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Sonic Drive-In

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Sonic Drive-In Complaints & Reviews

Sonic / people at drive up window


My husband and I used the drive through to order two drinks (1 large vanilla coke & 1 small slushy drink). We ordered and drove around; there was one car in front of us so we were sitting with a plain view through the glass door entrance/exit into the drive-up area of the building. I...

Sonic Drive-In / lame commercial


We have been lambasted recently with commercials featuring two white "men" that are degrading to men in general and white men in particular. These "men" are assumed to be parked at a Sonic seemingly about to have an orgasm over whatever it is they just bought. Such behavior i...

Sonic Drive IN / employees


The sonic here in Center, T has signs up everywhere advertising that they are open 'till midnight. I've been to sonic around 10 pm several times in the last 4 weeks at about 10 pm and I'm told every time that they are closed. There is always kids playing out in the parking...

Sonic Drive - In / bad food, bad service


Where do I begin? Many times my family has gone to eat at Sonic, and many times we have been disappointed. I have worked fast food, I know at times it can get hectic and very busy. Only at this Sonic that is not the case. I don't know when people stopped taking pride in their work...

Sonic Drive IN / service


Not sure who this complaint is going to. I want to send it to a Sonic Manager. This new sonic drive in on Dowlen in Beaumont Tx. needs help. There service is horrible. They will never answer after you push the button, so you move your car and go to another stall, the same thing happens. I...

Sonic Drive in Gladewater,TX / real fruit slush


Today during the Drive Inn Happy hour I ordered a Real Fruit Strawberry Slush. Normally when I purchase one of these it is very thick and so full of slushy Ice that it is hard for the liquid to come through the straw. Today was a different matter, there was very little ice in it, and the...

Sonic Drive IN / sonic partner


i recently overheard a conversation about a manager who took over the sonic in my area. My friend was telling me how a friend of hers suffers abuse from the manager who is never in the store. He always leaves when it is busy and comes back and complains when it is over.The co- manager i...

Sonic Drive IN / awful place


I worked at the sonic in elkins arkansas for a year. When i was hired management was good but it was only temporary. The store manager when i had started had taken over after a previous one had passed away. The manager when i started was going to attend college the next semester and would...

Sonic Drive Inn St Francisville, LA / filthy place


This is a complaint about the sonic drive in st francisville, louisiana. This is the worst sonic I think in the state. The parking lot is so torn up that you risk tearing up your vehicle pulling up to a stall. When it rains the parking lot is like a lake with a million huge potholes that...

Sonic / overcharged & rude workers


Sonics has a value menu where the items on it are only $1. I went during Happy Hour (2-4) and ordered lunch. The girl at the drive thru speaker was rude. I couldn't understand what she said so when I asked her to repeat, she all but yelled me "Order when you're ready!" So I...

Sonic Drive Inn / false advertising


I went to Sonic today and ordered my daughter a stawberry malt at about 2:30, which their Happy Hour starts at 2:00 and runs till 4:00. Under the Happy Hour sign offering their drinks at 1/2 price they have a large sign showing their drinks like the slushys, sodas, lime aid, shakes and...

Sonic Drive In # 4765 / raw chicken sandwiches


My husband and I stopped at the sonic in tulsa as we left the fairgrounds on our way home after a weekend show and ordered two chicken club sandwich combo's. We drove on our way and when we started to eat the sandwiches - the chicken was raw - very, very, very r a w!!! I called the number on...

Sonic Drive IN / wages


Sonic mangers sit back to much and put to much work on the crew members when they are too short handed to cover there shifts especailly when you to a sonic on a regular basis and there is always this one carhop that is always by herself doing everything from taking the orders to making the...

Sonic Drive IN / nasty ice machine


I went to sonic to get a cup of ice because i love the ice but i will never go to this sonic again because it had a finger inside the cup of ice which i think is very very nasty i called the manager and he didnt apologize or anything so if you but anything to drink from there beware whats in your cup!!!

Sonic Drive - In / poor customer service is the number one reason we will not continue to trade with your businesses product, food, or services.


Sonic Drive-in, 1537 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ. Although times are tough and the Lite Rail makes your establishment inconvenient, my daughter, my Son-in-law, grandchildren, and myself consume enough fast food to star in a Spurlock film. In the last three days we have been to the Sonic...

Sonic Drive IN / working for sonic!


I will never ever work for this place again! I hated it! Asst. Managers don't even get paid nine dollars if you start off you are only getting around seven dollars if you have been working there for a lets say eight years good luck in getting over 8 dollars! I'm so ill! THey cut...

Sonic Drive IN / slow service and bad food


i was at the sonic in houston off of n. houston/rosslyn rd. they staff was extremely rude. we were the only people there and it took 45minutes to get our food. when we got the food our buns were stale and the meat had been burnt. the real kicker is when i called the store to complain the...

Sonic Drive IN / false advertising


Went through drive in during happy hour 2-4 and ordered food and 2 limeades. Tim on Ticket is 3:08pm. When I got home I realized that I was charged full price. What a rip off, false advertising.

Sonic Drive IN / very rude carhops


i was just over there eating and there was a conversation being had that was not appropriate in front of my family.i was sitting at the stall enjoying my burger and this rather rude carhop (i found out her name is cory)was on her cell phone cussing around and saying some pretty vulgar...

Sonic Drive IN / working partner/manager


I would like to complain that john &kara higney the managers owners of this sonic location are in all kinds of violations. They have posted a letter on the buliten board saying that if any of there employees stay over without approval, even if buisy. They are not allowed to stay over and...

Sonic Drive IN / carhop always asking to keep change


Is it becoming customary for Sonic Drive In carhops to ask "Do you want your change".. I have had several at this Sonic in Sonora Texas to ask.. I think that this is rude and have never in my 50 years ever had a business ask this. Most the carhops don't smile, say thank you and seem to not care if you are there or not.

Sonic Drive - In / theft and drug dealing


Dated 12-07-08 Dear District or Corporate Office Serious Compliant Regarding Sonic Drive In located on 1110 Blalock Rd, Houston Texas 77055 You have and employee that works at that location that lives in address 1111 Blalock Rd Apartment #310 Houston Texas 77055 I like to report a...

Sonic Drive IN / burned by hot coffee


To whom it may concern: I would like to bring to your attention of a concern i have of sonic drive in in Bay Springs Ms.This morning on Dec.4 2008 at 10:30 i order a cup of coffee with cream the car hop brought me the coffee and wit handin it to me the lid was no on it all the way, so as i...

Sonic / nasty food!


burnt/aged onion rings..dry old cold frys/I ordered a super sonic jalapano burger and a double meat double cheese burger??what the heck did I get?? I honestly do not know/its dark and late and Im tired, thats why i got take out. Nasty Nasty! and to think I paid over $12. for thi...

Sonic Drive Inn restaurant / poor quality food


We gave this location another chance after several years of not trading there. No surprise! The food is still bad - I really do not know how they stay in business, surely not from repeat business. A product has to be bad for me wo say I will not ever go back, but to also go through the...

Sonic Drive IN / management & harrassment


Continuing harrassment and isolation. Working the midshift (11am to 5pm), the management likes to leave the unfavored employee in the Drive Thru window alone. The Drive Thru window, according to the Sonic guidelines and booklets, requires between two to four people to run it fast and...

Sonic Drive IN / no tips and disgruntled customers


I have been a car hop since March. What customers do NOT realize is that the car hop is not always the one who takes your order nor is the one who ever cooks your food and is rarely the one who makes your drinks and icecream treats. We work for minimum wage and put up with sometime...

Sonic Drive Thru / food/price


My name is denise and im complaining about my service at the Sonic Drive thru on Airline Hwy. I ordered my food and the service was horrible. First, the order taker gave us the wrong information and didnt know what she was doing. Secondly, we order a classic Angus Burger that was hard and...

Sonic / Safety


One of daughters works for Sonic in our town. I have heard her come home and talk about them stealing her tips, cheating her out of her wages, not letting her have breaks and over working her to the point of her feeling like she is going to pass out amongst other things they need to be...

Sonic Drive - In / Angus Burger / frozen burger!


We ordered 2 Angus burgers at the Sonic Drive-in on Vance Jackson & Loop 410. We were shocked and disgusted to bite into partially frozen meat! Took burgers in and manager only offered to cook us new burgers (I tried to eat mine, but couldn't after the previous experience). Manager...

Sonic Drive IN / bad food


The Sonic in Caruthersville, MO badly needs to change their grease. I keep going back because it's ok sometimes, but more times than not, the food tastes rancid because it's fried in old, disgusting grease. I guess they're either lazy or cheap. But, I'm never going back.

Sonic Drive IN / poor service nasty workers


We visited the local sonice tonite to order 3 simple things; a oreo blizzard, a banana split and a dish of vanilla icecream. There were 4 other cars there when we pulled in. We waited for 20 min for the the mean time one of the employers came in picking at his face and ear while he...

Sonic / chicken strip order


At approximately 7 p.m. on Sept. 12, 2008, we stopped at the Sonic Drive-In drive through in Berryville, AR. We ordered 6 chicken strips and a small order of fries. She asked us if we wanted the chicken strip meal. And I said "no, I just want the 6 chicken strips and the small order of...

SONIC - America's Drive-In / beware

I ordered 3 hot dogs at Sonic Dirve-In, the cook in the back was a black man and I watched him lick his fingers before putting my hot dogs on the buns and placing them in a bag. I called back in & cancelled my order and told the man that answered why the order was to be cancelled. I watched...

Sonic Drive - In / bad service

This is at least the seventh time that I have gotten a hamburger from a Sonic where the bleeping staff interpret no mayo, no mustard as giving me just a bleeping slab of meat and the roll - no lettuce, no onion, no tomato, nothing but the frigin meat and bread. I am never going to order at Sonic again because the service is awful.

Sonic / mold on regular hotdog bun


On august 20 2008 baught 3 regular chili cheese coneys, went to take first bite my bun was green with mold on one end. One coney was for my 7 month pregnant niece, she realy doesnt need to eat mold I love eating at sonic that is realy the only fast food restraunt I would eat at I think I learned my lesson on eating fast food thank you kim eastwood

Sonic Drive In 1701 S Sunnylane / over charge


i went in on tuesday night which is half price night on burgers i ordered 6 burgers 1st thley said it was 5.38 i put my card in the slot it took out the money i got to thinking that's not enough for 6 burgers so i called them back they said they just had2 burgers so i told them i...

Sonic / charge different price then advertised


Sonic advertises a price for its shakes and blasts all varietys and flavors and then when you order and get your bill they have charged you 25 cents extra for say the chocolate flavor in the chocolate shake. What is a blast without the stuff in it? just whipped ice crem. I feel like this is false pricing which is against the law.

Sonic Fast Food / Incorrect Orders


A sonic recently opened up in Pickerington, Ohio. I have visited there 4 times. 3 of those visits resulted in them giving me the wrong food. Check your food as the staff is apparently very inexperienced.

Sonic Drive - In / did not give us our order


Me and my finance and our roommate decided to eat at Sonic's on the fourth of July, little did we know that this would be a huge mistake. After waiting at my car for 40 minutes and not receiving our order, we pressed the red button and asked about our order and they said it was on it...