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Supercuts / haircut

Diane Cohn on Sep 4, 2017
In Sunday, September 3rd I went to Supercuts to have my granddaughters hair cut. She wanted to donate her hair to cancer for kids. The child's cut has one price on the board and I was charged $35.00. Her hair was not washed. It was cut and then brushed and semi blown out. Her dirty hair...

Supercuts / hair color

Gold Hair on Sep 3, 2017
Ok just did a long complaint it didnt take it so it seems. They totally ruined my hair. Im 61 with thinning hair as it is. I showed hair color and style. My hair is brown I wanted soft light blonde hilights. They ruined my hair. I was there over 3 hours she tried to fix it. I left without...

Supercuts / haircut

Nicoleee on Aug 29, 2017
I normally always have gone to Supercuts. Have NEVER had a problem with the staff besides maybe once out of many times I have been. This last time was a little different. I went 30 minutes before closing (yes, I understand can be annoying) but nonetheless should have been taken care of...

Supercuts / poor service, crap haircut

Vikas Singhania on Aug 21, 2017
Real bad experience at your Parkway Parade branch in Singapore. Stylist 'Yane' was clueless, hair was cut way too short, uneven and no style at all despite having told her my preference several times. Manager 'Anne' was extremely arrogant, he comment after explaining the situation was '...

Supercuts / cost of getting my hair done

Logantylorwyatt on Aug 12, 2017
I had my hair done yesterday... did not know that my total was $256 dollars until it was time to pay... I have been to salons for over 20 years and never ever had paid this much for my highlights.. what can you do for me? If anything? I would really appreciate that you contact me via...

Supercuts / professionalism and lack of

Bryse Reeves on Aug 9, 2017
Today, 08/08/2017 about 10:30am, I walked in to the New Haslet, TX location to get a haircut. I was greeted by Mindy who also cut my hair. She was polite, knowledgeable and professional. As new guest walked in I notice Mindy greeted them and asked my permission to take a second to check...

Supercuts / supercuts

Angel Fragoso on Aug 8, 2017
To Whom It May Concern: I've been a customer of the Supercuts on Day St in the city of Moreno Valley for over a year. Vincent does a great job, along with the other stylists. They are friendly, greet you when you walk in and sign you in. Today, I am very unsatifisifed. As soon as I walked with...

Supercuts / haircut

Cheryl Hollis on Jul 27, 2017
I went to Supercuts in Abacoa, FL (Jupiter) last Thursday, 7/20. The girl I usually use is Yaimara and she is pretty good. She was not there. I explained to the girl that was there exactly what I wanted -- the bottom of my hair in the back to be cut with the texturizing scissors around the...

Supercuts / didn't get service requested

Dimples77 on Jul 16, 2017
I recently went to a Supercuts in Yonkers NY and was denied services by the manager. The hairstylist was willing to cut my hair but because I was wearing a wig the manager I couldn't get my haircut. I have never heard of this! I should be able to get services with a wig on or not! The...

Supercuts / customer, service manager's attitude

Ellie Page on Jul 9, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam: I am taking some time out of my busy professional life to place a complained with your Headquarters since I have been grossly mistreated at my local store today. Here is what happened: Today, Sunday, 07/09/2017 I walked into my local Super Cuts, which I have been faithfully...

Supercuts / rude hairdresser trying to scam me

Fern Martini on Jun 23, 2017
I went in to the Supercuts on 72nd and Sheridan on April 1st 2017. When I walked in, there was only 2 women there, one of them was probably on her break and the other lady was cutting another customer's hair. I gotta add that the male customer who'm she was attending looked like he didn't...

Supercuts / employee at 9686

bettybooo1264 on Jun 20, 2017
I went into the Marlboro Supercuts store number 9686 a couple weeks ago. Where the hairstylist Mariana was wearing the most offensive outfit for my 6 year old to see. All of the other hairstylist were in professional outfits. She was wearing a dress with no sleeves that barely covered her...

Supercuts / haircut

Darryl Brooks on Jun 15, 2017
Just got home from the worst experience at any stylist or barber in 61 years. Been going to this Supercuts for almost a year now and always get a #3 all the way around. This should be in my record. Went today and got a new stylist with which I confirmed #3 all the way around. Her English...

Supercuts / my daughter's haircut

Amandapeach on Jun 14, 2017
I went in to supercuts in Merritt island Florida and the guy that greeted us was very pleasant. I showed him a picture of what I wanted for my 6 year old daughters hair.he said okay and put her in his chair. I requested specifically for him to make it all one length up to her chin, long...

Supercuts / eyebrow wax

jghjg on Jun 12, 2017
I walked out of the Supercuts with two completely different eyebrows. My sister posted a picture on twitter (@asalwaysjules) earlier today and it's already past 20 likes because it's so comical. The employee started with "have your eye brows always been different sizes" and closed with...

Supercuts / two haircuts

Asheball on Jun 12, 2017
My husband and I both went into super cuts for a trim, both of us both got [censor] literally. She cut my hair so short my head looks bald. The other women cut ! my husbands hair, it took her almost an hour, to screw up a fade. They aren't licensed to do her apparently. The picture...

Supercuts / hair cut

StanleyL on Jun 8, 2017
Avoid at all costs. Last time I was there the "stylist" was spending a long time on my hair. Finally shes asks another stylist for help. The new "stylist" tells her what to do and the tells me, "it will blend in after a while". Oh great. Today I sit for a cut and the "stylist" is rushing...

Supercuts / whole shebang

Smthompson on Jun 8, 2017
Walked in and asked for a haircut by a specific name, and apparently she wasn't there anymore. The woman who approached me, her name was Maria, was very rude right off the bat, when I asked for the specific name, she interrupts me and says "not here". Very rudely, and then gentleman...

Supercuts / haircut

Laurel Hatcher on Jun 6, 2017
I was in a hurry for a haircutbti attend a job interview. Didn't have time to wait for an appointment at a quality salon. Went into a super cuts at a shopping plaza near my house. OMG! This so called stylist needs to have her scissors taken away. Alli asked for was to cut my hair 3/4 of an...

Supercuts / cut/ looks like a mower hit my head

Brad Pembroke on Jun 2, 2017
Went in on my lunch hour to get my hair cut. Returned to work to laughter. Asked for a 1 1/2 got zero in many places. Embarrassing, you all should be too! No conversation out of the "stylist" which asked me nothing! Never showed me the back of my head. Which looks like Tom Hanks in...

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