Subway / employee overcharging and denying it.

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Store # 33682 on 6/13/2019 at 6:30 PM I submitted a coupon = buy one footlong and a drink and get the 2nd footlong for 99 cents paying for the higher priced of the two footlongs.

The person waiting on my did not understand English and "screwed up" the order starting with not knowing which kind of bread I chose, then getting the sandwich meat wrong, then not knowing which cheese I [email protected]

That was only the beginning. MORENA, apparently was the manager and had to handle the purchse - she then proceeded to charge me $11.99 for 2 footlongs IGNORING my coupon which she put in the drawer. The transaction # was = [protected] by server 4561.

When I complained about being over charged, SHE got upset and argued that she was right. She REFUSED to retrieve the coupon so that I could show her that she made a mistake.

Result = Subway has lost what used to be a weekly customer because of a server who didn't speak English and a "manager" who was argumentative AND WRONG.
That's 104 sandwiches a year because some franchise holder hires inadequate help.

Jun 13, 2019
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  •   Jun 14, 2019

    Did you pay the full amount? I’d have walked away if they refused to honor the coupon. Mistakes are made at any restaurant at Subway is known for screwing up.

    I used to eat there when at Walmart but haven’t gone in three years. Their chicken is only fifty-five percent real chicken and their other deli meats are full of chemicals. The government issued a report three years ago about this chain.

    I tell clerks upfront about my coupons so no errors are made. Often times the coupon is only good at certain locations or other restrictions not clearly printed. I bought two lobster wraps at D’Angelo’s with a two for one coupon. I sat down and mom went to pay. The coupon was only good for certain sandwiches but the coupon didn’t state that. I discussed it with the manager and he wouldn’t budge. I looked at mom, she nodded, and we began to leave. He ran after us but I said we had a coupon and you’re trying to restrict us with unwritten rules. He agreed to honor the coupon if we agreed to not tell anyone about the deal. I told him I’d not be blackmailed this way and turned to leave again.

    He apologized, said he’d take care of us, brought out both wraps, asked what drinks and chips we wanted for no charge and served us. Mom went for her wallet and he waved her away from paying. The entire lunch was free. I wanted a small drink but got large and the same for mom.

    He didn’t want to lose customers and we continued to go until they closed last year. His turnaround was great for us and he gained steady customers. We spread them word about great food there. He lost thirty dollars but got ten times that in return sales from us alone.

    You do indeed have spelling and grammar errors. Remember that you’re dealing with minimum wage employees who don’t need a college degree to make sandwiches. You can always walk away and go elsewhere. Don’t allow yourself to be treated badly m

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  •   Jun 14, 2019

    @SubSquirrel We spread “the” word and not “them”. Stylus hit the wrong word

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