This makes no sense to me, but this is the kind of service you can expect from Telus.

Is this good business sense to treat customers like this? To give poor customer service repeatedly until you are so frustrated you decide to cancel and then remove your internet security features for the last 2 weeks that you need to wait to cancel their service? I guess this is Telus's way of saying "screw you, don't ever come back to us, we don't need or want you as a customer anyway"!
Note: Telus once had a monopoly on phone service in my area until government regulation opened up competition. It looks like Telus still needs to learn that good customer service is very important to stay competitive in the current phone/internet service provider market!

  • Do
    Doug Turner Sep 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just move my internet and T.V. service from Shaw to Telus. Did I get any deal? Forget it. We just wanted to have all services such as telephone, mobile phone, internet & t.v. on one bill. The service is unbelievable regardiong internet and trying to get help from telus. You call - the phone goes dead, or after all the button pushing a busy signal or a dead line. Right now, I do not feel telus is capable of handling any problems in any professional manner. I need some individual from telus to calls me, if they have the courtesy to do so, so I can air my complaints and maybe resolve the situation.

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  • Ad
    adikoni Jan 05, 2011

    Telus phone/internet provider gave me a discounted package price for 1 yr. After 1 yr when they increased the internet fee there was an unexplainable $20 feee

    Are you stupid you just said it was for 1 year so why are you surprised it went up after a year?
    8 years with Telus and happy as hell, I'm not a cheap freeloader I pay what it costs and I have no issues.

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false contract

On the 1st of June 2010, my Husband and I moved into a townhome with his parents to help care for his ailing Father, who had been recently diagnosed with cancer and was given 2 months to a year to live.

As his Father was a Telus costumer, we contacted Telus on his Father’s behalf and told them we had moved, and that in addition to the phone service he had with them, that we would require cable as well.

On the 18th of June, less than 3 weeks after we moved, my Husband’s father passed. As there was no longer any reason to continue to live in the townhome, my Husband called Telus to let them know that we no longer required their services as of the 1st of September 2010.

It was at this time, Telus informed us that it was written in our files that we had verbally agreed to a three year contract, and if we were to break the contract, we would have to pay $10 per month, for the remainder of the months. As we had just started this “contract”, it means the amount owning to cancel the services would be approximately $350.

There is absolutely no way my Husband, my Father in Law or myself would have agreed to such terms, given my Father-in-Law’s prognoses. As such, we asked Telus to provide proof of the verbal agreement. One representative told us that the call was never recorded, and another one told us that the call was deleted a month after it was made.

My Husband and I have spoken to Telus many times since to address this problem, and each time a representative gives us a different explanation as to when we supposedly agreed to the verbal contract.

One representative went as far to say that my Father in Law verbally agreed to the contract one week after he died! Another stated that he agreed to it in May, one month before we moved into the new home with them….

As Telus is completely unwavering in the situation, and since it’s their word versus ours, my Husband and I have no choice but to pay the cancellation fee as we don’t want to incur bad credit when the bill goes to collections if unpaid.

I honestly can’t believe the terrible situation Telus has put us in. I am going to continue to fight this battle, and inform everyone I can not to use Telus under any circumstances. Not only are they making false claims which they can’t support whatsoever, they are taking advantage of two people who are in the middle of grieving.

  • Cy
    cylo Apr 06, 2013

    Telus are a bunch of liars, they don't have "files" on anyone, if they do, it's all false and fraud. If you did not sign anything you do not have anything to worry about. They do this to alot of people, they lie, cheat and scam. Do not be afraid of them. Telus has got to be the most corrupt company i have ever delt with.

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Telus called us from the following line, [protected]

They called as following time to us,
2010-08-13 7:18pm
2010-08-16 8:47pm
2010-08-17 6:16pm
2010-08-19 3:12pm
2010-08-20 4:19pm
2010-08-21 2:25pm
2010-08-24 2:40pm

My husband told them to stop calling us once, and they said okay. I told them once that the person they are looking for doesn't live here any more, they said they will stop calling. But they all LIE.

We left Telus about 4 years ago. Every year we have to go through Telus's spamming calls. There are so many times when we answered the call, they hanged up. Nice way to do the customer service.

And finally I called back the number asking them to stop. They said if you want us to stop calling you, you have to call [protected]. Then the person there said that okay we will stop calling you in 31 days.

What???? I am not your customer, and you have rights to harass me for 31 more days. Is there any justice here in CANADA??

misleading advertisement

signed up for the Sierra wireles watcher because it was supposed to be able to use it anywere when i tried to...

customer service

My email to telus mobility today:

Am a telus customer I can't register or log in because there is something wrong with your website. I was told that last week by your representative and it still doesn't work. I can't contact you by phone because at five past eight this morning you recording said that the volume was too high and you couldn't take my call. At ten past nine I was to expect a 15 minute wait. *if you are too busy for me then I am too busy for you. * there is something wrong with my mobile high speed 30 sierra watcher that I need your help with. Client number xxxxxxx
Please call me today and assure me that you do care and you want my business. Xxxxxxx

That about sums up my complaint. After I sent the email a notice said that "due to technical difficulties and high volumes you can never expect a reply so kiss our royal.. " ok it didn't say that last part, but unless I hear from them I will try very hard not to be a telus customer ever again. This is not the first time.

  • Si
    simon12 Feb 26, 2010

    We recieved a call from Telus sales department offering a deal to switch over from Rogers to Telus and they were going to give us a telus credit for the amount that we had owing on our Rogers accounts. It turned out in the end that the 2 sales reps were both not giving us the right info, they just wanted some more sales, typical! This is part of the reason we left telus 2 years ago and will never be back again. It sure is a good thing for social networking sites so that we can get the info out to all our friends about this so called friendly company. Just fyi stay away from TELUS.

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  • No
    NoToTelus Aug 11, 2010

    Yesterday, I had the very unpleasant experience of being yelled at, told repeatedly 'you are a
    grown up', interrupted, asked if I always see the glass half empty, asked if when it rains if I
    ask the radio station for a refund on the forecast, told I should be very grateful that Telus had
    already reversed $170 worth of the bill in question, and that I had no reason at all to be angry
    because Telus is a private business in the business of making money.

    Amid everything else, she insisted on comparing calls from Montreal with calls from China, because 'the principle is the same' and, dripping with sarcasm, said 'ooh, we're getting personal now' after asking me where I thought my responsibilities lay. After repeatedly explaining what my complaint was, she continued to talk about the part that was my fault and how it was entirely my responsibility while ignoring the core of my complaint. She explained repeatedly that Telus policy was this or that, and that all the information is readily available on the website. For nearly an hour.

    A charming experience, I promise you.

    Until yesterday, I had several reasons not to conclude my business with Telus, or Telus
    Mobility and many reasons to stay, and today I have very many reasons to leave and none to
    stay. Until that conversation, with a very sarcastic Customer Care Associate, or whatever her
    title is, I actually felt it was reasonably important to me to keep my email address of more
    than a decade. I do not feel that way anymore.

    The core of my complaint is that when I called to find out the details of a long distance charge on my cellphone bill, I found out that instead of excellent customer care that I thought I had received regarding a long distance issue with my daughter's phone a week earlier, I had actually been given a mere increment of 500% of what it could have cost. Better, true, than the 1000% it had been... but of all the weasely and obnoxious manoeuvres I have encountered after the fact, this one wins.

    My daughter was in Montreal, and based on what turned out to be outdated information (me calling her as one of My5 was billed to her number as long distance, as well as her calls back to her local area. I agree, I was confused when I expected the long distance billing to be the same as it used to be: call a local-to-your-area-code number and you don't pay, call a long-distance-to-you area code and you do. The last time I was out of my area and calling, this was the information I received, and I was billed to talk to the woman at the home I was standing in, and not when I called my house –but since my house is one of My5, and the number I was calling was certainly long distance to my phone, you can see where the confusion arises...) my daughter's account had 50% of the long-distance billed reversed.

    Which, at the time, I thought was generous and beyond what was necessary.

    Imagine my surprise, then, when the rep I spoke to about how to find the Airtime Details (no,
    it's not under Airtime Details on either of the two 'View eBill screens', it's under View PDF,
    which every normal human would obviously expect), he said 'next time she goes she should
    get the $40 unlimited long-distance plan.


    You mean that at $40, she could have phoned everyone she knows in Canada for her entire
    minute allotment that month, at no additional cost? You mean that the 982 minutes billed at
    35 cents a minute is nothing more than making sure Telus squeezes 100% of whatever possible out of every single customer. And I should, according to Georgia your sarcastic customer service rep, feel grateful for only having to pay five times the package amount?

    Having spent a number of frustrating hours trying to navigate the website, and not ever having called *611 for less than 10 minutes, no matter how simple the question might be (it took nearly 12 minutes just to get the corporate mailing address), I can't tell you how surprised I was this
    morning to find out that it just gets worse.

    I finally managed to find the add-on long-distance packages on the website (add-on might
    make sense to someone, but I expect to be able to find 'long distance' under 'service' because,
    it's a long distance service... or perhaps 'packages' because it's a package) and I find that the
    company makes a profit doing business at $15 for unlimited Telus-to-Telus calling within
    Canada. So, even the $40 is nearly three times what is, according to their business plan and
    service pricing they offer, necessary for for them to make a profit.

    Both cellphones are under ongoing contracts, and I will not be paying ten cents to cancel either before they expire, but they will not be renewed with Telus Mobility and as a direct result of their crap service, I will no longer be dealing with Telus in any way --not Koodo, home phone, or the new Telus TV I was looking forward to getting this fall.

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  • Fi
    FiftySparks Aug 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh my oh my do I hear you. Where we live in Canada, Telus Mobility is about the only cell provider that covers the distance between where my hubs works and where I am at home. They are constantly cutting off his service for 'overages' and at least once a month I get yelled at by them when I complain. I've signed up for their online billing (go green! HA!) only to still receive out of date paper bills. Trying to navigate their website to find out where the mobile minutes are at so I can make a payment to stave off another cut off is a nightmare.
    And the operators/service people are so rude it's become fodder for my blog! LOL The hubs and I are now planning on moving out of this province into one where we can be sure of coverage from another provider besides Telus! What a joke!

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  • Dk
    D.K. Stanyer Sep 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been dealing with Telus for years had a prepaid cell for over 10 years as the small community we lived in didn't have cell service so could only use it when we were out in larger centers so why have a contract. I moved to a larger town and got a contract for 59.00 a month now it is 71.00 per month and I am receiving the same crappy service and I went to update my phone to an ipod and they told me I had to be a customer for 2 years before I could update my phone. We unfortunately booked 3 year contract on our cell, land line and internet. I have done nothing but spend hours on the phone cleaning up the ### show they call customer service. PLEASE DO NOT USE TELUS WHAT A JOKE GO TO FIDO OR BELL OR ROGERS OR A STRING WITH 2 TIN CANS ON THE END WOULD BE BETTER THAN THE SERVICE TELUS SAYS THEY PROVIDE. WHAT A JOKE!!!

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  • De
    DeeCee48 Sep 12, 2010

    Customer service

    I called Telus and told them that no one could get to me on my cell phone, because my number is considered long distance, even though all my calls in and out are from the same area. They that we know this is an issue and do not know when it will be resolved. In the mean time no phone, and a bill coming at the end of each month.


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late payment reminder statement

Wanna get out of paying your late payment reminder bill from Telus Mobility for its wireless stick and maybe other Telus Mobility services as well?

The late payment reminder bill states quote, "charges billed on this statement will be deemed correct if not disputed by you within thirty (30) days of the bill date. A credit balance of less than or equal to $5.00 will not be refunded".

I won't dispute that there is no amount written on the bill and that I feel I don't owe anything to Telus Mobility since there is no amount written on the bill, and on the other side of the reminder bill it states what I typed out above. I have 30 days to dispute the bill and I am not going to dispute it.

See payment reminder bill page 1 and 2 attached.

late payment reminder statement
late payment reminder statement

$$300 adsl modem that is useless now

I am more than furious at Telus's remark saying they do not refund equipment purchased from other shops!

CCTS said that this is Telus response to my complaint about Telus Mobility wireless stick and the old ADSL modem I now have as a antiquated reminder just to piss me off everytime I look at it sitting there being useless. It is hard for me to throw out a barely used ADSL modem that cost me $300, understandable so wouldn't you agree?

TELUS has agreed to credit your account for the wireless stick, however about the ADSL modem, they say they do not refund equipment purchased from other shops.

I bought the ADSL modem back in [protected] at Future Shop with Telus name on the box and Telus contents inside the box showing me how to hook up to Telus ADSL. I paid $300 for the modem and I was suppose to get a rebate on it of close to $200 after I hooked up. Future Shop failed to tell me that Telus needed to have a port installed before I could use the modem and so I waited for 9 months before Telus installed a port. This was in Richmond BC. Since I waited so long to get hooked up I lost the $200 rebate because by that time Telus had changed their rebate on the modem. I only used the modem for a little while and there was no ADSL service where I moved to after using the modem only a short while.

ripping off seniors

I was with my uncle when he had bought his laptop and telus internet stick.The guy at London Drugs that sold us the laptop told us that the telus stick was not compatible with windows7 so we asked him to write the specs for the comuter and we took that to the telus store (guilford) and asked the salesman there if the stick was compatible with that laptop. he reasured us it was and I asked him to confirm on a peice of paper to take back to the salesman at Longdon Drugs.

He did so we took it back to London Drugs and purchased the laptop and the telus stick. My uncle lives in Aldergrove and I live in Surrey.We see one another every few months. He had never used a computer before he is 65yrs old.

I showed him simple steps how to work the laptop and get on the internet with the stick and email. everything worked fine. he took it home and used it once and put it aside. a few months later he tried to use it again with no luck and called me saying that his computer is not working it wont connect to the internet and if he could come by for me to figure it out. I tried and it would not connect to the internt.

I looked up telus internet tech support contact on my computer and called them.After explaining the problem to him he told me that the stick was not compatible with windows7 and to take it back to the retailer.so we took his computer and the stick to the telus retailer were we bought it.they would not look at it and told us that all they do it sell us the stick and that was it..any problems we had to call the client support number they gave us with all account info.

so we went back to my house and called.Jerad was the man we had spoke to and I had told him what tech support had said aswell as the retailer and he then procceded to tell me it had been 5 months and it was our fault that we didnt figure out the problem within 2weeks to a month then maybe they could of done something about it. I let him know that there has been little to no activity on the stick as he was not able to connect.

He said there was nothing he could do about it that we were stuck with it or cancel the account and pay $400.fee. I said that was rediculus.so I let him go and phoned back 5min later to speak with someone else. after an hour on the phone trying to figure out how to fix the problem we couldnt and the guy put us over to techsupport again. spoke to Alex there for a few hours again trying everything possible to get it working(you can see his notes on file) with no luck.

His last suggestion was to call Sierus Wireless. So I did that also and spoke to Jason we trouble shooted everything again and he confirmed it was uncompatible and to try another company's stick so we tried the Roger's stick and it worked great. tried it a few times today and it sitll works good. I called back to telus customer support and let them know the current activities and he said there was nothing else they would be able to do and had to speak to head office to cancel account with no penalty and to reimburse my uncle for all his payments he has paid for the last 5 months not being able to use the stick. My uncle has a cell phone with Telus with no problems and dosnt want to fued with Telus over this situation.

I know that the 5 months him having the stick seems to be the problem with him canceling his accout with it. Well he is 65yrs old with bad site and hard of hearing never using a computer before this attempt so please take in to concideration the situation you are putting him in.I am upset that all this has taken place and has stressed everyone out.I dont think he should have to pay monthly for a product that is never going to work for him.The telus retailer should have never sold it to him in the first place.

I did receive an email back from head office stating that they are sorry and could do nothing and to call client support back with any further concerns.
I called client support back and they suggested they mail him a new stick and for me to mail the one we have back to them at my expense. I said not going to happen. I asked them to cancel his account and/or reimburse him for the past 5months they took payment for a service never rendered.She said no they can not do that and they will not do that.Either he pays monthly for a service he will never have or pay $400. to cancel his account.that is the bottom line. I told her I would contact you as well as the local news how they are ripping off seniors and it is unexceptable.

immediate collection agency

March 3/2010 I decided I had had enough of the Telus internet service as it was constantly disconnecting. I...

my doa keybo 2

I owned the LG Chocolate Flip about a year ago through Telus Mobility. Shortly after my one year warranty ran out the phone started to break down (buttons didn't work, dropped calls, and so on). So my first thoughts were to get a new phone, thinking Telus would help me out. Without doing any consumer research I purchased the LG Keybo 2 with $150 off from Telus. I still ended up paying $178 to buy this phone but what choice did i have? I need a cell phone, much like a large percent of the population. I bought the phone September 2009 and the first few months were like a honey moon, then in February the battery stopped holding a charge. I phoned telus and they asked me to phone LG who told me to phone telus. Finally telus agreed to send me a pre-paid box to have my phone fixed and told me i would have to pay reactivation fees of 38 dollars twice (once to reactivate my old Chocolate and again when the Keybo 2 made it back) but the box never came. I eventually forgot about it because my Keybo was suddenly working fine again, the battery would hold a charge for 5 days.
About three weeks ago my battery stopped holding a charge, again! And it was considerably worse this time, only holding a charge for about three hours. I let it slide for about a week, thinking it would fix itself again but it didn't. I finally broke down and phoned Telus who told me they wouldn't back the warranty because it's not the phone itself it's the battery. The (rude) man i spoke to then told me i would have to buy a new battery for about 80 bucks. i was furious. i had spent an hour on the phone with telus, was treated like an idiot for even asking them to send me a new battery and then when i asked to speak to a manager or supervisor i waited on hold for ten minutes and was hung up on.
I finally got a new battery through an under-the-radar company (C and I tech in Guelph) my mom's company gets their Telus customer service through. They were very nice and gave me a new battery for free. I'm not sure this battery is any better (i got it tuesday it's now thursday and it's already died once) but i didn't have to pay for a battery that is still under warranty. And now i'm stuck with Telus, the "network problem", "won't back our products", "pay up the bum for our plans and products", company for the next three years. If you managed to read through this entire rant do yourself a favour, do not sign ANY contracts through Telus, you will strongly regret it!

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    (griper) Jan 09, 2011

    My daughter had the same battery problem as your Keybo with her Razor and it was actually the phone that was draining the battery. It was an issue with the phone NOT the battery. She then got a Keybo which had multiple problems and each time it was $35 to send it away for warranty work. I had to send it 3 times in 4 months (which is alot when you consider it is gone for a week at a time) so I ended up paying over a hundred dollars and was still left with a phone that didn't work. I complained to Telus about the $35 charge but really got nowhere with it. I then bought her a Backflip and due to it needing to go in for warranty work I investigated the $35 service charge to send it away. Tom Harris owned Telus stores do NOT charge that fee when you take it back to the location you purchased it from, but the store in Chinook (which is unfortunatly where I have purchased all my phones from) charges you for EVERYTHING. I will NEVER buy another phone from that location. I am so disappointed in that location and am confused as to why Telus does not set standards for those type of situations.

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recently i have made a decision to ditch telus and sign up with Shaw because of poor customer service telu...

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