A Jul 30, 2019

On July 28 my son and I went to Subway on 28th in ft worth around 8:30 pm but we were approaching Subway a working with outside on his phone and he was giving us a sign that with his hands that they were closed as we got closer he did the sign language again but they were closed so I decided and we have left that I would call because I googled it and it said that they didn't close until 10 so I called and A man answered and said that they didn't close until 10 I asked him again are you closed right now he stated no I told himthat an employee was outside and gave us a sign with his hand but they were closed the man said he was the manager and that the guy that was outside was an employee and he was on the phone with his mother I asked him if the guy was an employee then what was he doing outside on the phone he said again that it was just employees nother and I feel that it's just employee was clocked in then he shouldn't have been outside on the phone but my thing is you shouldn't have gave us twice not once but twice a sign language with his hand stating that the store was closed I have called and went to the store to try to talk to the GM and never got any response

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