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Supercuts Complaints & Reviews

Supercuts / service

Chris Counts on May 17, 2017
I walked into the Supercuts on bell rd and 165th Ave at 6:20 pm in what was the Albertsons shopping center and they turned me down for service because the stylist was going to go on lunch she said even though they close in 40 minutes This is the second time I have be refused service at...

Supercuts / lack of respect to families.

Littrell on May 9, 2017
The Super Cuts in suite 106 off of Palo Alto/ hwy 16 in San Antonio, has music blaring super loud. Not to mention the music is not appropriate for the small children to be listening too... I have literally heard the word "n###" fifteen times, b###, f###, and more about strippers than...

Supercuts / Two haircuts

Kaylin grego on Apr 29, 2017
I did not take my reciept nor did my stylist tell me her name. I went in to get a haircut earlier today as I seen in a text message from SuperCuts that the haircut was 12$ this week. I went in with my boyfriend. I was told it would be a 25 minute wait as there was a lady and two little...

Supercuts / overcharge and bad service

manga_t on Apr 22, 2017
Hi I visited supercuts today ( 22nd April ) around 1 pm. I was unsatisfied with the service as I was in the salon for no more than 15 mins, with a wash and trim and was charged £25 for this which I felt was extorshinate. Especially after I looked up the price online and it said £17.95. ...

Supercuts / Employee

mikeusa1975 on Mar 22, 2017
Put a complaint on a employee for doing drugs on and off of the work place and nothing was done about the complaint. The employee is name Erica Berry and this person does drugs on and off work. Some clients has complain about her smelling like pot but the management team is friends with...

Supercuts / Haircut

FloNoMoe on Mar 21, 2017
Went in to Supercuts and fit a haircut, paid with debit card, the next day I was charged two times the $17.50 I owed. I called the shop and they told me to wait a day or two. I did then went in with my IPad to show the manager Flo I was charged twice on my Bank record. She looked at it and...

Supercuts / Color application

Patricia G Parker on Mar 21, 2017
3/20 went into Supercuts to get a retouch of my color, had been there on 2/21/17 and the color was fine. Katia put the color on and I noticed it was getting very dark and remarked that to her, she said not to worry. After she shampooed the color off, the color was no where the same as when...

Supercuts / Terrible service

Milan Mcmannis Jr on Mar 16, 2017
I checked in with the app arrived 15 min early leaving person left not helping the person there I waited an hour watched 4 people walk out on how they were treated when arriving. 2nd person stylist showed up messed around with other things I was next she called a person who just walked in...

Supercuts / Haircut

Androz on Mar 12, 2017
When I arrived there only 3 ladies at the store, 1 of them was just sitting there doing nothing. Belinda, one of the other 2 ladies was helping a guy, Yolanda is the lady that helped me. Yolanda helped asking what i wanted, I showed a picture of the hairstyle I always do saying that other...

Supercuts / Unfairly treated by my boss

samantha rios on Feb 28, 2017
Hello, my name is Guadalupe Jasso. I am an employee of Super Cuts and have been working with Super Cuts company for almost 8 months in the location in Pharr, Texas. They closed down that location and transferred me to Super Cuts in Mission, Texas. For some reason, the manager, Rosa E...

Supercuts / Haircut trim

I went to Islington London Supercuts on the 24/2/17 at 13:50pm i left. I have noticed there are longer bits. Pulling and ripping my hair nasty lady! I have taken photos. Get in touch asap as my hair needs to be corrected. I will also inform a serious hierarchy! Waiting for your reply...

Supercuts / Ridiculous job done with highlighting hair

outragecustomer on Jul 19, 2016
7/16/17 I went to get highlights done and specifically asked the lady there that I want something darker than my hair color. I asked her can you show me the colors and I can tell you which one. She didn't show me and she did a blonde color. I hated it so I went there next day again and...

Supercuts / Bathrooms Issue.

Ivonne Maisonet on Jul 14, 2016
friday July 8, 2016. I went with My son for his regular Haircut. One of the ladies was busy, and she ask me if My son will wait for her or she will tell the manager to take care of my son for his haircut. and I told her that she can tell the Manger to cut my son"s Hair. so she came, and...

Supercuts / Pricing

Reviewer64144 on Sep 14, 2015
I have been going to Supercuts for 4 1/2 months twice a week. Today the manager tells me I have not been charged enough all of these months. She increased my visits by $9.00 for each visit. She did not apology. She was not kind about it... She acted as if it was my fault somehow!!! She wa...

Supercuts / Butchered!

Koda Black on Nov 10, 2014
I went in for a simple trim and some thinning! I walked out with 3 diff lengths bald spots in the back and a crappy choppy "layered" look! I'm mortified I now have to take another 3 or 4 inches off to make it even and look like a little boy! I'm friggin traumatized I will never...

Supercuts / HSA Training

Annonymous68 on Jan 9, 2014
The training was with a woman in her late twenties with a very big ego. I'd like to say I have a pretty good read on people when I talk to them and I could tell right away that this trainer was a b***#%. I knew I was going to either make it through the week long training dreading it...

Supercuts / Humiliating Hair Cut

Jlneudie on Apr 10, 2013
I went to my local Super Cuts to attempt to mend some chemical damage I had brought upon myself. I asked for only 1.5 inches off my mid back length hair. The stylist recommended a keratin treatment, in which I obliged. Upon the haircut itself, the two employees whined about their smoke break...

Supercuts / unprofessional service / Desrimination

Brad Casey on Sep 17, 2012
On Saturday 9/15 at around 9:30 am I walked in to this Supercut store to get a hair cut There were 5 people who looked like they worked there, and only one person was given a haircut to a customer. I was the only other potential customer. When I arrived I took off my hat and got a few...

Supercuts / Butcher cuts at super cuts

Wozmle on Jul 26, 2012
I walked into Super Cuts in Shirley NY I told the hairdresser CHRISSY that I wanted ONLY the top trimmed, Well she didnt listen & While I was off guard she proceeded to cut the side of my hair below my ears & I screamed at her She cut a lot off I had to complain to the manager I will...

Supercuts / bad haircut

bsjbigdog on Jun 15, 2012
went to this particular store because it was on our way to our destination. At the very start, the owner was arguing with one of the stylist, the girl that took me back, although nice, was SO intimidated by what kind of cut I was requesting...wanted a 11/2 on the bottom part with a slight...

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