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State Farm / Getting a claim paid

Millie Rodriguez on Dec 23, 2016
On 12/7/16 my 2006 Toyota Tundra was parked at a public parking next to my doctors office, while I was in the office someone cut off my Catylic Converters off my truck, I reported to the police, I called State Farm Insurance, claim # 5903498R4 they went out to the Toyota of North Miami, I...

State Farm / Rude and unprofessional associates

mswsb on Dec 22, 2016
Bobby Molina @ the McDonough GA office followed up with me 12/22/16 about a request for an online quote. I respectfully declined to move forward with State Farm due to the premium offered being more than double that of another company I decided on. Bobby then tells me “we'll try you again...

State Farm / Mike garner-grand rapids

Paris_france on Nov 28, 2016
Mike Garner and his assistant Kim Lasher changed my coverage without my written authorization. They made an assumption about my vehicle and proceeded to change my coverage from full to comprehensive only. Once I noticed the change I contacted them to change it back and they confirmed that...

State Farm / Darrell Penn: State Farm Claims Adjuster

JaneDoe232 on Nov 25, 2016
I would like to make you aware of one of your claim adjusters. His name is Darrell Penn. He also has a side business in the Property Preservation field. I had the misfortune of doing contract work for him. I've been in the Property Preservation business for a little over five years now and...

State Farm / Unauthorized card charges

edelois on Nov 2, 2016
On 10/28/2016 Almost two weeks after cancelling my policy on 10/19/2016 with State Farm they charged my card for another month even though I was no longer a customer. They acknowledged the date and time that I cancelled but they never sent my refund check and then over drafted my bank...

State Farm / Claims

Martyvem on Oct 25, 2016
To Whom It May Concern, I feel confident that a Insurance Company is now using Credit Reports to determine what it will take to settle a Claim and I am trying to find a way to prove it. I have researched this but have been unable to find others that have had a similar experience. Since it...

State Farm Insurance Co / Renters insurance

ReneeMAnderson on Sep 23, 2016
Aug 28th i called my state farm agent to tell her that i had a house fire and wanted to see what wad covered by my renters insurance. i was happy to hear i had coverage but its now 5 weeks later and no work has been done on our home. my husband and i are disabled and i have mental health...

State Farm / Claim handling

Scottb12222 on Sep 21, 2016
I was struck by a State Farm insured in my 7 week new van with less than 4500 miles, in my opinion the vehicle should have been totaled, State Farm chose to repair it, I was contacted by State Farm 1 time durning the process that began on 3/7/16, long story short I would receive peridoc...

State Farm Insurance / Your commercials are so annoying!

Bjoh249 on Sep 3, 2016
Can you please stop??? I hate them so much. The state farm commercials from about the last decade has been so annoying!! The commercial with guy who says he is never doing this or that only to do everything he said he wasn't going to do, the commercials with "Jake from State Farm, " the...

State Farm / Claims

Deb Bale on Sep 2, 2016
I filed a claim against your company due to a accident that totaled my vehicle on July 5th 2016. 1 month later I had to call and see why/what/ where/ who was going resolve this claim. I got some help that night and felt a little bit better on this process. Here we are 2 months out, still...

State Farm Insurance / Unauthorized credit card charges

Kamal Teja on Aug 2, 2016
I had auto insurance with State Farm POLICY NUMBER 862 3769-F27-11, with Jared Mula @ paces ferry road atlanta, the service was not good and they had my name incorrect in the insurance, irrespective of repetitive calls and contacts, they never correct things in the policy and the price wa...

State Farm / Refuse to pay!

priscillaraburn on Jul 28, 2016
Hi, My husband and i have had statefarm insurance for 20 plus years, never had to use them for anything, always paid our bill on time and never had a problem.recently i was involved in a car accident that resulted in another vehicle and my car being damaged, i called them to file claim...

State Farm / Car Insurance -- No Customer Loyalty

Voodoo1472 on Jun 8, 2016
I've had insurance with State Farm since the early 1980's and had a fairly clean record, especially for the last 10 or 15 years now, no major accidents and no tickets of any kind. Had home owners and vehicle coverage forever; but since I went through a separation and had to split our...

State Farm / Didn't do a good job with my son's claim

Ayesha W on Apr 30, 2016
State Farm didn't do a good job with my son's claim. He was in an accident on 2/14/2016. They took 2 and a half months close to 3 months to try to finalize it. What they did was SET ME UP! They said it didn't look like my son was at fault for the accident. And they wanted to...

State Farm / Claims department refuses to reopen claim from defective/faulty item replaced

leighgalo on Apr 27, 2016
December of 2015 My Nissan Murano car needed a transfer case replacement after a accident. To cut the story short, the claims department of State farm approved the claim. very unfamiliar with the process they said we can choose any shop to bring the car. We choose the Nissan Dealer because...

State Farm / Auto Insurance

lisasmith68 on Apr 25, 2016
State Farm Agent Amanda Blackburn in Leo, Indiana was instructed to lower my collision deducible. Instead, she lowered my comprehensive deductible. When a claim on my vehicle arose later, State Farm refused to honor the lower deductible even though there is a clear digital trail showing...

State Farm / Roadside Assistance

Evelyn Berrios on Apr 7, 2016
Fri 4/1 called road side assist. Waited over 5 hours for a tow truck to arrive. Paid $165 towing bill which I could submit for reimbursement. As of 4/7, I have been passed around like a hot potato. Apparently, there is no reimbursement recourse when I "chose" to go further than the nearest...

State Farm / Deanne-employee for this office

Parisc on Apr 3, 2016
I am a lender for a local bank in The Lake Charles, LA area and I spoke with Deanne at Jim Mitchell's office for a State Farm last week. When she answered the phone I told her my name, she said "uh huh" I said you don't seem too happy to hear from me, she said, "what...

State Farm / Insurance claim on a 5th wheel.

Haleman on Feb 7, 2016
Our 5th wheel was caught in a flash flood. We filed a claim with State Farm. The comp they used was not for the same RV, they also did not add that it was a high profile RV with over $4, 000 in options. State Farm used Auto Source located in an other state who said they couldn't find any...

State Farm Insurance / Home Insurance

Reviewer58091 on Feb 3, 2016
This past September I had hail damage to my home and I filed a claim. State Farm's handling of the incident has me wishing that I had never filed the claim. So far I have received 4 different checks. 3 of the checks were made out to me, my wife and the mortgage company. We had to endorse...

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