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I had booked for a tataindicom broadband connection. I had got in touch with the sales person and he visited my residence, as per procedure and collected all the necessary documents and i paid him 500/- as cash, 50/- as his charge! Well i was promised the connection in 2 days, but its already 15 days now and still i have no clue whats the status of my connection. Well the sales guy whom i had contacted doesn't pick my call. I called up customer care to check about it, but they asked for application number. I stated the application no which was mentioned on the form, but they said its invalid and they cant help!

Well my question Is TataI ndicom is aware about these sales guys, as that guy had a ID of the Co? If so how can they say that they are responsible?

Well i have submitted documents also, i am not sure whom to approach! But i would request others please don't trust the sales guys, they are more or less cheaters! Please be careful before submitting your documents. Don't pay the deposit until and unless u get the connection!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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Nov 15, 2007 12:00 am

Hello Friends,

I am Mahendra Gondaliya, i have purchased two tata indicom mobiles on this diwali, they have announced a scheme called DIWALI BONANZA. they gave me two coupons for purchase of two mobiles. i have scratched both card on which i got 25 Rs talktime, i have filled and signed the form and they told me that I will get the talk time within 2 days credited in my balance. buty 4 days has been paseed no increment on balance. So I visited the tata indicom shop again , but they have given me rude answer. Today about 20 days has been passed , i still haven't get any talktime credited on my balance.

So beware of these type of schemes friends, also the network coverage is the big issued in tata indicom mobiles.

Oct 06, 2007 12:00 am

I booked new connection of TATA Indicom postpaid mobile on 8th of sept. at dealer. The dealer told me i will get my connection within 48 working hrs. 2 days went i didn't receive my phone so i went to dealer he told i will get it tomorrow. Again 2 days went i did not received my phone. I went to dealer .He told me my address verification was negative.( No body was at u r home when the person came for verification & he has written door color is white). My house is having brown colored door.So i logged complaint in call center. As usual they said we r sorry u will get connection very soon.2 days went i never got my phone. Not any person visited my house for verification.

Whenever i used to go to dealer, if it is morning he will say u will get connection today evening definetly, if it is evening he will say u will get connection tomorrow anyhow.

At last on 17 th sept. person came for verification. He told i will get handset in 2 days. As usual within 2 days handset not received. I started calling to call center on daily basis. Every time they r giving commitment u will receive u r mobile within 48 hrs. thus days went on and on and i received my cell on 29 th.

Meantime i sent mail to call center. No reply to that mail. I logged another complaint against dealer as he was giving false commitments again & again. That complaint was not solved so they gave me another complaint. no. That was also not solved so they gave me 3 rd complaint no. At last i left followup of complaint against dealer. Till date no body has called up regarding that complaint.

After receiving mobile someone called up asking " Now do u have any complaint regarding dealer?" I answered " I received my cell so my one complaint is closed but how can u close complaint of dealer when he is telling lie." They must have closed my complaint any how.

Jul 21, 2006 12:00 am

I am fed of the tata indicom lines. We are having 5 lines in name of company and one line [protected] which is our std / ISD line is not working properly. You are giving us the hope that the compliant will be resolved after 6 working hours after lodging the complaint.

But, Sorry to say that these false commitments from your side. I have been put forward the complaint thrice from yesterday but my problem was not resolved till now.

What a horrible service is this?

Look into the matter as earliest that it is affecting the business.

Aug 22, 2009 9:43 am


Oct 24, 2006 12:00 am

Hello, this is santosh and here i m using tataindicom mobile for last 5 months. Tataindicom is MadarChod number one company. whatever to say to this company is less, i never saw any other ### mobile company.

here they are charging me even for giving miss call.whenever i try to give miss call to anyone, my recharge value reduced. i dont know what they did with my mobile. i m trying to contact sustomet care for last 15 days but i never ever get connected. every service is bad. neither network, nor service, customer care.

can TataIndicom repay me whatever i loss in giving miss call to people? MADARCHOD, if u cant provide god service then stop this company.

wish Tataindom go down and ultimately closed down.

Aug 12, 2011 12:38 pm
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My Telephone instrument needs change of battery. I had complained to tel no 121 but nothing happens. I am ready to pay service charges and the cost of the battery.
The instrument model is LSP-350T

In case it is not possible to change then I opt for disconnection
kindly do the need ful

Apr 22, 2010 5:58 am
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i am the user of TATA walky the company has sent us the 2 passes of cinemax theater which the passes validity was already over so they send a letter along with the passes that this passes are valid till 30April. so i went in cinemax to watch the movie with the passes, i shown them the passes they said the passes are not valid i shown the letter also to them bt nothing happen i spend my 500rs frm my pocket and watch the movie. i dont know y this company like TATA INDICOM is fooling & harrasing to us.

Aug 23, 2010 8:50 pm

Dear sir,

I want to complain about unauthorized access in my phone details, from customer care of Chandigarh,
The guy names is sunny(tata indicom executive), he call me by this no. [protected](customer care no. 18/08/2010 near about 9 am) he sold my phone details to my enemies.
This is very very serious issue because guy who bought my details now creating problem to my friend and family members,
Customer care told me they cant do any thing for this, these kind of problem, help less

kindly help me to stop these kind of problems

Anjul Kumar

Jul 27, 2010 6:34 am

I am a TATA indicom customers since 6 Years, I availed a services of wireless connection with Internet facility inbuilt with Modem. Hence i was been communicated a speed of 115 Kpbs before activation of connection but when i used it i was getting a speed of 1 to 8 Kpbs and sometime when i gets connected to net after a mins it get disconnected in between opening a site. So in technical terms it take time more than a min to open a site and hence My time get wasted and have been charged more than Rs 600 a Mths.when i contacted a customer service agent a Executive named Leena. She dont even botherd to take my complaint and disconnected my call. Then after a collection agent called me a communicated Please pay bill we will revert the charges in next bill. So I made payment and was shocked to see my next bill there was no revert and they have again charged me Rs: 500 for use of internet. Requested many times in Local office and in customer service but all gone in vain.Now my telephone outgoing is barred and I am getting daily threaten call form collection department " Make payment you used it and you have to make payment or we will see you".

Sep 01, 2008 5:48 am

I have got a call to our office tata indicom landline saying that they have a good offer in the mobile connections. So I have taken 2 mobile connections by giving my individual address proof and asked them many times that this connection should be in my individual name but they have activated in the company's name. I have requested them to change the name and address from the company's name to individuals name and once again I have given all the address proof of my residence. They have come for the verification also and still after 2 months of the verification still they have not transferred into individual. I am facing lots of problems from my head office. I am fed up of this. I decided not to use Tata Indicom (Mobile, Landline, Broadband) in my life time and I called many times to the customer care and still there is no response.

I request you all not to have relationships with tata indicom as they are not giving a proper service to anyone. I am a great example for this.


Abid Ali
Relaince - Very good service

Oct 10, 2011 6:18 am

Dear Sir,

Some Days before I was salute to TATA’s working & ethics. But You Know that lot of people like me salutes some people /organization without any proof, The Only reason is that we heard from somewhere that this person/organization is very ethical or principals based.

But I am Sorry to say that now I am suffering from lot of problem with TATA Indicom, you know that since last 11days I am unable to communicate anywhere thru my mobile, My Only fault is I am a TATA Indicom’s customer, I Recharged My Mobile 11 days back, But Till Today that recharge is not reflecting inmy mobile, so I am unable to call anywhere, when I given my complaint to TATA Indicom’s people, I given him each & every thing including Transaction ID, Name & Contact no of their reseller, They assured me that they will solve the proble within 2 days. But its is SUCCESSFUL 11 DAY THAT I AM UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE THRU MY MOBILE.


Nov 27, 2006 12:00 am

I am having a connection of tata indicom wireless telephone and the staff of the company constantly keep reminding of the bill payment. first they call for whether we have received the bill then they start calling daily 3 -4 days before the due date which is very disturbing i think the authoriy should stop this i have even told them to charge extra if i don't make the payment on time but to stop calling but they don't stop their practice.

Jul 08, 2010 4:26 pm
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Jitender Kumar
# 2209, VidyaNand Colony,
Sanoli road, Pnaipat


The Manager,
Tata Teleservices, Ltd,
Circle Karnal.

SUB:- Regarding Malfunctioning of Tata Walky No [protected].


I am using above mentioned Tata Indicom Postpaid Walky Connection since June 2007, I was completely satisfied with your services but during few months my Walky Handset is not working properly. I raised this issue several times, with your Customer Care Cell, issue is not resolved yet. Since last month handset is dead.

I have raised my first complaint on 03/06/2010 but your Executive not visited my home upto 08/06/201o then again I have raised complaint on 08/06/2010 but upto 13/06/2010 visit not arranged..

On 13/06/2010 executive came to my home and make handset totally dead. On the same day, I have raise complaint to replace handset and customer care informed me issue will be resolved upto 14/06/2010 but postponed upto 17/06/2010 again they postponed upto 29/06/2010.

On 25/06/2010 your executive provided me a repaired handset LSP400 which was not worked properly. The major fault in the handset was poor network and battery charging problem. I again raised complaint raised on the same day i.e. 25/06/2010 and customer care informed me issue will be resolved upto 26/06/2010. But once again your executive not visited my home.

Again I raised complaint for this and customer care informed me issue will be resolved upto 28/06/2010. On 28/06/2010 your customer care cell informed me that they have sent a special e-mail to your Panipat Service Centre to replace the handset, but once again no response received from service centre.

I was totally irritated with service provided by service centre as well as concerned Engineer, so I decided to disconnection my no. [protected]. On 01/07/2010, an officer visited my home and promised to change my Handset LSP 400 with a new LSP 350 but no action taken by your service centre upto 05/07/2010. On 06/07/2010 one of your executive visited my home he just checked the set and changed its antenna and charger. But the fault remains same and your executive completely refused to change handset. LSP 350.

I have mentioned all the problem faced by me due to poor service provided by your Service centre/ concerned engineers.

Please take the necessary action for the above issue, and you have to decide I should pay bill for this month or not and also you want to continue my connection or disconnect it.

If your want any clarification please call me on my Delhi no [protected].

I am awaiting for your response.


Jitender Kumar
Contact No [protected]

Dec 27, 2006 12:00 am

I applied for disconnecting two of my Tata Indicom mobiles and after 50 days still the phones are active and am paying the rent for them.

Have logged complaint several times and is every time assured that Tata Indicom technical team will follow up after 48 hrs but 48 Hrs never show up.

Their office people mislead and say that the phone has been disconnected, and asking customer care reveals the truth that nothing has been done and be ready to pay for next bill.

I am highly frustrated by the service provided by such a great Brand Name (TATA) in India.

"No Customer Focus" is their logo, this is at max i can say about the service provider.

Apr 17, 2008 1:23 am


Jun 01, 2010 5:27 am
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Hi, Sir My name is sandeep and live in delhi. Iam a user of TATA indicom which is a prepaid no two times services has been activated without intimation on the no is [protected]. Ist is caller tune which i dont have Requested than i type a mail and send it TATA nodal office. The nodal officer Name is Mr.Mayank Jain whether i got a contact no-011-[protected] which i have dial from my cell phone the call pick by Mr.Gauri i told him the caller tune has been activated but i dont have made request for it than mr gori on call promise me to that balance will be refund in next 24 hr but still balance not refund today i make the call for the same and informed that instead of reversal of Rs 30 /- Rs 30/- more deducted from my accounts i make call than he says love express service is activated on your No- [protected] the same things happend instead of credit balance balance go debited from my mobile . It is a my humble Request to you kindly check a neccesarry action Regarding this i will be very Grateful to.

Yours Truly
Sandeep Kumar

Sep 25, 2006 12:00 am

I have applied for a pre-paid connection 4 months back. Till now I haven't got the connection. I had waited for 1.5 months and then registered a cancellation request, now it is around3 months, not yet got my money back. Everyday I trying to call them, all the numbers provided by them are fake except the customer care which is located at Hyderabad, where they are not able to provide us any details other than a compliant number.

Got Sick of tata indicom broadband connection...

Jan 28, 2012 8:39 am
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The landlines go dead almost every weekend. The call center folks are clueless as they say phones are functioning well according to their system status. There is no facility backened facility to forward the numbers for incoming calls when the phones are dead. Resolution times are given 24/48 hours. Customer is asked for the alternate number but no communication is done about the status. Overall, avoid if you have dependency on phones for your business.

May 25, 2011 6:57 am
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Once I showed interest for Tata Indicom Walky ph.Sales person came from the dealer point & sold 2Nos.of walky by saying all false statement.My second no.didnt activated from the very first day. I called every one from dealer to Nodal officer. Till date they didn't bother to solve the problem.

E-mail Id of the M.D.of Tata Indicom is not active.

This is the condition one of our biggest company of our Country.SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

Jan 07, 2008 12:00 am

I was receiving one landline tata indicom phone with internet service. As i was receiving wrong information from sales executive i was decided to disconnect this connection immediately on the next day of receiving that phone, for that i was giving intimation to ur customer care for disconnection, as they said my connection was disconnected withing 15 days from the date of purchase and also sales executive was took back my phone by giving receipt and told me that i will get money back withing 15 days, since i was not getting money back i have called ur helpline and told all story but they told me that u will get ur refund back within 3 months from the date of purchase i was waiting till 3 months still i m not receiving any payment, i was purchase that instrument in September still i m waiting for my refund, can u tell me what the hell is going on, when i got my refund back?
please give me ur reply as early as possible otherwise i will suite a case against u in consumer court...

Sep 21, 2011 6:59 am

I am Sankalp Mohanty having a mobile number [protected]. It has been 3 to 4 times that tata indicom has been cutting my balances without any reason. IF i ask them sometimes they say that some data pack is activated (which i havent) sometimes they say u are playing games in tata zone. This only happens when i recharge my moblie. Earlier they used to automatically get my phone connected to voice call and cut rs 6 per min. its not only me who has exprienced it, many of my friends have experienced it too. On 19th i recharged my mobile for Rs 52 and as soon as i recharged they they cut Rs 44 from my balance within few seconds. Iasked them the reason they said i was playing some game called EDU in tata zone and they have cut 22 times @ rs 2 during a span of only 10 seconds. How can i play games without knowing that i am playing. whenever i call the customer care they disconnect my call .Tata has lost all its ethical values. It has now become a corrupt one. Many of my friends have left Tata due to this reason and now i am thing they did a wise decision. With this kind of service i wont ever be trusting TATA product anymore. If they do such thing in mobile service they can also do the same in TATA PHOTON.

Mar 05, 2011 3:02 pm

Hi Sir,

I am Nana M Katarnavare my Tata indicom Pre-paid No. is [protected]. Yester day I have recharged my balance INR25.00 and the late night 1.30 am form tata indicom services team send to me one massage to for value added taxes is active on my prepaid and deducted my balance. Now I talking with customer care officer they talking with me rudely and not solve my problem and not receive my call. I was facing this incident 2 times. Tata indicom services before active any services not asking to me and give any un valuable services to me and without reason deduct my balance. So please register my compliant and do need full.

Thanks and regards,

Nana M Katarnavare

Aug 15, 2010 11:53 pm
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dear Sir/Madam,
I have a tata indicom cdma telephone is not working from many days ago, I have made many complaint at customer care but not responding from there I want to say please do my service very quickly if you not able to solve my problem please disconect my tata indicom cdma landline phone. my cdma landline phone no. is [protected], and my address is Deepak Steel WZ-113/5, meenakshi garden, tilak nagar new delhi-110018, near subhash nagar metro station, opp. pillar no. 484, and problem is phone is not working and not charging so please come nad solve it.

Thanks & Regards,
Deepak Sawhny

Mar 28, 2011 6:22 am

One of the most insensitive and imcompetent companies in the industry.I have been a customer for close to 7 years and recently my landline was down for close to 17 days and it took me close to 4 emails and a dozen phone calls before I booted them out and shifted to BSNL.After contacting their Mumbai office only some action happened at Bangalore where everyone scrambled to do some work.Never ever go for Tata Indicom landline or broadband ever as they are always in a state of paralytic Hibernation and a horrible experience to go through them.

Jun 07, 2011 12:01 pm

I have recharged my Tata Indicom No. via (a third party recharge company) with Rs. 310, balance has been deducted from my online account but my number was not recharged. When I have registered an online complaint (282528) regarding this, I have got a call from Tata Indicom representative and he assured me to refund my balance within 1 week. But No action has been taken so far. This is kind request to take necessary steps to solve this problem.

Jul 09, 2010 2:35 pm

A phone was installed without STD, Computer connections. When asked to provide, the company asked to pay first bill. This first bill arrived 20 days later by which time the company had disabled even outcoming calls. Since I was out of station the phone was not used and the bill could not be paid. On complaint to Tata, the company promptly disabled the incoming calls as well.

Three months later, the company sends LEGAL NOTICE of action if bill of Rs 2000 not paid. My contention is that the phone worked only for 10 days and that too for local calls. Not more than 10 local calls made.

Nov 15, 2007 12:00 am

Beware, Tata Indicom Wi Fi card becomes invalid after short usage. I had a card that was supposed to last for 2 hours. After 5 minutes use, the card balance became zero. I called customer care. They were no use. As per the customer care representative, the card was used about 3 weeks back, sometime in October. I scratched the card myself on November 15th, used it for 5 minutes (it was valid).

There may be bad cards in circulations. Or Tata Indicom is cheating people.

Will someone care to investigate it?

Oct 19, 2007 12:00 am

Hello Great Tata indicomm,

My complaint id : 3886298.
I think when you renew a package then only Tata Indicomm will start showing its true color.
When i renewed a new package, connection was not provided till 15 days. Now again same problem persisting for last 10days...And the worst part is that your technician who is incharge of this, is not picking up the calls also.
Probably my biggest mistake by believing tata indicomm internet connection for the 2nd time.

Thanks for your wonderful service.Please kindly provide me connection so that i will atleast use it for remaining days and can switch to some other vendor.

Sep 25, 2007 12:00 am

The Tata Indicom service is very good on its technical side, but is the worst as far as customer service is concerned. Through their telemarketing, they sold me a koyecera hand set whose battery was found weak the very next. It is three weeks, no one wants to help me. The service agent comes to the house for selling the piece, but does not care to come and replace the battery. An 80 year old person is asked to travel long distance to their service center, stand in queue and beg them to change the battery.

The worst part of it is no senior executive is available on phone to answer the call or look into the complaint. All the mails sent to the Nodal Officer remains unanswered.

They impose an exorbitant tariff on you and do not even care to inform the existing customers of the different tariff revisions done from time to time. When this is pointed out and requests are made for change in tariff, they ask you to wait for a month, impose the same tariff to get more money from you before the change is effected. Either the staff members are thoroughly inefficient or their system itself needs revamping.

I don't understand how such a big organization like TATAs are turning a blind eye to the numerous complaints made by the customers.


Sep 19, 2006 12:00 am

I am very frusted with the new connection of tataindicom postpaid connection and net services of this company, which has been installed after 20 days and now the net is not working from day one and set display is not working. And there is no one to listen this complaint.

Asst. Manager
New Delhi.

Aug 25, 2009 10:49 am

I have brought a new Tata Indicom connection under a “Money Back Offer”.
A plan consisting of a post paid connection with a mobile handset all including a cost of Rs. 1700/- (1200 for the handset and 500 as a onetime deposit). I was tricked into this plan, by the customer service team from TI, who conveyed me that Tata to Tata Free includes calls from Tata to Tata Docomo (the new GSM sim that’s launched).

Please Refer to the below communication stating the same.

I have reported the fraud to the customer service team and have told them to cancel my plan and refund me the money, but they seem to take no response or action on it. It’s a sorry state that guys like me are cheated knowingly or unknowingly and then the company turns their back on us. They even suggested that taking a legal action, doesn’t worry them much as they have a separate team which deals specifically with all such cases.

Apr 28, 2011 5:38 pm
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I am a tata indicom pre-paid customer. Today evening I subscribed to the data browsing pack of Rs.43 which gives us 150MB free browsing with a validity of 30 days. I don't know that they did the subscription or not but deducted the said amount from my account. after looking at my balance i thought that they subsribed me the said pack, but when browsed the internet in mobile, and watched TV for less than a minute, it has charged me again for this. I immediately called customer care asking about this, surprisingly they replied like this "sir you have already used your 150MB, thats why its charging". I really shoked to here that. I just used internet for less then 15 minutes. Its really a WORST service.

Jun 04, 2007 12:00 am

I am very upset and the Reason is the Pathetic Service by Tata Indicom. I want the entire world to know How Tata Indicom cheats its Customers in the way of week service to its Customers. Please go through this entire E-Mail and publish it in all your News Papers. If Possible get me a Resolution as well.

I have paid my bill as on 20.05.07 but the service provider Sai Telecom services has refuse to take given cheque against tata teleservices. He wants cheque in his own firm's name i.e. sai telecom. I had given the same on 20.05.07 as due date was 22.05.07. Now the payment is deducted from my account to him. But it is not been updated in my mobile account still as on 04.06.07. In between my mobile is being disconnected 3 times. I get it connected by raising on customer service people. Now the thing is that why customer has to harass for these. Tell me.

Jul 17, 2007 12:00 am

Please be aware of fraud activities with this company. Under banner of TATA . They are major fraud.I planned to take up tata indicom mobile connection since STD where cheap.But what a nightmare. Major frauds!

I tried to take connection for me and my cousin. both application were rejected and application fee of Rs 600 was collected out of which they said 500 is refundable.

They have rejected both the application after simply giving crazy reason. our activation system down, database down, will activate in 3 days. One fine day we get call. Connection is rejected since the person is not working. For me connection is rejected since the person is working!

I might understand if they say connection is rejected for person not working since they might have difficulty or whatever. But for me I have been employed for almost 3 yrs and have proper salary slip. They say they don't give connection to business ppl.

Now that i ask them to return my deposit of 500 for each of application . they are saying iit will be delivered back after 20 days comes from main branch but nothing has come so far. there is no escalation path to reach their supervisors or ppl who are running this pathetic business. SHAME ON TATA to have such a pathetic service and even advertising it on TV for ppl to get fooled.

Can some please point me a way to file my complaint for this fraud activity.


Dec 04, 2007 12:00 am

I am existing Tata Indicom customer using land line [protected]. most of times my number is blocked some times its not ringing some times call failed & most important thing n network in my tata indicom phone . very pathetic service seriously i''l request you plz don't buy tata number.bull shut service my name is rajat kapoor

May 31, 2011 5:18 pm
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i m the existing customer of tata indicom with no. [protected], i get to recharge of rs 1500 before 5 to 6 months for getting free tata to tata calling for 1 year, but on 28 may, 2011 i did recharge with sending sms sms1p to 582820 for getting 1 paisa per sms service, but they deactivate my rs 1500 free tata to tata calling service withhout giving any prior notice, this is totally cheating and fraud, i want my rs 1500 tariff back or if they want to deactivate then deactivate my sms scheme

Jan 21, 2011 7:36 am

I am really disturbed by the attitude of Tata Indicom Service agents. I had taken a Tata Indicom wireless modem for my wife.
Firstly, the sales agent told us about discount in bill etc and asked us to pay for three months in advance. We also got the receipt for the same. However, the monthly bills did not have the discount. Later, it was revealed that Sales ageny at Tata Indicom, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur office had fooled us. After several discussions/meeting and visits to Tata Indicom's various offices (mind you they make the customer run around in various offices just to avoid the issues), it was decided that we cannot get discount and the loss shall be shared. In the end, we ended up losing 50% of the value.
We decided to end the connection and gave the request in navin market office. The connection was not closed and we again got the monthly bill. We were not using the connection and called Tata Indicom office and told them about the closure request. Later, we got a call from Tata Indicom saying that your monthly bills are outstanding, we informed the agent that we have already given closure request to which she replied that we have not received the closure request. Later, we got a call from Delhi saying that the company has filed court case against you. You either pay the bill in one hour or we will go into court.
It is so strange that a company like TATA is doing such acts. Our closure request has not been processed and we have to pay the fake bills. They will send their people to collect the bill amount but will not close account despite the request.
It is so frustrating to see a company where each department is sick and doesn't know how to function right from sales to customer service. I have decided not to take up any tata indicom products in future and replace all tata communications products/lease lines in my office.

Jun 20, 2007 12:00 am

I am a tataprepaid customer ( [protected]) and I applied a post paid connection in my home town that is SPG complex, Dwarka, Sector-8, New Delhi. And I by hand paid Rs. 600 to this company executive the month of May. The office phone number of the executive is 011-[protected] and after paid of money office representative was come to my home and complete the verification process . But till date I have not received post paid facility or any concerned massage by theirs office. Telephonically I have try to speak with executive but they have not give me a satisfied answer.

Sep 04, 2012 12:32 pm
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Dear sir
I am one from your crore customer, I have a humble request, plz hire people who know how to speak with the customer, not any sadakchap tapori .
Also if your company is paying these fools, diffiently they are paid for thier work not to sit an gossip around with thier caliques, and leaving the customer standing like a fool, today i had gone to your gallery located in Dombivali west, because my bill was pending, last month I was out of station so I couldnt pay the bill, yesturday your executive came to my home and speaked so harshly with me, as if my bill is about 1000000 rs, and I was running from your company, but still I kept myself cool because it was my fault ? I told him I will go to the gallery and pay thier, the same thing I did, the next morning around 12.00 pm i reached your gallery, but your executive says that our cashier is not thier we cant accept the payment come by tommarow, I told that this is not my fault, I am a customer, I have come to pay my bill, and your job is to accept the payment and give the reciept, but again he was reapting the same story, then he got busy talking with his calique and neglecting me .
No plz tell me that we dont have any other work, other than paying bill. Or you people think that customer is fool, to dance according to your command,
Today i got a bitter experiance from TaTa, thier is no diffrence between govt office and tata office both are pathetic and worst .

I know this mail will not effect you, but One day you people will realize your fault, treat your customer as a king or they will treat you as a ###,

Mar 04, 2007 12:00 am

I bought this business plan in the last week of Dec,06 and since then I was on roaming for the full the month of January.

My phone was disconnected in the first month of buying the connection ,without any intimation for disconnection or for exceeding credit limit of Rs 2500 .

Not only this I was also told to make immediate payment on roaming while there is no option of making cash payments apart from oxygen counters which takes 48 hours to transfer the payment that too online.

Also, welcome tone feature of tata indicom sucks...its just a misleading service and customer is harassed n forced to listen to those crapy songs set on their server to just select a 10 rs. song. He is made to pay hundreds of songs where the call rate is 6 rs. per minute.

I have approached their customer care but have not got any compensation for their poor service.

Tata Indicom customer care is useless there is no synchronization between their marketing and customer care dept. I want to discontinue their for which also I have been told to fill up the forms and visit their customer care centre which means additional expense of customer on their faulty systems.

Earlier I have used Airtel, their service rocks...


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