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you all think your so great

I work at supercuts and I am a great hairdresser as well as my coworkers so all you can kiss my *ss~!!!

  • Do
    Donny Nov 02, 2008

    ###ing ###, "I'm a great hairdresser" hahaha. That's the most fake comment I have ever heard. Though there are some kinder employees in supercuts, the majority of them have the worst attitude and service I've ever seen at any store.
    For example, two days ago, I went to try supercuts with my brother. When his server was done cutting his hair, he said he wanted to back a little thinner. She didn't even touch the back and cut the front of his hair and said, "alright, done, " without showing him the mirror. I was supposed to be next for my hair cut but the employees skipped me on purpose saying, "I don't want to cut his hair, " out loud in front of me. They skipped my turn and went off cutting other customer's hair.
    After fifteen minutes after when it was supposed to be my turn, most of the customers were gone, and some old hag looked at me with an ugly facial expression of disgust. She sits me down and says, "Don't make me waste my damn time fixing your hair like your brother after I'm done."
    Supercuts rating 0/10. ### that place.

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  • Ho
    hopeful manager May 12, 2009

    On behalf of supercuts, I wish there was something I could do for everyone who is uphappy with the service they received, or did not receive. Not EVERYONE is like that, and unfortuantly we all have bad experiences and those are what sticks in our minds. I think that my staff is awesome, and I do not stand for rude stylists, and try very hard to give the right and sometimes extra training to have the whole staff be able to give an exceptional haircut. I believe that this is the tools needed to make the salon a fun place for both the customer and the stylist. I hope the some of you will give the supercuts another chance, in the hopes that you will have the right person cutting your hair or servicing you. If you are an employee of supercuts and reading this, this is where are mistakes lye! Are you going to be the person that fixes them and is the exception to these complaints? or are you going to be the next story on here? Theses people were your bread and butter. You can't afford for this to keep happening! Choose to be the person who goes above and beyond!

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  • An
    ANONYMOUS1974 Sep 02, 2014


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inexperienced hairdressers

i have my hair cut once a month and i dont have any thing different any of them months. its a simple cut and...

horrible haircut, bald spots

I took my 13 month old son to the Supercuts in Kansas City on North Oak last week for his very first haircut...

poor pricing discrimination

Supercuts has a revised pricing system which charges $3 extra if you request a certain hair stylist. Seems to me to be backwards. A customer who requests a certain stylist may have to wait longer than a walk-in. If Supercuts wants repeat customers and a customer gets comfortable with a certain stylist, they should not charge extra; probably would be better off giving a discount to return customers.

  • Bl
    blame the parents here Jan 09, 2014

    If you want a certain stylist, it is obviously because they are more experienced and a lot of people want them. This is not discrimination. You don't want to wait that long than get someone else. You should not have to pay less to get a haircut from someone who is more experienced. And I bet everyone reading your review laughed at you for claiming this was discrimination and indicating that if you want a well known stylist you should have to pay less because of the wait. Now would that not be "discrimination" to everyone else. In your view no, because you get what you want, even if it is special treatment.

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terrible customer service

I walked into a super cuts at 9:35am. There was no one in the store except for the hair cutter rocking in the...

bad haircut and terrible customer service

Went to Supercuts @2:30 today on Olive Way and Denny in Seattle WA. There were only two people working (one...

terrible customer service!

They told me it would be a fifteen minute wait so I sat down with my 3 small children, 20 minutes pass and a...

rude and threatening!

My husband, 5 year old daughter and myself arrived at 2pm to a waiting room with one person and one person in...

management refused to provide service, possible discrimination


815 E 11th St
Reedley, CA 93654

About 12:30PM, I walked into the Reedley Supercuts where I've been going to since it opened (about 5 years now). I signed in and sat down. There were two customers ahead of me. Once it was my turn the gal who was cutting hair informed me that there was no one to cut my hair. I had already waited 30 minutes and I asked her if she could cut my hair. She said, "No". So I said nevermind and I left the store.

A short time later I called the store and asked the manager why I could not get my hair cut after the long wait. The manager said that she was refusing service to me because I had been rude to her before. I told her that I had recalled a poor experience with her (2-3 years prior) and that I was only addressing my problem hair cut.

I don't think this is right that I would be kept there for so long only to have management tell me that they would not serve me. As a long time customer I'm confused as why I can't get my hair cut there any more.

abuse to my daughter

I went to a SuperCuts out here in Vegas and A employee took my 6 year old daughter back to shampoo her hair. As she walked her back, my daughter asked if she could have a towel for her neck. The employee proceeded to argue with my 6 year old. She told her she could not have one, "Something about suction." I said please. She then looked at my daughter and said, "I'll give you one so I don't have to argue with you!!!" Then she kept yelling at her because she was sliding. After I said something rude to her' she proceeded to turn the water all the way to hot and daughter started to cry out she was einb burnt. I grabbed her and told the employee that I was going to report her. When I did the area supervisor told me that she was taking her employees side. That the employee did nothing wrong and I was wrong for threatening to get her fired. NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO SUPERCUTS!!! THEY HATE KIDS!!!


  • Am
    amy Apr 22, 2008

    You and your spoiled little brat should go somewhere else where they bow down to you like you feel the whole world should.
    And you're right! we CAN'T STAND cutting kids' hair, they act like animals, and you parents just think it's sooo cute when they play on our very expensive chairs and with our equipment.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Aug 20, 2008

    omg whoever this Amy chick was that said that, if you dont like cutting kids hair you are in the wrong business you ignorant ###. You work at a cheap hair salon, which is mainly where people take their kids. If you dont wanna deal with children, then go to an upscale salon, but I'm guessing you cant get hired at an upscale salon because you cant even properly enough for someone to understand you. Your absolute stupidity and ignorance should not astound me but it does...dumbass

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  • Mo
    monique5 Mar 15, 2011

    you should be polite to all customers especially kids . T hey can be trying but with a little patience they ca be your friend too

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the worst haircut I have ever seen

My husband took my son to get a haircut at this location last weekend and it was the worst haircut i have...

racist staff!

I would like to report about racist staff at this location. When I (Indian) walked in, I was told I am next...