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Reviews and Complaints

Sonic Drive-Inmanager on duty 10/8/19

On October 8, 2019 I got to sonic at 3:24. I ordered a grilled cheese, a kids meal, onion rings, and ched r peppers. It was 3:43 when my food came out and my grilled cheese didn't come with the rest of my order. I ask for a receipt the car hopper never brought it. She just said "oh they told me it was $13.89". I ask for the grilled cheese she says she'll be back in a few minutes. Now it's 4:10 almost ONE hour waiting for my order. So I drive through the drive thru. I was never rude I remained polite. I asked if I could get my money back because of how long my food has taken and the rest of what I got is cold. The manager comes up and asks what happened and she walks away as I'm talking to her. She asks for the food back. And while she's making her employee feel uncomfortable because the manager is saying stuff under her breath. I return the food. She never once apologized for the wait time. And was so rude. Never will go back. She needs to be demoted I felt so bad for the employees to have her as a shift leader. She needs to practice CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Sonic Drive/Thruinfustation

This Sonic on white lane and ashe has a real bad cockroach problem. Don't go into the bathrooms or they will get you. If you eat outside your car on the tables later in the day they take over. Hope this message reaches the right people because the people there don't seem to care. I have heard they are inside the kitchen also, but have never been seen on the prep table.

  • Da
    Dako Oten Jul 18, 2008

    Since you posted this complaint. This Sonic was closed for two days to get rid of roaches. The board of health gave them back there ( A ) raiting. The roaches are still there. They have had it sprayed 3 times since and the roaches still return. Wonder if the health dept really cares or this is normal business for them.

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