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Flight SQ 26 from Singapore to Frankfurt departing on 27th September 2019.
Connecting flight ( planned) to Munich SG 2016.
During flight we asked several times the crew for our connecting flight. Always we got the answer it will be announced before landing. Several flights were announced but not ours.
Ground personnel did not have any further Information.
Instead we became a SMS from Lufthansa we were rebooked to a flight at 3:15 pm.
You can imagine we are not happy at all by this service (now to wait additional 7 hours) before getting home. Plus the additional efforts for rescheduling other appointments and services which were and are depending on the scheduled flights. Plus having additional cost for late breakfast and lunch.
At least we would expect an official statement plus a small compensation.
Please note the picture of the boarding passes is for me only but booking is for 3 persons.
I'm happy to provide copies of invoices for late breakfast and lunch at a later time. Would be great if you would provide a link or email adress.
My email adress is [protected]

Singapore Airlines

Sep 28, 2019

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