Steak 'n Shake EnterprisesI have a very big problem with the manager and staff at the location in valdosta, ga


My family and I went to the steak and shake in Valdosta Georgia after our football game tonight to celebrate winning the region championship. We arrive at 11:30 and it was not to busy and there were 7 of us and we were seated. We waited and waited and waited and no waitress came at all. Now mind you there were only about 15 customers in the restaurant total. We were very thirsty and still had not even seen a waitress, however, they made plenty of eye contact at our table and they never came so after waiting til 12:00am I went to the side of the kitchen and I told a lady we are ready to place our order and or drinks and she told me I needed to have patients that only 3 people were working the floor tonight... I honestly don't see where that is my fault there were also souls on the floor that you had to step over that had not been cleaned up. Finally she came to our table at 12:04am and we placed our order and our drinks and at 12:15 we get our drinks. I ordered water with limes and get get brought out rotten limes ROTTEN and I have pictures to prove it. I told the a waitress with red dreads I would like fresh limes and she rolled her eyes at me and said I'm not your server. I was very taken back by this. We had asked for our food again at 12:45am and the waitress said it's coming something happened and everything was frozen... last time I checked salad was not frozen. I told the lady that we have never waited this long for our food and there were others customers that had came in after us and they were getting food and leaving before we had ever received our food. At exactly 1:04am I go ask the woman with the red dreads about our food and she proceeded to give me and attitude and told me that there short staff and that is not her problem if we don't have food. By this point I was furious. There was food in the window and we thought it was ours so we gave it 5 minutes and it was the people that came in at 12:45's food and that was it all 7 of us got up and proceeded to walk out and we told a waitress and she said well our managers on a smoke break so yeah. We walked out without food and went to the Waffle House and were treated with way more respect. Before I went in to the Waffle House I called the Steak n Shake in Valdosta and I asked to please speak to a manager and I told her about the horrible experience we had and I told her about how I was treated by the lady with read dreads and she laughed and thought it was funny and I said ma'am I don't find this matter funny at all whatsoever. And I went on to tell her that many of the local football teams are a big supporter of your establishment on Friday nights after football games and people expect better service and she said okay what do you want me to do about it? You are the one that chose to come eat here. My response was don't worry I will contact corporate and the health department because you shouldn't be serving rotten limes, nor should she have the attitude of not supporting local sports teams. I am extremely disappointed and very dissatisfied and honestly I feel like people in the community know how bad the manager is. I'm sorry but if I had that kind of staff and managers representing my business that I have I would be out of business. I do not appreciate the manager laughing at me and I have 4 people that witnessed the phone conversation between the manager and I and they were very shocked. I would greatly appreciate it if I had the CEO of this corporation immediately because this is not the first time this is happened and I am very dissatisfied. Please feel free and have the CEO or someone with high rank call me.

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