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Complaints & Reviews

Pathetic product, shoddy customer service

I was a customer of TataIndicom for approximately 8 months however their product - 256kbps (1GB Cap) went from bad to worse within the last 4 months.
First there were frequent disconnections (not due to billing), the reason provided later was that the lines were being cut by dissatisfied/disgruntled Distributors.
Next when the lines were rectified the speed dropped to a pathetic 4KBps (32kbps) ..
I was a heavy user, always exceeding the Cap by at least 500MB! However those last 4 months my usage did not go above 30MB (and thats the total for all 4 months as opposed to 4GB).
Then the billing months were being updated due their system changes and I was charged for proration. I was credited for the days I had complained and not the days I could never use the service and couls not call up as their lines were perpetually swamped!
I am now being pursued for Rs 1500! However the reimbursement / compensation is still pending!
Thats the story of the Product ... Now the Customer Service,
The Agents refuse to transfer the call to the Manager stating that they are always in a meeting. I work for a BPO and I am aware of the escalation procedure! I was hung up on by the Agents and the so-called Supervisors never call back as promised!

Tata indicom service is like hell

Due o urgent requirement, I took Tata Indicom Broadband on 25th Feb 2007. Connection got activated only on...

Fraudulent dsa's

This is to bring to the attention of Tata Indicom- Walky services.

I was approached by one of their DSA's - Trinity Services in Mumbai, for a Walky subscription. They offered a spacial rate of Rs:561.00 and the numerous Plans. I opted for the Rs:180.00 Plan.

They offered that if I make a cash payment, I would be provided running services within 3 days. I signed their subscription form on the 27th of Feb'07.

At the time I had informed them that I will be available only till 13:30 hrs at residence beyond which I leave for work and there is no one available after that at home. They agreed to arrange with my specified time.

However, till now no one has reached for a verification. I continued to call their Representative, Umesh however, after the initial one or two time he has stopped receiving my calls. Thereafter, I tried calling their office, Trinity, and the representative who received my call, promised that someone would visit me after hearing my complaint and that she would send the request to the concerned department.This was around the 12th or 13th of March'07. However, no one has shown up till now(19th of March'07) and since the four days no one even responds to my calls. Someone did pick up the call on Friday last, 16th of March, however, did not speak up. Now neither has someone visited me nor called me for setting up teh appointment. Now I am forced to believe that they hasno intention of paying back my money nor set up a connection. I would urge no one to get into their talks and buy connections until they come and first setup one at your place. It may be possible that this is just a conning company.

Airtel playing pranks/tata indicom out of stock

A copy of email:

I, Ms Kothakota Ashalata Prabhakar have been using the prepaid ([protected]) airtel connection for several years and it is certainly more expensive than a postpaid connection. However, the airtel customer care executives resorted to perverse harassments. I was gifted with an expensive laptop having all latest features. For over two weeks the airtel customer care executives are merely responding like recorded parrots without offering me proper guidance or the various options to choose a GPRS connection. Ultimately one Alok on 28/2/07 at around 7.30p.m. managed to give the internet connection but deliberately gave the wrong advice to choose a low speed modem. After which the processing was too slow to work on the internet.

Thereby, on 2/03/07 I once again phoned the 121 1411 option around 6p.m. Some Srinivas answered but could not help me with the problem. I was harassed to call several times and one Vamsi began to deliberately mislead me by asking me to disable the firewall security program and in the meanwhile the system revealed the diagnostic problem. There was also an update in process without seeking for the same. It is to complain against the male customer care executives who all have been perverse and sadistic towards me instead of offering me an unbiased and genuine customer service. They willfully and maliciously misled about the disabling of the security to cause internet threats and also the choice of speed modem was too low. The airtel staff are playing pranks with me and thereafter there has not been any response from their end. They are deliberately setting all my calls to recording machines.

It is to sincerely seek for recourse in this matter. It was the ### end of the day and I was terribly tired from a whole day at the office. It was natural that I was driven to the verge of outburst anger and curses. The perverse executive staff have driven me to a state of anger. And it is entirely their fault to deliberately connive and jointly harass me. It is a demeaning, shameful and cheap tactics adopted to harass a woman customer and worst is to cause internet threat by misleading me to disable or switch off the firewall security.

The mischief mongers should be checked and refrained from willfully harassing a lady customer. The Airtel company is obligated to call and offer remedy for proper, correct and unbiased service. The Airtel Company ought to offer the choice of GPRS available or other internet options without misleading scopes causing any damage to my system through internet threats.

Also Airtel thrives on profit in the business world where just anything is possible.Please offer me remedy and proper customer service without playing dangerous pranks.

I had also approached the Tata Indicom to avail the internet options of Data Card or the Plug 2 surf. Here again the problem was calling several phone numbers several times or repeatedly for adequate response. Each and every time a new voice or a new name or a recorded response expect the customer to repeat the problem repeatedly and only to redirect. I had also called the Mumbai office. However in the end it was only to end up disappointed (as informed by [protected] Murthy) that the plug 2 surf option was not available and shall not be so for another 15days. I fail to understand the publicity or the purpose of advertisement when the Company offices quip like parrots and offer lame excuses about unavailability thus harassing and wasting the time and energy of customers. I had to spend two days wasting phone calls over this issue and ultimately without any remedy.

It is to put forth my grievance about the lackadaisical nature of customer service offered by the stated private telecom offices and the pranks played. The same need not be trivalised.

Ms. Kothakota Ashalata Prabhakar R/o F-403 Gharonda Veera Apts Padmaraonagar Secunderabad-25, Andhra Pradesh India.
Cell Ph Nos:[protected] / [protected]

  • An
    anshuman rai Sep 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i want to know that which type of political stress you fight.and pleas tell me about your strength,opportunities

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Sudden withdrawal of value added service

I was shocked to know that tata indicom is closing there value pack of free incoming while roaming... I...

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Return of cash advance - 6 months overdue

This is to inform you that I had gone in for a TATA Indicom phone connection last year but surrendered the phone due to continuous faulty connection as well as uncaring customer care personnel. The connection was finally removed after nearly 5 months of filing the complaint.

When the sales person (Mr Diwarkar) visited our home, he suggested that there was abetter scheme where one could pay Rs 1122 and get a new connection where one doesn't have to pay any rentals for 3 years. My husband decided to go in for it and paid the cash amount of Rs 1122 on Oct 26th 2006, and a cheque of Rs 250 for installation, to Mr Diwakar, who said that he did not have a receipt and that he would bring the receipt and the instrument the next day. We waited for 5 months and in spite of repeated reminders to this person, he did not install the new phone.

The TATA Indicom tele-helpline is a waste of time as our calls keep getting cut or error messages and our endless calls were met with several excuses including personal problems for not fixing our phone. Towards the end, he refused to even pick up our phone. Finally, my daughter called from her phone and his wife answered the call and gave it to him, unsure of who the customer was. When Diwakar came on the line, we requested him to return the amount that was due to us as the connection had not been installed for nearly 6 months.

He came home 2 days ago with the cheque of Rs 250 and said that he would return in the same evening with the cash amount and the complaint form. He also said that he has lost his phone... the mobile no. he gave us was [protected] . With no address and an untraceable phone to contact him, we are finding it very difficult and near impossible to retrieve the amount that is due to us.

We are sure that TATA Indicom is aware of its dealers and their personnel but it is indeed awful that customers like us, who are elderly people, have to bear the brunt of their untrustworthiness and utter incompetence. If there is anyway, the higher authorities can trace Mr Diwakar and his ilk, and take them to task, they would save their clients from undue harassment and restore some faith in their business operations.

Kavery Ganapathy,

  • Sh
    Shabbir Mar 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tata indicom Customer care is the worst ever seen infact instead of taking care they increase our problems they are not capable of doing one activation in the given time. I dont wanna waste my time to type more on this.

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  • Ch
    chandra H Mar 10, 2009

    Well, I am joining the band. I am going through the same problem now. I wanted to cancel the connection as I was rarely using it and thought it is a waste of money since I will be using mobile all the time. But they offered the same scheme where I had to pay Rs 1000/- + service tax, and for 3 years I dont have to pay any more rentals.
    The phone was working good till the day I opted for the new scheme. Since then it is not working, keeps beeping once in every few seconds as it says "entering the service network", "leaving the service network". I complained twice in last one month, both the time service person came but the problem is not fixed. he started telling antenna is faulty and etc. I do not understand how chaning the scheme makes antenna faulty. Now I have to see how to escalate this issue to higher mgmt. I did not see an option in the web site.
    From last one month, I am unable to use the phone and I do not know how long I will have to fight to get my money worth.

    chandra H

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Did they say 'customer service'?

Text of a letter I sent to Tata Indicom.

Quotes Begin
Dear Sir/M’am,

This is Sushant Sreeram and I write to you in relation to a Tata Indicom Mobile Postpaid connection that I applied for and the consequent travails of acquiring the connection.

I had applied for the connection at one of Tata Indicom’s distributors (K.T Enterprises located in Andheri(W), Mumbai) on the 17th of Feb, 2007. I submitted all the documents required, paid the required amount, filled in the application, attested all the supporting documents and was informed by the distributor that the application will be processed right away. The next morning, I receive a call from the distributor informing me that the documents I had submitted were insufficient. I failed to understand why he couldn’t have informed me of the same the previous day when I had submitted all the documents as per his directions. I called up Tata Indicom’s Customer Service number (+[protected]) and was informed by one the representatives that the documents I had submitted were necessary and sufficient. Flummoxed, I tried getting in touch with the distributor but to no avail.

In the meantime, I was awaiting the address proof verification to be done as per the distributor’s information but it never happened. On the 23rd of Feb, 2007, I visited Tata Indicom’s Customer Service Centre at Fort, Mumbai and spoke to one of your representatives (don’t remember the name, lets call her Ms. A) regarding the status of my application. She checked the database and informed me that my application still hadn’t been submitted by the distributor. This was 6 days after I submitted the application! Ms. A called up the distributor and upon enquiry, the distributor informed her that I had not attested one of the documents while filling up the application form and hence, the application was still lying at the distributor’s office. This was annoying as I had attested the application and supporting documents at every section the distributor had asked me to while filling up the application. Also, why couldn’t the distributor have informed me when I had left my residence phone number with him? He informed me that he had apparently tried a couple of times and that there was no response. This wasn’t surprising since there’s no one at my residence during the day. The distributor believed he had relinquished his responsibility as he had tried a couple of times without success. It took for me to go all the way from Andheri to Fort and speak to one of your representatives for this to be discovered. I informed the distributor that I will personally visit his office the next day and complete the application and Ms. A informed the distributor to complete the installation as soon as the application is complete and activate it immediately.

I visited the distributor’s office on the 24th of Feb, 2007 and completed the application. One of the office employees then informs me that the application will now be processed post which there will be an ‘address verification process’ and then the SIM card will be handed over to me. This was in stark contrast to what Ms. A and the distributor had assured me when I spoke to them the previous day. Peeved, I called up Tata Indicom’s Customer Service. I would like to point out here the complete lack of information and cordial behavior displayed by the representatives who man those telephones. They have no/incomplete information and they take it as an offense when I request to speak with their superior and refuse to let me. A customer service representative should first of all have all the required information and in the event he/she doesn’t have it or the situation needs a decision to be taken, should immediately transfer the call to his superior. After much cajoling, I managed to speak with a Floor Supervisor by the name Mr. Milind Kharat. I had to explain the entire story to him post which he assured me that he will resolve the issue on a top priority basis and that he will call be by 1600 hours (the call was made around 1330 hours). Having gained his assurance, I waited for his call till 1700 hours with no response. Frustrated, I call up the service number (remember, all these calls to the service centre have been from non-Tata Indicom phones and therefore chargeable) and requested that I speak with Mr. Milind. Again, the representative refuses to transfer my call and after explaining the entire story to him and after much cajoling puts me on hold for 10 minutes. Finally, a Mr. Sunny comes onto the line and informs me that Mr. Milind is not on the floor currently and that I call back after 15 minutes. I call back after 15 minutes and this time again, the representative refuses to forward my call to his superior leading to me explaining the entire story to him and much cajoling after which he puts me on hold one more time. Then a Mr. Alhaj Hanjgikar, supposedly one of the Floor Supervisors, answers the call. I inform him that I intend to speak with Mr. Milind. He informs me that Mr. Milind is not on the floor and that I can explain the case to him. And so I explain the entire story to one more person post which he puts me on hold again. This time, a Mr. Mayur Sasane (apparently the Team Leader) answers the call and I explain the entire story to him also. He then puts me on hold for 10 more minutes while he transfers my call to Mr. Ravin Marwah who is apparently one of the managers in the customer service department. I explain the story to him also and he assures me that he will look into the matter and call me back in 30 minutes. This one telephone call lasted more than 70 minutes. After Mr. Ravin’s assurance, I wait for 60 minutes with no response. I try calling him back but to no avail.

In the meantime, I receive a call from Ms. A. She identifies herself and proceeds to accuse me for putting her in a spot and that she had never given me any assurance that the connection will be activated immediately. Though very aggravated at her tone and intending to give her a piece of my mind, I politely inform her that I shan’t speak to her unless she changes her tone and manner of speech at which point she hangs up. Looked like all the people at Tata Indicom were busy pointing fingers at each other for the fiasco while the customer was waiting for a resolution. Typical organizational behavior.

At this point, I give up hopes of ever receiving my connection. Today (25th Feb, 2007), I receive a visitor at my residence. Turns out, he is a representative of Tata Indicom and he had come over for verification of the address mentioned in the application. After he left, I assumed that now that the verification process was complete, it was just a matter of activating the connection. I called up the aforementioned customer service number one more time and this time, spoke with a Mr. Ganesh. I inquired as to how many days it would take for the account to be activated post address verification. He informed me that I should receive my SIM card by the 27th of Feb, 2007. Upon inquiring if there was an alternate means of acquiring the connection quicker, he informed me that I could visit one of Tata Indicom’s public offices and that the account will be activated immediately. He also informed me that the office will be open today (Sunday, February 25, 2007) till 1900 hours. I took down the address for the same in Andheri (E) and left for the office at 1800 hours. I reached the office at 1840 hours to find the office closed. Upon inquiry, I was told by the security that since no customer was present in the office at 1830 hours, everyone decided to go home!! Hilarious! I called up the service centre once again from the Tata Indicom office itself and spoke to a Mr. Abhishek to register a complaint of incorrect information by Mr. Ganesh. After narrating my ordeal and requesting that a complaint be lodged, Mr. Abhishek informs me that he cannot take a complaint for the same since I am not yet a Tata Indicom customer! Upon requesting that I be allowed to speak with his supervisor, Mr. Abhishek informs me that he can resolve all issues as well as his supervisor! What attitude! And I thought supervisors generally had more authority than subordinates. Upon further cajoling, he puts me on hold for 10 minutes and a Mr. Rakesh (apparently another Floor Supervisor) answers the call and proceeds to launch into a long-winded explanation of his own without even listening to my problem. While I am trying to explain the issue to him that I had traveled all the way to your office in Andheri and that the office was closed before its scheduled closing time, he abruptly puts me on hold! I stay on the line for the next 8 minutes waiting for a response till I finally hang up. If 8 minutes doesn’t seem like a long enough time, try staying on hold for 480 seconds.

This, in detail, is what I have had to go through over the last 8 days. I have spent at the least 5-6 hours on the phone with representatives of Tata Indicom explaining and trying to resolve the situation. I have traveled all the way to Fort to resolve it. I have been accused of incorrectly pointing fingers at Ms. A. I have had to listen to some of your representatives behave as if they are doing me a favour entertaining me. I have had to undergo some really unnecessary trouble thanks to the completely incompetent service staff of your company. And even after all this; I still do not have a Tata Indicom connection.

How can you even think of being a successful company in light of such irresponsible behaviour? As is evident, I have interacted with at least 20 representatives of your company (including the distributor) and not a single one of them has come across as at least having an inclination to provide ‘service’. While a tag line viz., ‘Do More, Live More’ is funky, it’s useless and actually a waste of money if a company cannot resolve one single complaint. I have worked in customer development and service functions at the managerial level in India’s biggest companies and I can say I know a thing or two about customer service. And what I have experienced with Tata Indicom has to be the worst.

I will not try and explain to you as to what compensation I am expecting from your end. While I have waited for the last 8 days for the connection even after all that has happened, I would like to terminate my connection (even before I used it). I will be more than happy to return the instrument and I expect the application fee that I have paid to be returned. I am planning to move to any other service provider as I don’t think their service can be worse than this.

Thanks and Regards.
Sushant Sreeram
Quotes End

  • Pu
    puneet aggarwal Feb 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is to bring into ur cocern that i bought a no. from ur office. they had promised me to me my choice no.
    sir i hav submited all necessary documents and amount mentiond for that perticular no.
    but wasnt so, i hav not provided wid that. although any other no. was given which wasnt activated on my phone.
    plz take some sincer action over this. my alternate contct no:09911297207

    with regards

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  • Ga
    gani Nov 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    iwant full informaton of 9290626550
    becuase i got some missed calls form this number so please kindly sendfollowing deatil for the above e-mail
    from which area this mobile is working

    thanking you

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Disconnection problems, lack of responsibility

I have disconnected tata indicom landline connection 12 days before, when i went at that time those people told me they gonna disconnect it within 3 days but till now there is no response from those people they just wanna take money which i had deposited for std and isd connection and they want to take money as the monthly rental. Inspite of reminding them again and again these beggars r not responding anymore.

  • Sc
    scam eamil May 29, 2007

    My tata indicom line is dead for last 3 days i have lodged complain but there is no response to it. Even i feel that i should stop using Tata Indicom.

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  • Ka
    Kasturi Sep 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    REF: LET/3194/PP/2007 August 30, 2007

    General Manager
    Tata Tele Services (Maharashtra) Ltd.
    Ispat House
    B. G. Kher Marg, Worli
    Mumbai – 400 018

    Sub: Supply of New Wireless Landline System for Telephone no.

    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that 1st August 2007 there was a fire in our office premises at the below mentioned address. The wireless Landline telephone system was spoiled due to the fire, hence we request you to supply a new wireless Landline telephone system against telephone no. 65133413. We also like to inform you that this telephone no 65133413 is absolutely not in use from August 1, 2007.

    Please find enclosed a copy of Police complaint letter for the fire as your reference.

    Your prompt action in this regard would be highly appreciated.

    Our office address as follows,
    NAVI MUMBAI – 400 710
    TEL: 27688817 / 27611228

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,



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  • Ch
    chandarkanth Jan 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please cancel the tataindicom landline connection of ph - 080-65610552

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Unable to dial access number

I purchased Tata Indicom India Calling card of Rs 200. I used it for 10 days. After that I am not able to use that card. For using this card one has to dial the access number of the state from where we have purchased the card. In my case it is Maharashtra.

After dialing the access nos ie (1802210), I am getting a Tu Tu Tu tone. this is happening for the last 12 days. I have send at least three mails to Customer Care centre, but till now no response.

Also when I am calling the customer care nos (12678), I am getting message The number you have Dialled is incorrect. We dont expect such thing from a Tata company.

Disconnection of phone without notice

A copy of email to: pro / general manager (sales/services) I had purchased the tata indicom walky after...

Service barred without explanation!

I have 3 (2 mobile + 1 walky) connections of tata indicom. When i was in roaming location and my due date was still not over, they have stopped my services without any explanation and prior intimation resulting to a mental harassment to me and my family. Few customer care executives are very rude and bang the call after unable to give a proper explanation. i have already paid then vide cheque no. 368852 of HDFC Bank, sarat bose road branch dated 24.01.07. but till date my service is barred. Even my incoming service is barred.

  • Ra
    ravi sagar Jan 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Service barred without notice

    Me and my family have been an old costumer of tata indicom service .but now our relationship are going not only bad but bitter as well.

    - When our credit limit was only 5000 ,how does it reaches 14000/-
    - Why consumer care recommended me to pay 2000/- as interim payment ,so that our de-barred services could be revived
    - On the basis of inbuilt amount ,debarred the service thrice
    - Never and ever there was a previous lapse in bill payment
    - Why we should pay the money which is inbuilt and just computer is showing, of which even the most technical personals could not get a hard copy ,is there any relevance for paying the interim bill,which were asked when we visited several times in the nearest tat idiom hub at ARJAN PALACE
    - After getting fully convinced I bought the package of free incoming while roaming that your published and informed criteria clearly mentions that roaming is totally free, while in practice it is so that bill is generated and later it would be discounted, which exceed the limit this applies even when it talk in between tata to tata mobile only.
    - Company can SMS 100's of times per day about the ring tone, winning the car message, and other rubbish information but never and ever they informed about the barring of services.

    On 13th of January 2007 a message came about over bill of about 4000 Rs, requesting to make an interim payment to continue the services. I personally inquired that why they haven’t sent a proper monthly bill to me. Reply was due to some technical error a company was unable, on 17th 0f January 2007 I get the bill and the same time I deposit the bill of Rs 3372, why should I bear for the technical error occurring in the indicom computer, this is seer violation of not only consumer right but human right as well.

    I am a media person and it can be gouged easily about the tremendous loss I incurred personally and professionally. The customer care personal always took me in grant provoked me to pay interim payment, never ever they gave any idea how to contact any superior information provided by them is tit-bit not complete and convincing even the facts and figures changes with change in personnel.

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  • Go
    Gorantla Ramanjaneyulu May 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A copy of email to TataIndicom:

    I wish to bring to your notice that, my wife's TATAINDICOM service Mobile No.9247128143 is being used for the last three and half years and suddenly blocked by the TATAINDICOM service providers and no incoming / outgoing and message alerts even after promising by TATAINDICOM under two years incoming prepaid service. since were are in tour and could not get proper reply from TATAINDICOM SERVICE providers we are not receiving any calls and could not bear the mental tension agony. Also, I am having one post paid TATAINDICOM mobile service from KURNOOL branch "DO MORE" scheme. (I wish to cancel all TATAINDICOM Services due to non-cooperation from your service providers)

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  • Ma
    Manubhai V Mehta May 12, 2007

    Our Telephone No.65705651. Payment for bill of April-07 for Rs.981=00. only by cheque is made and yet out going is disconnected. Details of payment like Cheque No, Bank's name and Branch Date of cheque and amount of cheque was given on 9th May 07, even after on 12th May 07 early morning at 2=38, out going was disconnected. Is it not harassment to Valued Customer?

    Earlier We had complain for our other No64505822, for wrong charges of Rs.96=00 only for the Bill for April-07, we have already made the payment as per Bill but till today there is no response from Tata Indicom and Credit Of Rs.96=00 is not given till today.

    Thus They neglect the customers' complaints.

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  • Pr
    Premananda Jena Apr 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I am using a USB Datacards of Tata Indiocom but last two months i have not received the bills.

    Thanks & Regards


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  • La
    Lalit MOhan Singh Nov 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I am using tata indicon phone for last two yrs .18 octobe iI got a message from your if you recharge with 220 you will get 270 ruppes. I recharged my phone on same day bu till date I did not recieve your extra ruppes. In this regard I had talked to your customer care executive may time but they did not give me positive response. my comlaint no is pcr06311491

    Thanks & Regards


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Negligent and rude customer support

I have WLL connection sine last two years. The battery back up is not at all working,means the instrument won't function without external power supply. When contacted the Customer care demands me to pay for a replacement battery. This is absurd and shocking as the instrument is the property of Tata Indicom, they need to maintain and replace it unless the instrument is damaged by the user just like any other telecom e.g. BSNL.

The customer care just put you on hold for long time and comes out with negligent answer, may be my worst experience.

Do not pay salary

I had worked for tata teleservice (TCIOIP), coimbatore for the past four months. Now i had relived from there, but my 45 days salary worth Rs 11,000 had not yet given by my manager. As am a staying alone how can I manage for accommodation.

I had joined as marketing executive. But they are asking me to do the collection job also.

Rude behavior from true value hubs!

The first thing now i struggle for is how to choose the subject of my complaint. I had every type of...

Caller tunes does not work

Caller tune was not been activated but currency has been cut from my balance and when i tried another time same result.

Resolved Tata indicom is a scam!

I had booked for a tataindicom broadband connection. I had got in touch with the sales person and he visited...

Ridiculous behavior of tata indicom service people!

This is tata indicom customer, staying at bangalore (contact no:[protected]) as per the details we took the...

New connection problems

My self Rajeev Aggarwal from chandigarh i am software engineer. I booked Tata walky around 20 days back with the promise that it will be installed in 2 days. Based on my request it is assured to me that before going for installation they will make call on my alternate number.

1) more than 4 days no installation was made.

2) after one week people when to my home and my landlord was not aware of my official name and told them there is no Rajeev Aggarwal putting up here.

3) after 15 days passed on information has been given to me. I regularly visit concerned dealer but there was no result.

4) finally i called the person who booked phone. he said he is not responsible person and gave me another number. Since i am given further number to number but no result. If needed i can show you my mobile bills along with all name and number.

5) At last i called concern person and he informed me that my request was negative and i will not get any connection.

6) Nobody is there to make at least one call to inform me. When they need customer they make as many call they want and now the concern person who assured me for result not even picking up my phone. where should i go...

is this the service Tata indicom is providing???

Please guide me smb, i am helpless...
my number : [protected].

  • Ve
    venkat Dec 05, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is venkat working as software engineer. Six months ago i have took Tata Indicom connection which has the offer of 2 years outgoing and 2 yrs incoming free(Tata to Tata). But recently i was revoked with the offer .The customer care people said if i have used another card other than the first one which i got at the time i bought then the offer will be cancelled. Such statements were not made at the time i bought it.Not only to me , the something happened with my friends also.. All this is to attract customers initially and finally leave them to their fate cancelling the proposed offers..Whom should we ask about this and who is going to answer our queries ..nobody....nobody...

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  • As
    ASHWANI KAPOOR Dec 05, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 01.12.2006 book an postpaid connection and paid rs 600 in cash, all other necessary documents. They insure me that ur connection activated in working two days. On Monday i called him and they issuered me that ur connection activated with in one hours. When i called him after two hours, they disconect my phone several times. Then i go tata indicom showroom, executive told me that we have no record of ur application.
    Then again called him but they refused to attend my called. Still no activation has been done.

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  • Am
    Amar Powar Dec 18, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I strongly agree with you , I too booked tata indicom phone they promise me they will deliver phone within 3 days but they fail to do that after seven days agen told me that we didn't have any phone in stock. Can you wait more? This is really very ridiculous. Tata indicom is very bad!

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  • Ve
    venkat Jan 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel ridiculous about providing any feed back for the service provided. I had logged a case couple of days back and still keeping fingers crossed for a response which could be even negative. Here the customer service is pathetic and no consideration for the customers impact . Even the most critical case is treated lethargically and being customer and sufferers have to take initiative to remind technical people to work on the case and in turn call them to get status too. Complain number logged by me is 1552742 for broad band connectivity issue couple of days back and even today I have to call them repetitively to get the current status. Till now I had made more then 20 calls and in turn never received a call from them and got stereotype replies and false commitments from the customer service engineers. They lack minimum courtesy of updating the customer about the turn around time or current status update. I am really frustrated and felt that I made a mistake by enrolling into tata service.

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  • Ra
    Rajeev Aggarwal Apr 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I really appreciate you for taking step to file complain against them. We people just hesitate to take step. But i really do appreciate it.

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  • Ha
    harsh Dec 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tata as the name itself suggests, you buy a product and after taking your hard earned money they will say 'T A T A'. I have purchased a usb modem internet connection few months back, the speed is pathetic so as the customer care. It is the worst service provider and make false promises. Do not reccommend tata product to anyone for GOD's sake.

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  • Is
    Ismail Mohammed Dec 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    One of the worst service i found in my whole life.
    As a coroporate customer, my company provided me with VData Card. Which one of the useless card I ever seen in my life.

    I have Dell Latitude D620. When I installed the Vdata card software on the first day i noticed that driver is not detectable by operating system. I downloaded the software from the internet still the same behaviour. I called up tata customer care which is my big mistake to rely on those people. I told them clearly that driver is not getting updated. You can't believe what is the answer they have given : Sim card is not activated that is why it is not updating the driver. Come guys be a good technician. I have accepted the suggestion given by them but no ways i have to depend on them. Fine.. they took totally 5 days for activating a SIM after having create n number escalation tickets.

    Then they agreed with me that there is problem with drivers, they told me to go to Redington technology for checking the VData, they checked vdata card and sim card, one of the interesting about those people is they don't what will be the cause for this issue and moreover one of the technician is telling me that Huawei Software under Device Manager showing in yellow mark with question on it is a common thing and there is no issue. As a technician i felt where i am, forget it. They told me that they don't what will be the solution. Unacceptable answer.

    Once i came back to my place i called up tata customer care and requested them to know the root cause, they told that there is some compatible issue with DELL, O god finally they realised. Those guy committed me that somebody will come or they document it or arrange a callback. It was almost 24hours nobody called me . So i taught let me remind them so i called up them one of the executive is telling me to go to tata indicom branch and tell them that it is not working, i really don't know whether this customer executive are for tata indicom or some other company. good escape. I disagreed with them as i told him that there were 150 users effected.
    i was asking about the update that what is the status for call back he is telling me to go somewhere else wow what a solution they provided me. Finally by the grace of god i got one lady on call explained her the issue and requested some one to call me, they arranged a callback
    even it is more then 24 hours nobody visited my place when i called up now nobody is picking up the phone - Excellent customer service.

    I have one question for Tata, they are already aware about this issue from last 2 month but what is the solution they have. As coroporate guy i guess that you got the information from our end which laptop we are using still you people has taken care.

    Case create 2 weeks back
    still it is going on.
    no one bothered to take ownership
    even i have given complaint via mail no one bothered to get back to me.

    Is this called quality customer service.

    Tata ---- really tata for everyone (bye bye to satisfaction and increase blood pressure)

    Only sentence i heard in the call is "sorry for the inconvinience" & we understand your concern like a parrot.

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  • Pa
    PANKAJ KUMAR Jan 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Never take connection from TATA, they are cheater and spoiled the name of TATA. I had taken connection in Mumbai and later I surrendered the connections due to their poor service. Their customer care can be named as customer "no care". For God sake never never TATA any more.

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  • Aj
    Ajay Kulkarni May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Myself Ajay Kuklkarni from Pune, i am business analyst I booked tataindicom wireless data card USB Modem and Wireless Internet. I had got in touch with the sales person and he visited my residence, as per procedure and collected all the necessary documents and i paid him. As per the procedure i was getting connection in two days, due to the business urgency i requested them to make it in 1 day for that they took extra money from me. I was promised the connection in 1 day, but it’s already 3 day past no one turned back even they least bother to inform me about the delay. After several calls to the higher authority still i have not got the connection and i lost my US client as being not available in given time

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  • Ba
    badruzzama Khan May 02, 2009

    I purchase USB TAta Modan in February - 2009 since then i am not able to access even a single page i have given several complain but the mater is still pending now i would like to surrender the USB Modam, and i want my money back which i have paid at the time of taking the usb modam, My internet no. is 9223955461 and my contact no. is 9221380676
    today date 02-05-2009 (Saturday)

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