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Complaints & Reviews

refused to my request for a cash surrender of my term life starting in 2007.

I purchased my term life insurance back in the early 1970's from AGI agent Frank Copeland from their...

The company wanted to get money from me for some fake prize

Guys, don’t trust the company AIG Trust Financial Services. I got the letter from them and it was mentioned that I was lucky winner of $300, 000. I was shocked and decided to check this company, because I haven’t taken part in any lotteries or something like this. I checked the company and found out that their letters were scams. They wanted to get $5, 000 in order to process the fees and get you prize. I decided not to risk and didn’t waste money.

AIG Continues to rip customers off.

AIG Sun America wants me to pay them $500+ per year for my Life Insurance policy and charges me $110+ per month for service fees without telling me they are robbing me. Found this out after a whole year had passed. My mother and I have been paying into this policy for over 50 years and have paid well over $25, 000 into it. Cash value dropped over $1, 000 over the past year to less than $4, 000.

Only bad thoughts about them now..

I recently had to deal with this company for work reasons and was completely disappointed in their lack of customer service or human decency and kindness.

The receptionist at their main number [protected]) was rude. He was short with his answers and acted as if he didn't have time in his day to do his job properly. He hung up on me rather than giving me the extension I needed.

After phoning around the company, I came to realize that it wasn't just the receptionist that was rude, it was a contagious epidemic within the company. I was even given the number to the New York payroll department [protected]) only to have it ring non-stop with no answer, not even voicemail. Even when a voicemail was left, no messages were ever returned or checked on.

To be honest, it really makes a person wonder just how AIG treats their employees to make them hate their jobs so much. Perhaps customer service isn't the issue, maybe it's more an issue with employee morale within the company. Regardless where the issue may lie, it is an issue that needs to be resolved for the future prospects of AIG as a whole. Poor customer service will eventually lead to less and less business.

Agent gone wrong

I receieved a letter from an unknown company stating that my auto insurance had been cancelled. I never received a renewal letter with copies of my insurance cards, as that is how it is suppose to be done. I called my agent, which I have had to make a complaint about previously with Dora, and he said to me, "Oh yea, well the company sold a couple of times and I think I better get you a quote from a different company, meanwhile, he had moved his business and didn't tell me until I called concerning this problem. Now my auto insurance is canceled, and I am not letting this agent get away with this again. He is not operating within the law!!!

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Bad service

My partner was hit from behind when stationary. We were in the process of renewing our policy, (we lost and had reinstated our 2 years no clains bonus) Then our premium doubled . budget told us we would be reimbursed for the 2 years no claims, theyve given us £ 49.60 off of £461, my premium should be less than £200 . I can see why people drive without insurance ! All they do is take the piss!! Also I contacted AIG Insurance about the pay out we're due for the above accident (the other driver's admitted liability) and was rang by a very irate woman who said I can't contact AIG unless i'm a customer! If I can't contact them and they won't contact me, what can I do???

Resolved Liars

I am a ex-customer of AIG Insurance... I got rear ended September 2006... that person the hit me actually got hit from another person who had no license and insurance that hit her to hit me... ok, so i called my lawyer, cops and i went on the strethcer into the ER. I got seen by the specialist the next week, did a MRI (backs all ###ed up again) because I had previous back surgery and a new problem began with my back... PISS ME OFF!! So anyways, AIG want to go into mediation or whatever that means when I was a customer at the time paying for my monthly policy. They dont want to pay me my $20, 000 that I can get because the other person that hit me... doesnt have insurance... so AIG thinks if they pay me, then how will they get there money from the dude that has no money, insurance or license?

What can I do??? Does anyone know of this situation where I can make it into a legal matter to sue AIG instead of sueing the kid now?

What should I do is the question... HELP!


On June 26 I spoke with Rafael Lopez who talked me into charging $8, 000 on my credit card. The service I was buying was “call/e-mail” blast to promote Bank Card Empire Company. I bought into the Bank Card Empire because I believed it was legit and I still do. The problem I have is the $8, 000 I spent on this program with the belief from Mr. Lopez telling me they buy new business phone numbers from the phone company and bombard them selling credit card terminals. Like a sucker I bit. The campaign supposedly started on the 16th of July but I have no proof or do I have and results from the program that was guaranteed to me. I was supposed to get $500 per terminal sold plus a percentage of each transaction. I have three accounts pending that I have found locally but nothing from the scam that AIG is promoting. I have already contacted my bank and they are investigating AIG.

I have talked a total of 4 times to Rafel Lopez who keeps telling me that the Call blast Email blast program will work and to give it time and the he has been with AIG for over 4 years and never had a unset client using this program. AIG is a scam and someone needs to shut them down and stop STEALING innocent peoples hard earned money!!! Just look a little bit on the net and you will find people just like me that was taken. Please help!!!

  • He
    helpyourneighbor Feb 04, 2010

    Go to this news report about an old man and his dealing with BCE and how he was able to get his money back from his credit card company.

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Resolved Didn't notify Credit Bureau's CORRECT info

In Dec 2004 My husband & I refinanced w/ AIG (aka MorEquity aka Wilmington Finance). We were NEVER disclosed...

Resolved Telephone harassment

Over the past couple of months we have been receiving phone calls from representatives of AIG that already have our credit card numbers and experation date. They are offering gas vouchers and of course at the end they want to send us information which we can cancel. We have repeatedly told them to not call back but again today they did and I told them we did not want anything to do with it and to never call back and slammed down the phone. They immediately called back twice and I picked up and told them the same thing as they were asking why I hung up. This time I got a name and representative number which are Monty #90464 but of course it was an unknown name and unknown number with the Indian accent that is a chore to even understand. Thank you Nancy Davy [protected]

  • Gj
    GJmc Sep 14, 2009

    Please be very careful in having the insurance firm AIG underwrite your travel insurance policy.

    I have made a recent in claim following an illness whilst on vacation and AIG are refusing to pay the healthcare bill.

    I have found them to rude, unhelpful and so far entirely untrustworthy

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  • Id
    i dont want to give my name Nov 05, 2009

    Call the credit card company and have them take you off the marketing list. Another thing you can do is get the number for customer service and have them add you to the do not solicit list. It can take up to 30 days to remove your information, but eventually the calls will stop. I know it sucks, but also know this...even if you do not accept a policy, you should still receive the gas rebate for listening. All you have to do is ask customer service for it. Make them pay you for the harrasment in one way or another.

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  • Jz
    Jz71 Jun 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First, I am new at this, so I hope this is n the right department.
    Watch your checking accounts with charges from AIG with phone number 1-800-863-0641. They took out about $50.00 form my checking account with my consent and authorization. Pay close attention to your accounts.

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Resolved Scam

We had booked a bus tour to Nova Scotia in June and purchased the insurance in case we had to cancel because I have a lung condition which sometimes becomes worse. I became ill in July and did visit my regular physician, who prescribed medication, but I was unable to get to see the specialist until August. We canceled our Trip July 3. (The trip was supposed to leave July 20.) We did receive $3000 back from the bus company with a note stating the insurance would cover the balance. The total cost for the trip was $3.980. AIG refused to pay the balance because they said the doctor did not specifically say I could not go even though I had statements from the doctor stating that I was ill. I had walking pneunomia. I am out allmost $1000. No wonder insurance companies are having enormous profits!! If anyone else takes a trip and gets insurance from this company, you had better get it notorized and signed by the doctor that you are definitely too ill to travel.

Resolved Annuity refund stall

When my wife lost her job last year, the income reduction left us perilously close to home foreclose. In a last-ditch attempt to stave it off, I contacted AIG to cash out my Sun America annuity February 27 thus beginning a pattern of call-and-stall which I can only conclude was deliberate and methodical.

The AIG representative did send me the form I requested which I immediately filled out, had notarized and faxed to the number given before noon that Friday. Three hours later I tried calling for confirmation (I had been asked for a PIN which had not been requested before after frantically searching my records for any sign of a PIN, I called another AIG number only to find out that the four-digit PIN was merely the last four numbers of my SSN so I called the original number initiating a the next in a series of 20-30 min. holds). I finally spoke with a representative who said she had no way of knowing if the company received my fax and it might be as long as 48 hours before that could be ascertained. Nearly 48 hours later (that Friday) I found another open half-hour and called to see if they had indeed received my request. They hadn’t.
I took off from work the following Monday, calling again (the extension number I had been given to expedite my call hung up on me three times-I reverted to the original number which resulted in an additional 20-min hold) only to find out I had submitted the wrong form, and that the correct one would be mailed to me. I was also told that it could be downloaded from their site and was given a form number. Possessing reasonably competent Internet skills, I located the AIG site and search engine, entered the form number given only to be told there was no such form available. Using common sense, I located two forms that appeared to request annuity account liquidation, (one called ERISA and the other non-ERISA). Just to be certain, I sacrificed another half-hour to confirm I indeed had the right form and filled out correctly. I recited the information I had written line-by-line to the representative and asked directly if there was anything else I needed to fax. He said that since I had already sent the notarization, the form I was sending would be sufficient to release the funds.
I finally faxed this document at 11 a.m., calling back near 5 (only 10-min. hold this time!) to find out if the fax had been received. Again, the canned response to my increasingly irritable challenge was that it may be as long as 48 hours before they could even ascertain whether the form had been received. I took off that Wednesday, calling ion the morning only to find out that I had not submitted documentation proving the necessity of obtaining these funds. I asked if “Notice of Default” would be sufficient and was told it would. Again, I promptly submitted the required form, calling in the next day to see if it had been received. I was told that it had been received and that to expect another 5-7 working days before the request could be processed.
So nearly three weeks after the initial request and my mortgage default hanging in the balance (Texas law permits foreclosure proceedings to begin only 20 days after notification of default) I can only wait and beg the mortgage company to have patience while AIG holds the money I’ve paid them, taking full advantage of the time value of this insignificant (to them, not me) amount.

  • Ne
    Never SunAmerica Aug 20, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I retired in early June and have been on the phone numerous times in an attempt to roll-over my SunAmerica TSA to a Vanguard IRA. The phone representatives have given me the run-around, with conflicting information on more than one occasion. I have complied with every request more than once, submitted paperwork two times, but it is now mid-August and my money is still being held hostage. I am in the process of writing their board of directors and intend to file a formal complaint. I will NEVER do business with SunAmerica again.

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  • Ai
    AIGnotgood Dec 15, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have tried for over 3 months to get our SunAmerica TSA rolled over to another company. AIG has given every excuse and put barriers in our path in an attempt to keep our funds.
    They have subsequently "lost our funds". Is there an oversight organization that can correct and/or fine this slipshod organization.
    AIG was supposedly "to big to fail" and was bailed out by American Taxpayers and continues to cheat it's customers.

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Resolved entire company

I received information I had purchased from Bankcard Empire for an at home business. Before I could read over...

poor customer service

I had an accident on Dec 23, 2008 on route home from Nashville, Tn to San Antonio in Little Rock, Ar. I called AIG to report the accident and to see about getting a rental car to finish my trip home. When I called my adjuster, he told me that I had no rental coverage. That was the selling point for me changing insurance in the first place. They told me that I would get free auto rental coverage as well as towing. He finally got me a rental after arguing with him about the situation. When I read the rental paper more closely when I got home, I found out that I was only allowed to have the rental until the 27th. When I called the adjuster on Friday the 26th, I found out that all of AIG had shut down for the christmas holidays from the 25th -28th, with no one to take care of any accident calls or questions such as I had until Monday the 29th. To make a long story short, I had no communication from the adjuster on the status of my truck, as to whether it is totaled or they will repair it. Here it is today, Jan 5th, 2009, and he still has not called me to report the status of my truck. I have tried calling him and he will not return my calls. I tried getting another adjuster but they all tell me that he has been assigned my claim and that I have to work with him. I learned my lesson, you get what you pay for. No wonder they are so cheap. I can't believe that after the bail out, they all took the holidays off as if they were factory workes except that they left no one in charge to take care of emergencies. Their policy is : you can only have an accident between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Mon-Fri. They do not work on weekends or holidays, so schedule your accidents only during their working hours. They should have let them go belly up. I am changing insurance as soon as I can get this claim completed. If you have AIG auto insurance, I suggest you drop them and find someone else before you have an accident and go thru what I went thru during my Christmas vacation which was completely ruined due to be left in the dark on the status of my truck.

Resolved Rate Increase

I had 21st Century auto insurance for almost 20 years now. Last year they sold to AIG. I have removed/sold one vehicle this year and have an excellent driving record. When I heard on the news about their bailout, then one week later the extravagant parties in California, i decided I would not use them going forward. We pay our income taxes and they used it for parting. "Rewarding the sales personell"..who cares if they need rewarding. Don't they get commissions?

I just received my renewal notice. An increase of 145%. I will most definately not be renewing with them and I will be sending a nice cancellation letter for them to frame.

  • Je
    JeffW Nov 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had been insured with AIG for several years and last year even recieved a discount. However, with renewal scheduled for mid-November this year, I recieved a statement which shows a nearly 50% rate increase.

    The only changes since last renewal is that my wife had a speeding ticket 01/07 and our son turned 15 (he is not licensed and will not be listed on the policy).

    Looks like they want me to contribute to their $85B bailout.

    Attempts to contact AIG and my agent have so far been unsuccessful. I have left messages and sent an email with no response.

    I've changed carriers to be effective my renewal date - and was quoted a price 25% lower than my old rate (which I thought was reasonable)

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  • Ma
    mark gray Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just got a rate increase of 50% also and I had no change in my policy at all in the past 3 years I have been with them and when I contacted them they said everybody in my state got a rate increase because there was to many accidents for my state.
    Looks like they thought I was going to help out on there bailout to...well I will anyway they always get ya in the end

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  • Sm
    SmartyPants Jan 04, 2009

    Don't waste your time with the letter, they won't care. The party you're referring to was for their top-producing independent agents. These are the people (outside the company) that send them the most business. Since the party was 90% pre-paid, it was a very smart move not to reneg on a party that was previously earned by the people most likely to send you business and keep their company afloat.

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  • Ge
    gerald g Mar 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Denied paying for my damages from someone hitting me. Tried to pay me 20% of what was owed to me. Don't buy any products from this bad insurer.

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Resolved Fraud and scam

AIG Insurance received over 35 billion dollars of the 700 billion bail out plan. They then paid for a weekend for there execs in Californians at a cost of $440, 000.

Now they have paid a tab of $86.000 for a few top execs to go on a hunting trip. Wake up america, write or E-Mail your congressmen & senators and tell them enough. Make AIG repay OUR money. (Yours & Mine) Several of the top execs of AIG should be facing serious prison time.

They are throwing crap in all of our faces and laughing about it! Let's take our government back.

  • Se
    seymour kuperman Sep 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Paid for 22 years 50.000 dollars. Made payment every month, they claim to invest in funds that you can't understand because it is written so a layman can't understand it. They spent all my money I invested and now want to cancel me. Can you believe this is a variable whole life insurance policy, not a term policy. They got their 50 big ones and now they want to cancel me because i'm healthy and 80 years old. Don't buy from them. They'll suck you dry. AIG bad people and no phone# to talk to a person.

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Resolved Unauthorized billing

I also had 24.90 deducted from my bank account by AIG for a policy I never authorized. They did this in partnership with Wells Fargo who was sending out information about AIG in bank statements. I finally after several phone calls and and threats to report this fraud to the Texas State Attorney General's Office got the policy canceled. I then notified Wells Fargo that they were never to authorize any company or person to access my account w/o my authorization. I thought a bank would understand this w/o me having to tell them. Neither AIG or Wells Fargo would return my 24.90. Perhaps the split it.

  • Le
    Len Jessen Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the exact same thing happen to me. Neither would reimburse me and apparently I am unable to refuse an unauthorized charge on my wells fargo card. Apparently they have quite a cozy relationship. I'm still fighting the $24.90 (they got me twice).

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  • El
    ElisaS Nov 24, 2008

    Me too! They're about to charge my account $24.90. I never authorized them to do so. I'm canceling my Wells Fargo account tomorrow and sending a barrel full of letters stating that I'm not interested. Signed, sealed and delivered!
    ( with delivery confirmation )

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  • Jd
    jduncan Feb 26, 2009

    I had the same charge occur twice in less than one month. We never heard of or authorized these charges.

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  • Id
    i dont want to give my name Nov 05, 2009

    I dont know who all of you talked to in customer service, but I am a former employee in that department. Mind you a jilted and VERY unhappy employee. I felt like I was forced to lie to people every day that I worked there. The best advice I can give everyone is to issue a sales dipute with the corporate office. In the letter request to HEAR a copy of the recording where someone authorized the policy. If no one accepted the insurance or said the person could send it out for a review, then you will get your money back.

    The address is
    Dept SD
    Po Box 44260
    Jacksonville, FL 32231-9905

    REMEMBER: You want to hear the recording. Otherwise they will send a "Transcript"

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  • Jl
    jlb93022 Jan 14, 2010

    I too am a Wells Fargo customer, and discovered unauthorized charges for an AIG accident insurance policy. This went on for several months before I realized it was happening. AIG immediately cancelled the policy, and advised me to contact their consumer relations department for a possible refund of my paid premiums. I sent them a letter detailing the payments, but they refused to honor my request. I think I will ask to hear a copy of the recording. Thanks.

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  • To
    Tony935 Mar 31, 2010

    Ditto everyone's complaint. I had a person call me one day from the national union fire insurance company saying that they were calling on behalf of Well's Fargo, and proceeded to go into a sales pitch. I told them, since it Wells Fargo was the company name I heard, and I was busy that day, just to send me the information, and I would review it. I had no idea that I would start having charges tacked on to my mortgage by Wells Fargo for a product I didn't say I would purchase. In a three way call with Wells Fargo, Naitonal Union Fire insurance, and myself, I was told that when I asked to review the policy, it was the same as purchasing it. Further, I was told that I had to write a letter to their Corporate to get a refund of all but the last premium, which they would refund to me.
    I wrote the lettter and got a reply that said that they "talked to TONY . . . and he legally purchased the policy."

    That's it, no refund --- dishonest, unethical people. I plan to contact my state's attorney general's office. Also, I am going to respond to the denial letter, requesting and audio review of the phone conversation.

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Resolved Awful company

In April 2008, I called AIG Insurance before purchasing tickets on Priceline to go see my sick grandmother to see if she passed away before I got there or while I was there if I could get reimburse or change my flight if required. I was told that grandmother's were consider to be immediately family and I should not have any problem being reimburse or changing my flight if something like that occurred. Well my grandmother did pass away. The funeral was on Monday and our return flight back was also on Monday. Our flight left early Monday morning and my grandmother funeral was not until 11:00 a.m., that day. Of course I stayed for the funeral but now AIG travel insurance refuse to refund our money for the airline tickets to return home. My parents had to drive from Minnesota to Michigan to get my husband, our infant child and me for we were stranded without any way back. Because I stayed for my grandmother funeral AIG said they could not refund my money back. We did not ask for reimbursement for hotel fee, gas money for our parents. Since we did use the flight to go to Michigan we only asked for the price we paid, taxes and fee for the return trip. What good in purchasing the insurance if it will not protect you in unpreventable situations such as this? I have appeal twice and AIG Insurance is still denying my claim. They said that if my grandmother died while I was there they would have refund the money but because I stayed for her funeral they will not. What kind of nonsense is that? I am not sure who I can contact regarding this but want everyone to know that by purchasing the insurance with AIG travel Assist does not mean that they will keep their part of the bargain and have specific wording of the guidelines of what they will reimbursed you for and what they will not. So even though my grandmother died and I stayed for her funeral to pay my last respect, AIG change the wording so they would not have to reimburse us for our money.

Resolved They give me run around

I have subscribed the Insurance through Chase Bank USA, N.A. in 2004. Couple of months ago my family in an accident was rear ended by a semi-tractor trailer and everybody got hurt. This insurance supposed to cover my family leave benefits, medical bills and more. Actually, they are giving me run-around, first they lost the application, and then they could not find the application, then after two months denial for the service that I have been paying for four years. I am no sure what is going to happen when I submit medical bills! Upon my questioning customer service rep says that the policy that you have is different than the one that I have!! I cannot get it!! What does it mean?!!!. Benefits should be explained with every policy. AIG is provided with all the information I do not know what else and at what they are looking at!! No wonder they in trouble on Wall street!! It is clear to me they do not know what they are doing. Watch out find a better company, I feel I have wasted my money for the TOURCHER!!! It is a scam!! They will do anything to get your money but when you need they probably never come through!!

  • Ch
    chante Jan 28, 2009

    I purchased an insurance for a travel ticket at AiG in 2008, and I submitted all the requested documents, but they denial my claim. It was said, whether you miss your flight or something unable you to get on that flight you will get a refund. I ended up paying a higher price on that ticket(ticket + insurance) and never received my money back from AIG. Watch out for AIG Travel Inurance...It's a SCAM.

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  • Ch
    chante Jan 28, 2009

    At AIG when you submit a claim they either say they never received your documents or they lost them. They will always turn around and deny your claim. AIG most insurance are SCAMS... Be aware!

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Resolved Fraud

I booked my Frontier airline ticket from Atlanta to Orange county, CA with AIG Travel Guard insurance and for which I paid extra $10. but due to some health reasons when wanted to postpone my ticket for 2-days, Frontier airlines that is selling this AIG Travel Guard insurance on there website, they said that they have no connection with AIG Travel Guard. furthermore, when I contacted AIG Travel Guard, I was told that this reason of your ticket postpone is not covered in the insurance... don’t u think this thing is worst than ***... and like day light robbery... so, I would recommend you not get capture this FRAUD by AIG Travel Guard in the name of INSURANCE and I think it should be a BIG SHAME for FRONTIER AIRLINES AS WELL... If you need further clarification, do give me a call at [protected] because I don’t want you to be a target of this FRAUD BY AIG Travel Guard...

  • Wm
    wm murphy Apr 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased travel insurance from AIG Travel Guard when purchasing flight tickets from skybus. AIG says no longer affiliated with Skybus because Skybus no longer in service and will not honor policy. Typical insurance company takes your money but will not provide service you pay for.

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  • Ju
    June Bug Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying to get reimbursed for a ticket after having to make a flight change due to death in the family. I am not getting anywhere with them and no hope of doing so. My first time to purchase Travel Guard Insurance and my last!!

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  • Vi
    VickeyAlberta Feb 26, 2010

    I won't burden you with my tragic story but take my heed and do not use Travel Guard, they are rip off artists, they require a library full of documentation to even qualify for a review to see if you are eligible to receive the reimbursement YOU PAID FOR. And I mean you have to have every receipt every conformation number, every doctor, every hospital, every every every. Then they take months to review and won't even talk to you unless it has been 5 weeks, ( I am serious) says so right on their form! Then no matter how much proof you have or how many doctors that verify and even write hand written notes to re-verify they will refuse to pay you. Don't bother wasting your money! And what is really sad their premiums are huge, so you pay top dollars for nothing. However a small portion of our trip I booked on Expedia and their insurance was cheap and they instantly refunded my money, no questions asked. They are cold hearted bigots and if I could figure out a way to put them out of business I would write a million of these.

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  • Cu
    Cuwph Apr 30, 2010

    I wish that I would have seen this before I booked my trip on book it with Frontier Airlines and had option for travel insrance through travel guard. Last minute flight changes done by Frontier and the changes didn't fit into my schedule and was too late to change my schedule. Been on phone for 2 1/2 hrs and NOTHING!!!Great vacation!!

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  • Ma
    Malaraux Dec 21, 2010

    Travel Guard Company have no intention of doing what they are paid for, that is, insuring passengers. I took out a deluxe insurance package when I was due to fly to the UK. My flight was cancelled due to inclement weather. My package had cancellation insurance, but when I tried to claim the insurance, I found that it covers anything BUT inclement weather. Of course this is not disclosed at the time of purchasing the insurance. The straw that breaks the camels back is that they will not even pay you back the premium that was paid, DESPITE it not having been used. A disgusting scam. I will certainly pass around my advise to avoid this company like the plague to all my peers who fly regularly.

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    Jackie MacDougall Feb 08, 2011
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    Travel Guard IS a scam.

    We had to re-schedule our flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Montreal in September when we learned of a family health related emergency, after disembarking in Fort Lauderdale. The policy was purchased 2 months prior to us receiving that information.

    We submitted the medical information from the attending physician and a certificate of death due to unexpected causes. We live 3000 miles from where the deaths occured, (both my brother and sister 2 days apart) so it was rather difficult or us to obtain all the information Travel Guard wanted but yet we did and it still wasn't enough for them!

    Does anyone know what our options might be?

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