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I bought a product at a Target store for $20 and needed another one, which I found at another Target store; I called and was told the product was $29.00, although the sales person did say they would give it to me for the same price if I had my receipt. But when I got there I was told by the manager that she wouldn't honor that. She spoke to me has if I were a dumb waiter, even though I have 5 times the amount of education she has, and currently working on my PHd. I have never been so insulted and treated so poorly by anyone before. When she started telling me this is posted in the store, ALL STORES NOT HAVING THE SAME PRICE, I asked her to show me where it was posted. She then started to tell me it was on-line and TOLD me she wasn't going to argue with me; I WASN'T ARGUING WITH HER! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT TARGET AGAIN AND PLAN TO TAKE THIS TO THE PAPER, CORP. OFFOCES, AND ALL ELSE WHO WILL LISTEN. I'M ONLY GIVING PART OF THE STORE HERE BUT SHE SAID A LOT MORE WHICH LED ME TO BELIEVE SHE DIDN'T VALUE PEOPLE WHO PAY HER SALARY.


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      May 14, 2010

    I agree do not shop at Target

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      Jul 31, 2010

    I appreciate your complaint but I really hate it when people pull the whole education thing. I honestly think it makes you sound like you're sitting on your high horse. You don't know how much education this person had. I work in retail and people pull that out on me all the time and actually I end up being way mopre educated than they are. So while I understand your complant, Please eat some humble pie.

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      Sep 24, 2010

    Maybe you should take into consideration that your PhD may not be in retail, maybe the person working in the store knows more about the store than someone who hasn't. Target's prices do vary by store, something that is 30% percent off at one store may be 75% off at another. Prices are determened by location, demographics, and how well certain things sell (someone with as high of an education as you claim should be able to figure this out).

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  • H
      Mar 08, 2018

    Why does TARGET use red for their employees, shopping baskets? RED IS AN AGGRESSIVE COLOR.
    It is not peaceful and fun to shop. I HATE RED. I get angry the second I enter the store. I went there once
    to get an RX and was too expensive. Another time I had to find a product which was more expensive
    than anywhere else. I would rather drive 10 miles than go 1/2 block to TARGET . . I hate the name
    i hate the color, I hate the atmosphere and I HATE THEIR CHEAP PRODUCTS. . they hike up the prices.
    when they built a target here, they destroyed our nature fields, our eucalyptus trees, traffice became
    horrendous. I checked it out and laughted the whole time, later I got angry. . Such a stupid stupid
    cheap store, nothing is worth my time ever to shop here. . I would rather starve than try any of their
    food products . TARGET IS a horrible store.

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