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Complaints & Reviews

State Farm Insurance general insurance

Long term customers one to few claims denied insurance or justifiable coverage.

Throughout the insurance industry, customers pay premiums for years without incident. When the insurance company has to honor their contact and pay a claim; premiums and/or deductibles increase, or customers are cancelled.

Insurance Companies complain of rising costs due to the number of claims, legal fees, etc., however, employees are rewarded with bonuses on top of salaries for poor customer service. The team concept in handling claims does not work because one person doesn't know what the other did, or why they did it. The team has high achievers and slackers - errors are made, work is completed incorrectly or not done. The customer pays.

Retiree benefits are removed - yet again, employee bonuses are consistent.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companypocket estimator

Chuck jenkins 52-B959-5T102 i want an onsite estimator, pocket estimator is bogus. I got 3 estimates from body shops and your estimate is completely not right. And yes it is external damage. I even sent in estimates. I mean pennies.. i should be entitled to and onsite estimater. Shame on you @statefarm. Minor damage but its the point and customer servie on phone was bad and they wouldnt give me # for corraspondance PLEASE RITE THIS WRONG @statefarm

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance CompanyI am complaining about my agency not being reliable

I have StateFarm policy since 2017 i have a full coverage in my vehicle couple days ago i had an accident which was not fault i have the police report I contacted my agency they told i have to pay my deductible then they will ago after the other insurance or i can straight go to the other drivers insurance company i did and they were taking too long to give me an answer an agent called me today to know how everything is going i told him my car is not in a good condition to drive am willing to pay the deductible can i get rental car until everything resolves he basically told me I don't have that in my policy and I contacted my agency and they said that same thing which is not true when I started the policy I clearly said i want to have that in my policy all this years i have been paying money for nothing i feel like I have been robbed and this is not the only time they did this type of thing I would appreciate if i get an answer as soon as possible thanks!

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companyyou don't mess with my discount commercials

Look, I'm a woman. I don't consider myself to be overly feminist but your commercials should be on the syllabus in a college feminist issues class. Take the two commercials your company shows ad nauseum on pretty much every channel throughout the day. In the one that features the woman, she is portrayed as overwrought, obnoxious, shrill, and just plain nasty to those around her. In the one with the man, the guy is being challenged to a race and is portrayed as a big easygoing lovable doofus. I'm not one who usually notices these things but it smacks you in the face if you have half a brain. I would Stop portraying women this way. It's very negative and not likely to gain you new female customers in my opinion.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance CompanyBilling

I added our 2011 Toyota Camry in April 2019, since then our bill has not been correct. I have had State Farm for over 25 years and the majority of time it's been on auto draft to take what was owed/billed. For 6 months I have asked on three different occasions about our bill and told not only by the agent but by the app that "x" amount was correct and then a refund, to then be told we haven't paid a dime towards the vehicle. This is the third time Matt Lowe has messed up our insurance, which will be the last time. I do not feel that their mistake/error is our fault or now our problem. Please guide me on how this needs to be addressed. My name is April Tilley and I can be reached at [protected]. The agent has messed up my daughters claim as well and stated they understand that if we need to change companies as they don't understand why we were billed what we were billed. I would think State Farm would want us as customers as I have been with them for most of my adult life. Thank you for reviewing and I will be happy to forward to you the email from my agent admitting State Farm's error. I am hopeful someone will contact me.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companycommercial are retarded

Your commercials are retarded, especially the one with the pregnant woman yelling at the man driving her to the hospital. My god, I've never met a [censored] so annoying as much as her. Doesn't make sense for one and it's just a damn discount. Your man is trying to get you where you need to be and what if the baby was in trouble and your worried about a discount? You don't have to drive fast or slow to save your discount. Driving slow will get you killed and driving fast will get you killed if anything you're putting the mother and baby in danger. Other ways to make commercials and FYI pregnant women don't yell at their man like that going into labor.

State Farm Insurance — complaint

This agent needs to be removed. She allowed a non licensed employee sell me life insurance and told me to cancel my current policy. My policy with State Farm was denied. Now I...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companycar insurance company

I was involved in a car accident with a driver who had Geico insurance. The state trooper and sheriff took statements from witnesses and determined that the Geico driver was at fault. The state trooper even marked that the other driver was at fault. Why would State Farm want me to take on some of the responsibility for the accident. I was so disappointed that State Farm would not support me in fighting Geico to pay for my damages and wanted me to take on some of the blame of the accident. The witnesses of the accident and the GA state trooper all stated and agreed that the other driver was at fault. State Farm is wrong for even wanting me to take on some of the burden. I'm filing a complaint with the Georgia Department of Insurance and Attorney General's Office against Geico.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companystate farm

When I call Lynn to try to see the status of my claim your staff is very rude leave messages they do not call you back and also Jonathan hung up on me refused to give me his last name and refused to let me speak with the manager Melanie Hoge is the one that supposed to be handling my claim I have not heard from her in over a week with any updates also leave messages and she never calls me back my son got hit by your client that's covered under State Farm he was drunk and ran a stop sign and totaled my sons car I am so glad I do not have you guys as an insurance company your hard enough to deal with to get a clean paid out Geico is so much better 😡

State Farm Insurance — roof damaged by hail and wind

We had one hail storm 8/31/2018 that damaged the roof. We had another storm come through 4/3/2019 that caused even more damage. State farm sent out one claims adjuster who tell...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — payment

Was told on June 17th a check would be sent to my Insurance agent, via next day. A letter (dated June 18th) and no check was sent that arrived on June 21st. I went to pick up the...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companyinsurance

The State Farm commercial containing "Don't mess with my discount" is the most annoying commercial I'v ever seen! Totally stupid!!! No one wants to hear her loud screeching voice on the way to have a baby or her smug picture afterwards. Surely State Farm employs enough talented marketing specialists that can do a much better job promoting discounts than this.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companyagent representative behavior

I have been a policy holder at state farm since I started driving at 16. I am now 25 years old and have had policy with state farm the whole time. At no point in my whole time doing business with state farm was I ever handled in the manner I was today. I am writing this in regards to a phone conversation with an agent I had a policy under in Colorado. Her name Kendra G phone number [protected]. After starting our conversation and getting hellos out of the way, i began to explain my situation. My situation being that i had totaled my car back in march and had canceled the policy at that time seeing as i couldnt possibly use the car anymore after selling to a junk yard. I thought I had received a cancellation of policy in the mail for that but Kendra informed me that it was for home owners insurance cancellation. I just saw the cancellation in my mail and assumed it was the car after briefly looking at it. During our conversation I tried to explain how I spoke with someone before about cancelling the policy and I'm not sure why It wasn't cancelled at this time, seeing as i havent been in possession of the car for over a month and a half. For some reason she gets offended that I'm a little confused as to why I am being charged for a car that I haven't been in possession of for over a month, starts getting sarcastic, says "oh Please finish what you're saying, please" in the most sarcastic tone I've ever heard. I was on the phone with state farm customer service for roughly 20 minutes initially, got hung up on or "Disconnected" then Dan on the phones was a gentleman and a scholar and helped me out and got me the number to Kendras office after the first person completely wasted my time and "disconnected" me. This is on my day off, just saying, its beautiful and sunny out and i am dealing with this. Total time spent before reaching Kendra's office ~30 to 45 minutes. I did not wait on the phone and try calling kendras office multiple times for roughly an hour to be talked to In such a manner. The old me would have shrugged this off but frankly I'm sick of people being in a position where they should be helping people and instead get irritated when someone just needs clarification or help. I'm the one who totaled my car and lost a lot of money and am now waiting on the phone with my insurance for an hour only to be talked down to and spoken at like I'm a lunatic when all I was trying to do was make sure I wasn't paying for a policy for a car I don't even have. It was just very frustrating to have someone talk at me telling me they will take care of it then say they are done with this conversation and hang up with you. At no point did I think I was being irrational, just had to ask if I was being charged for the month and a half I didn't have the car and I got sarcastic remarks, demeaning language and hung up on by a "professional" agent. I just had to share my experience with this place and will not be doing business here again due to the fact that there are people who would rather make you feel small than make you feel helped by people you are paying a lot of money to EVERY MONTH to help you in the first place.

State Farm Insurance — non-payment of claim

On August 14th of 2017 my ex-husband passed away. He had added me to his insurance policy less than 2 weeks prior to this. We lived together for close to 16 years. A week later...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — claims department

The State Farm claims adjuster told me that my BMW was considered a total loss. We went through the features of the car and what their source valued it at. She said that they said...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — phone service

10/25/18 My name is Adrian Sims and I'm the owner of a State Farm Agency. My main line is [protected]. I have 5 lines and would like or all the lines to register as [protected]...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — homeowners

84583 We are 2 disabled seniors who rented a house from one of their insureds. The house had a defective roof, mold & overrun with rodents. The landlord did not maintain his pool or...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — auto insurance and they are disregarding police report

their client hit me, police cam to the scene and their client admitted hitting my car and was given a verbal warning for driving improperly. State farm says they wont accept...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companynon-payment of two separate claims

7/31/18: While my Toyota Prius was parked at Kaiser Medical Center garage in Daly City, a cream colored Mercedes scraped my car while backing out. A witness left a note on my windshield with the license plate of the car. My insurance co. contacted State Farm but they didn't pay the claim because they said there was no damage to the Mercedes.

2/20/18: While my previous car, a Honda Accord, was parked on the street in San Francisco, I saw a driver back into my car. He gave me his driver's license and insurance card. State Farm agent left me a message saying they wouldn't pay for it. I didn't understand their reason.

non-payment of two separate claims
non-payment of two separate claims
non-payment of two separate claims

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — claim processing

I am a long-term customer of State Farm. I have numerous policies including homeowners, 4 autos, business rental property, personal liability umbrella and many jewelry and art...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — claim number: [protected] claim date: 3.2.2018

State Farm To whom it concerned Claim Number: [protected] Claim Date: 3.2.2018 My car had crashed on 3.2.2018, due to English is my second language, I didn't understand what the...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — not being paid, getting run around

Case #133181R83. That I've not gotten paid and keep being told the check was sent. No check has ever come or came. The worst customer service and lack of concern for the customer...

[Resolved] State Farm Home Insurance — lack of support

Our home suffered water damage on February 10th, 2018, which has resulted in the gutting of our kitchen. My husband and his family have had the same agent, Tyler Evans for over 30...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — emergency road service coverage

I've had coverage with State Farm Since 2012. My premium has gone up several times but I've always paid it and on time. My car started giving me problems so I call for a tow or...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companyliability accountability, professionalism, refusal to pay claims

On Sept. 2nd, 2018, my children had just gotten on a moped and ridden approximately 4 houses away and when proceeding through a right of way, a State Farm customer either ran a stop sign or failed to yield to the road that did not have a stop sign. She drove out from the left in front of my children who did not have a stop sign into the interaection and when my children attempted to brake and turn to the right to avoid a head on collision they ended up colliding with the rear passenger side of her vehicle hit their front tire causing them to fall and the forks were bent. The damage was minimal and our mistake was not calling the police on their client... but even with a witness, State Farm is refusing to pay saying that while their client states she stopped, it was my children who should not have hit her vehicle when she recklessly drove out in front of them and that my children, who having the right of way, should have avoided the accident. Because the witness did not see her stop (meaning she may not have even done so, and their client said she did), State Farm thinks that my children, who no one disputes were traveling under the speed limit, were in the wrong because since they didn't end up as good ornaments and hit the rear passenger side of the door, that it's their fault. The witness stated that the driver of the car 'plowed over my kids. The witness also verified our story to Star Farm that their client repeatedly said "she was sorry" and that "she never even saw them". The witness also previously lied and said my kids were doing tricks and then ran into her while the witness (and my kids) dispute this. State Farm refuses to pay a claim for $206 because it is the right thing to do.
Today, 3/19/2018, the claims rep from the Maryland office, Delrene, had the audacity to tell me that while she wasn't sure how old my kids were (16 and 18), they needed to be more careful and safe driving.
No State Farm... you need to educate your reps on the rules of right of way, failure to yield, the ethics in paying out when it's right, that your client isn't always right... I was told if I found a witness who could verify the truth then I could win my claim. I searched tirelessly cause I knew I was right and that their client was lying. They know it too. Shame on State Farm. How can they say that a person who has the right of way is at fault? How do they tell people who were driving correctly and who tried to avoid a collision caused by someone else that it was their fault? Then, how do you attempt to lecture someone and tell them to have their children be more careful when operating a vehicle that they were operating correctly? Not paying out to people you owe is essentially fraud.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companyemergency service

Car broke down next to highway. First day above zero temp in a month. It is cold. This is wisconsin, not arizona. Called state farm and was told tow truck in an hour. An hour 15 minutes later tow driver calls to say "he can't make it". Call state farm again and they said they would get someone else. No one called. Two and a half hours later I call again. This time the tow will be there in an hour. Really??? Wait for 3.5 hours??? In the dark waiting for single digit temperatures??? No you do not understand. You say you do but really you do not.

I crawled the car home. If it broke down again on the way I thought I could be close enough to walk home and ditch the car. The car is still not at the dealer where I can get it fixed.

I pay for emergency service. What am I paying for??? Emergency service. I did get what I pay for.

To make it better you should tow the car from my house to the dealer. At my convenience.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — auto insurance

I was a State Farm customer for over 60 years and had good agents. However, my auto insurance for my two cars over two years increased from 2015 to 2017 by about 40% or about...

Progressive and State Farm Insurance — response to accident... malpractice?

On Sunday December 10th ...3:30 pm I was driving on the 238 exit off 580 South. I saw a sea of red lights fast approaching and hit my breaks. I looked in my rear view mirror and...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companydon't attend my calls

When I call them they don't answer my calls or when they do answer they just hang up. When I first got the insurance my deductible was 200.00 dollars and now it says that it is 500.00 dollars. Also a month ago I had a car accident and the person who hit my car is also a statefarm member. I was told that the insurance was going to cover for everything and that they were responsible for everything. Due to my injury I wasn't able to work for a week and now the insurance is saying that they don't want to pay for my hospital bill.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — handling of claim

84583 Date of loss 10/29/2017, claim filed that day.Rental car has run out, I'll be without vehicle tomorrow 11/30/2017 due to State Farms poor handling of claim.I still don't know when...

State Farm Insurance state farm auto insurance / claim division

Recently, my step daughter was hit from behind by a driver that was pulling into a gas station at a high rate of speed and probably not paying attention. My stepdaughter was slowly backing up at the time (as she is a safe driver... no accidents, no tickets, after logging 10, 000 plus miles). She was backing up after seeing that it was all clear, but she did not see the rapidly approaching vehicle that was turning into the lot (again at a high rate of speed). She heard a beep from the back-up camera's warning device and quickly stepped on the brake to stop (she was moving at approximately 2 miles per hour, backing away from a gas pump). The car that hit her was going somewhere between 15 and 20MPH or possibly more. There was damage to the back bumper of her van... minimal, but visible. Approx. $900 worth of damage. The women who hit my stepdaughter's van apologized profusely... and said she was "sorry for hitting her". She handed over her insurance card (also State Farm) to exchange information and then left the scene, and once again apologizing for the hitting her. My step-daughter called our insurance agent immediately from the site of the fender bender... to start a claim. And she also called my wife and I... and we were all on the line with her and our agent, as my stepdaughter gave a detailed statement about what had happened). It was a multi-way conversation and the agent said that it would be handled quickly and professionally. Then a State Farm agent called her later that day at the house to review her statement about what happened and take it for a second time. My wife and I are both witnesses to that phone call. My stepdaughter told the agent that she was very slowly backing up, 2 MPH.. with her foot on the brake...heard a beep, came to a quick stop and was hit from behind by car that came in at a high rate of speed. I thought it would be a quick resolution, but it was not. After weeks and numerous calls to various claim agents to find out about the status of the claim, State Farm agents claimed that my step daughter never gave a statement. They also said that she was at fault. But how could they determine fault if they claim she never gave a statement? So she had to call again and make a statement for a third time... and then, with another agent, for a fourth time over the phone. State Farm insisted that the liability of the accident was with my step-daughter; and insisted that I pay the $500 deductible as the van is insured under my name. I asked that they review the case given that she said she stopped and was hit from behind... and that the vehicle entering the gas station parking lot came in at a high rate of speed. The State Farm agent said they would look into it once my stepdaughter gave a statement about what happened for the record. Note that I am furious at this point as she had already given four statements to the claim agents. Weeks later, they had to interview her again (this time making a recording of her statement, as they said there was no record of a statement ever being given). then they informed me that her statement had not changed... This was odd, as they claimed that they had no prior statements. So, here we were, going on 7 weeks, and five statements given to agents... and still no definitive resolution. My stepdaughter had to call one more time and give yet another statement to a claim agent higher up in the corporate food chain... some sort of team leader. In the final analysis, State Farm insisted that the fault lie with the person backing up... even if they came to a stop, and even if they were hit from behind. That's Ridiculous!
Look, it's not about the money. I had been with State Farm for a long time (with three vehicles insured and a homeowners policy)-- a loyal customer for 35 plus years. I've paid in approximately a quarter of a million dollars in insurance premiums over that time, and had very few claims... peanuts... and paid my deductible without ever complaining. Given that my stepdaughter is relatively young and now had an accident, our insurance premium on the van just doubled... and after being a safe driver and having someone hit her from behind. Now she has an accident on her record. Unfair, especially for someone who worked so diligently to be a safe driver, completed driver education, and the State Farm safe driver program for young drivers.
In my opinion, State Farm Insurance is all about the money... but they will no longer get any of mine. I have switched companies and encourage others to do so. Buyer beware! Stay away from State Farm Insurance. Rates are much better elsewhere anyway. Try Geico, All State, Progressive or Farmers... they are all way better companies from what people tell me. Should have looked into that long ago. So many people have told me about their dealings with State Farm, and that they are a corporation that is money driven and money oriented.. They seem to care more about maximizing their revenues and profits than they care about people. My step-daughter an I feel that we were treated unfairly. We just want others to be aware... and beware! It was a horrible experience dealing with the Claim Division's incompetence.


My name is Katara Neely. My policy was cancelled due to issues, w my vehicle having to be fixed so I wasn't driving my truck. Once I got it fixed I had to pay the DMV a 50.00 fee because of the lapse (no problem there). And i called cus tomer service on 11/14/17, to get my car insurance reinstated and paid 239.00. I also asked the rep, would they send the DMV the SF-1 for proof of car ins, he said yes of course. So on 11/19/17 I checked my mailbox, and got a letter from the DMV that stating my license plate tag has no been REVOKED!!! So I call statefarm cust service, they tell me that the rep wasn't suppose to take payment, and I have no insurance policies!!! So I called my local agent on today 11/20/17 and they tell me the policy has to be rewritten and that it is now gone up to 305.00!!! Not to mention I have to wait 7/10 business days to get my 239.00 back. So I still have no insurance or money. I have a life and have a part time job, how am I suppose to get back and forth?????? Yes, the policy lapsing is my responsibility and I corrected it. But no one at statefarm is talking responsibility for this unprofessional mess!!! So what I would like to know who is going to fix my issue???? All I've heard is Ms. Neely I'm sorry there is nothing we can do...wrong this company took my 239.00 so I will need for someone to figure it out! I paid for car insurance so that is what I expect. I do not work at statefarm so I do not know rules and regs, and apparently the cust service reps don't either. The blessing is I was never pulled over by the police, because had I been they would have impounded my car...for REVOKED tags. What kind of business y'all running???? And I will keep talking about this until something is done. No the customer isn't always right...but in this situation YES I AM!!!
My email is: [protected]

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companyaccident investigation

Hi Justin Hambly,

When I was talking to you, previously, I told you how I am now 64 years old...and have stayed with State Farm Insurance, for my entire life. And, I mentioned to you, that State Farm was a trusted company, which my parents, and their neighbors, also admired. And I stayed with you, as an agent, even 15 years after we moved away from Aptos, because we valued your setvice, and your integrity.

However, I am saddened to say, I am now cancelling my business with you...due to a string of total incompetence, lack of professionalism, and outright dishonesty...on the part of State Farm's claims investigators.

What it comes down that these claims investigators were to lazy to do their jobs...and I am asked to pay for damages I couldn't have possibly caused...because your investigators were too lazy to even interview the primary suspect in the accident.

I am committed to spending some time, m every day, over the next month, pursuing this complaint.; State Farm will be laughed out of court, when they claim I somehow crashed myself, between 2 cars, for 50 minutes. I couldn't have done that! Nobody could have ever done that! Yet your lazy, and unprofessional agents were too lazy to even talk to the truck driver, who caused all of that damage.

It is clear, that the q2ualities of honesty and integrity, that my parents so admired, from State Farm, has gone straight down, and has been replaced by a culture of lazy agents...who like to sit behind their desks...and get paid for doing nothing!

State Farm Home Insurance — renewal insurance process

I received a call yesterday on 7/13/2017 from the Ashley Collins - State Farm office telling me I would not have my home owners insurance policy renewed due to claims I have had...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — claims

First off let me say, State farm has been the worst insurance company EVER. I started services with them just about two months ago, I have been lied to mislead, and robbed of my...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — state farm auto insurance

They call people they don't have to call, wen you request to removed some one from you insurance they don't do that they don't even care. Now they get me in trouble, and get in...

remaining balance on rental car

On April 14th I was involved in a accident the next day the auto mechanic came out to pick up my car I didn't contact State Farm until the 25th of April because I was waiting on...

State Farm Insurance Company — denied roof claim after sequential hali and wind storms

107685 On April 17, 2017, a strong microburst of wind came through our neighborhood in Eastern Tucson, causing extensive roof damage to many homes. Mine, like others had part of the flat...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company — changing agents

My agent in Vallejo, ca. Is Maria Zuniga, I started having problems there when she hired a young intern there, the intern isn't to Brite and lies alot, she can't get the...

State Farm Auto insurance — auto insurance

I was with State Farm for one year. This Auto insurance Statefarm are very irresponsible and they are Money Hungry they will trick you into signing up with their Auto insurance...