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Complaints & Reviews

Tata has god power

I had taken a TATA V Data card in the month of March 2007 and a Number was associated with that No. [protected] (Plan monthly rent Rs 425/- 512 MB Free Data) and was working successfully till September 2009. In the month of October My bill was three times above usual bill and when I enquired (ref no. [protected]/ 13-10-09) I was told that my usage is increased and I can go for another plan in which monthly rent is Rs. 500/- & 1 GB Free Data) and meanwhile they will check for my increased bill. I had received a call stating that my bill is Okay. On 20-10-09, I called at customer care and changed my plan for Rs. 500/- & 1 GB Free Data. Ref No. [protected], It was told to me that this new plan will be activated from next billing cycle. In between month I again paid higher bill.
But it was a surprise to see that my next bill contained fixed charges of Rs 700/- instead for Rs 500/- (as I was told). I immediately called customer care centre and informed about it. (Ref No. [protected]/ 12-12-09) where I was told that regarding the issue, I will receive a call within 3 working days. I was waiting for their call but I did not received any call from them. On 23-12-09, I again called their centre. In the beginning of the call through computerized voice I was announced about the bill and it was correct and then I deposited the amount.
Surprise, In my next month’s bill i.e January 2010, again it was Rs 700/- as fixed charges. I again called the centre and this time executive told me that the plan is of Rs. 700/- and cannot be changed. (Ref no. [protected] / 13-01-10) I asked then why did you change it last time; and he replied ‘because you had given wrong information’ and mentioned that I will received a call with 24 hours.
I got a call next day on 14-01-10 and the lady said that she called me on 16-12-09 and mentioned that correction in Bill is only for one-time and later on I will be charged with Rs. 700/-. It was painful to me because I had not received any call from Tata Executive on 16-12-09.
I tried to contact Nodal officer at Delhi through phone (numbers given on bill) but it was not approachable. I had written a mail regarding the issue but that was a height when I received a call from their CP Office. Gentleman claimed that the lady called you on 16-01-10 and I was agreed for on time discount and now I AM SPEAKING ALIE. Moreover he also mentioned that nothing can be done now and you have to pay amount as per bill.
I have no other way to accept that I was wrong and TATA People as always, a governance nova are GOD in Corporate Business.

Waste service

hello cunstomers of tata products,

i am using tata photon plus since from 3 months. i hate this service which they are providing. bekar service by tata. gently i decided to close my tata+ service i romed tata indicom office for 2 3 times. but i would int got clear information. finally i heared that to close the tata photon we have to submit address proof, that when are closing. and if close, we cant active after whenever we want. this is the facility. but i decided to stop for 3 months, in the term language of tata it is called as "safe custody" we can deactivate our service for 3 months but there is billing monthly 75 /- per bill/month. what a service by tata indicom. i advice to the customers those who are looking for easy carry or tata photon plus providing by tata indicom please dont aggre to buy these type of service.. i am suffering from this service. please u dont.

Waste service

Useless speed

Dear Sir/Madam,
On Saturday (12.12.09) I conducted Miss.Hemalatha([protected]) for get the USB broadband unlimited connection. She told me about the 130KBps speed connection in tata photon. i asked her, about the download & upload speed and demo also. She said to me, in the product gives full of the given speed (130 KBps) for download/upload also and no demo is give for this connection. I trust her speech.

On Monday(14.12.09) she sent one person name is Mr.Selva([protected]) to my place. He bought the product(Rs.2400/-) but he was not given the receipt to me. I asked him the receipt, he told to me to give later. He tried to install the product in my pc. But he don’t know the processes. He couldn't make connection. Then he told me to take the product with him for trying to connect in his office. After that he didn't come back and not return the product & receipt and not proper response also. I called hemalatha to send the good technician person. But she didn't send anyone. Then i went to royapet office in person. I couldn't met hemalatha.but i met Gokila(leader)([protected]) and explain my problem. She used unwanted words against me then She said to me tomorrow your amount will come to your place. But she didn't do any and no contact. Again i went to office for my problem, i met Mr.Vijaykumar([protected]). I explained him everything, he told me to return the amount in the same day evening but he also not follow as what he said to me. After a long try, Friday(18.12.09) only, Mr.bala([protected]) return the product to me in my place.

19.12.09 evening only, Mr.Vijay([protected]) came to my place and make connection with my pc. We checked the download/upload speed, but it is (4 to 5 Kbps) only. It is nothing use to me.

For my project affairs, i bought the connection. This much of download/upload speed will not help me any of the way.Miss.Hemalatha given me the false information about the product. It is not choose to my requirements. So prevent me from the loss of Rs.2400/-. I already met the loss of the project for this one week delay happened by (Selva, Gokila, Hemalatha). So please take your product & return the amount as earliest.

Please try to consider/think,
My lost of project.
Loss of time.
Mind stress.
Sales persons(Hemalatha, Gokila, Selva) improper response .
Useless of download/upload speed (4 - 5Kbps).
Demo not shown to me.((Miss.Vijayashanthi([protected])floor manager told me, the demo is available for this product)).
Loss of the product amount (Rs.2400-).

So please immediately contact me in person / in call ([protected]).
Note: I received the product receipt on 20.12.09 afternoon time by some unknown.
Thanking you.

Useless speed

Prepaid money being deducted without my knowledge

My mobile phone number is [protected]
From Nov 25 th to today the Dec 19, an amount of Rs 90 and odd was deducted from my prepaid amount without my making any outgoing calls. This happened 3 times and the night beforre i check that the balance is over Rs 90 and the next morning I receive a message that the amount available is only Rs 12 this time and previously some Rs 23.50 or so. How and why this deductions without my knowledge? I do not understand this scam. I tried 3 times al ready and recharged but this is happening again. Please investigate and credit to my prepaid amount. Thank you.
My email is [protected]@msn.com
Mobile # [protected]

[Resolved] Transfer of ownership

I have a Tata Photon plus connection (Tata Indicom No. [protected]; Account No. [protected]). I had requested for a transfer of ownership of my connection to my father's name on 12 November, 2009 and submitted all documents including NOC letter; Acceptance letter; CAF form; valid address proof; valid ID proof at Tata Indicom Centre at Fort, Mumbai on 12 November 2009 (No. [protected]). I had also cleared all outstanding amount related to my connection and I was assured that all processes would be completed latest by 16 November 2009. The residence verification was done on 17 November, 2009 but the transfer of ownership has not been done till date i.e. 5 December 2009.

Despite two e-mails to Internet.[protected]@tatatel.co.in, I received irrelevant and incomplete e-mails from Hetal K Shah, Customer Service Executive. Noone picks up the phone at the Tata Indicom centre at Fort, Mumbai and executives at the Tata helpline number 022-[protected] are clueless about the given request and the processes involved.

This is to register a formal complaint for extremely poor after-sales service and to demand transfer of ownership of the account at the earliest.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Dr
    Dr Rumpa Das Sep 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    I am a TATA photon plus postpaid service (internet) user and I am unable to submit my bill online. Every time when I clik the option pay (for bill payment online), it was written that the bill detail is not available. Today is the last day for bill submission and after that the company will charge extra money (as fine) or disconnect the service. I don't want to pay extra money for the fault of the company and I also don't want to disconnect my service. Please help.
    Thanking you.
    Dr Gorakh Nath
    TATA photon number is 9235069745
    My contact number is 8756860132

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  • Customercare Sep 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Mr. Gorakhnath,

    Greetings from Tata Indicom!

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    We would like to inform you that, as discussed on given alternate number regarding online payment that, issue has been resolved.

    Should you require any further assistance please mail us at [email protected] or you can call us on 040-66570232.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Customer Care,
    Tata Indicom.

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  • A4
    a4Arun Apr 04, 2012

    my tata phone plus number is not working since 11th march-2012. I recharged with 700rs for unlimited access for 30days, but it stopped working on 11th, I complained at customer care on 14th march first time, but they didn't response. after that I complaint many times, but each time, they gave me 24hrs resolution time, but nobody call after that. Then I visited their technical centre in Gurgaon, Sahara Mall. But that guy also didn't solve the problem, but raise a new complain. after that I received one call, and customer care person asked me to again at technical centre for some programming of device. I visited again at Noida centre, I sit there aroung 1 hr, but the executive couldn't help me, andsaid, he can't help. but didn't tell me. and most probably closed my complaint.
    Since then I am calling each day to customer care, but they are not helping at all. just raising a new complain, and giving me 24hrs more. there is no other way to complain.
    I am thinking to go for consumer court for the same.
    I will never recommend tata photo to any other person..

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  • Tata Docomo Customer Service Apr 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Mr. Arun,

    Greetings from Tata Docomo!

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    We request you to kindly provide us your Tata Photon Plus connection details, e-mail id or your alternate contact number which will assist us in doing the needful.

    We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

    For any further assistance please mail us at [email protected] or you can call us on 040-66570232.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Customer care
    Tata Docomo.

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Unnecessary harasshment


Reciept no-[protected] against account no.[protected] ([protected])

I had a very bad experience with TATA indicaom, i had been using TATA Indicom connection for more then 2 years, howerver 5 to 6 months back i received a bill of rs4000 (I did not remember the exact amount it was between [protected]), then immediatly made call the TATA customer care, they said sir by mistake its all CLONING AMOUNT, this is error from our end ...we will send you other bill with your actual usage.but this was not happened actually, i kept on complaining but nobody was listening in the CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Now 1 month back i received the call form (R. K Sharma)..he said he is lawyer and has received the case from TATA Indicom, then he said considering your Issue and your geniune problem we can do FULL and FINAL for you for the settelment on RS 1500.

Even then i deposited RS1500 against that usage which is not being used by me...i deposited that amount, so that TATA indicom people and different lawyers should not give unnecessay call and harass to my family and me .

Mr Sharma confirmed me that now nobody will call you, because matter has been resolved..

Howeve today (25/11/2009). again i got a call from Lawyer from Patiala house saying that they have Sumoan ready againt me for your unpaid bill

Lawyer... this time handling the case is Mr MAHAJAN ([protected]) file no.6988/09.

This is last time i am requesting to you, if you are taking some needful action againt it..other wise i have to take very strict action again TATA INDICOM ...

I will now approch to Consumer Court againt TATA INDiCOM to harassing my family member and me unnecessay by giving calls from different lawyers, ever after i paid extra amount to TATA INDICOM..

Please let me know at earliest .


Ravinder palsingh


  • Sa
    Satym Jun 14, 2011

    We also had the same problem. We had requested them to terminate our connection because of their ### service in January this year, but the bills kept coming, even though we were not even using the connection. Finally we told them flatly that we will not pay any more, and now they have sent us a legal notice for an outstanding amount of some Rs. 1500/-. We have hired a lawyer and are going to fight back. Someone needs to teach these @#$%&* a lesson.
    In our country all the laws protect the the rich and the powerful, so they can easily get away with this kind of cavalier treatment.

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Cancellation of telephone number 040-[protected]

I hereby want to enlighten you that we have registered a complaint on disconnection of our instrument bearing number 040-[protected]. We have registered this complaint more than 3 times. Every time we register this it will be a new complaint and everytime they say that their people will come to our home and collect the instrument. Its been months now, nobody are here to collect. But the bill is regular.
I request the concerned officers to look into this matter, because this can influence TATA's performance.

[Resolved] Remote computer not responding

From last two days, when I am connecting net through Tata photon whiz, its replying remote computer not...

Deafness-inducing high-decible beep in malfuntioning phone

[protected] nodal gj
[protected] nodal gj direct line
[protected] nodal maha
[protected] appellate gj

[protected] compl no.

Jatin, Pooja, Nirlip Rawal, Exec who gave complaint number, Shammii, Jiji, Kalpesh

Mr Nirlep,
I'm a walky customer since 2004. Recently i got the old phone whose battery had stopped working, exchanged for a C2 model phone. This new phone has a big malfunction. Whenever the "call failed" message appears on the screen, it is accompanied by an extremely loud beep. Maybe loud enough to make someone deaf if heard too many times, in any case it is very uncomfortable and it induces a violent reflex action that makes the caller jerk the phone away from the ear. Due to this malfunction i have forbidden my mother from using it, she has recently developed a severe ENT condition. I myself use the phone carefully and first put teh phone on speaker after dialing and only after the call connects do i switch the speaker off. This is not the way to use a phone. The reasoning of the old phone being "company-owned" and this one being "customer-owned" is incredible. The bottomline is i purchased a product from Tata Indicom and the product is faulty to the point of being hazardous. I'm pretty sure the fault exists not just in my particular phone but in every C2 model issued by Tata. What i'd really like to see is Tata recalling back every C2 phone from the market and giving proper phones to customers along with severe apologies, but since this kind of thing only happens in USA and elsewhere with million dollar lawsuits, i'd just like to see my phone exhanged for my old model phone or the grey coloured model.

Below is a summary of the interaction i've had with CSRs and your office staff about this problem. First i dialled 121 someone called Jatin spoke bashfully and said neither will my phone be excahnged nor will anyone come to repair it let alone replace it. Then i tried to call your office several times and finally got to speak to Pooja. She gave an oversmart solution that i should reduce the volume of my phone (as if i had not already tried that). The phone has 7 volumes levels (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14). I kept the volume bang in the middle at 8 and still the problem persisted. I called her again and explained to her and asked to speak to you, she said you were in a meeting. This was 4:30 PM, i tried several times after that all the way to 6:00 PM. Either the phone was deliberately placed off the hook or way too many other irate customers or persistent nuts like me were calling. Either way i could connect to her only once at 5:34 PM and you were still busy in a meeting. I said i'm going to keep calling until i reach you, i have the luxury of time and the passion for righting wrong, so there's going to be giving up. I tried 121 again but this time the CSR gave me a complaint number - [protected] and assured me that an engineer would come home and solve the problem. This turn of events made me want to complain to you even more. Why was i refused the last time and why have i been accomodated this time. Is this a game of getting the customer tired to make him/her give up? I reached Shammi at your office at 6:11 PM and told him that of course your meeting would have ended as it is past 6 PM (your nodal office timings are 11-6 correct?) but that i will call again next morning and every day until i reach you. Why do you put the timings 11-6 and then go attend meetings from 4:30 to 6 PM? Then next day your phone is as if off the hook and not availble when i tried calling from 11 AM to 12:30 PM at which time your engineer finally came, all he came and did was reduce the key beep volume which ahs not resolved the problem. I tried making calls many times on teh phone in order to get the call failed message and the loud beep from receive) which is 'extremely' hazardous to the ear. Since even in 30 odd calls the message did not appear the problem could not be even identified by the engineer let alone being solved. But since this "chalta hai" attitude is present in all Tata Indicom operations i was not surprised to see him leave without solving my problem but not before making the call to his boss and getting a "problem solved" status on customer approved accountability, like there is an, sheet. I spoke toa very irritating lady who he called and i told that it isnt the engineer's fault that the "call failed" message failed to appear but yet it is not correct to set the problem status to resolved and report back with a message saying "no problem found". Then i tried calling 121Helpline many times as well as your highness' number which never connects. I tried Mumbai nodal office number and it connected on first try. What's wrong with you?

While he was there i tried calling 121 and telling them that the problem isn't being resolved, they said the following phrases in a complete un-CSR like decorum - "old phone company owned" "new phone customer owned" "go to the tata indicom office/service centre" "no we will not send engineer if problem happens again" "go buy 1000 rupees new phone" etc. This CSR's name was jiji, or something.

Then next day i called and spoke to Kalpesh who repeated all the above along with telling me that now we will not send engineer again. Your phone is customer-owned thus there is no liability on Tata to repair it but engineer was sent because we are customers since 2004. He spoke as if his word is law that this phone will not be exchanged and that this problem exists in every phone. I told him to give me any other phone's model number which has this kind of ###ed beep on call failed/network failure situation. He had no answer.

Then next day i went to the Tata Indicom HQ at sub-jail Surat. At the front reception itself i was handed over a small chit displaying the address of Kyocera service centre at Mirambica Building. While i was in the process of explaining the problem. I had carried the phone with me so that i could have shown them the problem. It happend at least 5 times in 24 hours again since the engineer came. They could have witnessed it and explained to your 121 CSR that the problem indeed exists which could take forward the phone replacement procedure. But no, why bother. Ot worse, you all know of this problem and since we are so un-USA lawsuit system and product recall orders, you believe in making the customer tired if he ever tried to take complains forwars. So deliberately sweeping thr problem under the carpet won't help one bit. The Kyocera Service Centre is a paid-service centre, you expect me to pay to repair a phone i've in fact purchased from you for a decent amount of money, when the problem existed since the product was manufactured, which incidently has also seen other exact complaints from other unfortunate customers who fell for the phone exchange scam by Tata and got handed over these deafness-inducing pieces of $%@#. I very well know the addresses of Customer Grievence Cell and Consumer Court.

The non-Tata Service Centre told me that this problem cannot be solved and that it cannot be repaired. So i have no option but to buy a new phone for Rs. 1000. Why the [email protected]@??? I've paid for a proper phone and when you exchange it you had two options the big grey phone or this C2 crap. I was given no choice in getting the grey phone as it was 'supposed' to be out of stock when it was plainly displayed acorss all Tata Indicom Shops. I was not told all this ownership tranfer BS and wasn't even told that this phone doesn't have SMS. As if that is a small defect and it was also brushed under the carpet by focussing on a useless function you provide - that of dial up internet through the phone ' i purchased a cable worth Rs 600 (a bigger waste of Rs. 600 i've never done) to make the net work which never installed or worked since there were many different cables for net and the software cd was crap too. I wasn't returned my money for teh cable when the same cable in the market costs Rs. 150 and works. I was told the same grey phone (which was out of stock above) in the market costs only Rs. 300. So the damn cable is more expensive than the price of the damn phone. Whoa! Brialliant Tata, if all your ventures provide such hapless pricing then Nano belong to the dump yard i guess. Anyway so there's no one and no where to repair or exchange this piece of #$%@ C2 Phone. Are you getting the logic here? Are you getting how incredible this situation would eb to a consumer in teh US? But we're Indians so we work like this only, right?

-Karan Bhatia

ps: forwarded to: http://www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/tata-indicom-gujarat-c210892.html, http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/tata-indicom-c8913.html, http://www.consumercourt.in/, http://ncdrc.nic.in/, http://www.consumergrievance.com/icrpc.org.courtaddress.htm, http://www.ccccore.co.in, http://india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?id=1091


Karan Bhatia to nodalofficer.g.
show details 17:15 (1 minute ago)
it seems customer service is deaf and dumb and aid your company in making the people literally deaf and feel dumb

Subject - Deafness-inducing high-decible beep in malfuntioning phone. Problem in entire batch but product not getting recalled by Tata, unlike maybe say any company in USA or Europe would have to do

Auto deduct of due to caller tunes set automatically without a will

I was never interested in caller tunes, but indicom is very big fraud company to earn money by putting caller tunes on automatically and deduction Rs 20 every month for that. I have complained against this many times but every time i get the same reply that i need to send sms to deactivate that caller tune, i did that too but again next month a new caller tune set again and my money keeps on deducting. I am fed up with keep on complaining. Even call center people also knows they are doing fraud thing, so they dont solve the problem, they just keep saying same thing and disconnect the call. Why indian law doesnot close such fraud companies. Please suggest me what can i do to claim my all money back from indicom or what can be done so that inidcom doesnot sustain in future and wont make fool to other people.

Calls barred

What the hell is this going on with your services???
My cell no. Is [protected]... My name is prolay paul.
From past 3 days my outgoing calls has been barred... While taking the sim i have given my driving licence & one photo...1st 7-8 days it was ok, evrything was fine, but from past 3 days all of your this bloody problem arises...
C. Care tells "your document hasn't come yet"
I want to say "idiots... Agar documents mila nahi tha to phir no. Chalu kaise kia pahle??"
Don't say all this rubbish things...
And from today incoming calls was also barred...
Is this the way you treat your customers bloody hermo???
I don't know anything... Just activate my no. ([protected]) today...
Otherwise give my money back...150/- of sim & 699/- of std free plan...
For you guys i cannot talk with my family with my maa in dashera...
Just activate my number now...
And if u have the guts then call me on [protected]...
Bloody idiots...
Note-don't ever buy a tata indicom set & sim... They will ruin your life...

Connection failed

Respected sir,

Myself Hrihikesh Bhatt, Senior engineer from esteemed organization in Gujarat.

Sir, I have bought one tata photon whiz from TATA INDICOM CENTER, RAJKOT.
I could buy it from outside your representative but I think about future services.

I bought on 13/09/2009 at 7-30PM.and start internet on 17/09/2009.
When it started, it disconnected after every 15 mins.

I bought it from your Rajkot main branch representative..
Miss Khusbu [protected]) And
Mr.Sonak Mehta (+91-[protected]).

It prices for 2400/- with all taxes.

I talked near about 10 to 15 times for this problem but every time different answer.
One time She gave me customer care no which is of marketing department that no. is [protected].

I try to contact her after this time, but I couldn’t.

I contacted to Mr.Sonak Mehta on mobile but he is not responding.
From last 6 days I am unable to use my new modem and net also.

I am very much stressed about that careless support.

Plz do the needful.
I don’t like to complaint about any one, but its over my limit.

Hrishikesh Bhatt(+91-[protected])

[Resolved] Disconnecting my post paid connection

Iam B.Neeraja from Guntur, As I want to disconnect my tata indicom post paid connection i, e)[protected] please try to take action regarding my complaint.For further clarifications if any please contact me to the number given above.
Thanking You,
Yours Truely,


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Tata Teleservices's response · Jul 12, 2011

    Dear Mr. Vijay,

    Greeting from Tata Indicom!

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    With reference to your complaint, we kindly request you to visit any of TATA Indicom TVH/TVS/Outlet with a written request for cancellation or contact us through our mail id given below so that our concerned team will assist in doing the needful.

    Should you require any further assistance please mail us at [email protected] or you can call us on 040-66570232 (10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday).

    Thanks and Regards,
    Customer Care,
    Tata Indicom.

  • Oz
    Ozone Polyform Pvt. Ltd. Feb 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We M/s Ozone Polyform Pvt. Ltd. Dadra, As we want to disconnect my tata indicom post paid connection i, e)9227502382 please try to take action regarding our complaint.For further clarifications if any please contact me to the number given above.
    Thanking You,
    Yours Truely,
    Ozone Polyform Pvt. Ltd. Dadra
    E-mail- [email protected]

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  • Ra
    rahul81 Mar 04, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    I am having tata indicom post paid connection.My post paid mobile number is 9218515794.I want to disconnect my post paidconnection.Kindly take action for disconnecting the connection.For further clarifications if any please contact me to the number given above.
    Thanking You,
    Yours Truely,
    mob No. 09418015794
    E-mail- [email protected]

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  • Ak
    Akbarsab Patel May 03, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    I am having tata indicom post paid connection.My post paid mobile number is 9243039451. I want to disconnect my post paidconnection on 1st June 2010.Kindly take action for disconnecting the connection.For further clarifications if any please contact me to the number given above.

    Thanking You,

    Yours Truely,
    Akbarsab Patel
    mob No. 9900007168
    E-mail- [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Manjeet Singh Virdi Feb 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    I am having tata indicom post paid connection.My post paid mobile number is 9216502138 .I want to disconnect my post paidconnection.Kindly take action for disconnecting the connection.For further clarifications if any please contact me to the number given above.
    Thanking You,
    Yours Truely,
    Hardeep Singh
    mob No. 9780936205
    E-mail- [email protected]

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  • Vi
    vijay khanna Jul 11, 2011

    Dear sir,
    I am having tata indicom post paid connection. My post paid walky number is 01165164847. I want to disconnect my post paid connection.
    kindly take action for disconnecting the connection. For further details contact me on the number 9212181461.
    Thanking you,
    yours truly,
    Vijay Khanna
    mob no. 9212181461
    [email protected]

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  • Ma

    The tata teleservices ltd.
    New Delhi.

    Dear Sir,
    I have extra sim cards.
    So, thish letter to inform cancel my sim card plz.
    quickly disconnect my sim card maintion phone
    No. 9212799062, 9212606519
    [email protected]
    Yuor Faith folly
    thanking you

    C-55-57, F FLOOR
    NEW DELHI - 110059

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  • Be
    Berni85 May 26, 2014

    I have a Tata Indicom connection over 3 years and I would like to disconnect due to bad service, no proper response and ill treating behavior. They call when we do not pay bill and trash you with bad words and disrespect people. The executives who call not only use unacceptable language they threaten anyone who picks the call, even the kids at home. This is a very unacceptable behavior.
    When I call regarding the connection not working properly or things like that no proper response or the phone is disconnected agfter a long hold. I better pay the same amount somewhere else and get better service.
    Disconnect my tata docomo 9282228309 at the earliest.

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Receiving & calling problem

i am swapnil patil.i have purchased tata indicoms mobile huawei c2901 model on 23rd June 2009.after a week there were calling & receiving problem in mobile. i sent it to your customer care service centre on 27th July 2009 for repairing. but still i dont get the mobile.they are ignoring the complain & said that the parts are not getting by you.description of terminal information is as bellows.
SYMPTON--2106 call/can not receive call. model--C2901

Postpaid connection is disconnected without any notice.

I am started the tata indicom connection (Mob. [protected]) on 14/07/09 from prime egency, andheri mumbai. After 6 days my connection has been disconnected without any notice from company on 20/07/09.

After the disconection i was going on tata indcom gallary, thane naupada branch that time the coustomor executive say me you have pay rs. 1000. As a sequrity deposites then your connection has been started in 24 hr.

Then i was paid that money of rs. 1000. On dated 27/07/09. But connection was not started.
After that they give reason that there is problem in adress verification. And give various reason in such matter.

After 25 days my connection was not statred. Due to prime agency & tata indicom gallry executive careless attitude in this case.

Pls get follow up in this matter for justice.

Thank you

Pankaj chandanshive
Gautam nagar, vishwasahakar chs.
Pt. D. D. U. Road, mulund (W) mumbai 400080
Contact no. [protected]

  • Kr
    Kriti Jain Jan 04, 2010

    I also faced the same problem with their prepaid connection.
    I purchased the Tata Photon+ Prepaid connection on 5th December, Thane Naupada branch billed me for the full amount but gave me inactive SIM saying that currently there is some technical error at the backend and SIM will be activated within 2 hrs!!.
    The SIM did not get activated for 3 weeks!! I called there customer care but they had no clue why SIM is not active, everyone gave me all possible reasons like server is down, technical problem, address not yet verified, phone number not verified etc.
    Finally I went back to Thane Naupada branch and realised that Tata Photon is supposed to be installed on your Desktop/ Laptop with a username and password which nobody provided at the time of buying nor did anyone at call centre.
    Again after using for 5 days my SIM was blocked.
    This time again I had to go to there service centre at THANE NAUPADA on 1st Jan 2010. Customer care executives told me we called at your number for verification but you dint pick the call so the SIM is blocked. Again I put an application to unblock it and was told it will be active in 2 hrs. I waited for 2 hrs, 3 hrs 4 hrs... Then I called there call centre they told me it will be active not before Next day 8p.m. that's good 24 hrs.
    But hey... It did not even get active till next day 2nd January 8p.m.
    Again on 3rd Jan 2010, i went to their centre, this time they said while using the internet your balance went to -ve Rs.3 so we de-activated your number but when I recharged the SIM even then the SIM was not activated. This time they said within "3HOURS" it will get activated. This was at 4.30 p.m. I waited at the centre itself for 3 hours as by now i knew that even after the new 3 hours it will not be activated. and as guessed by 7p.m. they told me technical team at back end is on leave so we will activate it tomorrow.

    It is 4th Jan 4 p.m. and the card is still not active.

    My money in Tata Photon+ - Rs.3, 500 has been a complete waste!!

    Suggest anyone buying the connection to not pay the money till you know the card is active.

    Kriti Jain
    [email protected]

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  • Ne
    neerajc Apr 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchase a Postpaid connection with handset on dated 26-Mar-10 but still i did not received handset or connection . i have summit all the documents. i have visit your sub office 12 times but every time they told me today or tomorrow your verification process will have completed. i have also received the call form verification person, he told me i am coming i said ok i wait 3 days but now body came . i have also mention that call to visit.
    i am really very harass from your services.

    Customer Application Form No. 3024200
    Office : Tata Teleservice (Maharashtra)Ltd
    7/8, Ground Floor, BSNL Tech Park
    Opp Vashi Railway Station


    Thank you

    Ashutosh Purohit

    Contact no: 9029778824
    Mail id: [email protected]

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Cheat, fake, worst customer service

Cheat, fake and worst customer service I have ever received in case of Internet Connection. Airtel is the best here I think.

I gave me a bill of Rs. 11000/- even though I have used only 1 GB of my Allowed 10 GB plan. I called up the customer care but nobody has the answer. The local Customer Service Center in Kumaraswamy Layout knows nothing and said they cannot do anything. They even did not pick up my call.

NEVER EVER TAKE A PHOTON PLUS CONNECTION. I now think, Reliance is far better in comparison.

Deactivation of email & dial up account.

I have a postpaid dialup account with this company from the last 12 years. I use the email provided by them as my primary email account. They have my credit card details on thier file. This card expired on 31st. July 2009. The bank had already renewed the card with the same number but different expiry. Tata Indicom deactivated my account on 1st. August without any prior intimation to me. On calling their customer service they sent me a facilitation form on email asking me to fill it up and give it to the local Indore office. I did the needful, but thier local Indore office refused to accept it.
I tried to contact the nodal officer, but his phone was switched off throughout the day,
I then sent it by courier to their Mumbai and Pune offices on 1st August.
I contacted the customer service helpline again on 3rd August and they asked me to send them a scanned copy of the filled in facilitation form on their email.
I did as instructed. Still nothing happened on 3rd, or even 4th August.
Their customer service has allotted me a complaint number and that is all. They say that it is being attended to on a priority basis, but even after 6 days since I have been contacting them, nothing has been done.
My questions to them are:
1. Why wasnt I warned in advance that the card stored in their records is going to expire and that I had to submit new card details?
2. Why wasnt I given a grace period of 2-3 days to do the needful?
3. Why is it that their Indore staff dont know a thing about this process?
4.Why is it that it takes them so long to restore the account back to working after my getting in touch with them and giving them the new card details?
5. I am an oncologist and I get all my important emails on that account only from patients and colleagues. They give a paltry 5 MB mailbox space. If the mailbox is not emptied the mails start to bounce back. I have told them about the importance of the same, but they are just to lazy to care.
6. They constantly harp in their emails that they are attending to this on a priority basis, and if they cannot restore an email account back to active status even after 6 days when working on a 'priority basis', one shudders to think what happens when they work on a 'normal' basis.

It appears that their company functions like a colonial government organisation with red tapism and passing the buck attitude.
It makes me sad because I used to consider Tata group companies as customer friendly.

Dr. Anil Singhvi
108-110, Manas Bhavan,
11, RNT Marg,
Indore 452001
Phone: +[protected]

Series of complaints


The Head of Customer Care,

Hi, I am Jyoti Raheja from Mulund (E). I have taken a broadband Internet connection from TATA INDICOM on 15th Jul 09.

I am very very disappointed with the service provided to me. I own a TATA landline ([protected] in the name of Mrs. Anju Raheja) at my place too.

To start with, pls read the below series of problems/difficulties faced by me post the installation of the connection in just a span of 12 days.

1. The basic error at the company's end, inspite of me opting for the 399-UNLIMITED plan, they installed the 699-UNLIMITED Plan...After repeated calls and follow up to the call centre, the plan finally got transferred to the correct one (i.e 399-UNLIMITED), but not to forget, I have got my 1st bill for a day according to the erroneous plan of 699.Again, I called up to rectify the bill, still no revert.

2. There was some error in the installation process and hence, my TATA landline and the broadband wires got connected to each other, causing disconnection of both the services. I complained again (being a regular feature), got an executive at home, who checked and APPARENTLY rectified the problem, the phone and the Internet still being disconnected, the guy gave an excuse of some copper wire being cut due to which the connection was faulty and not working. 2days passed by, no revert from the guy or any of the company guys.

3. Also, every complaint of mine also refers to the frequent disconnection of the Internet, no fixing has been done to this problem TILL DATE.

4. Specifically, I would like to register a complaint against the TATA executive who did the installation at my place for the Internet connection (Suhas- [protected]).This guy does not have any responsibility towards customer satisfaction. I presume, TATA is a big brand where customer satisfaction should be one of the core values of the organisation. However, I was very disappointed with the service provided by him per se. He had insisted us in contacting him if any problem occurs till the next 15days in the Internet connection, however, inspite of repeated calls, either there is no response from him, or he has ignored the complaints till date.

5. The executive came again, rectified the wire problem and the Internet started working fine (CONGRATULATIONS, this was the 1st day that I surfed the Internet without any hassles for 30min at a stretch and again as explained in point 3 above)

6. The story does not end here, the last problem is quite fresh and recent, as good as yesterday and perhaps the WORST service any sales guy could provide- The great TATA executive, Suhas had come to check for the modem fault and in the process of rectifying the disconnection problem, created a fault in our TATA landline as well and the way he ran away from our place, without any communication as if he must have stolen something and was trying to elope.

7. Inspite of repeated requests to get in touch with someone senior in the organisation, I have never been allowed to address my concerns to someone senior.

I would like to specifically register a complaint against the person named SUHAS, who is not capable of handling any customer service job.

You can imagine after this mail, out of the 12 days, for how much time my Internet connection was actually active?????

I have registered repeated complaints for the same and [protected] is the latest complaint no.received from the call centre.

Please respond to this mail only if you have anything positive to mention against all the negatives quoted in the mail.


Jyoti Raheja.

Voice chat pack activated without noticing me

My tata indicom mobile no ([protected]) received sms regarding voice chat pack activated in mobile but I haven't applied for such service. When contact customer care no information was provided to me that when and how it was activated. and they where least bother about customers. I had also sent many mails to their nodal officer to solve my problem but the problem is still pending. From last 3 mts they are falsely deducting balance from my account for voice chat pack service which I don’t want.

I am fed up of tata indicom mobile service and want's take legal action against this basted’s.

Any one kindly suggest me what action can be taken against them.

Tata indicom fooling customers


My name is sagar ramgade, i ve taken tata indicom photon plus after 1 month they installed it at my palce. I have taken a plan of Hsia get started 400 plan monthly rental of Rs 400 and a night unlimited pack rental Rs 199. In Get started plan i am allowed to use 150 Mb and night unlimited in which i can use upto 10 GB. But in a month they deactivate my line 2-3 times stating that i ve crossed my credit limit of Rs1000. I didn't understand if they are providing add on pack of 10 Gb, they should ve proper tracking system for customers data usage during a day and a night. What tata indicom follow, they calculate your daily data usage and charge you Rs 2 /Mb and deactivate the line stating that credit limit exceeded. I don't understand why they provide add on pack of Rs200 of upto 10 GB data usage, if they don't allow a customer to use more than Rs 1000 unbilled amount that means not more than 500 Mb. In my the billing cycle is 19 of every month, and my line has been deactivated. So i ve to wait till 19th august in order to prove them it was used during night else they are asking rs 20000 in order to use 10 GB during night. I ve to pay monthly rental without using it. These hidden policies are never exposed by marketting executives while they are selling these products. I strongly wanted to expose this hidden policies of tata indicom. Please i want to take a legal against them i need help of consumer court in order to execute this actions so any customer will not suffer like me.
My account no : [protected]
Tata indicom no : [protected]
My mobile no : [protected]

  • Mo
    mobilebug Nov 26, 2009

    I agree. I am also facing same problem. They disconnect your connection without intimation and you have to wait till 19th of month. Tata indicom is cheating customers.

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  • Ha
    halfmoon Feb 06, 2010

    orey waste neeku use cheyyadam chetha kadhu emo anukovali
    mundu ne product and ne plan gurinchi mundu chaduvukoni use chesukovalira bawerse
    k good luck
    betterluck next time

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  • Ke
    kellyg20004 Apr 04, 2010

    Completely agreed with Sagar Ramgade... I've also faced same problem...
    let join and take necessary action... email [email protected]

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  • Au
    automatik Dec 12, 2010


    Tata and Relaince are frauds, i bought Tata Photon Plus and the salesman at the Surat Bhatar Road shop assured me that i will get 3.1 mbps if not then they will replace the device and give new one. It only gives 1 mbps and is [censor] costly the device itself costs 2.5k non refundable, now i want to break this piece of [censor] device but what a waste of 2.5k it would be. The customer service guy visited our office after complaint, he was so thankful that we did not bust his balls, he says that normally wherever he goes people yell and also beat him up. He was thankful that we spoke to him civilly. Basically he is hired to go to angry customers (all photon customers) and listen to them vent their anger. Then his job is to call his superior and put the angry customer on to phone to the superior who is tucked away in safety. The superior told us, like a [censor]ing doucebag lawyer, quite simple that they have advertised the service as "UPTO" 3.1 mbps, and that it doesn't mean we will always get 3.1 mbps. That mothe[censor]er, the tone in which he said this made me want to rip his throat out. But that's why they send poor thin people to listen to angry customers while they sit comfortable in their cabins. [censor]ing [censor] all Tata, Ratan Tata, Reliance, Ambani, they become billionaires by cheating people like this, this one example shows how they must be cheating and circumventing logical and ethical rules. The phone leaks by Radia just go to show how these [censor]ers bribe their way to higher profits at the cost of everyday Indians. They maintain such an air of dignity and build sky high mansions, in reality they are just a bunch of well dressed thugs who have no qualms about cheating people off their hard earned money. I hate Tata and i wish i had forgiven the bad service of BSNL when i went first to BSNL office to buy a USB internet device. Those idiots told us to come after lunch break and so we said [censor] this government [censor], let's go buy Tata, even if more expensive at least we will be assured of good service and good internet speed. Look at teh service and look at the speed of the mother[censor]ing tata [censor]. [censor]ing choots they are i don't have enough bad words to curse those [censor]s. Mother[censor]ing Rata Tata [censor] bhosdike, teri ma ki chut, bhenchod why do you cheat customers like this mother[censor]er, you should say it before we purchase that we will get 1mbps and not 3.1 mbps tmkc maadarchod bhosdike, you will die a bad death motehr[censor]er, clean up your acts you cheaters or the public will one day riot into your offices and lynch you.

    Karan Bhatia
    9820755747 / 0261 6555595 / [email protected]
    I dare you [censor]ing customer service person of Tata, call me [censor], i will give you an earful, take my device back, give me back my 2.5k, money doesnt grow on trees you [censor], you cannot cheat people like this, chutiyas

    these [censor] have 420 written in their toll free number itself, look how they mock 1800 420 8282

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  • Au
    automatik Dec 14, 2010

    Finally they read the complaint here and called back and said that i can come and collect the Rs 100 they charged me for the "free" bag. But what about the Rs. 2500 that i have been charged for a device that gives no more than 1 mbps when they are advertising a speed of 3.1 mbps. According to their lawyer-like-fine-print stance they advertised it as "upto" 3.1 mbps, saying that it will not always give 3.1 mbps, but it should at least touch 3-3.1 mbps sometime right? It never goes beyond 1-1.4 mbps, so what'ts the meaning of writing upto 3.1 mbps. As if this cheating was not enough. Now they are repeatedly calling and trying to convince me that they assure speeds of only 256 kbps and that i should be thankful that i get 1mbps. Despite me telling the caller sternly 10 time he continued to repeat the line like a broken recorder "1 mbps is enough", not listening to what i was saying at all, what a bunch of machine fed [censor]s. First they sell us short then they tell us that we have not got less, that we should in fact be thankful that we are getting more than 256 kbps. Wow. Haramiyon ka jawab nahi.

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  • Au
    automatik Dec 21, 2010

    Without solving anything these [censor]s sent the below email, all they did was get some stupid exec to call and and get me to do some time timepass setting changes on the computer which resulted in no difference in the slow speed whatsoever, their device is not capable of giving speeds above 1.4 mbps yet they advertise 3.1 mbps, the truth is that they have oversubscrubed customers and it is not possible to give everyone 3.1 mbps, so it is like fitting 200 people in a train coach meant for 100 people, bloody [censor]s, i hate my country because nothing gets done to such cheat companies, i emailed the DoT guy and he simply pointed me to go to the DoT website, he is paid by Tata as Tata lists his email id on their Site, all chors, shameful

    Dear Mr. Karan Bhatia,

    Greetings from Tata Indicom!

    This is in reference to your complaint number 224818 regarding your Tata Indicom number 9227855796.This is a confirmation that your request has been resolved.

    We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you and promise to provide you with superior and eminent personalized service.

    For any assistance please feel free to call us at 121 our 24x7 Customer Care toll-free number from any Tata Indicom phone. We are also accessible from non Tata Indicom phones on 9227000121. You may also write to us at [email protected]

    (You being our Photon+ customer, can also get in touch with us on 1800-266-121 (Toll free). We shall be glad to be of assistance.)

    You can also get in touch with our Nodal Officer Mr. Nirlep Raval on 079-66558754 in case your complaint is not resolved in the stipulated time or you are not satisfied with the resolution provided.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Neha Jain
    Customer Care GUJARAT
    Tata Teleservices Limited
    Ph: 1726603510

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  • Sa
    SATHYANARAYANA Mar 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    TATA PHOTON NO. 9242777319

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  • Ra
    RatanIsABastard Jun 10, 2014

    Tata photon is a big ### service which cuts your bandwidth, doubles the actual bandwidth that you use, and cheats you in all ways possible.
    If some of these mother ###ers are killed everything will start working fine.
    In fact, the software itself is rigged to vary the speed you get depending on whether the software is in the foreground or background.
    I hope somebody kills some of these Tata and reliance mother ###ers. Or at least causes some severe damage to them.

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  • Ta
    tataphotonischutiyaphoton Jul 25, 2014

    tata photon is chutiya photon

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