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GEICO Customer Care Service


5260 Western Ave.
Chevy Chase
United States - 20815

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 824 5404(Maryland) 9 26
+1 800 824 2802(Maryland) 4 3
+1 888 852 6362(Arizona) 8 8
+1 800 418 4625(New Jersey) 3 10
+1 858 513 5130(California) 19 25
+1 716 276 4133(New York (Buffalo)) 9 10
+1 863 619 4415(Florida) 25 10
+1 516 714 7161(New York (Woodbury)) 4 12
+1 478 744 5677(Georgia) 13 13
+1 972 701 1655(Texas (Dallas)) 10 10

Hawaii - Honolulu: +1 808 593 1010

Texas - Houston: +1 832 772 0592

Indiana - Indianapolis: +1 855 296 6331

Virginia - Fredericksburg: +1 800 691 3918

Iowa - Coralville: +1 319 499 6300


GEICO Complaints & Reviews

Geico / 2 claim accident for only 1 accident

michael mad on Sep 21, 2017
I getting charged 2 points for 1 accident. Geico doesn't want to help me fix this. I have dmv record saying it was 1 accident, and other insurance companies also told me it was 1 accident. Ive filed a report with the insurance commisoner. geico will not get away with this. They raised my...

Geico / not loyal

arvis mitchell on Sep 20, 2017
On 08-13-17 i reporter my car damage, i was provided, an rental car, on 08-13-17 about 2pm, in san antonio texas, i was ask to turn my rental car in on 09-11-17 my time was up, but my car was going to be ready about the next day, but because tiffany decided to go with a used pumper, it...

Geico Insurance Company / i'm complaining about geico raising our monthly bill.

Terrance Massey on Sep 19, 2017
My wife and I has been with Geico for over nine years and has always paid our bills by phone or money order. But on April 2017 Geico took it upon themselves to change our policy without notice. Then Geico decided that since we are not doing automatic payments they force us to pay to bill...

Geico / waiting for payment

Bobbi Perry on Sep 15, 2017
0526332360101010-03 - Roberta Perry - 05/28/1966 - 317/652-0882 - I have been patiently waiting for you to pay my title loan through Eagle Finance and send me a check for the difference. My patience has now run out. Every time I call, the front line reps are always so pleasant and helpful...

Geico / horrible customer service

6121School on Sep 14, 2017
Geico is a HORRIBLE company. I have, now had, Geico auto insurance. I called to get information about how much it would cost to add my daughter to the policy as she would be eligible for a driver's license in a couple of months. I was told Geico would be adding her to my policy...

Geico / auto claim

Brijesh Patel on Sep 13, 2017
Hello, My claim number is 0587578520101011. I had reported property damage by one of your customer on July 9, 2017. I have talked with adjuster few time regarding claims. Adjuster Perry Jason had received the estimate repair from me on July 19 for the Storage Container damage. But he...

Geico / albany ny agent rick schrade

Jennifer Malanowski on Sep 11, 2017
I have had nothing but problems with this Geico agent. The owner is very arrogant and non apologetic for his nonstop errors. They had taken pictures of my vehicle on two different occasions but never forwarded them to the main company. Because of this the collision and comprehensive...

Geico / bad work ethic

Bruceha on Sep 11, 2017
I was quoted for an auto and home insurance. The agent check my record and gave me a quote. I agreed to purchase the quote. One week later, after I cancel my other company and paid geigo for my new insurance, I received a letter that geigo will cancel my insurance. Why sell in the first...

Geico / customer care

jjturnersc on Sep 10, 2017
I am a long time customer with geico. I have been insured with them for almost 20 years except for a brief time (2 years) at another company which I left and came back to geico because I felt geico did a better job. When covering another vehicle in our home, some how roadside did not get...

Geico / emergency roadside assistance

Mike Deming on Sep 6, 2017
I have been with Geico for 20 years and finally had to use the Emergency Roadside Assistance yesterday when the alternator went out on my F-150. It happened at 1:17 PM, and I immediately called Geico for help. I was in Las Vegas near a major intersection, but it was 8:20 PM when the...

Geico / roadside assistance from outside provider

Shakita Mcgill on Sep 5, 2017
On September 4th, 2017 I used my roadside service for a flat tire. I understand Geico does not have any control over their contractors and their arrival times, professionalism and so forth. But you guys do have control over who you choose to contract for your company. I had thee worst...

Geico / auto insurance

Le la on Sep 1, 2017
Geico cancelled my insurance while I was away on vacation . They were told ahead of time that I would be leaving but did not care. They sent me a questionaire while I was gone that said I had 10 days to respond . This was sent after I told them I was leaving and paid 3 months in advance...

Geico / medical injury claim

Erica21 on Aug 30, 2017
Geico, has the worst medical adjusters and supervisors practically think they are doctors themselves. They try to belittle the my chiropractor knowledge of my injury because he doesn't have "MD" Thinking that ER or urgent care doctor has more knowledge than chiropractor cause they went to...

Geico / car insurance medical bill and injury reimbursement

Marget on Aug 30, 2017
I was injured by another at fault Geico customer. I also have Gieco. This was almost one year ago. Geico still has not paid my medical bills even though we both have coverage with Geico. They also refuse to acknowledge that a person with a prior back condition can have a traumatic flare of...

Geico / auto insurance

people81 on Aug 22, 2017
I had been with them for more than 7 years with out any claims and was paying full coverage on a car that broke down moved 400 +miles frome lawton oklahoma to grove oklahoma the raised my auto from $527.20 for 6 months to $768.60 for 6 months and after I just paid mybill they want a nother...

Geico / csr/underwriters

C.d66 on Aug 18, 2017
I'm going to copy and paste the emails sent and received, First, months and months ago we provided papers not once but 3 times to the underwriters regarding Lyft, my daughter used to work for them then was released due to lack of proper insurance, there is a different type of insurance...

Geico / geico has failed to inform the flhsmv about the insurance change

Sathish Ramanathan on Aug 17, 2017
Hi I am Sathish Ramanathan and have a policy no 4463338139/01288 with Gecko since November 2016. When it was time for renewing my vehicle Registration with the auto tag agency, we were not able to do it online or my mail as the agency informed us that Gecko had failed to inform them of the...

Geico / geico is refusing responsibility to fix my car.

Geico is Fraud on Aug 10, 2017
To whom it may concern. On July 20th this year, one of your customers rear-ended me while i was stopped at a red light. She stated that she would have someone repair the damages. I agreed, so long as it would be repaired the same week. Well, she never bothered. Instead, she filled a claim...

Geico / time frame

Loganslyon on Aug 9, 2017
In August of 2016 my girlfriend accidentally sideswiped a parallel fence at our farm while driving my pickup. I reported the accident to Geico within a few weeks of it's occurance. I travel for work, so I was unable to take my truck to the "certified Geico claims dealership" as their hour...

Geico / customer service

jnellis on Aug 5, 2017
Hello, I was t-boned at a Walmart recently in the parking lot. It was ruled that it was not my fault. The other driver had USAA . When I was told by Geico to go to the USAA website and file a claim I was surprised . But I requested they do it for me which they did. I just started a new job...

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