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medical insurance

Hello, I was referred to florida kidcare by children and family, because I was supposed to earn enough income to qualify for this program . I HAVE BEEN CONSTANTLY agraveted by the many issues they have with my paychecks, they say my paychecks are not good because it does not show the frequency I get paid. It is a federal job though, besides I am disable and earn disability benefits, they also say the proof I show from social security are not good enough to reach a decision regarding how much I should pay. With all those excuses they have me paying the full premium amount $230 dollars monthly, I have no more proof of income to show and so it is a hard decision either to find each month the amount required or disconnect my son's iinsurance.Sadly, I know about other people paying less than me even married couples with two incomes. I am a single disabled mom working a part time job 30 hours at 10 dollars rate and I have to pay 230 monthly. Does it sounds right?

not health coverage

Hello. I called today the FL kid care department, because my children were referred by the dept of Children and families and their coverage was going to start effective on December. I sent all the required information over to them on time, and even paid. I never received any letter or advise telling me that I had to pay before Nov 30th to have coverage effective on December. I did paid on Sunday, Dec 1st. When I called today, I was told that the payment hasn't been process yet, and it would be processed hopefully by tomorrow, but I would not have Medical Coverage until January. FL Kid care was closed during the Thanksgiving weekend. Now my children are sick and I cannot afford to pay. The Supervisor who spoke with me, had a bad attitude, and said she couldn't do anything to help me out, that I just had to wait until January to get the coverage, and also, I had to send another payment by the 15th of this month. This is ridiculous. PLEASE, can somebody HELP ME ON THIS MATTER. My kids need medical coverage and I cannot afford to pay for it. It is not my fault that they were closed during the weekend because of the Holidays. Please assist me on this.


My children were not approved for healthy kids. Their information was sent to Medicaid. Then Medicaid approves the younger two children. They send the older two children's information back to healthy kids. I happen to check online(after checking almost daily) on the status. They approved my boys in a letter dated 9/27 as long I make the payment. I didn't get the letter until 10/1 so of course now they are not covered for October. The rep says a letter was sent to me on 9/25 and 9/27. Only one letter had been sent on 9/27 in the message center online. If a person is approved later in the month they are not giving anyone ample time or information to know that the application is approved to even get coverage for their children.

no insurance yet

My child was approved for Kid-care on August 24, 2018. I was asked for the premium payment of $20.00 which i made the payment that same day. My daughter has ADHD and ha...

Negligence on behalf of Kidcare

This is the second month in a row my daughter has missed appointments because the customer service representatives aren't updated the information correctly in the system. So how they didn't update my account correctly and now it show my daughters coverage is inactive. She can't get her medication that she needs to help her daily which affects her ability to learn in school. She has a dentist appointment today due to a terrible toothache. The customer service representative refused to contact the doctors office to let them know she has coverage for the month of August. So now I have a child misses medication doses and suffering a toothache because of error by someone incapable of performing their job properly. I now have two cancellation bills that need to be paid due to the representatives error. I started a new job and the job was kind enough to give me this day to take my daughter to appointments within my 90 day probationary period with the exception of bringing a providers note to work on Monday. Which I can't present because she couldn't be seen. It's not fair we are being punished due to someone else's mistakes. So I have a child in pain and no note to present to my employer. So therefore the negligence of your staff most likely has me unemployed which means the next step is being evicted and hungry due to loss of employment. This is not acceptable at all and not fair... Is thit a really what Florida Kidcare is all about!!! The representatives still have their job and secure place to live... NOT FAIR ALL!!!

kids health payment error

This past September my sister filled out the KidCare online application. After her application was processed a customer service rep contacted her and said she had to pay an...


My 14 year old son has been fortunate enough to have Children's Medical Services (extension of Florida Kidcare) for several years. He qualified for CMS because he was born with a...

I can't insure my kids

In my divorce agreement I am responsible for my children's health insurance. Florida Kidcare will not allow me affordable coverage because they live with there mother. In...

[Resolved] Cannot get an answer

I have had Kid Care for my son since he was 1 year old, next month he turns 5. Suddenly Medicare sends me notice of health coverage for my son, which automatically cancelled my...

Unrealististic paperwork requests/lost paperwork

Well unfortunately I'm here again.
This time I'm literally beside myself.
As I've done year after year in July of every year I renew my children's health insurance and one thing I've come to expect is consistently lost completed forms (even when sent certified mail) and staff that has no other advice for me then to resend my forms for the umpteenth time.
This time I'm here mainly because I attempted to add my new 18 month old son (who still is eligible for medicaid so technically not needing ins. for him at this point. just trying to add an additional family member.)
I've sent his birth certificate for U.S. citizenship status and a witnessed affidavit for his identity numerous times during and even before they requested them this renewal period. They were sent by fax, email and certified mail.
I figured this would have proven sufficient since my infant son is not in school yet and I am a stay at home mom so there is no child care documents available.
However this hasn't been the case, Now they are requesting me to obtain a U.S. Passport or Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (DHS form N-560 or N-561 ) for my U.S. born child whom has not and will not be traveling outside the U.S. in the much foreseeable future. I've even spoken to the U.S. Consulate's office in Tampa and they are in agreement with me that a birth certificate and Kidcare's affidavit form should be sufficient for the completion of this year's renewal process.

My three older children are being cancelled because of this and I cannot think of anything else to do but to just let it happen. I'm wondering how many other families are dealing with this problem and are told to obtain a passport at a price of hundreds of dollars per child . Isn't Kidcare in the the business of helping low income families obtain and keep insurance and peace of mind. Instead it seems it is one of the Kidcare corporation's goals to make parents feel like we constantly have to be on our toes to maintain one of the most basic needs for our children.
I haven't resorted to begging them yet but at this point I guess it could make things worse
Thank you for your time.

last minute payment change

As I do every year in July I renew my children's insurance. It's always a BIG hassle with tons of lost paperwork by Kidcare's great staff. Also btw, I always send...