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nasty food!

burnt/aged onion rings..dry old cold frys/I ordered a super sonic jalapano burger and a double meat double cheese burger??what the heck did I get?? I honestly do not know/its dark and late and Im tired, thats why i got take out. Nasty Nasty! and to think I paid over $12. for this garbage.
address of this newly change in management store is.. kingswood at Hulen. Pass the word, nasty food under very poor management, this garbage should have never made it to my car!!!

  • Dh
    DHB Dec 19, 2009

    Ma'am, I hate to break it to you but a Super Sonic Jalapeno Burger is a standard double cheeseburger + peppers.

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poor quality food

We gave this location another chance after several years of not trading there. No surprise! The food is still bad - I really do not know how they stay in business, surely not from repeat business. A product has to be bad for me wo say I will not ever go back, but to also go through the hassle of finding where to file a complaint. Yes sir, their food is not fit to be sold to the public. The cheesebureger, the chicken sandwich on Texas toast, and that thing you call a "footlong"! What the hell is in that???? The three products above just be sold as garbage. The hot fudge sundaes? The hot fudge tasted like sludge from a coffee pot. Your food is really awful - you people should be ashamed!

  • Ms
    Ms d Apr 02, 2009

    Sonic food chain is one of the WORST ive ever expereinced. I have extraordianry experiences at various chains within the same CITY, from employees wearing racist tattoos to employees picking acne while preparing food.

    Ive contacte the compnay regarding these issues, and have even writter in to the CORPERATE office, contacted their silly customer compliant line (which is more interested in detouring unhappy customers to other resturants; rather than solving their systematic shortcomings in service and food quality). Out of all these avenues nothing, silence, not even a kiss our a** (well i guess that was the response lol).

    Advice, skip the sonic and stick with traditional american fast food restuarants with proven accountability to its employees and customers.

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management & harrassment

Continuing harrassment and isolation. Working the midshift (11am to 5pm), the management likes to leave the...

no tips and disgruntled customers

I have been a car hop since March. What customers do NOT realize is that the car hop is not always the one...


My name is denise and im complaining about my service at the Sonic Drive thru on Airline Hwy. I ordered my food and the service was horrible. First, the order taker gave us the wrong information and didnt know what she was doing. Secondly, we order a classic Angus Burger that was hard and a slushi. She gave us the slushi and on the price ticket is read $1.39 for the slushi. We decided that we wanted another slushi for later and ask for one with the price of $1.39. She gave us a slushi that was smaller than the one we got before! We ask them about the problem and they couldnt tell us anything. The lady went back and got a slushi the same size as the other one but this time charged us for a medium. Now, if the slushi was the same size, it should have been the same price! Please take this note into consideration. Thank you.

  • In
    Inge Creech Nov 08, 2008

    I used the walk in at the local Sonic. I was not greeted when I walked in. An idle employee took one glance at me and walked away. When she returned I had to get her attention to place my order. She got my order, told me how much I owed, handed me my order, turned around and walked away without saying a word to me. I guess at Sonic employees are not trained to say Hi, Thank You or Good-bye.

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  • Hu
    humetz Mar 04, 2010

    Ordered 3 value meals, when order came out the drink carrier had a frozen coffee in it that was not ordered. I told the girl that I hadn't ordered it and she just replied for us to keep it. So my son and I decided to give it a try. As we took a couple of sips, one of the staff came running to the car and snatches it through the window and exclaims, "give me that you didn't pay for that!" my son was then saying he'd pay and gave him $4 for a $3 drink…and he kept it with no change and no receipt .… I guess he thought it was his tip for being rude and being made to feel that you just shoplifted. I won't ever go back to that Sonic again even if they pay me. Besides they are always getting orders wrong and take forever just to get a tea. 330 Emerald Forest, Covington, LA

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  • Sh
    shuturlip Nov 03, 2013

    1.39 is the price of a small slush...they gave you the wrong sized cup and instead of throwing it away the gave you the extra for free...
    shame on them for doing something nice.

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One of daughters works for Sonic in our town. I have heard her come home and talk about them stealing her tips, cheating her out of her wages, not letting her have breaks and over working her to the point of her feeling like she is going to pass out amongst other things they need to be reported to OSHA for. Anyway, I am trying to stay out of it for the most part and let her learn and grow but today she came home and told how she slid under a moving truck and hit her head on the concrete fortunately the lady driving the truck stopped before driving over top of her and got out to get her food which my daughter managed to not drop. Her head hurting she went inside to tell her manager and he told her to "suck it up". She continued to have a headache for a few hours but continued to work. I am furious! The carhops are made to skate and the surface is far from smooth in fact, there are large pot holes they often hit. Several of them have almost been hit by cars a few times already and the boss and owner have been informed but refuse to do anything to make the work conditions safer. It's Sonic's responsibility to make sure it's employee's have a safe environment to work in but most of them are young and don't know they have rights so Sonic takes advantage of them. Shame on Sonic! I am ready to call OSHA.

  • 8w
    8weeks Feb 20, 2009

    I started working for sonic last summer. I immediatly found out we were only allowed one fifteen minute break if we worked over six hours. The skates were optional, but our boss encouraged us to try and skate even if we weren't very good at it. I nearly killed myself trying (because I knew I would get a raise if I carhopped on skates) even with the close calls he still encouraged us to keep skating. We all finally got smart and gave up on it. I finally quit today because after I decided to try for manager I found out I was pregnant. My boss made it pretty clear to me that he would expect me to do all the same things a nonpregnant manager to do (ie. heavy lifting, grill cleaning, long hours) which I pretended not to have any problem with. The last straw came today when he was having a new sink installed by his maintanence guy. It was fine until he pulled out the plumbers glue/ putty/ sealant or whatever it was and the whole store filled with fumes. I dealt with it for a little while and when it got really bad I asked my assistant manager what to do. She told me to talk to the boss, so I did. I simply asked him to look at the chemical container the maintanence man was using and see what it was and if there were any birth defect type warnings on it. He refused and said there was plenty of air circulation, I would be fine... I dealt with the fumes about another hour and decided to walk out on my break. I have filed a complaint with OSHA and I hope something is done about it. They don't care about the safety of anything but their profit margins... I can tell you that from seeing it first hand!!!

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  • Ro
    Rolesville NC Oct 04, 2009

    My two daughter works for sonic in rolesville nc. You are right when you say they don't care about anybody but making money. When they started working there they were made to skate and if they didn't skate then they would be fired! So of course they skated. Then when their first pay check came, they both bounced. I called the owner Mitch Neal and told him he had issued the two girls bad checks. It took him a week and a half to finally get the girls their money. I had our bank calling me everyday to find out what was going on because of course they wanted their money. Then the girls where scheduled to work like 4-8 well they would work about an hour or so and call me to go get them because they had too many people working. The nasty and dirty looking district manager finally fired one of my daughters(who is 15) because I was out of town unexpectingly and didn't get back in time to have her to work. When my daughter called to tell her she would be late she told my 15yr old to walk, well her exact words were well I suggest you get to walking honey. She wanted my 15yr old to walk 2 1/2 miles instead of letting her come in late. She also took my other daughters tips because her register was short 4.00. Instead of counting everyone's registers she just kept her tips but she had took 100.00 prior because they were so busy and she had too much money on her. The district manager told her there was nothing she could do about it and if it had of been more she would of been written up for it. Also one of them fell while on skates. She had a huge bruise and knot. It turned blue, purple and yellow. It has been there for 3 weeks and they never even documented that she fell.

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frozen burger!

We ordered 2 Angus burgers at the Sonic Drive-in on Vance Jackson & Loop 410. We were shocked and disgusted to bite into partially frozen meat! Took burgers in and manager only offered to cook us new burgers (I tried to eat mine, but couldn't after the previous experience). Manager gave a lame excuse about why burgers were frozen. They were also out of the right buns for the burgers and after going into the restaurant, I will never give them a second chance due to the messy and dirty conditions.

Want an Angus burger? Bring your meat thermometer and check it first!!!

bad food

The Sonic in Caruthersville, MO badly needs to change their grease. I keep going back because it's ok...

poor service nasty workers

We visited the local sonice tonite to order 3 simple things; a oreo blizzard, a banana split and a dish of vanilla icecream. There were 4 other cars there when we pulled in.
We waited for 20 min for the the mean time one of the employers came in picking at his face and ear while he also had a rag dabbing blood from his hand!!! (We were told he was off the clock) so what gross!!! Then while we wait 4 or 5 other people were delivered their order, which was things that had to be cooked!! We oedered ice cream, we called the cook and told them to cancel the order because we had been waiting so long, as soon as we did this, they came out with the order.
Needless to say after seeing the nasty employer picking his face and dabbing blood from himself we did not want the food!! So be careful of sonic 1!!!

  • Bi
    big daddy Sep 16, 2008

    Sonic doesn't have Blizzards STUPID

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  • Li
    lisa Oct 28, 2008

    I went to the sonic in blytheville arkansas. I was waited on by a girl named Penny. Well, thats what her name tag said. Do they hire anyone no matter what their appearance..I mean their upkeep. This woman looked as though she had not bathed in days. Her hair was greasy and clothes very dirty. I get upset when I see people handling my food when they are not very clean in appearance. She brought our order to the car and I gave her the exact change. She then proceeded to tell me that I still owed her money. I looked at the ticket and I recounted the money. I DID give her the exact amount. She kept starring at me like I was crazy. I think that the owner of this sonic needs to be more careful of who he hires.

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  • Xe
    xembx Nov 10, 2008

    If you have an issue, speak with the management or Sonic Corporate.
    The thing is though, all Sonic's have in a place a handwashing policy which is strictly followed. They are to be washed when switching between stations, when clocking in, when returning from breaks, etc.
    Seriously, relax.

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  • Bl
    BlackLabel Nov 15, 2008

    What is it about TN Sonic employees that guarantees their idiocy? This never happened when I lived in TX!

    I come to Sonic late at night expecting comfort food, which should be fairly easy as a vegetarian. I'll order a breakfast burrito with tater-tots instead of meat. Every g*ddamn time, the people at the window say this is no problem. But when I get home, I realize there's a burrito with nothing but cheese and beef carcass. So I drive back and demand the burrito I ordered/was guaranteed. And, every time, I have to pay for a second g*ddamn burrito, even though I had to throw away the first one I ordered because it was filled with flesh I couldn't eat it, and I had to drive all the way back.

    What is wrong with these employees? Do they hate the world, or are they incapable of understanding/meeting simple expectations? Do they not care about consumer ethics?

    Either way...this is the fourth night where I've paid for two burritos -- one of which I have serious ethical objections to -- and I won't be back. Sonic could've kept me as a forever-customer, but their general disrespect/interest in money above-all has killed any loyalty I might've otherwise held.

    Thanks for the disrespect, Sonic. You may fry your fries in veg. oil, but your employees don't care/understand what that means. Sausage and tater tots aren't equal, and you can *u(k yourselves if you think I should just eat whatever you hand me out the window. I matter just as much as the meat-eaters who pay you, you know.

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  • Dh
    DHB Dec 17, 2009

    Why would you go to eat at Sonic being a vegetarian? All of our food items are meat or could have come in contact with meat. The egg in the burrito is meat? Were you trying to substitute tater tots for the "beef carcass"? That is quite uncommon, in fact we don't even possess a recipe for it.

    That being said, we are technically not allowed to serve it because policy dictates that any item which does not have a recipe on file is not to be made in the store.

    The End... Go to a vegetarian restaurant if you want meat-free food.

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  • So
    SonicCarHop Dec 11, 2010

    Don't go to sonic if you are a vegitarian. I promise (and this is the case with all fast food restaurants) your food is coming in contact with meat. And maybe just try checking the burrito before the carhop leaves your car, just to make sure. Or if you do go back, show them the receipt. It should say some thing like "BEC BURR NO MEAT", and that means that there should be no meat on it, and they should fix it for free.

    There is a "no meat" button on the switch board. So if you put BEC BURR then hit no meat, you are, by all means. aloud to make it.

    and finally to the person who made the complain, Gin:
    yes, 20 minuets is a long time. But Blasts (not blizzards...) can take a long time to make and if the cup breaks (which happens alot) the person making it has to start all over and that takes forever. Bannana splits take a long time too. This is still and unacceptable time, but in the future don't expect your order to be out in 2 or 3 minuets if you get a lot of ice cream, seeing how that takes longer to make then it does to cook a burger.
    The employee does sound nasty and discusting. But you never know, maybe it was his first week and he got fired the week after (this happens alot).

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chicken strip order

At approximately 7 p.m. on Sept. 12, 2008, we stopped at the Sonic Drive-In drive through in Berryville, AR...


I ordered 3 hot dogs at Sonic Dirve-In, the cook in the back was a black man and I watched him lick his fingers before putting my hot dogs on the buns and placing them in a bag.

I called back in & cancelled my order and told the man that answered why the order was to be cancelled. I watched for a couple minutes and NOTHING was ever said to the cook about licking his fingers then handling food. Poor Training by Management

This is disgusting and should have never happened.

This was on Broadway Street in Knoxville, TN

  • Valerie Sep 05, 2008

    I use to enjoy going to Sonic Burgers where good hot dogs where good last night I went to get a burger rings and a Connie dog with onion rings what did I get a number 1 with cheese that had been setting around until it shrank to less then 1/8 of and inch hard as a rock, the dog wasn’t much better. I should have known something was wrong when my food got to me in record time. The only thing worth eating was the rings. This is twice now one more bad experience and Sonic is a done deal for me and further more I will tell all my friends and family to boycott Sonic burger from this point on.

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  • Dh
    DHB Dec 19, 2009

    How is it relevant that the cook was black?

    I agree that it was rather disgusting for him to be licking his fingers while preparing your food and I would've fired him. However, I don't tolerate people referring to my employees as being "that black man".

    ~Friendly Sonic Manager

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  • Dh
    DHB Dec 19, 2009

    Well, it isn't a Connie dog. It's a Coney.

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bad service

This is at least the seventh time that I have gotten a hamburger from a Sonic where the bleeping staff interpret no mayo, no mustard as giving me just a bleeping slab of meat and the roll - no lettuce, no onion, no tomato, nothing but the frigin meat and bread. I am never going to order at Sonic again because the service is awful.

  • Ti
    Timothy Mendoza Oct 31, 2008


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  • Th
    thepalletboss Jun 21, 2010

    I ate at Sonic often as a kid. I stopped a few years ago after my 3-year old was served an ocean water slushie filled with bleach in Quitman, TX. When I took it to the manager to report the machine had been improperly cleaned, I was told, "We don't clean our machines." Recently I decided because one Sonic is lousy, it doesn't mean they all are and I tried them again. This time I was at Independence Avenue in Kansas City, MO. My order was all wrong, (how do you mess up a burger ordered with ketchup and pickles ONLY???) the employees were rude and physically dirty, the drive-in itself was trashed and I watched someone pee behind the sonic sign while we waited for our food. I called the manager from the parking lot and he laughed and said, "What am I supposed to do about it?" My response was, "Nothing. McDonalds will do it for you." Wake up, Sonic. You can't replace quality with commercials and expect to stay afloat. Personally, I'd rather risk the "vanilla freezing mix", no matter how twisted, because I know the souvenir wont be hepatitis. "We're just too stupid to work here..." is not an effective defense, but it does seem to be true.

    Sonic has a corporate complaint line. It is 1-866-657-6642. Please be sure to call this number if you want your voice to be heard. If they hear from all of us, they may change their policies.

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  • Di
    disgusted in austin Jan 05, 2013

    I went to Sonic the Northcross location like I have been for the past five years to beta route 44 ice before our Christmas party at work. I ate the majority of it and drank the water that melted. I ate my lunch and then proceeded to open the cup and finish my ice. I noticed something dark under the ice, there was a ball of different Colors of hair mixed with something green, some meat and all other kinds of gross stuff. I was throwing up for over three hours and still after two weeks can not pass by a Sonic without gaggin and feeling sick. I took it back after work and they were shocked and apoligized and told me I would get a call from the GM so I gave them all my info. As of today I have not heard a word from anyone. The worst part of this situation was being embarrassed and humiliated in front of all my co workers. embarrasse d and humiliated. I

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  • Kt
    KT!!! Aug 20, 2014

    Today I went to sonic and got a cheese coney cheddar please (footlong) and a regular fry with cheddar.I was asked at the speaker if I wanted a regular or and footlong - I said it again "footlong" to make a long story short.

    I pulled up, (Rickee - the bell hop comes out and started to hand me my food and says chili cheese I said no ma'am it was just cheese, so she just walks off, she comes back and has a regular cheese dog, I said ma'am it was a coney foot long, she then rolls her eyes and walks off again a minute or so later she comes out with my foot which is now correct finally just have freezing cold fries and hardly no cheese on the footlong and to top it off no receipt either. I go to this sonic on 6th ave in Decatur al at least 3 times a week and for the past 2 months service has gotten horrible and extremely slow, I'm lucky if my order is ever correct. Today I have had enough, can something please be done?

    I'm not a fan of cold fries (but who is?) today I have no choice to eat them, bc I don't have a long lunch to be able to take them back.And with the service I was provided I would be scared of what I got back!!

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mold on regular hotdog bun

On august 20 2008 baught 3 regular chili cheese coneys, went to take first bite my bun was green with mold on one end. One coney was for my 7 month pregnant niece, she realy doesnt need to eat mold I love eating at sonic that is realy the only fast food restraunt I would eat at I think I learned my lesson on eating fast food thank you kim eastwood

over charge

i went in on tuesday night which is half price night on burgers
i ordered 6 burgers
1st thley said it was 5.38 i put my card in the slot it took out the money
i got to thinking that's not enough for 6 burgers so i called them back they said they just had2 burgers
so i told them i wanted 6 burgers
so then on the screan comes up a new charge of 8.04
i called them back and told them i already paid 5.38 of that
they said to hit the button ok and it would give credit back on my card
so i did
i was there tuesday night on august 5 and i have not received credit yet
i have called them 3 times
now they want me to bring in a bank statement

i can/t believe this i go nearly every day to this sonic and buy a drink and a lot of days a burger with that
i feel like they are calling me a lier over around 3.00
please can some one help
why should i have to go to the bank and all that junk over 3.00
i even have my 8.04 ticket where i paid for them and it says on the ticket that my card had been used 2 trimes

can you help with this i sure would appreciate it a lot thank you

charge different price then advertised

Sonic advertises a price for its shakes and blasts all varietys and flavors and then when you order and get your bill they have charged you 25 cents extra for say the chocolate flavor in the chocolate shake. What is a blast without the stuff in it? just whipped ice crem. I feel like this is false pricing which is against the law.

  • Ex
    exmxb Dec 30, 2009

    I've been employed by Sonic for 3 years as an assistant manager. The way our system processes an order is it takes a base item and you add things on, customizing. So when you got your blast, say an Oreo blast as an example, the menu price may be 2.49 for a regular size. At my store we may charge 2.29 for the blast which is basically the ice cream, the cup, the lid, the spoon, napkins, etc. Then below that it will say Oreo which has a .20cent charge which totals up to 2.49. Double check to make sure that isn't the case for you.

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Incorrect Orders

A sonic recently opened up in Pickerington, Ohio. I have visited there 4 times. 3 of those visits resulted in...

Did not give us our order

Me and my finance and our roommate decided to eat at Sonic's on the fourth of July, little did we know...

short change

This place as well as the Sonic in Peoria continually short change you. Today I was short changed a dollar...

gift card

I have tried to talk to representatives regarding removing the gift cards registered under my name but to no avail. Today, June 15th, one of the reps told me very sharply to call customer service. When he was told customer service is open M-F, he told me to call on one of those days. He was the same representative who talked to me last week.

Someone had reloaded one of the cards w/o permission, and two representatives whose attitudes were wonderful took care of the problem promptly and sent me a new card by UPS.

I want the cards removed from the Sonic card site, but no one doesn't know how to remove them.

poor service

My husband and i drove thru Sonic last month. He ordered a cheeseburger combo and enjoyed it, i ordered a chicken wrap with bacon and cheese. They did not put the bacon and cheese on however, which i found out when i got home. Although it was disappointing we decided to give it another try. Today i went through the drive thru again and ordered my husband the same cheeseburger combo with tots and for me the chicken sandwich (with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce) combo with fries. When i was given my order i checked the bag because the last experience i had and there were 2 orders of tots, so i gave it back and said i had ordered one fry. The guy fixed it (with no apology by the way) and handed it back. I almost checked the rest, but there were cars lining up behind me so i left. Well, when i arrived to have lunch with my husband we discovered a chicken sandwich with nothing on it and another (grilled) chicken sandwich with lettuce. This was absolutely NOT what i ordered. The only thing they got right were the drinks. I was sooo pissed. The other thing is they didn't even give me a real receipt with what i ordered on it. And by the way, i had already corrected the girl at the beginning when i first placed the order, looked at the screen to make sure what i said was what she put in the computer (which it was).

DO NOT GO TO SONIC IN ROSEVILLE, CA! The people they have working there are absolute idiots.

  • J
    J Jun 13, 2008

    My husband and i drove thru Sonic last month. He ordered a cheeseburger combo and enjoyed it, i ordered a chicken wrap with bacon and cheese. They did not put the bacon and cheese on however, which i found out when i got home. Although it was disappointing we decided to give it another try. Today i went through the drive thru again and ordered my husband the same cheeseburger combo with tots and for me the chicken sandwich (with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce) combo with fries. When i was given my order i checked the bag because the last experience i had and there were 2 orders of tots, so i gave it back and said i had ordered one fry. The guy fixed it (with no apology by the way) and handed it back. I almost checked the rest, but there were cars lining up behind me so i left. Well, when i arrived to have lunch with my husband we discovered a chicken sandwich with nothing on it and another (grilled) chicken sandwich with lettuce. This was absolutely NOT what i ordered. The only thing they got right were the drinks. I was sooo pissed. The other thing is they didn't even give me a real receipt with what i ordered on it. And by the way, i had already corrected the girl at the beginning when i first placed the order, looked at the screen to make sure what i said was what she put in the computer (which it was).

    DO NOT GO TO SONIC IN ROSEVILLE, CA! The people they have working there are absolute idiots.

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