Sonic Drive-Inbad customer service and file language


Me and my family coming from Thursday night Serivce 12Am and the cashier was very rude and giving us attitude we asked for French Fries and she told me that I would have to drive around to order new fries I personally told her I work at a restaurant also I never tell my customers to get back on the line for new fries so Keitha continues to give us attitude than she closes her door so when she came back with my food I told her thank you I will be writing a complaint she said well they have to clean but my question is this is a 24 hour drive through why are you cleaning and serving food I'm really not pleased with this .. I will be calling the head bosses on her attuide also she said out her mouth get the F outta here please any manager of this store seeing this please take a look at your camera around 12:30 her body language and mouth movements of the file language she said to us verrrryyyy disrespectful!!!

  • Updated by Crissylauren · Oct 13, 2017

    Please is so ratchet !!! And I came all the way from NewYork to get treated like this please I would like to be contacted if this complaint is getting handle with

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