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out-of-stock product!

When I ordered the Zune 2nd Generation on November 7, 2007, I was unaware that the product was currently out of stock. In order for my son to receive this product by Christmas, it should have been shipped out by the 13th. He will be receiving no Christmas present because of Target. He currently is serving our country in Iraq, and Target could not deliver him his Christmas present like they originally promised. I have talked to customer service and a manager and they now state he will not receive it until Febuary. This is unacceptable. A soldier serving our country, in risk of his life, should not be sitting on Christmas with no present. If I would have known it was out of stock when I ordered, I wouldn't have ordered through Target. What ever happen to customer service? What ever happen to giving back to our soldiers who are fighting for our country...

  • Pe
    Pery Ray Jun 30, 2013

    Management forces Flow Team Members to work in extreme heat without ventilation

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refused return from baby registry without receipt!

I registered at Target for my baby shower, I received several items from friends and family out of town. They sent the items with a packing label that itemizes things and even includes a note from the sender, but no gift receipt. Since I had received several duplicates, I tried to return, but they would not accept the packing label as a receipt and said that my only option was to call the sender and ask them to go to the store and get a receipt and send it to me.

This is totally unacceptable!! why should I register with Target if this is how they treat me, I can prove the item was purchased there, but still I can not exchange it, I'm not even asking for cash. In addition to this totally ridiculous situation, of the items they did return because I printed out my list of purchased items, they gave me a return for $24 on an item that states the purchaser paid $79. I had to complain and go up through management before they would credit me back the right amount.

I regularly shop at target, but plan to find someplace new to spend my hard earned money. I will suggest to every new mother not to register there as well.

If they will not return on-line orders that were sent by there company without a gift receipt, then gift receipts should go out automatically!!! They are penalizing us poor mothers whose friends are only trying to help.

Shame on Target.

  • Je
    Jen Aug 11, 2008

    This exact same thing happened to me. I registered at target for my baby shower and when friends and family pulled my registry, there seemed to be too many unbought items, even the few days before the shower. As it turns out, the gift registry had never updated correctly so I received 2 monitors, 4 play gyms, 3 first aid kits, 2 Diaper Genies, 2 travel systems (more on that below), as well as many smaller duplicate items. I did receive some gift receipts, and about half of them had a description of the item purchased. The other half had only a bar code and several multi-digit codes on them.

    I myself had purchased one of the travel systems due to my husband's fear that our baby would come early and we wouldn't have a car seat. I had checked the registry the day it was purchased, watched the cashier scan my registry to have the item removed when I purchased it, then received the same travel system a few weeks later at my shower. The purchaser said that the system had been purchased the day before and the registry showed that it hadn't been purchased while she was in the store. I had removed the system myself from the registry at the time of purchase, so I knew something was wrong. When we tried to return all of our duplicates, we were not-so-nicely informed that not only did we need receipts for everything we returned (even if it was on the registry) but that we should contact those people that did not give us gift receipts and ask them to mail me the receipt. I explained how the registry did not update and was rudely told that my friends and family must not have mentioned my registry (all 20 of them who purchased duplicate items) to which I replied that I myself had experienced the registry not updating as it should have, in return getting a "not our problem" response from Target.

    The gift receipts were another issue in that the ones that had no description of the item the receipt was for were completely useless unless we wanted to stand at teh customer service desk and watch the employee scan the receipt then scan every item seperately until he'she found the item that corresponded with the receipt. Basically, the series of numbers and the barcode means nothing in the gift receipt, because they supposedly can't look up what the receipt is for. The manager told us that when my friends and family had purchased the items off of my registry, the had to SPECIFY whether or not they wanted the item name on the gift receipt. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Who would know about THAT policy? Are their cashiers trained to ask people if they want the gift item to appear on the receipt? If not, then they should be.

    When we made our returns and tried to argue the point of the items being on the registry, we were told that the return policy changed as of August 28, 2007 and unless we created our registry before then, they would not use the registry to return anything. My husband asked the manager if she could look up the date that our registry was created and when she replied that there was no way to look up that information, he sakd "Fine. Then we created our registry on August 27th." Needless to say, she was none to thrilled to be proven wrong and have her smartass attitude backfire on her.

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return policy even when you register with them!

I registered at target in mid august for my baby registry. I love (D) target as a store, and visited them...

I will never shop there again!

I recently purchased a prepaid phone for my 9 year old son for 59.99. When I went to verizon to add it on, they had better phones at a better deal, so I went to take the other phone back. I didn't have a receipt. I lost it, and because it was a cash transaction, they will not give any kind of refund, not even store credit. I could, for the most part, understand that on some items because of theft, but this item had to be unlocked by one their employees, so it was obviously not stolen. The employee and manager gave me a 1-800 number to call for help and said maybe they can help you. They won't. It is a total waste of time and a way for Target to not deal with their customers. I even spoke with a supervisor there that was like, "I understand your concerns, and we at Target take them seriously. we want our customers to be happy, etc..., but that is our policy. When asked for her supervisor, she refused to give that person to me and gave me Mr. Urlich's address and told me to contact him.

I hope that Target, which also owns Starbucks, is happy with the 59.99 they received from me, because I will never shop there again, and I am sure they don't care, because I told that to Miss Corporate America, and she didn't, but I am a stubborn person, and I mean it. There is a K Mart across the street, a Meijers by my job, and a Walmart down the road. Sometimes receipts are lost. We are in the process of moving into a new home, it happens.

  • Do
    DONALD BROWN Jan 30, 2008


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  • Ja
    Jake Feb 26, 2008

    Have any of you actually worked in retail? What do you do when you don't get your receipt from the cashier? You complain. Then what do you do when you lose it 5 minutes after you get it? You complain about the fact that a store has a clearly written return policy stating you must have a receipt to do a return. Be more responsible and don't blame other people for something you did. I've heard every excuse about why someone doesn't have their receipt. Most places even have it set up to where if you have the card or a check from the account it was purchased on they can look it up that way (if it was purchased within the last 90 days or whatever the return policy is) And the reason why most stores have this policy is because people try to return items that they've had for 6 months. I know what you're going to say, why shouldn't they let me return it after 6 months?" It's because these places don't rent products for 6 months... they sell them to you. After a certain amount of time they have to be able to say with confidence that the 600 of that certain item they sold is for sure sold and they're not going to get 300 returned in a year just because people don't want them. For the most part if there is a problem with the product you bought they will take care of it. But if it's just because you didn't make a well informed buying decision don't complain about it... Maybe you should just think about what you'd like to purchase and if someone gives you a gift it's not Target, Meijer or Wal-Mart's fault the person didn't give you a gift receipt, maybe they didn't want you to return it? And by the way Meijer, Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart all have the same return policies for the most part. They also have this in place so that you can't buy something at Wal-Mart and return it to Target on accident (or because it's more expensive at the other store) because they can actually be fined for allowing that to happen if the vendor finds out. You see it's not all about you, they have responsibilities that they have to be held to.

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  • La
    Laura Mar 31, 2008

    YOU LOST YOUR RECEIPT. This is your fault. If you read the majority of "complaints" of this nature, 9 out 10 times the person lost/misplaced their receipt. Get over it. I hope you learn something from this, oh, say, like how to be better organinzed so you don't lose all of your receipts. You people make it so much harder for people with legitimate complaints. Oh, by the way, Target could give a crap about your $59.99 and the paltry sums of money you spend there...you not shopping there will not cause their downfall.

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  • Lg
    L G Apr 05, 2008

    Target can look up your receipt. Did you ask them to do that?

    Almost all stores now-a-days require a receipt for returns. No receipt, no return.

    Here, even Wal-Mart requires a receipt for all returns or exchanges.

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  • Ma
    Markus May 26, 2008

    Target does not own Starbucks

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  • Am
    amanda bru Jun 30, 2009

    Jake took the words right out of my mouth.

    I work at the Target Service Desk and I'm so sick of hearing the excuses. People always come with no receipt and assume they can do everything and anything. The policy is clearly stated at checkout and on your receipt. If you don't have it, we do what we can, but there's a limit. Be more responsible.

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slippers ruined my dresser!

I bought some Halloween "Mary Jane" type slippers from Target. The slippers are made of the soft, fuzzy material and have black round treads on the bottom to prevent slipping. Well, after one hour of wearing the slippers they started to unravel had a hole in them shortly after. I took them off and put them on my dresser so I could take them back after the weekend. Well, when Monday rolled around I grabbed the slippers and found that the black treads left these round, tar-like rings on my dresser! I was freaking out. I grabbed a paper towel to wipe it off, thinking that it was just some sticky black stuff. Well, not only was it sticky, black stuff... it had made round indentations on my dresser! It was like the chemicals that the treads were made of burnt holes where the treads rested on the dresser. I was furious! I went to Target and got my money back for the slippers and have been in contact with their headquarters. I guess they're going to work through the manufacturer so we'll see how that goes. I never thought that I would buy a $4.99 pair of slippers and ruin my $499 dresser!

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unfair return policy!

DO NOT open registry at targets, unless you know that all your guests are perfect at keeping their receipts, including gift receipts and making sure that they or the store clerk has removed it from the registry! You can’t be responsible for all your guests and the store clerk following through and w/o that receipt targets will make it impossible to return your duplicate items.

Daughter opened her registry in Jan. and wedding was aug 10, they did not allow items over $20 to be returned even when purchased off the registry. we also had the problem of them not being removed, this makes me think part of the blame for not removing items from the registry is the fault of target, as they scan the paper and sometimes it doesn't scan properly. They refused to give us store credit. 3 Blenders (only sold at targets!) they are $29.99- $9.99 over their $20 limit. Is is my daughter's fault that targets did not remove it or that her guest may have forgotten to have it removed??? Does that mean we should inform all our guests that they must attach a targets receipt. As far as paying attention to their registry??? How were we to know if any one had purchased it???, so we could remove it? Anyways, store mgr and corporate office said the same out of luck!

This is there email response to me from the corporate office: “If you don't have a receipt, we still have a few options for you:

- Your local store will accommodate two no receipt returns a year for you on small gifts under $20.
- We have the ability to look up a receipt's information for the gift giver, so they can make a return on most purchases, provided they purchased your item with a check, Target GiftCard, credit or debit card within the past 90 days.
- If the gift giver still has the original receipt for the item, they have the ability to reprint a gift receipt at the Guest Service desk next time they visit Target.” “I'm sorry if you feel our last e-mail reply wasn't satisfactory, but we aren't able to further assist you with your return. “


deny the purchase of birth control

I am writing to request that upper management of Target create a policy that prohibits pharmacists from denying (or harassing) customers from purchasing birth control at the Target pharmacy. I choose to shop at Target, over Wal Mart, for the past 10 years and also have had a Target credit card during that time--the only credit card I own. However, since our choices and behaviors reflect our values, I must boycott shopping at Target until the upper management of Target creates a policy I can support. Does the Target culture want to make a statement that it is taking a side on this issue. By prohibiting the purchase of birth control, it is doing just that. And if that is the case, Target will lose MANY customers... trust me--you've already lost me until (not unless) things change. By the way, incase you didn't hear, Wal Mart has created a policy addressing this issue. Thank you for your time.

  • Ja
    jamester87 Jul 12, 2009

    Did you have a perscription? Did you not have any refills? was the rx expired? You can't just buy birth control over the counter!

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poor after sales service!

My finance and I recently bought a 18'x4' intex pool from target in west does moines, iowa, on 6/24/07, for...

stopped working after 5 months!

Since I live in a small convenience apartment I no longer have the box or the receipt. I purchased one of...

unauthorized withdrawal from checking account

I had an unauthorized withdrawal from my checking acc0unt for $49.95 from this company and the man I talked...

unfair business practices

Target Stores has unfair business practices and violates consumer rights! I returned something in January with a receipt over 90 days, and had to go threw hell, to only be able to get one item in exchange for the 5 I returned. My son was born in November , and we got unnecessary presents that we wanted to exchange, even with tags on them they run it against your license. After 2 times a year you are black-listed. I got a pair of shorts for my birthday, they happened to be from target. All I wanted to do was exchange them for the right size. REJECTED! This seems like a consumer violation! I can't help- that someone got something for me from target. I didn't try to get money back, I simply wanted to exchange it for the correct size. It still had the tags on it. Is there a class-action lawsuit against them yet?

  • Bi
    Bill Jan 04, 2008

    Violates consumer rights? where on earth do you think this company is violating consumer rights? what are consumer rights? Any store has the right to set policies and procedures that protect their assests. Targets return policy is "A receipt dated within 90 days of purchase is needed for ALL returns and exchanges". It is not Targets fault you did not recieve a gift receipt with your gift. You cannot go to the store and buy a bunch of things and then try to return them without ANY proof of Purchase! How can anyone think they could. As far as the 90 days! That is more then enough time to make it to a target store to return/exchange.

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  • Po
    Polly Not-Perfect Feb 08, 2011

    You sound like a Target [censor]-Kisser - are you an ETL, LOD or Team Lead?
    If not, you should be - [censor] kisser! What the [censor] do you know anyway.?You probably do what your told, when your told and say yes sir and no maam everytime. They tell you to jump and you do - you're so sad...

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  • Po
    Polly Not-Perfect Feb 08, 2011

    Dear Dan,
    You are right - in a way. Target will allow exchanges. They are suppose to honor the 90 day return policy and at times have been known to extend that as long as it's not too long of a time frame. Anything that is purchased on line can also be returned to any Target store in the US. You will get back what you paid for the item when you purchased it online however. If you are returning a gift, you will be given a gift card. If you need to exchange a size, you can do so but it is wise to keep your receipts. I have returned several items and have never had a problem - yet. That's not to say it won't happen. If you return something that was bought as a gift or if the item was on sale and you don't have your receipt you will be refunded the sale price of the item. If you spent 15.oo on something and it's on sale for 2.99 - you get the 2.99.

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deceptive registry for baby returns!

My daughter is expecting her first child in July. I. She registered at Target and Burlington in Waco, TX. We sorted through duplicate gifts and tried to exchange them for other things on her list. Her registry was available; but the clerk said she had to have a purchase list. If the items were not on the purchase list and she did not have a receipt - this is the procedure: she asked for my purchase list and her driver's license; even though the item was purchased at Targets, she was told she could only make 2 item returns. She even had a gift card to which the clerk added one item. She was told that she could return only 1 more item and then her driver's license was flagged for rejections of other returns. She purchased around $50.00 of different baby items. The total was over the gift card amount. Why doesn't Target let registers know their policy? Why want they allow returns for gift cards or allow returns for other items? I will let others know about this policy and encourage people attending the baby showers to not buy at Targets. Targets is used by both families for many purchases. Target will lose more customers, because they will shop at other stores, such as Walmart.

  • Rh
    Rhondi Sep 09, 2007

    Target baby registry is a SCAM! Their behavior is continually rude, their customer service non-existent. We no longer shop there.

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poor customer service

I would like to share my unpleasant experience I had today in Target at Appalachee Pkway! I was shopping on the clearance rack today in the boys section. When an employee named Brittany came up folding tshirts on the back wall next to the rack where I already was. While I was holding up the shirts for my son to decide if he liked, mind you the shirts are against her back at this point and I had no personal space. I asked Brittany if I was in her way? She proceded to say No I will be done in a minute. I did ignore this and proceeded to look at the clothes. The more I thought about the situation the more it bothered me and upset me. I then proceeded to tell my mother I expect to get this type of service from Walmart but never Target. I also stated to my Mother I am sure Brittany is at Target longer days than I am and to bother a customer is just wrong! Brittany is now across the way straighten other clothes. Then Brittany yells from that section that I could have asked her to move and that she wasn't there for 8hrs a day. This is when I decided to go up front to get the store manager instead of waiting until I left the store. While I was up at the front of the store I hear Brittany over the radio I need a assisance immediately in the Boys Section. Erica the Front End Manager is now assisting me and I have explained this whole situation to her and she is very apologetic and is sorry about the customer service I have received. Brittany is in the other section of the boys talking to Wayne the Store Manager and Security about the situation. Which was very embarassing since I wasn't the one yelling in the store instead I was the one that was yelled at by a sales associate name Brittany! Mind you Wayne still hasn't come to assist me in the problem that arised he is still with Brittany instead of me. When he decides to come Security follows Wayne as if I was the one that was abusive in the situation! I never got ugly or yelled at anyone! I asked Wayne who was wrong in this situation and he would never say! His only statement was he couldn't say who was wrong! I am very disappointed in the service I received from Target today! Erica the front end manager was very nice in this situation and I am sorry Wayne couldn't apologize for the bad service his sales associate has given me during my visit at Target today! I did leave my cart of things there and I don't see me or my family shopping at Target for a very long time! I have always talked about perfect service at Target but I will now go back to shopping at Walmart which is only 5 minutes from home instead for 25minutes from home. I would like a response from Target in the poor customer service I have received from Tallahassee Target since I never received an apology from the Store Manager!

Tabatha R.

  • Mi
    Michelle Eis Aug 26, 2007

    I am writing to request that upper management of Target create a policy that prohibits pharmacists from denying (or harassing) customers from purchasing birth control at the Target pharmacy. I choose to shop at Target, over Wal Mart, for the past 10 years and also have had a Target credit card during that time--the only credit card I own. However, since our choices and behaviors reflect our values, I must boycott shopping at Target until the upper management of Target creates a policy I can support. Does the Target culture want to make a statement that it is taking a side on this issue. By prohibiting the purchase of birth control, it is doing just that. And if that is the case, Target will lose MANY customers... trust me--you've already lost me until (not unless) things change. By the way, incase you didn't hear, Wal Mart has created a policy addressing this issue. Thank you for your time.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Nov 06, 2007

    I believe by law they have to have at least one person on staff who will sell it to you. I would check your local laws, you may have something there. Be strong girl! Don't let closed minded fools bring you down!!

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  • Ja
    jamester87 Jul 12, 2009

    The pharmasict reserves the right to refuse the sale Plan B. They don't HAVE to give it to you. Just like they have the right to refuse to fill your Rx. It is up to the Pharmasict. There is no law.

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do not honor return warranty

Purchased new Tru tech flat lcd tv from target. Was purchased after Thansgiving for a Christmas present and remained there until then. Work a few weeks and the screen looked as if it was a digital storm. I took back to Target with a receipt. I was informed the warranty had expired !!! Regardless they would not accept, I went to BBB and no help. So i no longer shop at Target.Tell everyone not to buy from Target.

  • Dr
    Droobin Jan 20, 2009

    I believe that Target has a 90 exchange policy with a receipt that has nothing to do with the product manufacturer's warranty. I also believe that the Trutech brand is their cheapy in-store brand as well. Hopefully you still have your manual and you've registered your product with the manufacturer so that you may get your repairs. Whenever I shop at Target, I'm always annoyed at how many times they have to repeat their return policy on the receipt. Let's keep complaints legit so that we can all help each other. Venting frustration over not knowing how to go about getting a repair to a manufacturing flaw is not legit is not helping anyone.

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is this a scam?

I too signed up for 6 promotional offers to receive a $500 Target gift card from Consumer Gain. I completed the requirements on March 18, 2007. Today is May 9, 2007 and I still haven't received verification from the sponsors. Under the agreement package, it states that it only takes 2-3 weeks to get notification and then they will notify you of your status. Today is the 53 day, and I still haven't received notification that I have fulfilled my agreement.

I have spent a considerable amount of money and will spend even more money to honor my contract agreements with the different sponsors. I don't think this is fair. What can I do? Is this a scam? If so, I should be able to get out of my contracts with the sponsors. Please advise.

poor portrait studio customer service

This letter is to address the poor customer service my family received from your portrait studio on December 30th, 2006.

I received a message in January from an employee who works out of this studio advising that the pictures did not turn out and that my family could come back in for retakes and they would throw in 3 free sheets.

I appreciate the incentive of adding additional sheets at no charge, although what an inconvenience to get a family of six back in for retakes. I must admit this is not my complaint though. No time during the message did she once apologize for the inconvenience. I returned the call to her. Unaware of my situation I explained to her how disheartening this was that the pictures did not turn out. I explained to her that two of my children live out of state so there is no way at this time that these pictures can be redone. Something she would not know of course, but an apology would have helped the situation. Again, no time during our conversation did she offer one. Her question to me was, “When can you come in for a refund?” Then she advised that she was able to do it over the phone so there was no need for me to come in. Our call ended. I thought about it for a moment and called back to ask for her manager. She began to say, “There is nothing she can do”. I informed her that I understand that her manager can not get my pictures back but I still want the phone number. She gave me a number. I have called this number three times and left messages each time with no call back. You can only imagine my frustration. I do not know who I need to speak with in regards to this unacceptable customer service. I realize that the pictures are gone. But employees, especially at a portrait studio, have to realize that pictures mean the world to people and when they are lost, damaged, etc. It is upsetting. The only thing I am trying to get across in this letter is that two words would have made a big difference. “I’m sorry” may have retained this customer. I will no longer utilize this portrait studio nor will I recommend it to others.

  • Bu
    budgetconsumer May 18, 2010

    I am sorry about your experince I work for a Target Portrait Studio and I can not imagine how the photographs did not turn out my only guess is that this is back when the studio was film. I hope you had a new family photo taken sense then. Most Targets now are all digital and you can save your photos on their server for only 9.99 if something where to happen to your prints. They are also running a special now Mon-Thursday 50% off your entire order. I hope you try out Target again and hope you have a more pleasant experince, If I lived in AZ I would be more than happy to retake your photos for you.

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poor customer service - berta

Yesterday evening I was standing in line next up to be checked out, Berta, the "front end supervisor" rudely stepped in front of me to shut off the light of the checker, telling me I was going to HAVE to move to the line next over because SHE was sending the young man for a carry out.

I said to her that I was next to be checked out and that other line had a line, she then repeated LOUDER to me that I would HAVE to go to the other line.
Now, let me give you what she should have said:
Two options:
Either wait for me to be checked out and then send the young man out, OR ASK me to move over instead of basically moving me out of the way and TELLING me I need to move. OR maybe SHE could have rolled the cart out to the car for the customer herself since all of the checkers were busy.
Ok, so now i'm irritated with her. This is not the first time she has overstepped her boundaries. I guess Target has a policy about children and carts...I completely understand IF it is a problem with some customers to ask the parent politely to seat their child. I WAS STANDING STILL IN LINE and SHE asked my CHILD to sit down!!!!!!!!!! Don't we teach our children NOT to talk to strangers.. Speak to the parent NOT the child.
Ok, now let me finish last nite...
After that Berta finds a credit card on the floor... she with INCREDIBLE RUDENESS asks my name??? I may have overreacted BUT she has already torked me off with the bossiness of moving me to a different line.. so I asked her not to speak to me.
She of course carried on her way VERY much into ME and what I was doing, her presence is just rude, she is snotty and absurd about the way she does things, and should NOT be treating customers this way..to finalize things as I was walking out the door she was grumbling about me and said to me (very very loudly) I AM JUST DOING MY JOB! I did tell her she was snotty, and she TURNED around and told me I WAS WORSE!! Now, maybe true, but I am the customer and she had already stepped on my toes, SHE needed either to keep her mouth shut or take care of the situation VERY differently.
The cashier that was helping me ACTUALLY leaned over to make SURE that I got a comment card, WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO ASK HIM. He actually said to me when I said that she needed to work on her politeness and she took her job a "bit" too seriously that he was not allowed to comment! HE EVEN KNEW SHE WAS IN THE WRONG!!!! Berta needs some more training or maybe to be moved to a different department like the stock room, where she doesn't have to treat the customers with her frustration.

never do advance shopping

I used to spend hundreds of dollars a year at the local Target store, but I will be taking my business to one of their competitors now.
I bought a Christmas gift for my child in September of this year.

I kept my receipt for the item. I found out maybe two days before Christmas that a relative bought my child the exact same gift. Not a problem, I thought. I have my receipt, I will just take mine back. Imagine my surprise when I found out my receipt was valid until December 18th.
Target informed me that because I didn't have a receipt (I kept correcting them and telling them I did have a receipt), they would accommodate me by allowing me to exchange my item for another item from the same department (toys). I would gladly have exchanged the toy for other items from the store, but they said that was not allowed.
I have since contacted my relative and asked her for the gift receipt (I didn't want to tell her that I had already bought the same item for my child, but Target forced me to do just that). I will be returning the item and I will now do my shopping at a competitor. Target does not sell anything that I need that I can't get from another major retailer.
I feel that Target should re-examine their return policy. I did not buy a seasonal item. The toy is still being sold at the store. The fact that they do not allow local stores to make exceptions (I missed the "return period" by 8 days when I pulled my receipt out) for non-seasonal items still stocked just shocks me. The local store gave me the Target customer service number and I heard the same message from two different people there. It's their policy and there are no exceptions.
I am telling all my friends about my experience and urging them not to do any advance shopping for Christmas, birthdays, etc. if they do shop at Target.

  • Ja
    Jamie Tuttle Jan 04, 2007

    I bought a gift for my daughter, the price was $169.99. It was broken and I took it back, I did have the receipt but it was over there 90 day return policy. They wanted to only give the clearance price of $48.00 because it was after the 90 days. I was ripped off of $120.00. It clearly stated on a receipt the I had paid $169.99. I will never ever shop at Target again! I will also spread the word to anyone and everyone about the problem. They have lost a lot of money over there poor return policy! Jamie

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  • Am
    amanda bru Jun 30, 2009

    Sorry, but a VALID (90 days after purchase) receipt is required for all returns/exchanges in order to get your full amount back. After that point, your receipt doesn't scan in our system and there's no way to use it. We can do store credit, but it automatically goes to the lowest sale price and there's no way to change that.

    Sorry for your bad experiences, but the 90 day policy is quite clear on the receipt and in the store.

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  • Pl
    playpiano89 Aug 29, 2010

    I really don't see a problem with Target. All stores have return policies. Where I work at JCP it is also a 90-day return policy.

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order delayed for over 5 months!

What I really want this year for Christmas is for someone to cancel my Target order. On July 21st, 2006, I ordered an infant seat on the target.com website for my then 3-month old son. It is now December 23rd, 2006 and my infant seat still has not arrived. 5 months and counting!

Each week I receive an automated message from Target.com which states that "there is a delay with one or more items in the order you placed." Furthermore, the message indicates that "it is not possible to cancel this order at this time."

The numerous Target customer service agents with whom I have spoken and emailed have said that if I no longer want the infant seat (my son is now too old for the seat), I can refuse or return the eventual delivery. I have then explained repeatedly that I have since moved overseas and am no longer able to refuse delivery at my previous address. To my dismay, the standard Target response has been "Our systems prohibit us from cancelling orders" and "all you can do is refuse the parcel when it is delivered." Did I not just say that I am living overseas?! Are they even trying to help?

I find the whole target.com shopping experience to be extremely user-unfriendly. All I really want this year for Christmas is for someone to cancel my Target order.

never received free target gift card!

On June 22, 2006 roughly around 12:15:37 I received an email from an email address [protected]@thaseaplus.com which...

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