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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / don't attend my calls

Maria Acevedo on Jan 7, 2018
When I call them they don't answer my calls or when they do answer they just hang up. When I first got the insurance my deductible was 200.00 dollars and now it says that it is 500.00 dollars. Also a month ago I had a car accident and the person who hit my car is also a statefarm member. I...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / handling of claim

HinSC on Nov 30, 2017
Date of loss 10/29/2017, claim filed that day.Rental car has run out, I'll be without vehicle tomorrow 11/30/2017 due to State Farms poor handling of claim.I still don't know when to expect my vehicle fully repaired and returned to me.State Farm refuses to repair DASH that was cracked on...

State Farm Insurance / state farm auto insurance / claim division

Tim F. on Nov 21, 2017
Recently, my step daughter was hit from behind by a driver that was pulling into a gas station at a high rate of speed and probably not paying attention. My stepdaughter was slowly backing up at the time (as she is a safe driver... no accidents, no tickets, after logging 10, 000 plu...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / accident investigation

Mark Metzler on Aug 6, 2017
Hi Justin Hambly, When I was talking to you, previously, I told you how I am now 64 years old...and have stayed with State Farm Insurance, for my entire life. And, I mentioned to you, that State Farm was a trusted company, which my parents, and their neighbors, also admired. And I stayed...

State Farm Home Insurance / renewal insurance process

Niecy477 on Jul 14, 2017
I received a call yesterday on 7/13/2017 from the Ashley Collins - State Farm office telling me I would not have my home owners insurance policy renewed due to claims I have had. I am very disappointed in the way they handle this. I have not had any major claims with them until recently...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / claims

fordfocus on Jul 13, 2017
First off let me say, State farm has been the worst insurance company EVER. I started services with them just about two months ago, I have been lied to mislead, and robbed of my money. I am now 21 years of age, just about 2 weeks ago I was only 20. I had to experience of purchasing a bran...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / state farm auto insurance

Perronononononnn on Jul 13, 2017
They call people they don't have to call, wen you request to removed some one from you insurance they don't do that they don't even care. Now they get me in trouble, and get in trouble to the other person, I dont know what is they problem They are in irvine, ca. Agent: Jane lee, agency...

State Farm / remaining balance on rental car

Toniamzpinky on Jul 8, 2017
On April 14th I was involved in a accident the next day the auto mechanic came out to pick up my car I didn't contact State Farm until the 25th of April because I was waiting on the guys insurer whom I had the accident with I spoke with someone at State Farm they made me reservations for a...

State Farm Insurance Company / denied roof claim after sequential hali and wind storms

Hal Galbraith on Jun 30, 2017
On April 17, 2017, a strong microburst of wind came through our neighborhood in Eastern Tucson, causing extensive roof damage to many homes. Mine, like others had part of the flat roof pulled up. Farmers, my new insurance company, inspected the roof and was concerned that the damage...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / changing agents

Blulagon on Jun 15, 2017
My agent in Vallejo, ca. Is Maria Zuniga, I started having problems there when she hired a young intern there, the intern isn't to Brite and lies alot, she can't get the information you give her right which ends up costing you more money, I took my truck up there so they could get the...

State Farm Auto insurance / auto insurance

Marisol M. DeLeon on May 27, 2017
I was with State Farm for one year. This Auto insurance Statefarm are very irresponsible and they are Money Hungry they will trick you into signing up with their Auto insurance saying is Cheap and then they will start raising your Premium little by Little in big Amounts.They are a high...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / car rental unauthorized charges

Brandie Jenkins Lynn on May 24, 2017
I had to rent a car due to a deer hitting mine. So State Farm set the rental up for me. I arrived at the Peachtree city location on willow way in Georgia. The manager Ty took my debit and info and rented me the car. Ok time to turn it in. Went in and gave Ty the keys she said oh you...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / Sending me quotes based on numerous conversations, then trying to run my cc for more than my quotes.

Dennise Huessy on Apr 28, 2017
I contacted State Farm Ins. Ryan Paulson Agency in Clackamas, OR. I spent several days going over my insurance info. including wanting a policy for a new home I am building, and coverage for 4 auto's that we own. I asked for full coverage at the same rate of coverage that I already have...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / Refusal to discontinue auto insurance in writing

Dr*** on Mar 26, 2017
State Farm refuses to stop sending me monthly statements even though I sent the state farm office at 3475 Dallas Hwy SW, Ste 520, Marietta, Ga 30064 under Shannon Perren a witten cancellation notice and the office sent me back verification that they received the cancellation notice on...

State Farm Claims center / Unprofessional, disrespectful, and unethical claim representatives

miss Michelle on Mar 3, 2017
My name is aubrey robinson, and I currently have an open total loss claim with state farm, with a claim # 3706193n2. Date of loss is 1/13/17. I have been attempting to get this matter resolved for the last month and half, but the run around I am always subjected to is making it...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / Cover this

Randyadennis on Feb 18, 2017
My name is Randy Dennis claim number 227f03516, I was hit by a driver you insured, I have had 2 surgery’s and 2 years of pain, it was my understanding that any medical related to my left leg and ankle would be covered until I die, but every time I get a prescription to be filled you reject...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / Automobile Insurance

Tyra Green on Jan 28, 2017
I transferred my auto insurance policy from KS to VA. My KS agent put me in contact with a Virginia Beach agent and provided him my information. The Virginia Beach Agent upon transferring my information from KS which included me and my daughter in the policy failed to include my daughter...

State Farm / Another individual added to policy/insurance previously cancelled

Sherica Baker on Jan 27, 2017
To whomever it may concern, I am typing this complaint only because I can not seem to get the StateFarm agents in my area to listen and comprehend. It has came to my attention that another individual (family member ) was put on my insurance. When it was brought to my attention, I first...

State Farm / Getting a claim paid

Millie Rodriguez on Dec 23, 2016
On 12/7/16 my 2006 Toyota Tundra was parked at a public parking next to my doctors office, while I was in the office someone cut off my Catylic Converters off my truck, I reported to the police, I called State Farm Insurance, claim # 5903498R4 they went out to the Toyota of North Miami, I...

State Farm / Rude and unprofessional associates

mswsb on Dec 22, 2016
Bobby Molina @ the McDonough GA office followed up with me 12/22/16 about a request for an online quote. I respectfully declined to move forward with State Farm due to the premium offered being more than double that of another company I decided on. Bobby then tells me “we'll try you again...

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