Subwaythe food were unclean

N Jul 24, 2019 Review updated:

The sandwiches were discusting in taste and even the bread looked old and expired, the problem is your food causes me, my kids and my nephew to have the very hard disease Salmonella typhi which our blood test shows positive and the only place we ate from were you subway in the mentioned location.. because this is a well known risky disease to catch I am sending you this complain cause you must make sure that the food we eat as costumers is clean and healthy and that what I always thought about subway, but after what happened to me and my kids I believe it is not an option to me anymore to buy from your stores.. I hope you understand what this disease is and how risky it is to catch such a disease and you made me and my kids through.. My advice to you to take this complain seriously and make sure that all your branches are in good standard regarding being clean and the foid being healthy..

the food were unclean


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