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Sonic Drive-Inunethical behavior and unprofessional

July 5, 2019 @8pm, Took my 6 grandchildren to the location for sonic blast. I pressed the order button, gentleman comes on and I proceeds to give my order and he said Ill be with you in one moment and disconnected order, I sit for 20 minutes, noone comes to take my order, so I press the button again and the same gentleman comes on and I was asking him the prices on the sonic blasts and he disconnected me again, so I sat for 20 minutes again and after the long waiting I decide to leave with my grandbabies crying because they couldnt get their sonic blast. Children dont understand what being rude and disrespectful is. I had to explain to the that the gentleman was rude and I would not tolerate it again. As I was leaving, I saw an employee come out and I asked if the gentleman I was speaking to was the manager and he said yes he was the night manager and I asked his name and the young man didnt know but only knew they called him OJ.

July 13, 2019, 9pm I went back to the same sonic and I had my grandchildren in the car again and I pressed the order button and of course the same night manager comes on and I told him I wanted to order 6 sonic blast, he then says hold one moment Ill come take your order. 9:25 I pressed teh button again and noone answered 9:34 I began to see 4 employees come outside and take cigarette breaks and still nonone has taken my order. Finally another employee saw us and went to the manager and OJ then came to my car to say he was held up by another customer, never apologizing for the long wait. I gave him my order and still waiting 9:43pm, my daughter and I was looking through the window and watched another employee making an order of ice cream and as he began to put the top on it, helicks the top of the ice cream. We sat and watched him do that tot two ice creams as we continued to wait on 6 sonic blasts, 9:51pm finally a young lady brings our blast and the cups were so nasty and I asked her what the problem was and she stated we werent the only customers complaining about sloppy orders. The cups were disgusting and unacceptable. I am beyond upset and I stayed calm because I did not want my grandbabies to see me upset. I get my grandchildren once a year for the summer and to be treated like this is absurd. I am an Executive Director of a Non Profit Organization and I partner with many retail for the children in my organization.

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    TheManager Jul 14, 2019

    You had me until you stated your occupation. Why does that matter? Why are you more important than anyone else?

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 14, 2019

    Why didn’t you go inside to order?

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