Sonic Drive-Ininappropriate behavior between cook and manager

J Jul 10, 2019

I have witnessed some very inappropriate beahavor between a manager and a cook at the sonic in hooks, tx. I know that a cook and a manager can not have a sexual relationship because of professionalism and rank. It has gone so far that other employees have hurd a female manager, Erin, being entiment in the bathroom with a cook, storm. The male cook has quit sense then. Know the female manager has been unfairly mean to us. She also has started to smell like marijuana when she comes it to work. She even said to a car hop( on a night we were very busy with half price sakes) I wish you were never born. She is very unperfetional. Other car cops (majority)0 do not want to come to work because of her. I would like to stay anonymous. I do not want her to lash out at me

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