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Sanitation — Not having proper cleaning supplies

I'm concerned with sanitation and disinfection of the salon along with the safety of everyone who comes in...

an employee

Sally Torres-Gil, an employee at the Supercuts on Santa Rita road was very rude and offensive after I...


Went there today to get a haircut. The girl that cut my hair was in a hurry apparently. I had to have her...

scheduled online

I scheduled an appointment today for 10:30 am, online. I arrived early. When I walked in there were 4 women...

about my neck being cut

I went for a hair cut on 11/26/19, i told the hair dresser that she could go around my edges with the buzzer...


poor customer service

This poor service happen at the Monterey park Supercuts on 11-16-19 ( a Saturday) I arrived at 9:30am, the...


I went in to get my hair cut before work. The person who cut my hair did a good job but when I went to work...

hair services

On the Evening of 10/24/19 I went into the Supercuts in Lincoln RI to get my hair color done. I stated 2-3...


customer service

I called the salon ahead of time to get an estimate for what my daughter wanted done with her hair (bleach...

black woman denied service discrimination

Everything seemed fine until I was called up for my turn...…. The Stylist, Natomi, didn't smile or nothing...

Eyebrow waxing

Hello, we will never go into another Supercuts again. We had been going for a couple of years, I will tell...


highlights done by untrained stylist

07/14/2019 Sale ID:109013 Sylist: Felicia Got charged for "xtra large highlights" which were absolutley...



Today at 4:25 pm I got a hair cut at your valley establishment. My stylists, a Man maybe of Asian decent?...



At 4 o'clock On July 11th, 2019 my neice and i brought in my son && her 2 boys for hairs cuts. We asked for...

Super Cuts

service in e sunset plaza 98226

Lauren she is racist. About all, I make an appointment with her and when i got there, she says the she can't do it and i have to wait and hour .i tolk her that i have been waiting An she erase nut my name on the list she get out of the salon like an unestable person,
yelling stuff on me .So I and I left. 06/14/0019.
Next time I'll call the police.
I expected you to fired her.
And a letter for her excuse.
my email is [protected]
I spent my money in that is wort is no much is no less we have to trait people no matter it;s race

  • اتق الله Jun 21, 2019

    Allis bin dee not sure if you have a life outside of you computer chair but you use this term race card so freely. You sound like a closet racist to me. Would you say these things away from the computer screen?

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  • اتق الله Jun 21, 2019

    You are a sicko who keeps hacking innocent people.

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haircut/rude stylist and manager

I went in for a trim to get ready for a business trip. I have been in before for the same trim. However as I am explaining to my stylest what I want she starts talking to another stylest. As she starts triming it it gets shorter and shorter. I ask what she is doing she says she is giving me a short pixie cut. She then proceeds to cut my bangs less than finger length from the front of my hair line. At this point she ssays oops guess you wont need it cut for 4 to 6 months and I have to even this out. She proceeds to get the clippers out at a 2 and take all my hair off. It is definitely devastating for me as I look horrible to go on this business trip.

haircut/rude stylist and manager
haircut/rude stylist and manager

check-in makes no sense!

This is NOT about any employee, or any specific location. I am happy with the services, execution, and customer service.

This is directed at the decision makers at the corporate level. Someone thought it would be a wonderful idea to ask the client/customer during check-in, "What services are you here for?". Which WOULD be a fair enough request, except the answers to choose from are all in code! Instead of being able to check answers like, "haircut", "shampoo and cut", "color and cut", etc. the software offers options like "Supercut ll" "Supercut XYZ" "Supercut 123" and so on! How are customers supposed to know what all of that means?!?

We (customers) are not able to complete the check-in process because some genius at Corporate thought it would be a wonderful idea to pay for the software people to offer meaningless words which complicate the process, and interrupt the employees who now have to stop what they're doing to come and help an otherwise competent customer check-in!

I am astounded that no one thought this through! Why would customers know (or care) to understand the lingo that Supercut employees use for various services? And if there was some reason that the answer MUST be "Supercut ll" "Supercut ABC" Supercut123", then why isn't there posted in plain view a chart which explains what the esoteric jargon means in plain English? Whoever approved this software "upgrade" was completely asleep at the wheel Dumb idea.

Pay your software people again and put it into understandable English will save time and frustration for both the client/customers AND employees...thereby increasing your profit...or maybe corporate would rather pay efficiency experts to tell them the same thing!

colour service

Hi, recently I had my hair coloured at the supercuts salon in Manchester. I am extremely unhappy with the...

the stylist was extremely rude

I went to cut my hair with my kid, and one of the stylists when I told here I did not like my cut she got very angry. She yelled at me in front of my children and told me that she was cutting hair for a lot of years. She beggan to slap with sicor in hand and telling me that I did not know what I was saying. She did not want to provide her name when I requested it. I felt super uncomfortable and won't be recomending or using super cuts EVER agian.
I have the receipt with location time and first name of the employee
Shonte was her first name

the stylist was extremely rude

what is check in for?

I signed on the APP for the Lodi Supercuts in Lodi off Harney Ln. I was there on time, but a customer was ahead of me, asking questions.

Then she decided to get a haircut, why do I have to wait? There was one stylist, I would have had to wait for 30 minutes at least!

I was shined on by the stylist, who casually mentioned that the next stylist comes in, 30 minutes later!

No comment of course, the stylist is clueless, but what is a check in for? Also, why are these stylists so clueless about Customer Service?


On Sunday, 4/28/2019 I went to SuperCuts on Bald Hill Road in Cranston, RI. It seemed like my hairstylist was in a hurry. I told her my hair is thick and Id like her to wet my hair and cut it a certain length because when it dried it would shrink. She then proceeded to cut an inch too short. When I came home and began styling my hair I found two big portions of hair that hadn't been cut and were about 3 inches longer than the rest.

unethical behavior by staff and appointment not logged in

To whom it may concern: my daughter is having her Graduation pictures taken today 4/12/2019, so I called the...


bad hair cut

On March 8th, 2019 I went to Super Cuts, 12203 Central Ave. Chino, Ca. 91710 I told the girl I wanted a...

Super Cuts

hair highlight

I went into a Super cut store to get a color service provided and a highlight service. The first girl did an...


unethical behavior of hairstylist

Dec 29, 2018 ID 6756. I stopped at Ramona Super Cuts for haircut. I've been going there for haircuts for...

rude. person tried cheating me and did a real bad job

Went to get a hair cut as usual, asked for A line hair cut . the picture shows what I got. She then tried to...

Supercuts 7065 W Ann Rd #140

reception desk

I have been a customer of Lidia for several years and she always does a good job. She works at the Wisconsin ave shop in Washington DC. My last visit was 11/17/18 . When I called that morning a young girl answered the phone and I expressed that I wanted a haircut and color with Lidia.
The young girl told me that she was in and she could help me when I got there. However when I got there at 10:30 am Lidia was not there . She was not scheduled to come in until 11:00 am that day. I was ended up waiting 30 minutes . It was extremely frustrating that I had to waste 30 minutes because the young girl gave the wrong information. I don't thing it's a good ideas to have a young girl answering the phone who does not know the correct information to give to the customers. Thank you for your time and attention.

extremely unprofessional

This is the 2nd time they've done that to me. One month ago I called to make an appointment with someone they...

refund not received yet since 10/5/18

store# 09638 ticket # 43 sale id# 103439 stylist: Marque date of transaction: 10/5/18 I initially bought a...


not much to say just look at the pictures I attached

Went to get a haircut in Las vegas for a confrence I have starting on Wednesday and This girl just kept...



I went to Supercuts in Morristown on Friday October 19. I went in asking for full head blonde highlight...


My last visit to the North Hollywood location I got someone named "Amy" who during the haircut asked if she...


I took my son in to get a neat and tidy hair cut everything seemed fine until I noticed the sides around the...


hit in eye

Went in to Supercats Camfield Corners in Charlotte, NC for haircut. Stylist was holding both scissors and...

haircut and blue tips

I went to Supercuts in Pico Rivera CA I asked to get a haircut n blue tips was charged 210 up front my hair...

Super Cuts

hair cuts

On Sept 4th my 3 daughters were in the salon for trims. A heavy set blonde in the horseheads, ny salon...


This is the 2nd time I am writing and I have also called customer care with no responses to my complaint. On...


haircut call ahead

I am actually waiting right now. It is 10:14. I called at 9:35 and was told a 1/2 an hour wait. I arrived at...

a trim!!! not a haircut!

She was rude, and way too rough with how she dealt with my hair! She yanked and pulled on it causing numerou...

haircut and broken necklace

I went to the Thornton Supercuts on August 11 to get a cut for which I had a photo. I was asked to supply a...