Sonic Drive-Innot having order replaced as promised by manager


I visited the Bonner Springs KS Sonic on 10/12/17 at 5:08pm. I ordered 2 carhop specials; 1 with bacon and tater tots and one with grilled onion only and onion rings. When we got home, I noticed that they did not give me my bacon which I had paid for. I called and spoke with the manager on duty and she even remembered the order. She apologized and said that she would replace the entire order next time that I was in. We can back on Tuesday 10/17/17 around 6:10pm. When I told them what had happened, they could find nothing in their book and they sent a man out to my car telling me that the manager that was on duty that day was inside and she did not remember ever saying that she would replace an order and she wrote nothing in the book so for the most part they accused me of lying. To say the least, I was very pissed off with the whole situation for not being believed and indicating with the wording being said that I was lying... For $7.41 cents... I said some not so nice words and left.
I have been losing respect for Sonic through the years anyway due to no consistency between locations, but to be called a liar in not so many words takes the cake!

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