Sonic Drive-Inincompetent customer service

I order ahead in my app as I always do and when I got to the location it had me sign into which stall I was at it. It kept showing that my stuff (2 drinks) was in the kitchen well after about 15mins of waiting I pressed the button and asked about my drinks. They said there was no order under my name there and was unsure I got the right sonic. I said yes and had the screen showing me logged in and stuff in the kitchen and a young man came out and looked and saw it I told him yall already owed me 4 Rt 44 for making me wait over 30 mins for my drinks a week or so ago. He said OK he'll take care of it them a girl came back on the intercom and asked me what I wanted and I told her my 2 drinknorsr and she said i was needing to pay again. I said no I'm not I've been with you all with this before and she said well you'll have to call corporate and I said that's not how it was handled before and she said I still needed to pay for it and will have to call corporate cuase the app wasn't working... OK well even if the app isn't working the store Owed me 4 Rt 44 drinks alrwady and yet a yound man chimed in and tried be cocky with me and said you'll have to call corporate. I've never had to deal with corporate and the ifiots didn't get that even if they didn't get my app order the store still owes me 4 Rt 44 drinks. It's totally and bunch of BS. Day crew is wonderful there. Night crew if it's the younger ones there then service is crap. They're too busy jacking around instead of working. All in all it was an unnecessary situation and I left without an order. I go to this particular store at least twice a day and for this lol punk to act like that and not get that irregardless of the app working or not I was still owed 4 Rt 44 drinks. I cussed him and left because I'm Fed up with the younger crew that's on some of the night crew. Now I've been charged for two drinks and didn't get them and I still have 4 free coming but Noone can seem to understand that. If they'd quit playing and work maybe they could think about the situation

Aug 28, 2019

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