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I came into subway at 9:49pm and was YELLED at by Michael who was the employee. I told him to to put extra banana peppers and he rolled his eyes and started laughing saying the sand which won't close. I said it's fine just put extra. He told me don't tell him what to do. Then he started screaming at the top of his lungs, told me I was nice when I was small and he's not sure what happened to me now as I am a regular customer. He scrunched my sandwich in his hands and threw it. I told him if he continues I will call the police on him. He continued screaming more and more and said if it's 10:00 he will leave no matter if I am here or not. His son who was off shift who's name is Markus his dad Michael who was the employee to calm down and if it escalates that I should call the police. I started crying very badly and his son actually came to me and started patting my shoulders and trying to calm me down which I can't thank him enough for. But the behaviour of my server was UNACCEPTABLE and the way he was acting I felt he will come here and hit me as he threw the sandwich. So I told him for the safety of mine and his I am recording everything. I told him to make me a new one. I told him to put lettuce on it and he told me to not tell him what to do. He was very disrespectful to me and my mom and this is one complaint I will not rest until it gets solved and a solution comes in place. I was crying badly and his son was comforting me while we was yelling some more. My host order ID is [protected]. He never gave me my receipt I requested for him to give me my receipt. I will call tomorrow and complain to the owner, I will call the cooperate office, I will do whatever it takes as I have never been so disrespectfully yelled at by someone. And he wasted the precious subway by throwing it so he wasted food to. I am typing this while still in tears. I will never eat at subway ever again irrespective of the fact that I am a regular customer here and I will make sure everyone steers far away from subway. I will send proof as requested to see how exactly he yelled at me. I told him to make my sandwich and he told me he won't. After his son and my mom forced him he finally did. If his son was not there I would have had a breakdown. I am trying to submit my video but it is not letting me maybe because it's too long so I need to get an email so I can send it.

  • Updated by Natasha Amin, Aug 10, 2019

    I have been a regular customer of subway for 15 years now. And he has been working there for all those years.

  • Updated by Natasha Amin, Aug 10, 2019

    “So why do you write do poorly???” I’m flabbergasted at your response as it seems you’re the one unable to measure your thoughts into one comment clearly, so do check your end as well as age before commenting on someone else’s, as you are the one not making sense here.

Aug 10, 2019
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  •   Aug 10, 2019

    Were you"small" last year?

    I would not accept this writing from a first grader!

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  •   Aug 10, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! So why do you write do poorly?? We just can't understand you.

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  •   Aug 10, 2019

    SO poorly!!!

    God, Queen Victoria, happy???

    You do communicate poorly! The first thing you say is that Michael the employee YELLED at you. For what? Cause you came in late as hell? Cause you told him to put extra peppers on your sandwich? Not asked politely, told him.

    When he started screaming at you at the top of his lungs, what in Christ was he saying for you to do??

    See? You don't communicate well. The only thing I can think of that would give him reason to behave this way is that it was late as balls and that waltzing 11 minutes before closing seems to be a habit of yours and he's had enough.

    Why continue to patron a place like this?

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