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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Customer Service


State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

One State Farm Plaza
United States - 61710

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1855 733 7333(Customer Service) 1 0
1800 782 8332(Customer Service) 0 0
+1 888 559 1922(Technical Issues) 0 0
+1 877 627 5757(Emergency Road Service) 0 0
+1 800 440 0998(Insurance Payments) 0 0
+1 877 734 2265(State Farm Bank Accounts) 0 0
+1 877 734 8472(Credit Cards) 0 0
+1 800 447 4930(Mutual Funds Accounts) 0 0
+1 877 659-1570(Canada) 0 0
At State Farm, our mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams. Whether you’re shopping for a car, saving for college, getting married or planning for retirement, State Farm is here to help life go right every step of the way.
Canada, Mailing Address 
333 First Commerce Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 8A4

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

State Farm Insurance / non-payment of claim

Denise Strope on Dec 26, 2018

On August 14th of 2017 my ex-husband passed away. He had added me to his insurance policy less than 2 weeks prior to this. We lived together for close to 16 years. A week later our home burned down. I had been illegally kicked out by his long lost nieces on the day of his death. One had told...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / claims department

dbw 1952 on Nov 4, 2018

The State Farm claims adjuster told me that my BMW was considered a total loss. We went through the features of the car and what their source valued it at. She said that they said it was "good" across the board. Further, she said that the value of the car, when taxes are included, came to...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / phone service

Adrian Sims on Oct 25, 2018

10/25/18 My name is Adrian Sims and I'm the owner of a State Farm Agency. My main line is 770-461-9680. I have 5 lines and would like or all the lines to register as 770-461-9680 when calling out. Each line has a different phone number. I have spent of over an hour this morning trying to...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / homeowners

Beverlee LaPorta on Oct 6, 2018

We are 2 disabled seniors who rented a house from one of their insureds. The house had a defective roof, mold & overrun with rodents. The landlord did not maintain his pool or yard(yard flooded several times). We were left homeless and paid for temporary housing out of pocket through our...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / auto insurance and they are disregarding police report

Olga DiMeglio on Aug 30, 2018

their client hit me, police cam to the scene and their client admitted hitting my car and was given a verbal warning for driving improperly. State farm says they wont accept liability because their client says they didnt hit me and that the police officers report is a fabrication as well...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / non-payment of two separate claims

Lindy Donnelly on Aug 21, 2018

7/31/18: While my Toyota Prius was parked at Kaiser Medical Center garage in Daly City, a cream colored Mercedes scraped my car while backing out. A witness left a note on my windshield with the license plate of the car. My insurance co. contacted State Farm but they didn't pay the claim...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / claim processing

KPA17 on May 8, 2018

I am a long-term customer of State Farm. I have numerous policies including homeowners, 4 autos, business rental property, personal liability umbrella and many jewelry and art items under a personal articles policy. Unfortunately life happens and my ex-wife and I separated in June of 2016...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / claim number: 75-3165 80 claim date: 3.2.2018

flora zhang on Apr 14, 2018

State Farm To whom it concerned Claim Number: 75-3165 80 Claim Date: 3.2.2018 My car had crashed on 3.2.2018, due to English is my second language, I didn't understand what the dispatcher meant " property" at that time, and told the 911 that no property damage at the scene Since then, I...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / not being paid, getting run around

Candace Kane on Mar 29, 2018

Case #133181R83. That I've not gotten paid and keep being told the check was sent. No check has ever come or came. The worst customer service and lack of concern for the customer. I was at work and my car was hit in parking lot. I was not even driving it was parked in parking space...

[Resolved] State Farm Home Insurance / lack of support

jillarin1967 on Mar 21, 2018

Our home suffered water damage on February 10th, 2018, which has resulted in the gutting of our kitchen. My husband and his family have had the same agent, Tyler Evans for over 30 years. Aside from a couple of small auto claims we have never had to use our policy for anything major. We are...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / emergency road service coverage

Joycelyn Summerville on Mar 20, 2018

I've had coverage with State Farm Since 2012. My premium has gone up several times but I've always paid it and on time. My car started giving me problems so I call for a tow or whatever but I get letter for them in 2015 about my roadside assistance which is included in my coverage so I...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / liability accountability, professionalism, refusal to pay claims

Suzanne Bass on Mar 19, 2018

On Sept. 2nd, 2018, my children had just gotten on a moped and ridden approximately 4 houses away and when proceeding through a right of way, a State Farm customer either ran a stop sign or failed to yield to the road that did not have a stop sign. She drove out from the left in front of...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / emergency service

JellyBaby on Feb 13, 2018

Car broke down next to highway. First day above zero temp in a month. It is cold. This is wisconsin, not arizona. Called state farm and was told tow truck in an hour. An hour 15 minutes later tow driver calls to say "he can't make it". Call state farm again and they said they would get...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / auto insurance

M Davidson on Jan 25, 2018

I was a State Farm customer for over 60 years and had good agents. However, my auto insurance for my two cars over two years increased from 2015 to 2017 by about 40% or about $1340 for six months. So I changed insurance companies in August 2017. I decided to give State Farm another chance...

Progressive and State Farm Insurance / response to accident... malpractice?

Mark Whitney on Jan 9, 2018

On Sunday December 10th ...3:30 pm I was driving on the 238 exit off 580 South. I saw a sea of red lights fast approaching and hit my breaks. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the car behind was not slowing and was gonna hit me. I tried to get my car onto the shoulder to minimize...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / don't attend my calls

Maria Acevedo on Jan 7, 2018

When I call them they don't answer my calls or when they do answer they just hang up. When I first got the insurance my deductible was 200.00 dollars and now it says that it is 500.00 dollars. Also a month ago I had a car accident and the person who hit my car is also a statefarm member. I...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / handling of claim

HinSC on Nov 30, 2017

Date of loss 10/29/2017, claim filed that day.Rental car has run out, I'll be without vehicle tomorrow 11/30/2017 due to State Farms poor handling of claim.I still don't know when to expect my vehicle fully repaired and returned to me.State Farm refuses to repair DASH that was cracked on...

State Farm Insurance / state farm auto insurance / claim division

Tim F. on Nov 21, 2017

Recently, my step daughter was hit from behind by a driver that was pulling into a gas station at a high rate of speed and probably not paying attention. My stepdaughter was slowly backing up at the time (as she is a safe driver... no accidents, no tickets, after logging 10, 000 plu...

Statefarm / insurance

Katara Neely on Nov 20, 2017

My name is Katara Neely. My policy was cancelled due to issues, w my vehicle having to be fixed so I wasn't driving my truck. Once I got it fixed I had to pay the DMV a 50.00 fee because of the lapse (no problem there). And i called cus tomer service on 11/14/17, to get my car insurance...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / accident investigation

Mark Metzler on Aug 6, 2017

Hi Justin Hambly, When I was talking to you, previously, I told you how I am now 64 years old...and have stayed with State Farm Insurance, for my entire life. And, I mentioned to you, that State Farm was a trusted company, which my parents, and their neighbors, also admired. And I stayed...