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bone in the burrito

I recently purchased a couple of chicken burritos at a Taco Bell (6/11/2007) at store number 002987. When eating, apparently there was a small bone like object in the burrito, and it broke a molar. I contacted Taco Bell on numerous occasions, as well as Yum! Brands Inc. Apparently, they need the bone or whatever it was to compensate my dental bills. I ate it, and do did not feel like digging through my poop. They should repay my bills because a tooth just doesn't break like that from sitting around. If it was a result from eating elsewhere, I would have contacted those responsible.

  • Kr
    krista savannah Nov 06, 2007
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    Verified customer

    This from a guy who used to work the drive thru at Wendy's and spit in people's cokes.

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  • Fe
    FeartheTaco Oct 29, 2013

    I just found this while looking up what to do. I ate part of shredded chicken burrito at Taco Bell was loaded with pieces of bones.
    Showed it to the manager- they did nothing but give me my 1.69.

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poor service!

The first time I went to this website. It was hard to find out where to put the code numbers and it was too...

taco bell's online registration is invalid

The game GoLargeLiveLarge.come online registration is invalid. It requires you to install Flash Player (doesn't install). I have computer schooling, have operated serveral programs and have the latest in computer technology. This is misleading and I believe there could be a scam going on here. I am well aware of blocker's and this is not my issue.

  • St
    Stressed219 Sep 08, 2010
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    I was at a local Taco Bell store and I had spent $22.00 that evening. I choose to pay using my credit card. I opt to place C.ID on the back of my card verse my signed name. The cashier did not even acknowledge the fact that CID was even there. She did not even bother to look to see if it was signed or not.
    There are so many ID thefts going on now a days and they are becoming hard to fix after damage has been done. So yes it might be a little more time consuming but in my case I would rather be safe then sorry.

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unable to register drink code to win a prize

Trying to enter drink code at website is so hard u cannot do it but they want of your info, then after u give it, there is nowhere to enter the code. What a scam by pepsi and taco bell. Pppooohhh on pepsi.

  • Ra
    rae Sep 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The manager (he seems to be as he is the only one wearing a different uniform) punched in $100.00 instead of $10.00 when I bought a #3.31 menu, hence giving me a change of $6.69...He is totally aware that I gave him only 10 bucks and told me that as long as he gave me the exact change it should not matter. I told him that he will be off by $90.00 and he said it is ok. I was just wondering what will happen to that $90.00 during audit? Makes me wonder if he is doing something not right.. He seems to be nervous and soon after the conversation, he went to the back and never saw him again.

    This instance happened in Mira Mesa Branch at 1608 Sept. 22, 2008. He looks like caucasian guy, short with pimple in his right chin. I did not see his ID, but the receipt shows Eduardo in his name. Aeryone lso, he is not wearing the same blue shirt as everyone else. He is wearing a brown pants and the top seems to be different from the rest (that's why I figured he's the manager or someone with higher position.

    If this is how they do business here in Mira Mesa, it makes me think that people thinks consumers are dumb. What if I insisted that I gave him a hundred bucks? What will happen to the extra $90.00. I am just a concerned citizen. You can ignore this, but I am laying this out here for your information.

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  • Di
    Dick Gozinia Oct 28, 2008
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    Rae... I understand your suspicion about the Mira Mesa Taco Bell. But, having drawer come out even has nothing to do with the amount (of money given) you punch into the register. By totaling all the money in the drawer, and totaling the amount of sales at the end of that registers shift. Those two amounts should be the same. Minus the amount of money that was already in the drawer when the shift started, of course.
    After an order is made you are given a total, lets say that total is $5.50. You pay with a $10 bill. You will receive $4.50 back right... Ok, say your total is $5.50 again, you pay with a $10 bill. But, this time he puts it in as $100. Now it says the change is $94.50. As long as they still give you the $4.50 you are owed. There has been no additional money put into the drawer or taken out. They have given you $5.50 worth of delicious Taco Bell, and you their $5.50...
    Besides grand totaling everything throughout the day, the register is a lock box with a calculator sitting ontop.

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bad customer service

I go through the drive threw, the women taking the order was rude, it took 10 min to get my order in - I get up to the window and a different girl hands me the bag - I ask if my sauce is inside, she said yep just put it in. I am unable to pull aside and double check my order as there was some sort of incident as police cars in parking lot and no where to pull over. I get home and no sauce, now the may not seem like the big of deal but what I get tastes not so good with out sauce and I could not go back because it is a drive and I was on my lunch break.

  • Le
    LeeAnn Johnson Sep 03, 2008
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    I am actually trying to find out if there is still a shift leader position open in either store in EauClaire, Wiand if so where and what is the starting salary? Please help me with this info. I am interested and thought I could check it out online. Thanks so much.
    LeeAnn Johnson

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no way to access site!

Was no way to access site asked lots of info no place to enter code number sends you to a circular program very annoying waste of my time.

  • Mi
    mike green Jul 12, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yea i'm stuck i get to try and enter my email and it just freezes what a horrible site!

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  • Ya
    yannik123 Oct 31, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    fuking all ower tthe world

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contest is a fake!

They send you to a freebie website instead of the site represented on the cup so how can you enter a code you cant enter so you cant win, you cant even find information on who to file a compliant to.

  • Sa
    Sandy Bearden May 14, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They tell you to register before you enter your code, but won't accept the registration, so therefore you're hung up in cyberspace. I spent over half an hour trying to figure out where I was going wrong, finally just gave up.

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  • De
    DEB Apr 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you see the date when the contest was to be over? It was not this year!!!

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  • Na
    Nathan777 Jan 18, 2012

    The latest contest is a fake. You are immediately notified that you are not a finalist and when you click on view winners, they are all TBD as far back as last year. This is supposed to be a weekly random winner contest, yet nobody has won.

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  • I0
    I'amamexicantoo!! Jan 28, 2012

    I agree! To the other posts. And now the "winners" listed for 20012 will be listed soon. REALLY??? This is a scam if anything. If your just gonna fake the contest...why even bother?!! I have tried this every time I have had a meal from Taco Bell. And if I have seen names of winners...every damn one listed is from California. Nice...not!!!

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  • Pl
    plumcrazy May 01, 2012

    I got the same thing, put in the store #, time and day I went in answered a brief survey and then at the end was told I was not a finalist in the contest and I have been told that every time I have done this. If they say there is a contest to win something and there is not I would think it is fraud.

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recent promotion is a rip off!

5/12/07 - I went to their website to enter the code from my softdrink cup I got today and was asked a lot of personal information, which I entered but was never directed to the page to enter the code from my drink cup. So they have my e-mail address and they can do whatever they want, but I was not given a place to enter the number they said I should be able to . But they said to go there and enter the number on my cup. NO PLACE TO ENTER IT. THEY LIED. THEY ARE STEALING MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. THAT STINKS!!!!

Interesting that this complaint website showed up in the top 5 results on my Google search for their website. That tells me they are ripping off thousands of customers. That is bad. How can you work for a company like that? How can they cheat people like this. Owned by PEPSI??? I think I will stay away from them and PEPSI!!! . This is real sad.

prices up - food down

I'm vegetarian, so I don't eat meat, but I do go to Taco Bell frequently and order items, like nachos, with no meat or sour cream (because it contains gelatin - ground up animal bones) on them. With these two items gone, I'm still paying full price, $1.49, which I am usually okay with. After the green onion E.coli scare they have removed all green onion from the stores, which leaves me with Nachos Supreme with tomatoes, beans, and cheese. And to top it all off, they have decided to go up ten cents on the price. $1.59, and I'm getting less stuff than ever!

I've also noticed that the drink sizes are getting smaller too. At least, the large is. It's like an ounce smaller. I know this isn't much, but I hate that they can just do this to us. There is no reason and they should not be allowed to keep gouging us for less product.

too much cost difference

Why "7 - layer crunchwrap" costs $1.99 in USA and in Canada it costs $ 3.49. The currency difference is not much. I also paid in US Dollars, they still charged me $ 3.44 USD. I am talking about Taco Bell in Heart Land in Mississauga, Ontario. It sucks why food is so expensive in Canada in same company and on top of that 14% tax. Can someone explain me for the difference in price. This is just one example.

Vinod Suharu.

I was harassed by a taco bell employee

After being treated very rudely while getting my food from the drive through, my friend felt the need, even...

shortchanged and shortordered!

I am a small business owner in Yuba City, CA. Like many other business owners, I fully realize that...

poor quality food

January 31, 2007 I went to Taco Bell at Washington St. & Lynhurst Indpls, IN and I got the new Grilled Taquitos for $1.79. Store #002969 Phone #[protected]. I was very disappointed it was half filled and what was filled was only a skim of meat and cheese. You didn't even know you had eaten anything.You need to get them to fix their food better it sure was not worth $1.79. I will never go back there if this is the way they serve their portions.

  • Ad
    Adela Herris May 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Their taquitos are disgusting. I know that in general, fast food looks nothing like the ads, but this was the epitome of disgusting over-promotion. There was hardly any cheese in mine, maybe a tiny piece of meat, and it was not good. It was dry, chewy, had no flavor. A 1.00 taco would have been better... I'm not a big fan of taco hell anyway. Most of their products are pretty gross, this is just an example of complete false representation.

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order mess up!

Every single time I get food from Taco Bell, they either mess my order up, smash my food in the bottom of the bag Or my food is nasty. Tonight I ordered a mexican pizza and the whole thing tasted old, every time that i speak to a manager they just blow you off and send you on your way, by telling you that they are sorry and it wont happen again, but it always does.

  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    I eat at alot of fast food places due to my time schedule, and i am usually pretty happy about my food I am not a picky eater, On this day 10th of February, 2007 i went to taco bell in Joplin mo the one on main street, because the one i usually go to was very busy ( now i know why) Taco bell has been know to be a good place to eat i know im there a lot But on this day i was very disappointed, me and my boyfriend ordered 4 tacos added sour cream and 1 tostasda with sour cream, One chicken quesadilla - you would think a very easy order.

    I guess it was to much for the mouthy cook to handle, ordered sour cream, couldn't find any on it- added lettuce to a taco that was not to have any, and then forgot the chicken on my quesadilla, When i went and talk to the people about the order they said it was my fault it was was wrong, first of all HOW is it my fault they forget to put chicken on the quesadilla, and on the tostasda well instead of the beans and cheese being on the shell it was put to the side OR i would like to call it thrown to the side due to laziness, I have never been treated this bad in my life and Taco Bell will no longer get my business, not only was i accused of being the person in the wrong about the food order even after showing them a receipt, I was not even offered a replacement for the wrong order. Even though my one little complaint will not be heard, Im sure one day someone might get threw to this company that there getting worse and there name is going from Taco bell to taco Hell!

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  • Bo
    Bob Oct 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lol! I'm sorry to seem insensitive but the jokes that you've heard about people who are unsuccessful in life going to work at fast food, are all true. People there aren't looking to work hard and they don't care.

    If you want real food, make it yourself; otherwise don't complain about low quality and low service.

    In my opinion you deserve it all, McDonald's, KFC, Burger King; all your favorites stuff 10 chickens into small cages and drug them to the point where their legs break over their fat.

    I'm not trying to make this about being a vegetarian, lol; but my point is that fast food is cheap and called fast for a reason. You cannot base your decision on going there because of bad service, especially if it was a single time.

    PS. Sindy you're very dramatic; I love it xD

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price gouging

I live in a mid sized college town in Texas situated between Austin and San Antonio, San Marcos. This town has an average family income of about 18K per year, so it is not an economicly booming town at all.

Most of the people that live here are employed by the university. The one corporate Taco Bell Store in this town seems to think that it can charge about 10% more on menu items that in markets that are much much higher in the average income bracket. One goes to a taco bell with the expectations of spending less than 5 bucks for a meal. Not so at this one, any vegetable product that is an addition is .30 cents more per item even if the item already comes with that product. Extra cheese one would expect to pay for as that is common through out the industry, however .30 for a few more chunks of onion on a bean burrito is a little much. The menu prices as I stated are higher as well, and the portions that are given for these items are about 10% less than at other stores (this was done over several days buying items at this store numbered 019846 and a store in Buda and one that is at the Sam Marcos Outlet malls, the two nearest to this store and doing a weight comparison). Now this is a little flimsy at the moment, but more research will be done and a complaint to the city on price gouging will insue.

overcharge for food!

We were over charged, and the manager said was because they didn't get the "skickies" (new menu prices) in yet. She also would not reimburse us the difference - This seem illegal to have the customer pay a higher price than advertised on the menu.

  • Th
    The Jailer Aug 23, 2010

    This, coupled with a negative attitude of some of the employees will only lead to dissatisfaction.

    The fleecing of customers happens all the time though. You want extra cheese? They charge. But if you hold the cheese, you get no money off of your order. McDonald's, BK and others do the same.

    But to not give the price on the menu? I would have told them to cancel my whole order, then reported them to the appropriate agency. This IS a GROSS violation of state law and would have levied a HEFTY fine.

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rude service

My experience at the taco Bell on 92ndst between cactus and shea was the worst I have ever had. When I walked...

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