Sonic Drive-Insold me 2 orders of cheese sticks

I came to Sonic with my daughter to get mozzarella sticks like always they sell his two orders and then tell me they have no marinara or Ranch and they couldn't take them back. Now it seems every time I come to this Sonic I'm stuck with an order for some reason they won't take it back or I can't get my money back I try not to complain but how can you sell me something and you can't give me their tire for it it's like selling me French fries but won't give me ketchup they could have at least given me my money back they didn't have to tell me they couldn't take it back I work too hard to be disrespected like that especially in front of my daughter I'm not going to make a big scene in front of her cuz she doesn't need to see that kind of stuff but being a family oriented fast food chain I don't want you in trouble I just like this resolved please and thank you

Sonic Drive-In

Oct 02, 2019

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