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I will never ever work for this place again! I hated it! Asst. Managers don't even get paid nine dollars if you start off you are only getting around seven dollars if you have been working there for a lets say eight years good luck in getting over 8 dollars! I'm so ill! THey cut car hops pay to 3.15 because "OH THEY MAKE TIPS TO MAKE UP THERE MIN. wage!" NOT TRUE!! mostly in the winter time is that not true!! THE GMS never know what to do at there job yet they are getting paid double what the asst. manager is getting paid, but make the asst. managers do the jobs they are suppose to be doing! THey are always understafed! OR it might just be the way they liked setting me up I always had only 3 people on my shift I was lucky if there was four. Before i quit I would only have me and a cook! YET the customers wonder why it took so long for there food and why it came cold! THere is your reason especially if there were only two people! TWO PEOPLE to take orders that ALWAYS AVERAGE 2 mins to take an order because the people beeped in and don't know what they want, the cook does not know the head set so normally you have one person taking 5 different orders... do the math by the time your finished taking the last order the first order is really late! THen you still have to make the drinks and the Ice cream that takes time and you have to finish make the food and bag the order and get it out! THere is no way that food is going out good and or on time! NO one understands what an Asst. Manager has to do there, the amount of stress we take on!
I'm not here to complain about the customers I'm here for you not to take it out on the car hops or managers, it is not fair how sonic treats there employees, Luckily I had enough sense to leave that horrible place! I don't understand how they have the money to have a sonic bowl for football, but they can't treat there employees like the way they want there store ran. So if you meet a car hop that seems annoyed just understand most likely they are just upset that they are having a ton to do for just 3.15 an hour...I don't know why they are staying for this job, but someone has to do it.


  • Vy
    Vyatri Feb 07, 2009

    I agree with you 100%. I am an ###. manager at sonic in Jacksonville FL. and have been working there from quite some time. My experience with Sonic has ALWAYS been the exact same way, but add sorry (and many) different GMs to the mix.

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    sonic sucks donkeyd Mar 23, 2009

    I completely agree I started 4 years ago with sonic, the supervisor that hired me said he would have me running my own store in a few months. HAHA 4 years later, i have basically quit sonic as a manager and am currently making more money per hour as a cook in a full-service rest. From my experience, I have learned that to truly advance in sonic, your head has to be planted nose first into the bosses rear, and don't ever tell them you cant come in early(stay late, come in on off day, & when you go in to get your check if they are busy you HAVE to help)
    so here is my advise, if you get a chance to leave sonic, do it as fast as you can run and don't look back, delete phone numbers, call block everyone, don't ever consider it a "fallback job" it is a dead-end black hole of a job that will eventually turn into the BIGGEST waste of your time-and if you are thinking about working at sonic; go find something else, in fact being a janitor or a trash collector would be better, even a person that picks up horse crap on a track probably enjoys their job better than you would working for sonic

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  • So
    SonicEmloyee Aug 27, 2009

    Same here same here!!! I work for a sonic in AZ. I have recently been made crew leader. Everything you guys described is exactly the same! We run with three employees at the most per shift (one manager, cook, and one crew member/crew Leader). They have to control "labor-cost" is what they say but the whole reason we are loosing money is because we have 3 people working so it takes longer to get orders out and people drive off! They GM's turn around and get mad at us for not being fast enough when it was them who didn't schedule enough people! Ugh it gets really frustrating.Oh and at the sonic where I work not only did car hop pay get reduced to $3.90, it is also now a REQUIREMENT to wear skates 100% of the time, even if you are working drive thru. On top of that we just changed our uniforms from red to bright neon green. It ridiculous. I am currently looking for a new job and hoping to get one ASAP! Beside the crap you take from the company you also have to deal with rude customers asking telling us...

    -"There's too much/too little ice in my drink"
    -"It really cost that much"? (Like we control the cost)
    -"Where's your dollar menu"? (It's right on the regular menu folks)
    -"I thought your drinks were half price" (when they order ice cream at happy hour)
    -"What flavors do you have" (seriously?)

    or leaving their trash in the stalls or telling us they dont want whip cream after we made it already, or driving away when we repeat your order, or getting mad cuz we upsell (we HAVE to).

    Seriously there is way too much stress that goes into working at a fast food restaurant.

    -Employee 1 year.

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    It's all so funny! Feb 05, 2010

    I have been working at Sonic Drive In for too long now and will agree it is a bottomless pit. I have been on the A Team opening stores in my hometown and in other cities. I have been a manager going on my fifth year with four years prior experience as a cook. I even went before the "Review Board" for the Co-Manager position( That only people promoted from within have to take, meaning if you come from a rival company they don't make you go in front of these pencil pushers who couldn't run a busy lunch shift let alone a 150 dollar hour with only 3 people to test your Sonic Knowledge).

    When first becoming a manager I was very enrgetic about it. I really took it seriously and wanted my store to be the best. We were always in the runnings for Sonic Games and rated ourselves as the best. Over the years that feeling slowly left each of us one by one and everyone started leaving one by one. I've seen five different supervisors, five different partners, twenty differnt asst. managers and too many employees to count and know from experience that Sonic does not care about there employees. If you have been to those stupid time wasting meetings they make you go to you know what I mean. I've been basiclly told that the crew are to be worked as hard as possible. Employees can work eight hour shifts and not even be offered a break unless labor gets to high. I've had to work two or three different positions because the supervisor and partner want to save some money and cut crew hours and work managers.

    Tip wages for carhops are a joke. Sonic bullies them so bad on this I've heard of carhops who lie about getting tips just so their name doesn't end up on a list saying their not reporting. Raises are a joke. I know of crew members who has only recieved one if any raise their whole Sonic stint, and as far as management goes there is no future. Alot of us only make about a dollar more than crew and unless you happen to luck up and work for a good store with not only good crew and managers but good upper management than your raise will be hard to get too.

    They do not care about you no matter how good or by the book you may be. I've seen Sonic gut itself so many times no one has any loalty to anyone. If you look at the numbers not only is Sonic last but it's sells period are down over the last ten years. This value menu isn't just a great idea by the higher ups but a wake up call by a company realizing it's sinking.

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  • So
    SONICOHIO Feb 08, 2010


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  • Dk
    d.kucko Mar 31, 2010

    I have been working for Sonic for three years now, I think it has been a great experience because being a crew member is not a hard job at all. Really it's plain and simple, you either listen to the direction given and do the job the way it needs to be done, or find another job. This is a great job for anyone that needs to make money because I have made some major money doing this. Doing this job I understand that hours can be late and some people may not get the break they deserve. This is a job like no other, think about the people that have to work in much nicer companies and have better jobs they would rarely ever or never get any breaks or they work long hours, that is how a job is suppose to function. I have noticed that the benefits are nice, you have to admit that you get discounts on food, I thought everyone would be happy about that. What about the people that you could meet, there are some nice people that would be great to become friends with even though you are working in the food industry.

    I hope from my advice that you would suck it up, and stop being baby, doing a job at SONIC is really not that hard to complete everyday. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN GET A LIFE BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE WORLD IS TODAY AND YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT!!!

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  • @d.kucko Many people complaining are managers and crew leaders. Trust me, management at Sonic is nothing short of a hell hole if your store is even remotely busy.

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  • Oh
    oh yeah Apr 22, 2010

    i agree with these people. sonic in kennesaw is the worst place to work. the supervisor son and i became asst. mgr. at the same time. he got a raise to 10.00 dollar an hour. i got .50 cent raise. while his was almost 3.00 an hour. later sexually harassed another mgr there. all what happened was he was moved to another store. and then fire me because i make the workers do there job. i did not play favorites with the workers. toni was written up for the 2nd time while her friend was fired. they took there problems out on me cause i did not get in trouble. the video reveled i was doing my job. then the store mgr goes in with other workers to get me fired. workers called out for smoking crack and going to jail. nothing is done to them. if u kiss ### and let people walk all over you, you can keep a job there.

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  • An
    angryperson321 Apr 26, 2010

    I Hate ###in SonIc! I Use To Work there Just RecentLy Like 2 weeks ago i quit..yup, and I quit bc these4 stupid ### employee who happens to be the manager, the manager husband, the manager husband little brother and his girlfriend. I had problem with the manager husband little brother, he harrassed me and i just left it. They dont do ### they would just let us carhopper do everything, and they would just walk out and smoke or go to the restroom and smoke some weed. They order meals and dont pay for it they dont clock theseleves out and just keep there hours. They Talk alot of ### about other employees and r rude to customers. They r just plain ### up in the head. and i had problem with one of them now they all got invovled and now they r messing with my hours, i quit on the 12 of april and i was suppose to get at least 6 day paycheck, but only got 29 buck pay. I tried to work it out but they just lied about me...When i quit i reported them to omad i think his name and he didnt do a damn thing so im pist off and dont know whjat to do or who to go to to get this ### straight i have so many story about these ### yeah that it

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  • Bm
    bmichelea Jun 24, 2010

    Okay SONICOHIO Im so flipping glad that your job is great, but don't go telling people that they need to suck it up and deal, because you apparently haven't seen the real Sonic. I'm a crew leader and before I even got that I was working 40+ hours and I'm still in high school during last summer my schedule was 2-12 6 days a week. And they would get mad when i needed any days off. I have seen my carhops be sexual harassed and nothing is done. I have seen them fire great managers for no reason. So take your little comments about us people who are tired of Sonic and shove them. I hate Sonic. They really need to change.

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  • Bo
    bookworm91 Aug 06, 2010

    I worked at Sonic about a year ago, and it almost killed me. I was waking up at 5 am to get to school because I had class at 7am. Class ended about 3 in the afternoon and I had to rush home to get in my glamorous uniform and haul [censor] to work at 5. I told my manager repeatedly that I had school at 7 and didn't want to work late. They didn't seem to give a [censor] if I didn't get more than 5 hours of sleep. I closed at nights and didn't get home till about 2 in the morning. Luckily I only had class on MWF, but still about 4-5 nights a week I got about 3 hrs of sleep. I didn't do good in school that semester because I ended up sleeping in class most of the time.

    The GM was a horrible man. He was tall and had a military haircut and a bad attitude that had me wanting to ask if he had a porcupine stuck up his [censor]. Although he was probably just depressed that he was the manager of friggen Sonic.

    My enslavement there ended when I called in sick ONE day out of the 6 months I was there. Sorry I didn't want to give people Hepatitis B. Good riddens to Sonic. I fart in your general direction!

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  • Oh
    ohbrong Nov 18, 2010

    i completely agree!
    i have been an assi. manager, manager, i've opened stores on a-team and even been an a team leader and i still get [censor] on. right now im the GM. i do my job and dont push [censor] on my [censor] managers or anyone below me. they are only paying me $13 an hour for my GM position. its complete [censor]

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  • Ma
    Matt4327 Nov 23, 2010

    Hi everyone, I have over 17 years experience at Sonic so maybe I can help some of you out. First, I agree that as of right now Sonic is perhaps the worst of all the quick service places to be. Low pay, understaffing and lazy or incompetent G.M's has become the rule more than the exception.
    I have opened more stores than I can remember, I have been to the Sonic Games (3rd) been a partner and supervised ten stores. Yet I quit why?? Save some compassion for those lazy G.M.'s they don't all get paid that well. If the store is not doing over 100k a monthe their bonus isn't much and if they are the requirements to make bonus will screw you over. On top of that most work 7 days a week 75-90 hrs. They get called in all the time and most old timers have been divorced at least once.
    Sonic is not what is once was. When I started in 94 it was a company that cared for it's people deeply. That loyality was returned byy all and we grew that company into what it is today. Sadly it's downfall is summed up in one word, GREED. The Franchisee's have made millions, mostly on the real estate the stores sit on, and all they care about is getting more money. I got out and will never go back. Whats Sonic's future?? Well when you loose 17 year vets like me and have to replace them with assistants that make 8 bucks an hour you tell me.
    Good Luck to Sonic and my advice GET OUT NOW.

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  • Co
    complinAsonic Dec 23, 2010

    It's sad but true, I've worked for sonic 4 years now and was on the fast track towards management (or Crew Leader as it's now called in our group...and the old Crew Leader position is eliminated) I was promoted in the first 9 months of working and then things came to a stand still. I worked holidays, my birthday, my childs birthday, all because I was told that my request, the ones I submitted more than 2 weeks beforehand, was not going to work out. But I grinned and beared it because a job is a job. I've trained two of the managers we now have, and trained them damn well. I'm constantly hearing from customers and fellow employees how fast I work and it's ridiculous how much effort I put into my job. Sonic Industries really has taken a down turn in the last few years. It makes me sick seeing these dedicated carhops working their [censor] off for nothing, being treated like crap by veteran carhops that are now working drive thru as well as making all carhop drinks because those dedicated carhops? Yea, they don't go behind the counter they stand and scan. And if they want to help they can't, they are not trained to do so. I want so badly for Sonic to not be this bad, I try so hard to defend it but as i near my 5th year it becomes harder and harder. Oh, and to the [censor] that said to "suck it up" ..really? jesus christ. thanks

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  • Kc
    KChaos Jan 09, 2011

    I ordered a toaster sandwich with sausage. A few hours later i woke up from my sleep feeling so sick. i was just waiting to throw up and eventually after 3 hours of feeling disgusting in my bed i did. The wasnt the end of it though. I threw up while walking in the front yard too and i felt nauseated the whole day. My whole digestive tract was messed up for about 3-4 days. And the last thing i ate before it all happened was that stupid sandwich. I think something wasnt cooked right.

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  • Ok
    oklahomasonicgirl Feb 05, 2011

    omg...yeah sonic has labor requirements they have to meet ~! duh...if you own a resturaunt you wont be able to pay 10 people by the hour if your not getting enough bussiness to cover the cost! plus the bills and stuff! thats just common sense! And if you were doing your job and striving to be better rather than [censor]ing about would move up and you would get a raise and you would get more customers and therefore bigger crews bc you could/can afford it! If you have respect for you leaders and management they will have respect for you so maybe if your attitude changes and things your relationships and working enviroments will be better at work too! I am currently training to get my own store and have worked at sonic for 10 yrs and while some of the stuff may be true in its own way...most of it has been twisted my anger and self pity...look at the glass half full not half empty...nothing is ever going to be perfect but it seems to me if your attitude on here is any reflection of your attitude at work then its good that your quiting bc it seems that your a big part of the problem! Sonic is a great company to work for and is advancing and expanding every day! we are improving the fine tunning our skills and we will be Best one day...and we dont need ppl like this to drag us down!

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  • So
    sonic man Apr 11, 2011

    It's not that bad pussys.

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  • Gr
    GraceHollie1209 May 26, 2011

    I have worked at sonic for almost a year now and I get treated like crap... my general manager is NOT capable of running a store... We are always under stocked on stuff we need and over stocked on things we do not use as much. This was my first job and honestly I feel that if you can work at sonic you can work anywhere. This is a horrible place to work. I get minimum wage, the one time anyone got a raise was my birthday month and I turned 18. They considered my "raise" getting minimum wage from minors to adults... which is 7.40 an hour... Meanwhile, I am still in highschool and they schedule me DURING school!!! This has happened more than once. And they tried to write me up!!! That is ###... They also schedule me on my one day a week that I take off for personal reasons and also try to write me up even though I put it on my availability 10 months ago! My managers are complete bipolar ###s!!! They all hate me... and want me to quit... but I am not going to... just to make them suffer... Oh and I cut my finger on cardboard badly, and I did not get an incident report and I also got Dr. Pepper in my eyes because the box of syrup dropped off the rack and it bursted and I also did not get an incident report and now I have an infection in my eye. I do NOT appreciate Sonic at all or the way I have been treated. And I don't know who I need to talk to about getting my eye appointment paid for because my insurance won't cover it... HELP???

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  • Sa
    sammy12123 Apr 09, 2012

    Completely agree! I work at a sonic in TX, holy ### we get payed nothing.
    I have been a carhop for a year and we get paid 3.13 an hour. OKAY I WOULD BE OKAY WITH THIS, because of tips and ect, but the thing is they make us do so much more than take out orders.
    We have to take out orders
    Answer speaker
    Clean, Clean, CLEAN all the fn time
    Make drinks
    Fix orders
    Let us not mention "I want ten bags of ice" THAT IS MANUAL LABOR, I AM NOT GETTING PAID ENOUGH FOR THAT.
    Sorry, our GM complains about us not working hard and us wanting to take a break and sit down, maybe if I wasn't getting paid three flipping dollars an hour I would feel different. The tips are good when their good, but when they are bad they are so bad. Also, a one dollar tip is not enough to put up with a completely rude incompetent customer.
    The only reason I stay is because my Sonic has really cool people working at it.

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  • Ne
    never work here Apr 28, 2012

    Today was my last day at sonic. I'm 16 and they had me work 9 hours today with no breaks or "lunch" a few weeks ago they had me work 8.5 hours after school! I didn't get home til midnight and I had school the next day and they knew this. Basically when you work for sonic, your promised no breaks and when you try(as in just stand there) they yell at you and tell you to start stockin stuff or as one of my managers says, "If you got time for leaning, you got time for cleaning" as they sit there and don't do anything. So glad it was my last day and I went with the other job I got.

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  • Ah
    AHackAttack Jul 14, 2012

    I totally agree. Sonic is one of the worst places to be employed. I've been working in an Arizona store since September of 2011, and things have not improved. They told me that we were losing our wages so that we could improve our half times, as we would have more people on. But the labor is still the same. We do the same amount of work for less pay. I work in a city infested with poor people who can't afford to tip. That's understandable, everyone goes through hard times. But if we don't make that much money, it's always our fault, no matter what. People purchase many junior burgers on Sunday so they can feed their families, not so they can tip. My manager, who constantly argues with the guest (the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT) claims that she can make $15 in drive-thru in like two hours. Impossible. She almost always puts me in drive-thru, and yells at me when I don't expedite. I don't sit there and twiddle my thumbs, people. I actually do many things over there, but it doesn't matter. It's never enough. Many people would say that Sonic employees hate their jobs because they are lazy, but I am not lazy when it comes to my job. I believe these are legitimate complaints. Whoever said that the company under staffs for shifts is completely correct. That makes the job significantly more stressful, putting more stress on the carhops and managers who have to stay in and take many orders. Also, safety is a big issue. One girl in our store fell and hurt her leg. I went to school with this girl, and I was badgered a few times about if she was walking or not, as if I was expected to spy on her because of a worker's comp case. I am highly dissatisfied with this store, and I would highly suggest teenagers looking for a job go somewhere else, like McDonald's or Burger King, or a place where you don't have to skate quickly over water, grease, and debris outside.

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  • Je
    jenna_wheelson Dec 06, 2012

    I would definitely have to agree with the above complaints. I currently work at Sonic, and let me tell you...when you're the ONLY CARHOP working during happy hour, when you have about 8 orders in the making of being ready/taken out...Nobody helps. Not even with credit card orders. If people drive off after ordering food, they have to "make it up" so you don't come short of your money. How do they "make it up"? Why, they charge someone else more money than they're supposed to. & do that until the cost is made up. Generally, tips are good at my Sonic. However, being a carhop is at LEAST a min. wage job, not 3.13 an hour. Kudos to all other carhops out there making a living on this. You honestly, could do better. Only reason I'm staying at sonic, is because I enjoy the people I work with sometimes. & the tips.

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  • Lo
    Loraina Jan 22, 2013

    Disagree, 300%. I've worked for Sonic for 2 years, and sweetheart, Carhops get paid FIVE (5).15 an hour on their carhop clock-in, have to make 2.10 in tips every hour, or the company reimburses them, and 7.25 on their fountain clock-in. And yes, I do disagree with some of the rules sonic has, like a natural hair color rule if you die your hair, but seriously? That's a petty complaint, and was completely uncalled for. Thannks. :)

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  • So
    sonicguy Mar 27, 2013

    Wow oka yes sonic doesn't treat there employees right but if u don't like it there is the door I have worked for sonic for nearly 8years I worked my way up from a cook to the General manager I ran one of the best sonic's in the state of Texas it seems like other state sonics Gms are horrible I was over 2 stores and there was always more than 3 people on the clock except for right at open and right at close and my labor stayed good I worked my ### off to get were I got I don't kiss anyones ### I pay my assistant managers starting out at 8.75 a hour sonic can be a great place to work but you have to have a GM and management team that cares the GM has no right to get mad at anyone if he or she isn't doing there job first and there are still places that carhops get paid.minimum wage it isn't sonic.that says they can't it is the owner and the.GM that decide that.. Im not saying suck it up or kiss ### or saying do your.job right and you can get far in sonic

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  • If
    IFuREADthsUsuk Apr 03, 2013

    Hi my name Is Austin.and I have worked at sonic for little over a year now. In IL minimum wage is 8.25 I am currently making 8.75! The sonic that I work at is a decent place but compared to what I hear from all of you. It is Heaven. We have been cracked down on. For the.most part we are required to fake a break ever four hours. In fact they extendsd our break to 5 minutes past that which is the legal requirement. They do this vecause we had money needing employees.who purposely.never.took a break or who intent on clocking in ag exactly 20 minutes that they would.clock in early. For the most part I do see our managers working hard. But yes they DO run all over the place. They literally work everything. The only.people who work lesz would be the carhops. As a carhop I do everything. Ill take out.orders.take.both drive and outside orders. Clean stock. Bag. Make.icecream.and drinks. Sometimes even cook. Oh and (sorry about all the periods. Damn phone) I do know that we have one.of.the bst.sonics. (we are the sonic on wabash store) but some of the reason we have such good times is that we cheat one way or another for them. One biggest pet peeves is the overall ridiculousness of making times. A frigging corn dog takes 430 to make. So when u (and by u I mean this.happened to me.from a customer) say "it tskes 5###ing make one damn corndog and a drink! That's EFFin ridiculous!!!" I'm sorry but we like to when its at all possible cook our food coreectly.

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  • De
    Dessdemona93 Apr 29, 2013

    I just quit working carhop at Sonic. It was terrible! I worked 10 hours straight with no breaks, not even a bathroom break. I wasn't even allowed to get a drink. I was so over worked my feet were all bruised and swollen, my toenail fell off from the non-stop running. I almost fainted quite a few times and I wasn't allowed to leave. I was taking the assistant managers trays out for her plus mine. If I stopped for one second I got hollered at and threatened to be fired. Plus I had to clean, do dishes, take orders and restock things. This job was not worth $3.50 an hour. I would get tips but they would take them and only give me some if it back.

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  • So
    sonicgmman Mar 01, 2014

    YOU ALL MUST have horrible director of opps or it would not be that bad...ivr got 5 years as a gm and guess what i read and agreed to my job description before i took the job..our sonic rocks here in ky and in past 3 yrs ive grown this store from $750 k to over one million u got to havq a good leader who cares and takes care of there employees first cuz if u dont do that the customer will definatily not be taken care of...and forgive my grammer my phone not best keypad...but we pay cargops $5.85 -$6.15 plus tips they average $75-100 in5 hrs, , , thats cus they give great service...sorry for all u haters of sonic u did not have good leadership

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  • It
    itsjustmeok123 Mar 21, 2014

    I've been an assistant manager for almost 4 years now. I've been lucky to get one raise. I hey paid less 10 bucks. Nobody herewantsto do their job. Theirs no accountability from the crew or management. We've had 8 GMs in less than 5 years! The carhops get paid triple what I make in the summer and yet they won't do anything you ask them to do because they aren't clocked in as crew. I know they make almost $200 in tips because I was a carhop before Imoved up. People show up late for work and they don't get in trouble because we are under staffed. I'm tired of being stressed over a fast food job. I should go back to being regular crew that way I can do whatever I want and not get into trouble.

    I used to love my job. It's very easy, but there is a lot of drama and jealousy amongst employees. If I tell someone to do something, they go to the GM and complain. If I try to hold them accountable for not following rules, they try to get me into trouble. It's so stressful!!! If I could find another job, I'd quit and NEVER look back!!

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  • Ac
    A concern cousin May 20, 2014

    My cousin started working April 05, 2014 and her first payday was on May 05, 2014. Her pay was less than $150.00, so her next payday was on May 19, 2014 and she got paid I must guess for two weeks. She worked five weeks before her first check and to me she is missing two weeks in between. I told her to ask her manager when does the pay period start and when does it end, but she must be scared to ask her manager this simple question. Somehow I have a feeling she's missing two weeks of pay because it doesn't take five weeks to get your fist payday. This is in San Antonio, so if anyone works at Sonic please let us know when the pay period starts and when it ends in the month of May

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  • Cr
    crwld17 Jun 22, 2014

    I have just started working at a Sonic. I was hired as a crew lead and promised Asst Mgr within a month or two. I can already see what everyone is talking about. My GM doesnt do anything but take orders all day. My training has been crap. After 5 days no one has taught me how to make any food or shakes. I am making bank in tips because of my personality and customer service skills but i feel as if i am being set up for failure by management. I have 19 years management experience in food service and can walk into our store and point out 100 things that are wrong. The kids are disrespectful and actually very few people talk to me and no one wants to answer my questions. Even with all those problems the thing that makes me most mad is the break situation. I have never worked a job before that did not allow breaks. How does one expect employees to work 9 hour shifts without ANY break. I was even told I could not use the restroom until the GM got to go out and smoke. Everyday the GM has had me hop or DT. during down times I clean and stock ect...While everyone stands around and has disgusting conversations. The GM has said to our crew several times that i'm in over my head when its busy. Yes, you ###, my training sucked and i'm doing most of the work while everyone stands around. No matter what I know I am there for the customers and a pay check so I do what needs to be done with a smile on my face. I will likely burn out fast. I can't believe i got a college education for this.

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  • La
    LaToya smiley Jul 02, 2014

    I worked for a sonic and the manager showed favoritism to the workers who been there and I didn't feel it was appropriate for the job environment

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  • Hk
    HKite2018 Jul 22, 2018

    @LaToya smiley My one manager decides to hate on me because I am new and don't exactly know everything. She yells at only the new employees for their drinks to go all the way in the back of the store, while the workers she likes get to have boxes or bags of food at the manager's counter as well as piles of drinks. Our manager shows favoritism a lot. I was told that every carhop at our store had one or two weeks of training then got their position as carhop. I was promised the carhop position yet after over an entire month of training, I have yet to acquire my designated position.

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  • Lo
    Looloobell Jul 18, 2014

    Sonic does not have scheduled breaks and that is illegal. By law, they are required to give you a 15 minute break every 4 hours and you are required to take a 30 minute lunch for every 6 hours. Someone should call the department of labor and say something. I work at Sonic in Nebraska and it's not good, but it's a job. In Nebraska car hops still get paid 7.25 plus tips, but I barely make any tips here, most people I talk to don't even know you're supposed to tip. On a really good night I'll take home 30$ in tips. On a bad night I'll make under ten... We have mostly bad nights. I couldn't imagine only making 3.15$ an hour. I don't know if you guys make better tips in other states but that's still not nearly enough for everything we have to do. People don't understand how stressful it really is when you're the only car hop working and every stall is full but the GM only scheduled 4 people for the entire morning an lunch hours to keep labor down so it takes 10+ minutes for every order to go out because everything is so disorganized and everyone is running around trying to make drinks and to get the food on the right tray. And the customers are usually not very nice about it. I have had change thrown at my face, been called names, have people drive off right when I'm finally getting to their stall ect. ... I have worked at many different fast food places and sonic is by far the hardest one, just because we are constantly moving, walking, running back and forth with no break or even a minute to sit down and have a drink. I stay because I like the people I work with and for a part time fast food job I don't make bad money. I work my ### off for sure, but I guess a job is a job. Notice else out there right now.

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  • Am
    Amiver Aug 13, 2014

    I've only worked at sonic for about a year, and I can say I've learned how to deal with people and pressure situations. I've also made lots of good relationships. Our sonic is very different from most sonics I believe (there are three sonics in my city) we all pitch in and do the best we can, I guess my managers are just different. We also get paid $7.25, not sure why we still get min wage but other sonics don't.

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  • Ni
    Nick from Sonic Nov 30, 2014

    I'm neutral on this. I'm 17 years old working in Sonic in Louisiana and I make 7.25 an hour and make good tips. The managers are bungholes and can barely do their job but I like the job. I've been "Mystery Shoppered" 2 and got a 95% & a 96% boosting my pay to 7.50. My tips don't get deducted from my check and people seem to love a boy carhop (thus gets me more $ per customer). I guess its just Southern Hospitality but the customers are great. Of coarse your going to have a few crabby people but overall I love it. I get free drinks and 1/2 off food. Its awesome! Unfortunately I'll be leaving in a few months to go off to college, but it is a great 1st job experience in my opinion!

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  • Un
    unhappycustomer726 Mar 17, 2015

    I worked at sonic in rogers, arkansas...the other employees were great, just the management is what was terrible. You know Im 40 years old, i fight though alot of pain hands, knees, and back and have to take tyonyol to even get though the shift. Well the story is this, last friday the DM came to do audit, hey i will admit im not the fastest of people but I do give my 100 percent. And I told the GM that appolgized to him for not being very fast, and i get well you need to do something, cause im not sure how much longer i can keep you on the schedule. As a employee this is heartbreaking cause any confidence you had, just went out the window with those words. So after much deliberation with myself, i decided I was done, if i wanted to be treated badly. Such as them yelling at you all the time, or telling other employees instead of you about what your doing wrong is just not cool in my book. For instance i was told by another employee that the GM yelled at him cause i didn't stock the reach in, and i did right before I left at 4pm, i made sure it was stocked well they got a rush right then, but I still got blamed for it and I was already gone. This is what Im talking about, sonic doesn't give a crap that your a human being as long as they make money. Oh well, guess it's time to look for something more 40ish

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  • So
    sonic assistance. manager Apr 26, 2015

    When i first worked for dl Roger . The manager would send me home 10 min of being there because I moved too slow and I was a cook in training I felt like it was a boot camp but after a few days of getting sent home I said enough was enough it was this one cook I guess the head cook they kept saying he was better than me repeatedly so I wanted to be the best cook so I train myself for any situation then I was able to handle the line by myself my GM boost me up so bad I became a monster. How i out did the head cook that's when I started caring about Sonic so every day I was bettering myself i was able to do 300$ hr by myself in the kitchen i then had it down pack i was ready for anything the partner boss had an competition with all the sonic on the east coast to see who was the fastest cook etc so when it came down to the award ceremony they gave out trophies i won four of them front swamp, back swamp, grill, dresser i knew i then mastered the kitchen i was so good that i went to. other Sonics to help out i then really began to love sonic so i started teaching my self how to work up front so i can be the all around best and my gm was pushing me to be. I guess he seen somthing in me I became the best i could get orders out before carhop drop it never running critical late tickets. So then i moved to ga i been with dl Rogers for 2 or more years when i came here the company was franchise things were alot different i had transferred from nc so i tryed to take what i learned their and bring it here at first i was layed back then thats when i started taking the cooks hr because i knew everything and i can hold line by myself the only thing that made it hard was i was doing drive and curb i use to get hype and show out but this sonic didnt like that i was seeing tickets go 5 min or better im smh im not use to seeing that it like they didnt care when i did what i was use to doing like moving fast wacthing waste ect it was like why are you doing so much when nobody eles not and like they told me this is not my old sonic i started not to care anymore but i told myself i love my job keep going hard keep learning new things better yourself so i did then became manager in ttraining i was so happy but that was killed when i dropped myself back to crew because the gm didn't have my back like they said didnt want to give me proper training so i felt like i wasnt ready and i didnt want to get fired for messing up somthing so the best way to stay safe was to be a cook again they had me not care about sonic so bad i almost gave into there sorry ways so i met this girl at work i was telling her how i felt about sonic lets say she opened my sonic spirt back up but this time i was going even harder found out that our company was going cooperate people nervous but not me it could go back how sonic is supposed to be ran no outrageous late tickets, no bad costumer service ect. So new gm and partner came in we were on track and i knew alot more it was good again seeing good numbers we one a trophy for being number one i was happy im glad i nevered stop doing me but got my self to be untouchable i was such an competitive person i still to this day have never seen a cook faster then me in my head im the best. I got to be a manager again i done masterd the kitchen so why not master up front. So a new challenge began but i couldn't really do like i wanted i felt like the gm knew how good i was he used it to his abilty i found myself opening the store up in the morning meaing i had to put up the truck, set the kitchen, set up front, make food all by myself i was not mad i already been trained for the worst situation when i trained my self to be ready for any out come and plus that made me stronger and able to really do it all, i wanted to learn everything thats how much i liked and cared about my job i was determined so my partner got me certified so since i got that i been given it my all taking care of the costermer wacthing out for shops making sure labor good ect i go hard for my boss no problem i love my job that's why it make me mad to work with people that dont care just want to pick up a check and be rude to the costermer i feel like go get another job let the ones that do care be here because this store can be something big i see it but there is few stopping it from being what we are # 1leading brand but it seem like the ones that dont care get a lot of respect but if you do care you dont get treated all that good its backwards i just wished my boss would believe when i say im not like everybody eles i really do love sonic and put my all in it i want to be gm or partner one day but the slack really do make the good look bad then you dont want to fall with the ones not doing anything but wind up doing it all im tired of wacthing them do it but you dont want to fire them because you start feeling bad but forget it if they dont care about there job got to let em go let's hurry up and get control of it before its to late we need people taking care of the costermer just as well as the store you got the ones that say they care but they really dont im the type i really do and i show it

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  • So
    sonicsux May 11, 2015

    I work at 2 sonics and between the two jobs i work 20 days in A row and both managers know i work at 2 different sonics but they dont fn care. In the past month 3 people have quit at one of the stores and i completely understand why. My aunt drops me off in the morning before work and picks me up after she gets off and my gm knows that and says she will schedule me to where i wont have to hang out in a bad part of town but she never does. She has me work 8 hr shifts with no break but. Omeone who has only been there for an hour gets her break. The only reason i have stayed at this job is beccuse i need the money to buy a car and to py for tuition at college. There is so much favoritism that i cannot stand it. My gm will not give me any hours and talks about everyone behind their back. She caused me nd my bf to break up by threatening our jobs. SONIC IS THE WORST JOB EVER!!!

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  • No
    NovaVoss Dec 02, 2015

    I really need to get a hold of someone in corporate because one of the GMs at the Sonic in Denton TX put her hands on me. If someone can please give me a phone number or an email. That would wonderful. Thank you!

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  • Ch
    Chiann Long Dec 21, 2015

    Hello everyone...I did not work for sonic but my 17 year old son did here in east texas. Well he was always working almost everyday going in at 5 pm and not getting off till 11 pm or even midnight some nights and then going to school the next day. He stated working there in sept of 2015 and he went almost a month before they even put him in the system. He worked 3 weeks before he got his first paycheck. Well no he no longer works there because one of the employees went and bought alcohol and he made a stupid decision to drink on the clock. No i am not condoning what he did by no means...I have even went to the extent of filing a report with our local police department and they told him he will get arrested as well as the other guy who actually went and bought the alcohol. The manager on duty supposedly doesn't know anything that happened or what went that night. This location is so screwed up and needs to be shut down.

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  • Mo
    Monique Tudor Mar 14, 2016

    Omg finally I'm not the only one having so much trouble. I fricken hate it so much! I've only been there 2 weeks but I can't deal anymore. That tells me something that it isn't good at all.

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  • Gr
    Groovy2 Apr 23, 2016

    I agree with all of the comments posted above! I've had a few jobs, and this is by far the very worst ever!

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