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Subway #16241-0 / Host Order ID SPM20190611021331rude employee at 1712 l st, nw, washington, dc

I went to the Subway Shop with my elderly mother today (Tuesday, June 11, 2019). There was a rude, bald man behind the counter. There were very few customers in the shop. It was not busy at all.

He was rude, condescending, and impatient. The sandwiches were skimpy, sloppily made, and expensive. After we received our food, I sat down with my mother at one of the tables but went back just a few minutes later for a small, plastic bag that he had already offered earlier. He rudely stated, "No. I you refused it when I offered it earlier!" I spent almost $20.00 on two small, simple meals, and yet a small, plastic bag was somehow a big imposition! A small woman who had not been behind the counter earlier seemed to be almost as rude as he was. They did not seem to be very interested in their jobs (especially him).

The behavior of your employees (especially the bald, chubby man) was inexcusable. It reflects badly on your corporation and your corporate values, whomever trained and promoted him, and on him personally. He did not represent your corporation well.

I have patronized that particular shop before, but I will never go again. There are a lot of other choices in D.C., especially in that very busy part of downtown D.C. In fact, we had received much better customer service and basic courtesy and competence at a much busier McDonald's a few blocks away earlier today. We also got more food for less money.

Some changes need to be made at the Subway on 1712 L St, NW in Washington, D.C.


A Very Unsatisfied Customer

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    • Updated by Gnasty476 · Jun 11, 2019

      1. First of all, you don't know a thing about me.

      2. Second, the "No" was only a small part of the problem. That would have been abundantly clear to an intelligent reader.

      3. Third, you weren't there; so, you have no idea what you're writing about.

      4. Fourth, if you had actually read my entire post (or had the comprehension skills of an educated adult), you could have easily read that my complaints were very specific to TWO employees at ONE store. I never wrote nor implied that I had any difficulty with any other employee at that store or any other store. I was specific right down to the actual address of the shop. Any other understanding of this post is either due to your low intellect or your warped imagination. This the first time that I have encountered this level of stupidity at a Subway.

      In fact, there is another Subway a few miles away from this one that I frequented on a regular basis. They actually knew my sandwich, sides, and drink before I had to order them. It was family owned. The service, the food, and the attitudes of the employees were stellar. I never had a bad experience there.

      As far as growing up, I am and have been a grown man for quite some time. I owe you nothing.

      You are obviously a troll with nothing better to do than comment on posts that you barely read concerning incidents you know nothing about. You compound your ignorance with more ignorance - and then expose it to the world.

      You don't matter to me or apparently, to anyone else. However, I simply can't let your gross ignorance and laziness go unchallenged this time; and, I enjoy exposing the stupid.

      You are a child who wants to be taken seriously by pretending to be an adult on the internet. Your pathetic attempt at matching wits with an actual adult is amusing to me.

      If you had a life worth living, you wouldn't base its worth on trolling the web. Being popular or witty while hiding behind your keyboard is no substitute for actual, meaningful accomplishments in real life. If you ever grow up, maybe you'll have some.


    • Updated by Gnasty476 · Jun 12, 2019

      What the hell are you talking about?

      I never sent nor asked for any photos, nor have I ever hit a woman. I am not remotely interested in seeing you naked, clothed, or in any other way.

      I try to only associate with sane, intelligent, honest adults. You are none of those things.

      You are a sick, sad person. You should get help. You won't find it on this site.



    • Gn
      Gnαsty476 Jun 12, 2019

      I have one more thing to say. These people made me so angry that when my mother told me to leave it we got into an argument. I was so angry that I punched her in the face. She started crying and I told her to stop embarrassing me. Both employees made me so angry that I punched my elderly mother(who can barely walk and who is frail) in the face. IT is not about being a loyal customer or not. It is about embarrassment. I know I did wrong by punching my own mother in the face, but their rudeness forced me to do so. So technically now I will be remembered as the "Crazy man that beat up his elderly mother. I know a lot of the customers that go there and I am too embarrassed to show my face.

      -2 Votes
    • Gn
      Gnαsty476 Jun 12, 2019

      Again if you could comprehend simple English, you would know that it is not my fault that I punched my mother in the face. I only did so because the bald overweight gentleman made me angry. Then my mother told me to leave it. She also made me angry. I don't hit women, but my mother does not count. Frankly she deserved it. She needed me to give her a good punch.She knows better than to approach me when I am angry. If you knew how to read you would know that it is not my choice that made me punch my mother in the face but the rude behavior of the employee that caused me to punch my elderly mother in the face. I know i was wrong but it is not my fault.

      -1 Votes
    • Gn
      Gnαsty476 Jun 12, 2019

      I am blaming them for their actions because their actions made me angry enough to punch my mother in the face So because that man did not give me a small bag, I got into an argument with my mother and punched her in the face. If you had simple reading skills you would know this.

      -1 Votes
    • Gn
      Gnasty476 Jun 12, 2019
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      @Gnαsty476 Notice that this post came from "Gnasty47" -not me.

      This sad child made up a fake profile (troll move), wrote a fake, logically inconsistent and grammatically incorrect message attributed to this fake profile, and then wrote a series of incoherent responses to the fake post from that fake account. No one here is fooled by your amateurish attempts to defame innocent people.

      You're not educated or experienced enough to pretend to be me. Your crazy is showing. It will pair nicely with your stupid.

      How many other people on this site have dealt with this pathetic attempt at libel?

      Go away, child! Adults are having conversations that you're not bright enough to follow. This is a business-related website - not some sort of hook up site for lonely, crazy, idle dimwits like you.

      By the way, I don't send or ask for photos of strangers or strange people. I live in the real world with real adults who have real lives.

      Children should be seen and not heard, especially if they are you! Except, no one wants to see you, either.

      You need help from yourself and your inner demons.



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