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GEICO Complaints & Reviews

Jan 29, 2021

Geico — I would like that this driver is written up and notified of her behavior on the road was unacceptable

Today is 1/29/2021 (Friday) I was driving on Broad street in Providence with my 4 year old daughter in the...


on March 3rd 2020 i was hit in the rear end of my car and it's cost were 3, 000 geico did not want to have my car repaired they wanted to total my car out and give me 1, 700.so the insurance adjuster convinced me to take a lower fee to keep my car so I was hurt in the accident and today after 10 months, I get a call from Diane Miolen a geico worker she offered me a ridiculous offer in the amount of 3, 000 the me it was a soft disk injury as if she was a doctor I am still taking Oxycodone 10mg for my pain this woman has been nothing but trouble then she asked me what would I accept and I told her that I was still taking medication for my injury and I would only accept 5, 000 that is the less I will take and She got angry and hung the phone up this is not good customer service please contact me at [protected] and ask for Carla Bashir my claim number is0651872590101024 as soon as possible Thank you

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    Dec 09, 2020

    Geico Insurance — Stole our money

    I have been a customer with Geico for 20 years! 20. Years. This November they auto debited an extra $414...

    GeicoCar insurance policy

    I was using mg Geico insurance company for my car insurance policy for a good amount of years .One month before the renewal of the policy, they gave 15 % credit, for the old policy that I had, one month later I decided to go with Allstate and did not renew with Geico ! Although I have paid the old policy almost in full, they told me on top of that I have to pay a credit of of 15 % of the old policy back to them -give back credit, so they call it -Horrible and sneaky business practices, I do not recommend to use that company to anyone !!!

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      May 24, 2020

      Geico — Auto insurance car fire claim

      Geico is denying to pay the claim from the fire department for putting out a car fire in which my auto wa...

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      Apr 29, 2020

      Geico — Auto Insurance

      Just received our renewal for six months. We have been with Geico since the 80's. The 15% credit for pademic...

      Jan 05, 2020

      Geico — customer service / dishonesty

      I was in a accident on the date of December the 16th 2019. I called geicho they got the ball rolling and sent...

      Dec 19, 2019

      Geico — avoiding liability payment

      Filed a liability claim on Geico because one of their insured caused an accident that involved 3 other...

      Geicoworst insurance ever!!!

      I'm cancelling my policy with Geico, the worst company EVER!!!
      My daughter was rear ended by a hit-and run driving, we were told by Geico they will not cover the damages because the state of California doesn't cover hit and run accident, because we didnt have the other driver's info. How could we get the drivers info when they are speeding away!!! No one ever explained this "so called clause" with us they just took our money every month and now when we will need them we get "sorry we cant help you" oh but make sure you pay us next month. PLEASE IF ANYONE READS THIS DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GEICO WORST COMPANY EVER!!! they spend money on fancy tv commercial but when it comes down to helping there customers they SCREW YOU OVER!

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        Geico Insurance Companyclaim

        Most claims reported to Geico insurance company got treated as scam. They give you a cheaper premium but when something happen be prepare to deal with the worse. Go find another insurance company that have a good reputation in handling consumer claims not create a chain of investigation. When I had a claim after 6 years of using Geico, i only got paid when my attorney interfered. All I needed is to fix my stolen car that has been recovered with $6000 damage.

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          Oct 25, 2019

          Geico — auto insurance

          The Geico Local Insurance Agency by Lori Myers in Syracuse, New York operates in a manner that fits them...

          Geicoauto insurance claim

          Aug. 13th 2019 My vehicle was hit by an Geico insured driver. I have the video of the accident. Your insured stated there was no red light or stop sign. So I sent a video of road with stop sign and blinking red light and also a sign that states stop sign ahead. Your insured also said she sped up to get out of the way. Your driver received a ticket for failure to yield right of way. Both vehicles were totalled. Your insured stopped for the stop sign, waited for a south bound vehicle to pass and then without waiting for North bound traffic proceeded to go. If you watch the tape in slow motion you will see that the southbound car was blocking so that my vehicle could not have seen her there. I have no problem with the claim adjusters paper work and they did not object to the towing charge. What My complaint is they insist I accept 20% of the blame for the accident. I cannot send the police report, as website does not accept PDF files and I don't know how to fix that Kathleen C Schrowang Claim #[protected] I can send more info if I can attach a pdf file

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            Geicolying about not having insurance

            My wife and I moved to Virginia from Maryland near the end of November 2018 due to a career change and life circumstances. We changed our address call Geico to inform them of the address change and they gave us a new quote on our 2015 Versa note. 2 weeks later it was repossessed so I called Geico to let them know and to cancel our policy. We just purchased another car in Oct 2019 and not a day later we get a letter in the mail from MDOT saying we own them $2, 200 for insurance lap for a car we no longer have since Dec of 2018! I called Geico to find out what was going on and these [censored] falsely reported us for not having insurance to Maryland when we told them that we moved changed our address and the repossession! I'm through with their shady business practices. When I cancelled my policy the refunded the rest of my policy money. How dare they just assumed that we was still driving a car that is no longer in our possession since 2018 until now?!

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              Geicoaccident claims coverage or lack thereof

              2 GEICO adjusters were supposed to get estimates after my car was in a flood. It needed body work and electrical which required car to have work at 2 seperate shops. The reason for the estimates were that in a flood more than likely the car will cost more to repair than the car is worth.
              So when I brought the car to a body shop the 1st adjuster recommended car go to a dealership for estimate on electric problems first. The car was then sent to dealership.1st adjuster goes on vacation.
              A second adjuster now inspects the car and issues the check to someone in the dealership !and it issued with my name and dealerships name. Now at this point I'm 500 miles away at this point because I didn't live in area where car was damaged. I get a call from dealership that they need me to come sign the check for $7, 500 that Geico issued to them. I agree then tell the dealership employee I'll be there the next day.. He replies " no the car won't be done till next week."
              A week goes by and I call this employee at dealership. He's on vacation and my cars not there. So I now think to myself that the car must have been done and he sent it back to the body shop to get the body work finished .
              I call body shop and the cars not there either.
              My cars lost!!! Turns out that dealership had Geico re issue the check without my name and my signature was not required any more.
              This is now last week of August 2019 and the car was in flood July 22 2019.
              I finally find out from the police that the car was impounded because the dealership just put it out on the street parked illegally for a week.
              I had to pay $1200 to get it out of the impound yard and the car had not had any of the work done at the dealership other than changing 2 seatbelts!?!? Plus there's now more damage to it than it got from the flood! .
              I start making calls and leaving messages to both adjusters.
              No reply's for days . I call GEICO customer service and they call adjusters for me. This is the only time I get to speak to them. I explain that 1. they issued a check to dealership when it was supposed to be an estimate 2. The work wasn't even close to being finished 3. The check was supposed to be issued to the place " I " brought it to on 7/23/2019 which was the body shop 4. The car should have been a total los!!!
              . The answer I got from both adjusters was that Geico paid for the claim and that dealership said car was done!?!?. I said the body work was never even started and I get told I will get called back.
              They never call back.
              I have lost my job, my apartment and I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind because of this. I have the car and had to borrow money from my family to fix.
              It's still being worked on and now that I lost my job I have fallen behind on car payments so my credits ruined and the bank will probably repossess the car at this point . I can't even look for a new job as unfortunately where I'm currently living There's no public transportation and I have run through my savings.
              I finally got Geico to have another adjuster to look at the car and the latest BS I'm being told is that the body work looks like it's from another accident not the flood.
              I guess I should have seen it coming . They screwed this up so bad and dragged it out this long it's drastically changed my life for the worst as I was also supposed to be moving 1000 miles out of state on 8/1/19 to live with my GF and start a new life, new career..
              I explained this to every adjuster, every supervisor, every customer service agent and they used this info against me.

              Geico sucks!

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                Sep 23, 2019

                Geico — personal injury claim

                My wife and 2 small daughters (1 year old and 8 year old) were rear ended by a geico insured on March 28th...

                Geico Auto Insuranceclaims to offer 15% military discount

                Have been lied to by geico customer service for the past 6 years. We've been told that even though our military discount isn't mentioned on our account details page, that we are receiving a military discount. Geico recently doubled our auto insurance, so I inquired again about the missing mention of our military discount and was informed that since we were already getting discounts for being "such good customers". I again asked if we're getting our 15% military discount and the rep reluctantly admitted that we have never been recieving the discount. Geico is lying to service members and retirees about the military discount. Will be filing a related complaint with the consumer protection agency.

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                  Geico Insurancepain and suffering and medical bills settlement

                  My name is Sequoia McCoy, I along with my children where in an auto accident and geico's insured was the one at fault. Geico agreed to accept liability for the claim. I did a settlement with Geico In may in this settlement agreement in the amount of 13.000 Geico was said to be released from all responsibility and i would be responsible for mine and my children medical bills. It didn't work like that. They only gave me a check for 3, 000 for myself. They never gave me the rest. They have made me so many promises but have yet to follow through. There is no medical lien for me or my children. The adjuster has been bias and prejudice against me from the beginning and has made this a long drawn out process. The judge has signed off the paperwork and I am officially authorized to receive the money on behalf of my children. This company has committed fraudulent acts obtained documents without my consent and try to force me to let them pay my medical bills. They are doing all they can not to pay me. I am escalating this to higher authorities i have read of several lawsuits and complaints that have been filled and won for dealing with the same thing i am dealing with. This is ridiculous. Now i am being avoided when you just told me you were going to have a check this week for my children. I have requested an itemized statement with a copy of the bills but yet to receive anything. They want return my calls. Another adjuster needs to be assigned because i am filling a lawsuit against the other one for the emotional stress she has called and the act of retaliation she is performing by trying to keep me from getting my money. She is rude and disrespectful and she hates me because of my race and age. She has said hurtful disgusting things to me so has mr. whiteside in the beginning. I will not continue to deal with such rudeness. I am also seeking more money for the settlement do to the fact of Geico placing me in a hardship the discrimination as well as the emotion distressed they have caused me. I will not give up until i receive what is owed to me. I will be notifying higher officials so that someone can do something about this situation.

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                    Geicoauto / renters

                    I signed up for INS. with Geico Auto and Renters INS., had to go thru multiple Agents to get set up not very fun. I have coverage now and wanted it to start when my next bill was due so I didn't have dual coverage or a lapse in coverage. So I check with my Bank Account and have this bill from Liberty Mutual for Renters INS., which they said they work with no problem, but the person that was helping me didn't go the extra mile to make sure my needs we're handled they rushed me into this, almost pushing me into the matter like a hungry dog waiting for a bone. So rather than me have it work the way I needed to work it went the way they wanted it, screw the customer get the money, so now I have to spend my time to try and fix this problem, when I called the customer service Rep.I wanted them to fix it back to Monthly Billing and start it at right time, they tried to call my Bank and said the Bank couldn't do anything till Monday, the person was worried about if they refunded me my money if it came back insufficient funds they would be on the hook for the funds. Rather than possibly take a hit for a few bucks which wouldn't happen I wanted the INS., they took the low greedy road and didn't help a client out, talk about customer service. I asked what they could do for me nothing because they are regulated, must be nice to screw up and have no consequence, when I mess-up I have to pay for it big time. I wish the Government had my back like big biz. So now I have to clean this mess up tomorrow cancelling this mess because of their incompetence. Maybe rather spend so much money on ads they should get their act together and not be a money grubbing big biz. Why do they need to advertise so much, losing too many customers because of poor service? Looked today took money anyway terrible company, 93% satisfaction really!

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                      Geico Insurancepolicy cancellation

                      I used to think Geico was good until I had to cancel my auto policy. I moved from NC to NY and Geico transfered my policy to NY. So I was told by a Geico Rep that cancelled my policy that as long as I call before 6/23/19, then I will not owe anything. Well I called on 6/21/19 and cancelled my policy because I had gotten another insurance provider.So I got a bill for $20 for cancelling the NY policy and then two days later I got a bill for $81.07 for cancelling NC policy. I called Geico and spoke with 12 people who gave me 12 different answers including 4 different answers from emails as well. They basically said that since I called the NY policy on 6/21/19, they had to reinstate my NC policy and then cancel that too. For doing that it caused the State of NC o charge me $81.07. I don't know why they would reinstate the NC policy when they had already transferred the policy to NY. People please be aware of what you are getting yourselves into before you choose Geico as your insurance carrier.

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                        • Updated by Joseph K. Clottey · Aug 16, 2019

                          Issued has not been resolved and was told no Mangers were available to talk with at night but to call Monday Morning.

                        Aug 15, 2019

                        Geico — Claims for insurance

                        On September 28, 2018, I, Tanakia Hunter, was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I began to suffer pain...

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