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Starbucks / starbucks app card usage down at least 3 weeks

Tiny KJ on May 22, 2017
I have not been able to use my Starbucks card to pay for purchases and get my star points at least 3 weeks. I fly pretty much every week and stop by this Starbucks before boarding for water, drinks and sometimes snacks. I have to pay with cash or credit card since they are not able to...

Starbucks / starbuck's venti cup integrity, hot beverages, collapsing

crisb40 on May 21, 2017
1.) The first instance, I purchased a Pike coffee, I took it to the service bar and added the half and half, when I picked up the cup to walk out of the door to my car, the cup integrity collapse and I ended up flinging the hot coffee into a corner. Fortunately, neither I or any of your...

Starbucks / starbucks 'espresso decaf espresso roast dark' pods

David Gull on May 20, 2017
To whom it may concern Re: starbucks complaint - espresso decaf espresso roast dark pods Dear sir/madam, For your information, this is a complaint about a starbucks product. According to a store manager in a starbucks shop in winterthur, zurich (Situated within the railway station) who...

Starbucks / drink/ sanitary purposes

Beberly on May 17, 2017
I went in today and ordered a S'mores frapp. My favorite drink that's only around this time of the year. Everything is great till I get home and removed the lid to mix the Whip cream when I noticed something stuck in the cup moving around. Point my flashlight at it and I found that a...

Starbucks / rude employees

HobbyMichelle on May 17, 2017
I have frequented this Starbucks a few times as I am the Hobby airport very regularly. The morning crew is almost always rude, short and unfriendly...so unlike independent Starbucks locations. This time in particular I ordered my drink: a single shot in a grande cup with extra water. The...

Starbucks Marysville WA / Coffee

Shelly Rumple on May 16, 2017
I always go to Starbucks every morning and the past 2 times today and yesterday the service was not what it is usually with the smiley faces and good attitudes. It was very rude and not only that but I order the same drink a Venti triple peppermint mocha and the past two days it has been...

Starbucks / overcharged

TracyA1 on May 14, 2017
At Monte Carlo may 14 2017. Terminal 3193 check 31939117 Dinorah P. I ordered a vente nonfat mocha and was charged for white mocha. Upon picking up my mocha, I told the male barista I did not order white mocha and it should be 6.30. He told D.P. She over charged me..her reply was they are...

Starbucks Coffee at McCarran International Airport / Poor customer service

St. Gilly on May 7, 2017
On Saturday May 6 @1029 AM I was served by Bobbie (117986). I asked for a cold brew coffee Grande and she informed me that they were out of cold brew. She suggested an iced coffee with a shot of espresso, which I declined and told her I did not wish to pay for an additional shot. I ordered...

Starbucks / Hateful Management / Very unethical behavior

Cutefreckles on May 4, 2017
The Starbucks store in Atlanta, GA (Buckhead) Piedmont rd. has a awful manager. She smiles in your face but lies about why she does stuff. For example, there are only two plugs outside the store so when the store is full some people will go outside and plug in, but now they cannot. She ha...

Starbucks / Coffee

Stephvav on May 2, 2017
We pay for our coffee for reason and ever time I go Starbucks the coffee cup is never filled to top. I went today and was 3/4 full on venti size. If this case then coffee should be cheaper u have other coffee shops that can take away business because this bc ppl can go scooters play le...

Starbucks / unethical behavior

vgaa on Apr 19, 2017
Unicorn Frappe This was by far the worst and only starbucks drink i will never purchase again. it is also the only drink i have ever complained about. It has a sour taste/smell and it looks a lot different than it tastes. I felt like it was rotten. Also it took me 30 mins to find thi...

Starbucks / Workers

tammy dorwart on Apr 5, 2017
4-4-2017 been going to the Starbucks on Starkey road for a while I go and drink coffee and use the we if. I have heard worker talk bad about the other works and seems to not like her job (grace) they a let children run around yelling and screaming. I have complain about people with music...

Starbucks / Starbucks 30 whitlock ave nw marietta ga, 30064

Jlbbell on Apr 2, 2017
On SATURDAY APRIL 1 2017, I took my 1 year old with me to get a coffee at the above location Star Bucks . I live in Smyrna, we don't have a Star Bucks in Smyrna. I go through the drive through at this location on my way to the university for nursing that is attending that's how I knew of...

Starbucks / Coffee/employee

Elena17 on Mar 19, 2017
I stopped at Starbucks located inside lake forest travel 3 on 04 Mar 17 @ 1734hrs to order 2 venti coffees . The employee was unfriendly/rude, when I asked for more half/half creamer he asked for the old container rinsed it out ( not washed) then refilled it with creamer. I'm sure in the...

Starbucks / Barista forgot to return my debit card

Celi Grant on Mar 2, 2017
I ordered a blueberry muffin and a Grande chai latte around 11:30 am on Thursday, March 2, 2017 at the Starbucks in Auburn, Indiana located at 1049 W 7th Street. I paid with my debit card but did not get it back. I did not realize this until I got home, about 90 min away. When I called to...

Starbucksstore.com / Coffee

IruKeru on Feb 21, 2017
I have ordered three bags of Starbucks coffee from their online store and my order arrived pretty fast but one bag was damaged. It was half empty. I contacted Starbucks and was expecting to get some help. Starbucks disappointed me a lot, they simply said that there was nothing they could do...

Starbucks / Promo for birthday email

Mike Bilthuis on Feb 17, 2017
My wife received an email on her birthday for a free coffee on her birthday. We stopped at the store at 14620 Hull Street Road, Midlothian VA to redeem on her birthday on her way to work. The "veteran" barista as the shift leader referred to the person who refused to honor the offer at the...

Starbucks / Coffee

Rsssss on Feb 9, 2017
2 weeks ago I went to Starbucks on 43rd and 9th avenue in New York New York 10036. I went in around 9:15pm and orders a vent black hot coffee. I put a little milk and sugar in it and walk back to my f place literally across the street. I took a sip and it was room temperature. Not wanting...

Starbucks / Filthy disease producing carpet and drapes at the green lake dr. Star bucks.

Michael Van Ditto on Feb 7, 2017
This is why I do not frequent the Green Lake dr. Starbucks any more. I've been going there for over 18 years and now I'm not.. The carpet and the drapes have never been cleaned!!! I have complained but no one good give a damn!!! read this a get a clue!!!Michael THE British penchant for public...

Starbucks / Cappuccino viente

Sondra Perrone on Jan 31, 2017
I switched from hot chocolate to the viente Cappuccino. I went about six times in a week s time frame to four different locations. Each and everyone has given me a half cup to three fifths of a cup of liquid and two and a half to three inches or more of foam. I feel I am being shortchanged...

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