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target sucks

I shopped at target last night.
I bought 4 items with cash.
I called the store when I got home
because I couldn't find my receipt.
I talked to the manager of the
electronics department who said
he would look into the system to
verify the sale. After 3 calls
he said he couldn't find it in the system
and to call back tomorrow.
When I called today I was told
that I could come in and get a printout
of the sale but that since I paid
cash I wouldn't be able to return
anything. I was told that there
was transaction information on the
original receipt that no one could
access but that without that I wouldn't
be able to return the purchase.
Now I have a paper with the sales
information on it but I cannot
go to the guest information counter to
refund my transaction for a digital
convertor when I finally receive
my $40. goverment coupon and rebuy
the item with the coupon.

see the printout here:

The supervisor said that the information
a person gave me yesterday on the phone
was in fact correct. I called yesterday
before I went to the store to ask if I
could return the digital convertor when
I get the coupon and he verified that I
The guest supervisor additionally verified
that I could do so - but not without the
original receipt.
She added that I would have been able to
do so if I had paid with a credit card.
She also cited a policy that they allowed
a complementary one item return without a
receipt within a one-year-paid and that was
for any item $35 or less.
Apparently my fault in the issue is that
a) I paid with cash
b) I lost my receipt

I believe that they should have issued a duplicate receipt.
There were 2 supervisors and the sales clerk who
were aware of the problem and I think I acted
in a timely manner to rectify the problem of
the lost receipt.

At the very least it is lousy customer
service and I will not be shopping there again.

I would like target to do whatever it takes to
issue a duplicate receipt that is viable for
returns and exchanges.
I went in with the items and suggested that they
scan them in so they could void the original
receipt and issue a valid duplicate.

If they can't do that I would like them to
honor my government coupon and rebate me the
$40. for my digital converter.

  • Ga
    Gamerdude Aug 27, 2009

    If it was that easy anyone in the US could be getting 40 dollar checks from the government and cashing them at target.

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  • Ko
    kohlsmike Sep 13, 2009

    If there were more honest people in the world, Targets return policy wouldn't suck so hard. Alas, there are a LOT of dishonest people. Blame society brother

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  • De
    Dead Bird Cage Aug 16, 2010

    WOW that was a very well written complaint. One of the few I have noted on here the past hour. Very nice. I still love Target but good a good read.

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order canceled

I ordered Yo Gabba Gabba Dance Mat @$19.99 and my information was accepted and I gave Target my street address plus my PO box number. If I get any mail from the US postal service
I only receive my mail if my box number is included. There should have been no problem to send to my physical address or my PO box, which ever target preferred. But No, Target canceled my order for no good reason. I feel I was cheated because Target decided they did not want to honor their advertised price. I will not order anything from them again.
Alice Hunter

target hits a new low in customer service

I bought a $40 space heater from Target. I only noticed when I got it home that was damaged, there were parts ratting around inside. I didn't even open the box. A few days later I took it back for an exchange. I could not find my receipt.

They would not exchange it for me since I didn't have my receipt and I had paid cash. I only wanted a new one! Also, it's like I'm being penalized for paying with US currency instead of credit.

The store manager said that they could not override the computer, and unless I find the receipt I'm on my own. He said I should fill out the warranty card on the heater and contact the manufacturer. Riiiight.

I spend at least $200 a week at Target. Correction...I USED to spend $200 a week at Target. There are many other retailer choices within the area(Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie).

Target has now lost all my business over a stupid $40 heater.

  • Br
    Brenda Garde Jul 12, 2009

    Never has enough baby high-chr's, playpen's, stroller's, baby book's in stock! Target in Norman also has a high chair on display that has been recalled as of 7/11/09...

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  • Li
    Little Miss Sunshine Aug 25, 2009

    The policy is in place because people like to steal stuff and then return it for money when they never even paid for it. I've seen people buy stuff for cheaper at Ross and then try to return it at Target.

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  • Ga
    Gamerdude Aug 27, 2009

    you could also take merchandise from inside the store and just bring it to the service desk for cash

    get your act together and stop losing your receipts

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  • So
    sonicboom510 Mar 09, 2010


    You didn't have a receipt, so it isn't Target's problem. Why don't you grow up and learn something about responsibility. Don't expect Target to hold your hand and give you cash from right under their ###. This is business, so stop whining.

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employee treatment

I can attest, after working there for 4 years, that Target Corporation cares nothing for it's employee...

worst work experience/raciest.

I worked for target for about 10 months and they made my life a living hell while i worked there. I wa...

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bad service

On the above date, Target Asset Protection Personnel handcuffed my minor child to a bench in their security...

bad quality product

I attempted to return defective software to the store and was told I could only exchange the software for an...

unauthorized charges

The short and simple: Someone got a hold of my bank card and used it to make a bunch of purchases. My bank canceled the card but not before a purchase was made on Target.com for $250. I called them today, the very same day of the transaction hoping to stop the shipment and make it easier to get my money back. No one could help me. They claim to not I called back later thinking maybe I had just got a rookie, nope. After a 15 minute phone call with an Indian accented woman who couldn't understand that I wasn't trying to return something I had to give up and let the order ship. I'll let the police handle it and just hope I can get my money back. Thanks for nothing Target.

ghd hair straightener

I purchased a GHD hair straightener from http://www.target-ghd.com

The product arrived - and broke approximately 2 months later. I contacted the company and they advised that I could return the product as it was under warranty and they would send me a replacement product .

On the 22 July 2008 I posted the item as described by them. I have since emailed them numerous times as I have not recieved a replacement GHD. They have not responded to any of my emails.

I then attempted to get the GHD repaired indepently - to be advised that the product I have bought was a fake.

  • Fr
    Frankie Mar 24, 2009

    I have experienced the same problem, i sent my straightners off to have them repaired and i was told they were fake.

    GHD told me to take this further and get my money back.

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  • Cr
    crazy claire Aug 28, 2009

    Again i have had the same problem after a couple of months my straightners broke too with them just not heating up. After sending them back to GHD they informed me that they were fake with little chance of me seeing my money again.

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faulty merchandise

Last Halloween I purchased two fog machines. It was too late in the year for us to redo the Halloween Decorations so we just put them away until this year. We opened them, set them up, only to find out that neither of them worked. My neighbor had the same problem with the two he purchased. I called the store manager Joann and she refused to take them back or exchange them (they are selling the same machine this year) and gave me the number for customer service. Needless to say THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS ARE IN INDIA AND BARELY SPEAK OR UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and just received a phone call from their coroporate office. A "Jeffery" informed me that they will only return them within 90 with a receipt. Be careful when purchasing merchandise from them. If you do not have a receipt or if you do not have the original packaging, and if the item doesn't break within 90 days, THEY DO NOT BACK THEIR MERCHANDISE.

  • Xh
    xholaxgatitax Jun 17, 2009

    Its not their fault you didnt read the return policy. It dosent make THEM a bad company, it just makes you the typical customer with ALWAYS something to complain about.

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second time burned

After being duped into buying the "hands free" can opener sold to us by a as seen on tv store and dealing with it never working correctly we decided to buy the "One Touch" I had purchased one for my Mother and she loves it so my Partner and I decided we wanted one too..we found one in Target..I should have known something was up we could not find any instructions and felt maybe they were left out..so we put some batteries in and it sounded funny..thinking maybe the batteries were old we replaced them and it seemed to work better..3 months later it started sounding like it did when we first bought it..then it hit me we bought a "One Touch" someone else had returned as defective and instead of tossing it they simply replaced it in the package and resold it..this is the reason there was no instructions! Now here is is one week past the date when we can get a exchange or refund and we are stuck with a second can opener sold to us despite the knowledge it is defective..we will never buy anything like this from Target again and we may never do business with them ever!!

  • La
    Laura Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maybe it's the manufacturer and not Target's fault you got a crappy machine

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hiring young but not older people

I have placed a application with this Compang and reccieved a e-mail that they where not hiring. That ha...

overcharge of $1,000.00

We have been loyal Target customers for years. We have always paid our balances on time. Recently, my wife...

bad employment

This complaint spans several weeks.

My employer is closing, and Target sent a representative to talk to us about going there when the store closes.

The rep they sent was the head of thier Human Rescources department. They had arranged a "job fair" in our store to tell us about working at Target, pay, and jobs available. She came totally unprepared and had no information to give out - keep in mind this meeting was planned WEEKS in advance.

Despite that, I filled out an in-store application anyway. Several days later, another HR worker called my home and asked me to come in to talk to them. When I came in, they made me wait for 15 minutes to get a hold of her; and all she had to say was that I needed to fill out an application (she couldn't have said that over the phone?). I told her I had filled an application out already - so she put me on hold for another 20 minutes to look for it. She came back on the line and told me my application wasn't finished and I needed to fill out the last part. I told her I had already filled out the 'entire' application - she put me on hold again to look for that! She returned and asked me to come to the office to fill out a paper version because they "lost" mine.

I filled out the paper applications and waited another half-hour for my first interview (1 of 3). After the interview I waited for the second one. Both interviews went very well and the interviewers (not HR employees) where very nice.

After interview number two, the HR girl told me that my third interview would be done by their head of security, but he wouldn't be back for a few days. I waited a week and called back - they corrected the original "few days" to "he's on vacation for two weeks".

After the two weeks I called back to talk to HR about scheduling the interview. The first four times I called, no one answered the phone at all. I kept trying and got an operator to answer twice. One of the times she transferred me to HR and HR just plain hung up! The second time, the operator (again, not HR dealing with it) told me that there where no openings in their interview schedule, but I could leave a message and they would call me back later.

I didn't feel the need to leave a message. If these people treat you like ### after offering you a job, how badly will they treat you when you actually work there?

I talked to my co-workers who had considered working there and ALL of them expressed similar experiences. HR had either been openly rude or simply avoided talking to them all together.

  • Ca
    Cashier furry Feb 01, 2009

    Target is the worst place to work the store dose not stand behind there employees I volutary quit because I was sick of the lies I did everything by the book and they made promises they did not keep that place sucks and so do the people that come through your line they need to learn how to do some stuff them sevles because I not there mother and I just want to lodge that papermate pen in the guest neck and in all the other ### that I know so target treat your employees better expesially you ETL

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  • Je
    Jerry Leavitt Mar 11, 2009

    I am a former Senior Manager for Target and I agree that they do treat you like dirt. Even management is treated poorly, behind the scenes of course but very poorly never the less. I worked their for 5 months and could not stand the way they treated me. I have been in the Army for over 20 years serving my country the best I can. Target did not care about my military commitment, they said that you are in a management position and the time off is worrying the store team leader (store manager). I hate Target I will never step foot in a Target ever again. Go Wal-Mart

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  • Po
    Polly Not-Perfect Feb 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too applied at Target for seasonal work and was hired after the holidays. I've been there for several months now and had I known the company had such a bad reputation in the public eye I would have applied at Walmart instead. Here's to you Target - [censor] you and your red target bullseye mf dog

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schwinn bicycle repair

My dad bought me a schwinn bicycle in 1964. The bike is still in out family and my father's great grandson is now riding the bike. This bike has never broken a spoke or needed any repairs and it cost about $20. I bought a schwinn at target in 2005 for $200. Withing 2 years of the purchase, the bike spokes have all broken because they are made from cheap pot metal. It lasted for a dozen rides and now it's ready for a land-fill. Target told me to bring them the bike for inspection in june of 2008. I gave them my receipt and they took the bike in for a repair (Replacement of the front and back wheel) after spending $90 on gas for 4 round trips to target, and wasting an entire summer, target told me to come pick up my bike 3 months later. No repairs were done. I ordered all the parts from schwinn and now i need to spend an additional $80 - $100 dollars for bike repair tools and parts. Target dropped the ball every step of the way. Today i spent 2 hours on the phone and spoke with 4 different customer service reps before i was told that target would not compensate me for all of their errors. I urge everyone to stop shopping at worst retail chain in america... Target!

tv broke in 4 months

I'm a very upset costumer. I bought my first Trutech 19" thin LCD TV (MODEL#: PLV16190) November 2006...

forced to accept gift card at return

My email to Target:I bought items- sub-total was $59.36 with $2.97 tax & $3.00 store coupon. Total was $62.33. After a $10.00 pharmacy gift card, I paid $52.33. I later returned the $24.89 item with the receipt. INSTEAD of a refund of this amount, I was given another stupid gift card and a credit of $16.14 to my credit card. The clerk was rude. She said the "computer" did it and she couldn't change it. I asked to speak to a manager and she said she was a manager. This is one of the reasons I rarely shop at Target even though the store is close to my home and work. I feel like you stole $10 of my refund and held it hostage. I am too busy to carry around and try to remember to redeem a gift card. I hate the things and I don't want to use them. I want an explanation and I want this garbage to stop. It's wrong.

Their "canned" "useless" reply did not address my complaint: Dear Target Guest,

I'm glad you've taken the time to write us about your return experience. We're sorry you didn't receive the type of service you've come to expect at Target.

We know the importance of having well-trained and professional team members. And I know it can be frustrating if you receive inconsistent information about our return policy.

I'd like to assure you that the team member attitude you described isn't part of our guest service philosophy. Hearing your comments is very important to us and I've shared them with the Gaithersburg Store Leadership team for further review.

Our Guest Experience Leadership team is dedicated to providing you with the service you deserve. If you ever have any questions or concerns about our merchandise or services, please visit Guest Service and speak with the Guest Service Team Leader. They'll do their best to help you. You can also call our Guest Relations team at [protected]. Either way, we're here to help!

Thanks for helping us make Target even better.


Target Guest Relations

I won't go their again.

  • Sl
    Slow to return Jul 22, 2009

    This complaint is exactly right...I bought an item and never used it or even took it out of the box. When i finally had time to look at it I found out it was the wrong thing. I took the item, WITH the receipt, back to target, they told me the item was bought over 90 days ago and the receipt has expired. Who ever heard of such a stupid rule!!! So 89 days and all is OK but 91 days and forget it???? I was even willing to work with them and accept a gift card but again they said "computer won't let me do it".
    I can't understand how a store that is still selling this very item, I have a receipt & I'm willing to take a gift card, that I didn't want and should not have had to take, would not work with me. The customer service people were rude and uncaring.
    I requested a manager and things just got worse. All she did was give me a 1-800-303-0308 number to call. I called and got no where with the customer service rep and then again the manager. Then I found out I was calling New Deli, India. How can anyone in India help me in Pennsylvania???? This was just getting worse and I was not getting any answers.
    So I waited a few days and tried again to return the item to the store with different customer service people on duty. This time WITHOUT the receipt, said it was a gift and I didn't want it. Without any problem at all the same computers worked and item was returned.
    I learned my lesson!! If you tell target the truth the computers don't work but if you tell them what they want to hear the computers work!!!
    TARGET you need to STOP that 90 day expired receipt concept. If someone has a receipt and you have the item on your shelves there should be NO reason that item can not be returned. People need every dollar they work for these days and this is just robbery!!!
    Shame on you...and I hope to see a change in store policy soon!!!
    Please everyone who agrees with this let Target know.

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terrible experience

I received a little notice from Target National Bank informing me that they were going to raise my rate to...

bad return policy

Target will not allow returns of any product that was purchased in a box and assembled, even with the receipt.

My brother purchased a tv stand for our mother who is in assisted living. He assembled the tv stand, but it was too short for her to use. The next day we returned it to Target and asked to exchange it for a taller one or get a refund. The response was, "you should have noticed the dimensions printed on the box before you bought it." They refused even a partial refund SINCE IT HAD BEEN ASSEMBLED. We mentioned that their policy should be posted. The supervisor on duty was not concerned and dismissed our request. Buyer beware! If you are not absolutely sure of the item, don't buy it from Target. You will not be allowed to return or exchange it. We will avoid this problem in the future by not buying from Target.

  • Ar
    Ardyardy Jul 13, 2009

    Wow! Might be that particular store. I've never had a problem returning or exchanging anything at Target. But then I never tried to return a completely assembled RTA furniture piece.

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tv broken

Purchased TV from Target and it broken in the first six month. The TV just stopped working and will not turn on. I was told by target it needed to be addressed by the company and they can not do anything. The company told me to send the unit back with a check for $65.00 and they would fix or replace the unit. I may have been a fool the first time but not a second time. This will go to recycling and I will never shop at target again. I will never promote target for any reason. What a poor chose to sell this product.

  • Dr
    Droobin Jan 20, 2009

    What brand television was it? That'd be where the complaint belongs. Otherwise, if you'd have bought the television at Walmart or Bestbuy, would they be to blame for the defective manufacturing? Not likely.

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  • Ti
    Tito Puente Sep 04, 2009

    90 days, read the reciept.

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