Sonic Drive-Inchili cheese dogs

C Jul 17, 2019

I went through the drive through and ordered chili cheese dogs. Paid for them at the window. Left the parking lot and discovered that I had dogs with onion relish mustard and catsup. I returned to Sonic and went to the drive through. When the guy asked for my order I told him that my previous order was screwed up. Instead of asking me what the correct order should be he told me to drive to the window. When I finally got to the window I explained that the order was wrong. The girl took the wrong order from me and asked what I had ordered. I waited another 15 minutes while food was taken to all the cars behind me and also to those parked for curb services. When I finally got my food I was brushed off with an "I'm sorry" as if none of this ever happened. I wasted over 45 minutes trying to get my food...the correct food.

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