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GEICO Complaints & Reviews

Geico / claims adjuster

Apr 17, 2019

On Feb. 3, 2019 my RV was broken into claim # 0609743730101011 and there is a police report with a supplement report. 1 person was arrested during the robbery. And there was another person being a look out. But according to the claims adjuster, since 1 person was arrested nothing wa...

Geico / mishandling of claim/ bad faith

Apr 17, 2019

Feb 25 2019- My child was t-boned at an intersection. Geico's underage minor driver turned left into the driver side of our car. Our daughter had right of way. They claim 50/50 however the facts of the accident and the police report and witness verify their driver is 100% at fault. I spoke...

Geico / auto claim

Apr 8, 2019

My daughter was involved in an accident with a Geico insured driver (26 March 2019). It occurred on a two lane highway (coming and going). She was making a left turn when the geico driver decided pass her on the left (not a passing lane) while she was in the middle of the turn and hit her...

Geico / motorcycle accident

Mar 13, 2019

I was hit by a car going the same way on the highway my bike was in his rear passenger door. He obviously failed to check his blind spot, its dark February 14 2015 the car drove to the next exit and stopped instead of stopping and putting on hazard lights. I lost my arm, leg, ruptured...

Geico / claims adjuster

Mar 13, 2019

My car was damaged by a dump truck (Buck & Sons out of Woodland, WA) - losing part of its unsecured load of dirt & rocks onto my car while on the freeway. I was traveling at 70 mph as was the dump truck. The speed limit for the dump truck is 60 mph. The driver of the dump truck was on a...

Geico / don't trust geico

Mar 11, 2019

After 20+ years of using GEICO, never late on a payment, nearly perfect driving record, excellent credit, I get a call from GEICO telling me I have until April 9, 2019 to find new insurance as my son is not living in my home but on my policy! He is 33, near perfect driving record and ye...

Geico / customer service

Mar 11, 2019

Got into an accident with a Geico covered driver. He claims I turned right into him from center lane while he was in right lane. Actual story: we were both in right lane with him behind but he tried to get ahead of me by getting onto right shoulder to speed ahead. Unfortunately he didn't see...

Geico / my payment was increased incorrectly

Mar 5, 2019

I received email letter from Geico that my address not correct, and they could not send me letter. I don't know what was happened and my address was changed. Actually I did not change my address, I living here from July 2017, but customer service didn't want decide my problem, they just...

Geico / auto insurance

Feb 28, 2019

My truck, Ford F350 4WD Diesel, was taken for a joy ride from the parking area at a large Equestrian facility in Eugene, OR. I carried full coverage including, liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, personal injury, and roadside. The truck was abandoned in a field stuck in...

Geico / auto insurance

Feb 19, 2019

I was involved in an auto accident o 6/9/18. I contacted Geico and wa assigned a claim and an adjuster examined the car, which (black volvo s60) was totaled. A couple of weeks later, Geico had th car towed from my home. I purchsed a new car in July 2018(red volvo s60) . While in the...

Geico Insurance / insurance claim

Jan 7, 2019

My daughter and I were at a 4-way stop. After I stopped and then proceeded through a truck ran through their stop sign (to my right) and hit my car. The truck driver said "Sorry, I didn't see you." I called 911 and was told to swap insurance because there would not be police to respond...

Geico / racial discrimination and false pretenses by investigator brian

Dec 9, 2018

On December 7th 2018 at approximately 1:30 to 2:30 PMI was approached by Brian from Geico who simply stated I am Brian for Geico being that I have put in the claim I was told that they would send out an insurance adjuster to check out mr. Renaldo Martinez vehicle mister raynaldo and Brian...

Geico / auto insurance auto-pay

Nov 23, 2018

I switched my auto insurance from Geico to another insurer effective 11/15/18. I prepaid the insurance for 6 months with the new carrier. I switched because Geico continued to raise my monthly premium despite making no claims in my time with them. They stated it was their 'experience...

Geico / auto

Nov 3, 2018

Want to remove my daughter from my Auto policy with Geico. She is a full time student Living in a dorm Has he own car and insurance Geico finally accepted the "Proof of Insurance" and dropped her from the policy. But continues to bill me the same amount ! They need "Proof of Employment" SHE IS...

Geico Insurance Company / an insured geico driver complaint

Oct 29, 2018

Theresa Welch 937-825-1599.Hit my parked car.I called her, they said yes she is their client.She did come in and report that she hit a car out on private property, my place of employment.Parked in employee parking space.Upon further looking i said that's my car I've had for one...

Geico / auto claim

Oct 26, 2018

I filed a auto accident claim 0275204500101072, I told my car to 1 of geico auto centers. Baugh at which time I was told by the Geico Adjuster that they do not work on aftermarket parts. Which was on my car at the date of purchase. I asked if he knew a shop that do and he responded back...

Geico / auto insurance - remove one of insured party

Oct 16, 2018

I'm with Geico for 12 years on my auto insurance. This summer, I add my daughter to the insurance policy as she got her driver's license. Didn't know this is the beginning of all the troubles. When she left for college which is over 600 miles away, I requested to remove her from policy a...

Geico / claims/auto adjuster

Oct 16, 2018

If you need insurance just because its a law get Geico. If you need insurance because you need a company to be a great advocate for you do not pay for this service. My most recent experience was awful. My car was in a flood and my insurance adjuster's (plural because this includes two...

Geico / release of accident to an ex of 15 years

Oct 15, 2018

My ex called geico to inquire about his rate increase. They first told him that it was due to his wife having an accident. We have separate accounts since the divorce and I have my maiden name. When he said he has been divorced for 15 years she came back from "looking into this information...

Geico / service

Oct 8, 2018

I've called Geico insurance to get a quote about 8 months ago. The operator was friendly & quick to help me set up new policies for my cars. when it came to renew the policies six month after, I provided them with all info needed, and i always paid my policy in full. 2 months after first...

Geico / debbie montalvo

Oct 8, 2018

Claim number: 0535943940101020 Incident date: 09/05/2018 Check number: 619282466 Total Payments: $5, 541.44 Total received: $4, 767.52 Missing check: $627.92 I recently had some vandalism done to my car and I needed to have my sunroof replaced. Debbie Montalvo (Claims Adjuster) recommended...

Geico / geico sends letter of notice of cancellation... the same day payment is due!!!

Oct 5, 2018

I am tired of the treatment from Geico Insurance, I have my car insured thru them. My contract clearly states the payment is due on the 30th of the month. I PAID SEPTEMBER 30TH 2018 AND RECEIVED A NOTICE OF CANCELLATION DATED OCTOBER 1, 2018!!! I called to speak with a supervisor and I get...

Geico / legitimate claim not honored

Oct 2, 2018

Date of incident: Sept 15, 2017 - Hurricane Florence, Cameron NC Claim number : 0390315160105011 I bought a motorcycle back in June 2018. My motorcycle was battered around in the storm, so I filed a claim. Unbeknownst to myself, the state of NC, and Geico, the bike had a salvage title...

Geico / insurance/claim

Sep 23, 2018

I was involved in an accident deemed my fault. I also had a passenger who said he wasn't hurt when policy arrived, he even helped a lady change her tire at the scene of the accident. When I reported the accident, they asked me if I had any passengers and I said yes, they said they would be...

Geico / home insurance

Sep 21, 2018

I had my Home Insurance with Narragansett Bay Insurance Company through GEICO. I used to make the premium payment every month to GEICO and GEICO was my only point of contact for the policy. The payment I made for the month of July on 6/30/2014 didn't go through. I noticed this and...

Geico / regarding claim #0402884230101033

Sep 20, 2018

First of all, GEICO customer told me that they have to investigate the other person who caused the accident, because he did not have proper Insurance. After one month they said they still investigating and they might personally pursue this person. I decided to repair car in the mean time while...

Geico Insurance / insurance

Sep 19, 2018

My 17 year old son was responsible for an accident on December 7th 2017. I had been paying full coverage on a teenage boy and his truck that was in my name. When I added his truck to the policy I didn't have the vin numbers with me but the customer service agent said she could pull the...

Geico / no fault. lady covered at geico. claim denied

Sep 18, 2018

My parked car was hit bad by reckless driver. Theresa welch. Dayton, oh. I filed a claim9/2. Just purchase car 1day prior. And they closed my case within one day. Totally upset. She'll be responisble if I have to pay and take to civil claims court. I called very same day and left message...

Geico / claims adjuster

Sep 18, 2018

So I was just in a car accident today and this rude man name John called me talking to me very rudely. Telling me the accident was my fault and calling me a liar. I really don't appreciate a man talking to me like he is belittling me. He wasn't even there and saying I'm wrong not trying to...

Geico / insurance claim

Sep 18, 2018

I have recently had the worst most unprofessional experience with this insurance company. I was hit by a deer in the beginning of June causing a total loss of my vehicle. Unfortunately at the time I was on my husband's policy whom I had recently separated from & had to get a domestic...

[Resolved] Geico / unprofessional worker

Sep 17, 2018

I am writing to complain about about an employee on the Geico supervisor team that checks on cars at body shops. Her last priority seemed to be her job and the cars. She was going on and on about costumes and flirting with employees at the body shop, never stopped to mention anything about...

Geico / issue regarding claim # 0481181860101043

Sep 17, 2018

On May 17, 2018 I, Nicole Testa, was struck by Nicole Vasquez, who has "Geico Commercial" for her car insurance. The accident was supposed to be filed under Ms. Vasquez's insurance policy due to her being at fault, which is verified through the police report, witnesses, and the ticket...

Geico / car insurance

Sep 13, 2018

Called to cancel coverage on a vehicle, remove coverage on my child, and add a new vehicle for coverage on 18 August 2018. However, the coverage changes never happened and a completely new policy was created. I was billed for complete coverage on the cancelled vehicle and was told there...

Geico / auto insurance

Sep 12, 2018

I was in an accident on 8/29/18. The first time they called me it was like 2.5 weeks later. During that phone call they kept telling me that my accident was on 8/21/2018. I told them no you do not have that correct, and I repeated my self again. They kept telling me I was wrong. My thought...

Geico / handling my claim

Sep 11, 2018

On july 1st I was hit in a parking lot stall. Through the investigation I was found NOT AT FAULT. I pay full coverage and have been trying to get the damage to my door FIXED. Since july 1st I have had 1 adjuster who suddenly is NON contactable found out I have A different claim...

Geico / service complaint with adjuster's assigned to no fault accident

Sep 3, 2018

Timeline for claim number 0260110750101042 Dissatisfied with service and treatment. Strongly disagree with total loss settlement Detailed Timeline 8/27 6:55 PM Car accident 8/27 7:04 PM spoke with Gieco representative -helpful and cooperative 8/27 uploaded following information online ...

Geico / I am complaining about how I am being treated as a customer

Aug 30, 2018

I am complaining about how I am being treated as a customer. I have been with your company for about 6years now I feel as I'm being called a lier I have never lied to the company about anything where I live where I work and now it seems that I am being Rated for some where I don't live and...

Geico / over 1 year now never got paid for my claim #0565344920101069

Aug 30, 2018

Going on over a year now and my claim #0565344920101069 has not been settled yet.Repair to my car came out of my pocket.Call numerous time and got the run a round. I am noe going to escalate this to the state of california insurance board, bbb and yelp. This is thaken why to long. I have a...

Geico / car insurance

Aug 29, 2018

I was involved in a Jeep accident in 2015 april 8th when my car fell apart and sent me into 2 guardrails, leaving me disabled. The Geico rep that I called to find out where to sent my car determined it was my fault as I gave her very little information due to me being in a state of shock...

Geico / claims

Aug 26, 2018

Rear ended by an uninsured motorist on 8/9/18. After providing Geico with the police report, finally on 8/16 a Geico rep named Megan explained my deductible would be $100 instead of $500. I told her ok, set up to get my car fixed. Went to Abra Collision on 8/22...Isabel took note of the...