Steak 'n Shakeservice at this steak 'n shake

L Nov 30, 2019

My daughter comes home on the South Shore occasionally and we usually get something to eat before heading home. We have stopped at this Steak 'n Shake a few times and the service has been awful every single time. The food is fine except for the grilled cheese, it always has a enough butter on it that you can literally squeeze it out like a sponge. We keep hoping it will get better. Every time the wait staff has been an issue. They don't seem to care whether they wait on you or not. I realize waiting tables is a tiring job and that they are not well paid and depend on tips to make money. But it is difficult to want to leave a tip if they don't put forth any effort. Our last visit was 11/27/19, our server was Daniell P according to our receipt. The server/hostess this day was wonderful. She seated us and checked on us each time she passed our table even though she was not our server, I wish I had paid attention to her name. Our server eventually came to get our drink order. Was another 5-10 before they arrived, we had ordered two pepsi's and one diet. She plopped them down in front of us and replied, " I think this one is the diet, I may have mixed them up" and left without taking our order. Another 5-10 minutes she returned to take our order and proceeded to tell us that she was not "with it" today and was really tired. Ya, we all get tired but if you're in a service industry job, you do your best to not let your customers know that or at present it an apologetic manner. She never smiled or really mad eye contact...just acted like she would rather we weren't there. She did take our orders. When our order arrived, one item was missing, which she didn't catch before we said anything. She said it would be right out...another 10 minutes before it did arrive. She checked on us once in a kind of "fly by". I usually tip at least 20% but just couldn't justify that. As I looked around the almost empty restaurant at 12:30 p.m., I noticed all the wait staff had about the same level of enthusiasm...none...except for the server/hostess we first met. She was moving around taking care of seating people, waiting on her tables, checking on everyone else's, being one else was even trying to look efficient or give a care. Our order number was: 708144. We have tried this location several times hoping it would get better because we like your food, but the service at this location is horrible except for the server that I don't know her name. I doubt that we will be back any time soon. I don't usually complain about places but it won't improve if no one speaks up. Thank you, Carolyn Lantz

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